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  1. It's not about just "le buttones". It's about coding. DE have been having problems with " held" melee for YEARS because of that. As a "vet" you should know that much at the very least. One of the recent updates removed "held" charging exactly because DE couldn't solve that very problem. Devs also have plans for adding the channeled animoo mode already. And I #*!%ing hope its something better than an idiotic 0-mobility-charge-attack-4.0.
  2. Yeah, its kind of weird to see enemies slowly walk out of it. What makes it even weirder is that it doesn't happen ALL THE TIME. It just happens sometimes. And I also think its weird that enemies that get pulled into Magnetize just fly past it. It feels like there should be a synergy between those skills, not only in terms of cc but also when it comes to energy orbs on kill from Pull.
  3. Give it a few years till a new balance patch comes around. Komorex might receive a 5% crit chance increase and an ability to zoom a third time for burst fire mode lmao
  4. The same way they run around with S#&$ like Plasmor, Ignis or literally any other weapon that has decent stats. That argument would make sense if every self damaging weapon was actually capable of higher KPS than any good gun or a barbed stick or a #*!%ing warframe. "Casuals wett dream" - you're playing Warframe lmao, it ain't difficult enough to unironically call anyone a "filthy casul". Casual at what? Reading wiki and repeatedly doing the same mission over and over again? All difficulty simply comes out of broken enemy scaling - add a simple fix for that, or better yet, pick a frame like Inaros/Revenant and any #*!%wit is suddenly capable of pulling pro-gamer-moves. Is YOUR ego going to get hurt if someone doesn't get obliterated by a gun incapable of killing a level 60 enemy in one shot? Not eleete enough for the turboautism gang? Certainly feels like it. #*!%ing competitive Warframe player, a master of coathanger evasion.
  5. I've been playing Warframe for over 6 years and never liked Mag, exactly because of how difficult it is to stay alive as her. However, as the game became stale, AI became even more stupid than it originally was and we as players became much stronger, playing as Mag actually felt fun. Setting up Magnetize bubbles, using Polarize for normal shields and Crush for overshields, sometimes using Pull to yeet things into the murderize range is far more interesting than slapping Arcane Aegis/Raksa on Hildryn or pressing 3 for 1500 armor or 90% DR. Especially because all of these abilities provide debuffs, damage and CC. I actually didn't get much use out of the Counter Pulse or Fracturing Crush. I used the Magnetized Discharge instead, since it completely disarms enemies with its blast(at 200% power strength). It's not radial, sure, but most of the combat encounters happen in corridors so it works just fine for me. However, as you said, there are still moments when some random goon shreds through overshields, shields AND red HP in one go. But its more of a shield and damage scaling problem, not a "mag problem". It will keep you alive until 80s-100s, especially if you have adaptation stacked already. Not always tho, as we both noticed. Overshields being locked at 1200 on frames that CLEARLY rely on shields feels weird, that's for sure. Especially with how bad shields are at keeping you alive compared to pretty much everything else in the game. Shields weren't really looked at seriously ever since Life Strike was introduced. During earlier updates we couldn't really reliably heal ourselves and there weren't many frames that could take a hit properly, but now, with how bloated %-based healing is and how insanely durable some frames are, shields feel like even more of a joke. Maybe devs don't want to mess with them too much because shields are still the main EHP-resource for new players. But during the latest devstream Scott said that he's looking into shields, so we can only hope that it includes a proper player-shields-rework as well. At this point even adding a tiny invul period on shield/overshield break would help mulltiple squishy frames with IMMENSELY. The passive that Hildryn has is clearly too powerful to bandaid onto other frames, but with limited duration and certain restrictions even that can work out, I'm sure. TL;DR - we can only wait till Scott SoonTMs us with info about the shield rework he's planning and slapping bandaids on Mag won't help the situation because shields are meh in general.
  6. After playing as Mag for 2 days straight and killing 3 liches as her(also did sorties and kuva floods), I can say with certainty that some kind of one-shot protection on shields is absolutely necessary. I also tried Harrow but he didn't really fit my playstyle and I couldn't be bothered to experiment with him, so I dropped that idea. I never got killed via continous damage or even status effects such as bleed and toxin, even when I wasn't rolling and jumping all over the place. I had to keep my shields up constantly through the use of Polarize and Crush, but it never felt too difficult or out of place because I also used said abilities to kill and CC enemies. However, nothing could save me from random oneshots that certain enemies seem to be capable of delivering. It was so sudden that usually I couldn't even tell what exactly killed me. During the latest devstream Scott mentioned that he's working on a rebalance for shields and I sure hope that includes player shields, because the amount of effort required to keep these up and the ease with which enemies bypass them are astounding, especially when compared to armor/DR frames.
  7. I'd like to get some small tweaks for several frames. Mag comes to mind right away. I like the way she plays, use all of her abilities, but there are things I'm not a huge fan of. For example - Crush is only good for Overshields and some cc(made useless by Polarize augment). The most important change I'd like to see is a buff to her Pull. Energy drops from it are tied to ability kills. And it doesn't really kill anything beyond level 20(unless you consider yeeting units off the map a good strategy). I do realize that its more of a CC ability than anything, so buffing it on its own is not required; so instead, why not make it work with Magnetize? Enemies pulled into magnetized AoE should stay in it - not get ragdolled past it. Enemies that were "Pulled" in and into the bubble should have a chance to drop an energy drop on death. No matter what kills them. Drop chance should NOT scale with power strength(because of how easy it would be to get loads of enemies into magnetize with pull if these 2 actually worked together). It would drastically improve energy situation for Mag and motivate players to use Pull for something other than CC alone. It would also be great if her passive was replaced with something better too. Sadly, I can't come up with anything that is not related to shield-gating because I'm biased like that lmao Mirage needs a toggle for her 3. And faster cast animation for her 4(the blind from it was butchered anyway).
  8. Hmmm, are you sharing this amazing idea here because Brozime said that Loki is not top tier, or is it just a coincidence? Passive. Double-jump teleport is a horrible idea. Replacing a roll with it would make more sense, but still wouldn't work unless tweaked to the point where it's a whole new ability packed as a passive. Both double jumps and rolls are used to build up momentum and for avoiding damage. Replacing any of these 2 with a weird gimmick is a bad idea. Decoy. So, if the decoy gets bottom texted I'll lose invisibility? Should I always have the Safeguard augment in my build just for that? Lmfao Or will it keep going meaning the whole synergy stuff is nullified? Shpee. Replacing a perfectly working invisibility with a shade-like rip off of spy kit from TF2 doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Especially when a damn pet can mess it up. It drains energy too, oh gawd. It's the "sacrificial lamb" of your rework, huh, aka "LOOK I ADDED SOME BAD STUFF LIKE ENERGY DRAIN I CAN BALANCE". Nice. "Switch teleport is fine" - I've played as Loki for over 400 hours, it's not. Unless you slap the augment on it, it's pretty much useless. Loki needs some tweaks here and there but not something like this mess.
  10. Ahhhhhh, finally. Lich RNG is reduced and heavy attacks are fixed. Feels great.
  11. I've killed 10 so far and none did. Do some variants have a dispel ability?
  12. We can't have nice things because Joey in the corner doesn't like it when other people enjoy their powerfantasy lol
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