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  1. I'm sorry, this is absolute and utter tripe, and I'm frankly ashamed as a gamer to read this.
  2. Tbh... Sittable chairs. Couches. Tables. Beds. etc.
  3. I think this would be a fun, and definitely a unique concept. I think it would also open up the floor for more PvP ideas coming forward. Unfortunate that no one has commented on it or said anything about it, really.
  4. Decent points, all of you.
  5. I"m not even an active clan participant, but I see this, and as a veteran myself I see it as a slap in the face to all veterans who have put in the time and effort. Maybe LifeOfRio was right... I try to avoid his video's but sometimes, you see something, and it all just starts to make sense. Warframe has no stock in its veterans.
  6. Considering that Vets can go multi-hour in survivals and are constantly asking for harder content, I'm pretty sure that that's more new player/midgame player crying rather than endgame players.
  7. That leads into a seperate problem; power creep. People have been saying for a long time (Mostly Veterans, who have seen the problem for years), that either players need a nerf or enemies need a buff (preferably enemies needing buffs) at higher levels.
  8. A desert of blowing, raging sand, alternately clear and shrouded in a blazing sandstorm. Lots of mad-max esque vehical chases with K Drives and the cars they showed off in a devstream a while back.
  9. A compilation of commonly asked for game content, to enhance replayability and increase immersion. COSMETICS New tilesets for planets that do not have unique tilesets. - Neptune and Pluto share a tileset, it uses Corpus Ice Planet (Europa) and Corpus Ship. Mercury and Saturn share tilesets - Grineer Galleon and Grineer Asteroid, another couple of "placeholder" tilesets. Phobos uses Mars Grineer Desert. Sedna is a mix of Grineer Shipyard (Ceres), Grineer Asteroid, and Grineer Galleon. Syndicate Operatives visual unique redesign. Infested visual update. FUNCTIONALITY Syndicate vs Syndicate missions - face entire tilesets filled with enemy factions operatives. Syndicate Assassin Redesign - placeholder assassination groups need to be replaced with actual units. Stalker AI Upgrade (Bullet jumping, access to old weapons, not jut War.). G3 and Zanuka upgrade. Dojo Landing on planets. NPC Dojo decorations. Better Relay content, such as Target Practice, Obstacle Course, Operator Services such as Food, etc. FEATURES Arbiters of Hexis quest Steel Meridian quest Faction bases for other Syndicates (Red Veil - Rell Sanctum. Steel Meridian - Iron Wake. etc) acting as Relay services. NEW GAME+ Mode - option to reset the starchart and quests, and re-enter into the story from the very beginning, unlocking routes, etc, with everything scaled to your new and powerful warframe. Old Events re-added as Junction-requirement Quests. - These are pre-existing events and quests that have been removed from the game. They could serve as starchart content to increase the length of the early and midgame. More info HERE
  10. Compilation of popular asks for Operator features, for better usability ALONGSIDE warframes, not instead of warframes. COSMETICS Operator Syandanas Operator Hoods Operator Armor Pieces "Normal" Operator Faces Extended Operator Voice Options - Reworked operator dialogue triggers, and options to customize dialogue. Operator Furnishings - Bed/Table/Chair/Food etc furnishings for Orbiter and for Dojo. Dojo Operator Chambers - Private Chambers, but in the Dojo. More Tennogen Operator Cosmetics. Operator Age/Size slider - allowing to age-up to late teenager/young adult years, to preserve the feeling of "You're still a child" that is inherent to the story, while allowing for more mature Operator options. [Lore Friendly, because we don't know how long it was before the Tenno were rescued, and we dont know how long it was after rescue that they were put into Stasis pods, so some age differences among the "children" are possible. Alternate AMP animations. FUNCTIONALITY Powers/Abilities affected by Focus School - More drastic changes than the minor buffs added from current focus trees. Parkour 1.0 - give (Very limited) parkour abilities to Operator, akin to Parkour 1.0 where they could run up walls (keep Parkour 2.0 reserved for Warframes only) Transference Bolt - consumable item that allows your Warframe to fight alongside you using Spectre AI akin to Excal Umbra. Operator-Only challenge modes (reward extra focus) FEATURES Melee Operator Amps - changes alt-fire or primary fire to a blade of void energy for melee attacks. Operator Sidearms - allow select secondary weapons to be wielded by Operators. (single pistols, throwing knives, etc. NOT dual-grakata, etc) "Signature" Warframe-Operator binding - "Bind" your Operator to a Warframe, making it your personal Warframe, allowing your Warframe access to the pre-War Within "Operator Scream" Transcendence ability and a permanent +5% Tau resist. In addition, it allows Operators access to the Warframe's passive. Operator Abilities Rebound - [Instead of linking Void Blast, Void Dash, and Void Mode to "Melee", "Bullet Jump", and "Crouch", it would be definitely feasible and doable to instead bind these abilities to the abilities keys, 1 2 and 3. This leaves Melee options open for Operator, as well as weapon switching, and crouching behind cover without using up energy, better facilitating previous features. /spoiler]
  11. I love how my Ash Prime looks with his Karak Wraith. Both of these are generally considered non-meta and the Karak in particular was longtime thought trash. But something about that damn rifle in the hands of my Batman-Beyond style fashionframe just feels right to me.h
  12. #*!% it. I like this. I read it back in 2016, and I'm reading it again now, honestly stunned thaat its still here. DE should add this guy, the simple fact that this thread has been alive and active since 2015 when it was originally posted is PROOF that this guy is well loved by the community.
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