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  1. THis does not remove normal Baro-Ki Teer as an option; this is given as an endgame only option, only for those with powerful gear and the time commitment to working on it. There would be a significant portion of the playerbase who are not yet at that level who would otherwise be able to utilize baro visits as normal. That is like saying that the normal alert system we have is unfair simply because certain alerts are only available for an hour at random times. Timezones and time to game are always going to be factors in any online game that functions in real time. This system I am proposing has even been done before, a similar version was done by Capcom in their game Dragon's Dogma and the playerbase has all agreed that it is a fun, community-driven battle to test truly endgame builds. Though I do agree that having access to EVERYTHING baro might ever bring migh tbe a bit much. Perhaps it could select five items for him to sell at random from the pool, acting as a random baro visit with a single purchase but also access to rivens and kuva and arcanes.
  2. Talonflight

    5 years of developing Warframe

    I'm sorry, but this is the most half-assed answer I've ever seen. Don't do that. Don't say "Oh, its too hard for DE to make an endgame, so we should just accept it'll never happen!" That's some EA S#&$. That's some Konami S#&$. Don't make that excuse. DE has already proven that theyre willing to push the boundaries and provide new mechanics and methods for new challenges. 3 years ago no one thought open world would ever be plausible. Now we've got two, with rumors of two more. They can do it, because its a virtual world which they, the creators can ultimately alter as they see fit. The reason that you only see things like "cheese, sponge, nullification, and things that aren't fun" isn't because its impossible. Its because people rage the moment anything similar to an enemy buff or a player nerf occurs, to the point where DE has become hesitant to do such wideswept changes. Another reason why endgame doesn't exist is because, simply put, the enemies need work. Tactical AI capable of using formations, proper enemy pathing, intelligent dodging. Warframe needs less enemies, but more difficult enemies, and I'm not talking about just bullet sponges; i'm talking about mobility, aim, and variety.
  3. Talonflight

    5 years of developing Warframe

    The charts of player retention being the topic, we must also consider that it is a free game. As such, there will be more players who "start" the game and sign up and log in, and then decide that the game is not for them, or can't play it enough, or have trouble getting started, etc. These players are "maybe" players. If the game had actually cost any money, they wouldn't have bought the game at all, but they would have been interested or might have watched a let's play on youtube. Therefore, if we compare Warframe to a buyable game, the actual amount of people who would "Buy" the game is much lower than the projected "registered users" on steam currently, because it will always attract more people simply by virtue of being free, which then leads to a percentage of that larger amount of people just deciding it wasn't a game for them.
  4. A large, Sentient mothership that moves around the solar chart (Similar to the Kuva Fortress). If it gets near a planet, it changes some of the factions in planet missions to Crossfire (Sentient), where it will be Corpus/Grineer/Infested (or whatever is on the planet) vs Sentient. Sentient enemies will spawn in those missions in combat with the home planet forces. The inclusion of sentient enemies causes a difficulty buff on planets that the Sentient gets close to. Completing Sentient Crossfire nodes will reward "Sentient Marks." Sentient Marks can be used to craft Sentient Battlefield Keys. There will be a node on the Sentient Mothership that requires a Sentient Battlefield Key to enter. __________ The Sentient Mothership is a gigantic, hulking machine flying through space. The Tileset it spawns in is surrounded by Corpus or Grineer Ships, or Infested (vaccum) derelicts, depending on which planet its near. This allows players to stay on the ground and fight, OR deploy Archwings to take the fight to the air. Mission Objective 1: Prevent the Sentient from Moving The first objective is to prevent the Sentient from moving, so it cannot bring its gigantic Planet-Busting gun to bear on the Tenno. Players will move through the sprawling surrounding Space/Galleon/Ship/derelict tilesets to locate weapon consoles. For infested, they will fire a large tentacle to impale the Sentient. For Grineer, they will fire the Balor Fomorian Laser. For Corpus, they will cast Energy Nets. Mission Objective 2: Attack the Sentient Once the Sentient is immobilized, players will have 30 minutes to deal as much damage as possible to the Sentient Mothership. For more information on this, see Sentient Health Mechanics. Once the 30 minutes is up, the Sentient will break free of the constraints placed upon it, and flee further out into deep space. The Corpus/Grineer/Infested will retreat to nurse their injuries, and the Tenno will extract. _______ Sentient Health Mechanics This is, ideally, going to be an end-game activity for veterans to participate in. This sentient will have a gigantic amount of health/shields/armor; because unlike classical enemies, the Sentient Mothership will share a single health-bar across multiple instances. When a squad completes a mission, the amount of damage they inflicted will be sent to the server, and update the "total" health pool of the Sentient, which is seen on the starchart. As such, the Sentient Mothership is designed to REQUIRE multiple engagements from multiple playing squads to defeat. The sentient isn't something that the Tenno can defeat by themselves, after all. These engagements are designed to take a long time; this isn't an activity people can grind repeatedly and get done in 30 minutes. Its something for people to work towards and fight against for extended periods of time in multiple engagements. In its first "Generation", it could go down within 24 hours. In time, the Mothership could even turn into a weeks-long battle. Eventually, over time, the Sentient will reach 0% health on the Starchart. Once the Sentient reaches 0% Health, attempts to kill it will no longer update its global health bar; it will instead unlock a secondary Node known as Sentient Assassinate. This node will only be present for anywhere between 45-120 minutes on the starchart, after which the Sentient Incursion will end. To those who are able to enter the Assassinate Node, the Sentient battle will proceed as normal, however the Sentient will have vastly decreased health, shields, and armor, and will be able to be killed like a regular enemy. Being present to kill the Sentient in this mode is The Only Way to reach Tier 4+ rewards. ___________________ Victory Conditions When the Sentient Mothership is defeated, they will drop an updated Sentient Sigil that updates depending on how many Sentient Motherships you have contributed to. The rewards you get depend on how many Mothership Battles you participated in. Participated in 3 Mothership Battles - Tier 1 - 100k Endo, 500k Credits, Sentient Strike Sigil Participated in 6 Mothership Battles - Tier 2 - 2000 Kuva, 100 Orokin Ducats, Sentient War Sigil Participated in 10 Mothership Battles - Tier 3 - Random Arcane/Magus/Exodia, Sentient Scar Sigil Participated in Sentient Assassination - Tier 4 - Second Roll at a Random Arcane/Magus/Exodia, Veiled Riven Mod, Sentient Demise Sigil Participated in Sentient Assassination AND Participated in at least 10 Mothership Battles - Tier 5 - All previous rewards. Gain Baro-Ki-Teer Relay Key (Good for 1 Purchase). Baro-Ki-Teer Relay Key - Grants access and the ability to make a single (ONE ITEM) purchase from a modified Baro-Ki-Teer shop, containing ALL previous Baro Items. Once the Grace Period ends, the Mothership will disappear for the next 24 hours. Once the 24 hour period is up, the Mothership will reappear; however, this time, it will have increased health, armor, shields, etc. Its health/shields/armor will increase with every "generation", making each incarnation and generation of the mothership be that much harder to kill. Each Generation more difficult than the last. ____________________
  5. I fully agree with this post.
  6. Talonflight

    Strange roaring orb next to orokin dig site.

    Its possible its a grineer artifact. The armor LOOKS a bit Grineer-y after all... Maybe instead of Plague Star, we get Grineer-Star
  7. Talonflight

    Does the community deslike Exalted Weapons?

    IF we want to get technical Do Ash's hidden blades count as an exalted weapon, an ability-only weapon, or a warframe-themed weapon?
  8. Christ, the amount of negativity here in some of these comments makes me want to rip a new one. Synpai, I like your ideas, and I think they're a good starting point. Yes, there are a few things I would change, but ultimately I think you're on to something here. I was looking over the forums today and I also bumped into this fellow: I think you two touch on a few similar topics and should probably contact one another, I think both of what you proposed could work fluidly together as a co-operating system. Keep it up, buddy.
  9. I dont normally like a lot of ideas that get thrown around here, but these are all pretty solid ideas. +1 from me, I hope DE see's this. I especially like the idea of "guilding" weapons into Wraith/Vandal/Prisma variants, etc.