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  1. Feeling stress while playing Warframe? Not really. Maybe my skin is too thick. Don't try to walk away from the main argument by talking about feelings. Let's talk facts. Warframe is simply not a difficult game. You can bypass all the "stress" of stealth by simply equipping an invi warframe, as I mentioned. Or by using the classic "no one can spot me because they're all DEAD" strategy. Or even by just straight up abusing the braindead AI. Enemies don't seem to pay much attention to you bullet jumping around, as long as you don't stand right in front of them. There is also a void demon mode that grants you toggleable stealth and quick dashes. It's exploitable, because it's a power fantasy, not some realistic stealth simulator with deep-coded behaviour patterns for every random grunt. Hell, enemies don't even have problems with you breaking cameras and hacking terminals right in front of them during stealth. Even PayDay pulled it off better. Once you know the maps of Spy sections, they become a chore, not some stressful adrenaline-infusing endeavour. Your original point about high risk/high reward does not apply to self-damage in Warframe. As I already mentioned, self-damaging weapons are not powerful enough for the off-chance of keeling over once your teammate decides to jump in front of you. In my original comment, actually. Arca Plasmor doesn't deal self-damage, yet it has same or hell, even higher killing capabilities compared to, let's say, Ogris. Ignis Wraith doesn't deal self-damage as well, yet has same rank requirements(which DPS is based on, as DE stated) and higher KPS output and ammo efficiency. Your argument simply does not apply in that situation, comprendere? Your point about "stealth movement" does not work as well. What stealth are you talking about? Are you some MR1 player that just discovered stealth kills with Paris and Kunai? And now you crouch around and bullet jump over enemies, thinking that you're smart? The fact that enemies don't notice a huge purple power ranger flying around at mach 1, with a giant cape and a rocket launcher hanging off their butt, by itself destroys your argument about Warframe being a stealth-centered game. Movement is made to MOVE FASTER and evade attacks. Literally every move increases your velocity and parkour maneuvers decrease enemy accuracy. Rolling even decreases damage you receive and negates knockdowns. It has as much stealth orientation as standing still outside the fov of your enemies. Also, one of the main ways to gain ammo is to collect it from fallen enemies. So charging into them is the best thing you can do when you're dry and don't have some kind of vacuum or ammo packs/tabs. If you do - you won't be running dry, unless you use some weak weapons that has negative ammo efficiency. And melee exists, you can use it while charging, no ammo required, also works GREAT for breaking stealth since one slide attack with a good long-range melee will kill everything in sight, without making a sound(aside from gurgling sounds of fallen foes). Sarpa and Redeemer have limitless supply of HIV infused lead as well. So, how's punishing players for picking a weak weapon is a good idea? Let me tell you, it's not. Not in the current state of the game.
  2. Huh, doesn't look nearly as promising as Nezha did. I guess time will tell.
  3. Decreasing the initial kick and increasing recovery time will not help. It will instead make recoil feel weak and less dynamic. A better way to solve the problem would be to slightly decrease the kick on single shots, and leave recovery in it's current state. Would help players to not feel like they get smacked on the head every time they pull the trigger to kill a lonely grunt. Then devs would have to make another edit - recoil should be decreased when firing continuously. Basically, single shot recoil is strong, but recovers quickly and if the player decides to fire multiple shots in a row, they won't be punished for that - kick on following shots will be weaker than on the first shot, allowing to hit a chunky enemy consistently with ease. In short - we need 2 separate recoil stats, one much lower than another. Warframe is not Battlefield, it doesn't need guns kicking like mules when we have 0 recoil laser pointers that melt steel beams. Most launcher weapons need some hardcore buffing or some kind of fix to self-damage issue. Damage fall off increases with projectile speed. Projectile doesn't just go faster, it also goes further and it's effective range is increased. Longevity of viral and slash procs is usually important when dealing with high level enemies, there, duration of said procs might sometimes not be enough. So I was looking at it from that standpoint. Against low level foes slash damage is as good as any other, since flat damage values matter more than DoT. Gas(toxin) is a meta damage as well, but I'm in a slash camp. I'm an edgy person. Radiation proc doesn't serve much purpose aside from being a CC in a game where DPS is more important. It's also rather lengthy already. To be honest, even though status duration affects DPS in the long run, I would rework said mods to increase status intensity instead, that would somewhat level out flat damage and DoT, but that should be left for another post too.
  4. Forgotten about spy mission where I "must" press 2 and not have to worry about anything else as long as I remember the map and can hack terminals in time. That's the extent of stealth. If you're "breaking" under such conditions, you should visit a psychiatrist.
  5. With current system it doesn't even take 3 seconds to kill 5 targets when you're using melee the meta way. Its 1 slide attack and they're gone. I agree that short-ranged melee needs buffs stat-wise. I dont agree that just damage and critical would do though. It needs status as well. It will be especially useful because a lot of combos on short weapons are multi-hits. I like short ranged melee, I like Furax exactly because it feels like I'm boxing(it certainly could use some improvements when it comes to connecting properly, but recent sound updates kind of help with the impact feeling), but I'm talking about melee as a system that currently a lot of players use for maximum efficiency. None of said players will use Furax if it requires you to pull off combos every time you want to kill something. People don't appreciate "locked" mobility. I do agree that a lot of melee stances look like dancing. Dancing that can kill not only your enemies, but you as well, because of how slow and lacking or overpowering it can be when it comes to momentum. Some weapons currently already have finisher openings. But as you said, yeah, they need to be quicker. Devs are currently working on finisher animations so something might come out of that.
  6. Uhhhh, I think developers already know that melee weapons need "lunges". If I understand you correctly, of course. They're planning on adding gap-closers in Melee 3.0. So there's that. And these leaps most likely were never intended to work that way. Devs clearly have problems when it comes to coding momentum and calculating how it will work with +attack speed modifiers. I don't think that adding forced aim assist to short ranged melee will help though. At least not in it's current state, as it actually exist in the game already. All it will do is limit short-ranged melee even more, as players will have much less freedom when it comes to picking their target. Current balance issues with long-range vs short-range melee are not just about melee types in Warframe. It's about the way the game is played. Stances and stats of the weapons are a big part of that, sure, but so is the mobility of warframes, firepower of primary and secondary weapons, sheer amount of enemies that are thrown at you and even KPS requirements of certain game modes. Personally, I don't see how you can solve said issues by just reworking melee. You won't be able to out-KPS Gram Prime or some Maiming Strike Polearm Number 3101285421912113 with, say, Furax Wraith, unless said Furax Wraith magically allows you to go ORAORAORA on the same range as Gram. Even if you add gap closers, Furax won't realistically be capable of cleaving 5 enemies in 5 meters range to the left and right of you. It just won't look good and even if devs make it capable of doing that, weapon will no longer be a short-ranged ones. We will just have 100 Grams with different moves that all basically do the same thing. And reworking everything else... Yeah, that game won't be "Warframe" anymore.
  7. When is DPS increase "too large?". People above stated why adding exilus slots to weapons is a bad idea in the first place. This comment of mine should clarify why it's a bad idea even if it's not discarded outright. Less recoil = easier to land shots = higher DPS. Slap -recoil on Pandero and it's alt-fire will suddenly be super easy to use and allow you to land 8 shots easily. Same applies to Punch Through. You can hit more enemies with it per shot, so it effectively doubles or tripples the damage you deal in general, since Warframe is not about fighting 1 enemy in an open field. It's about fighting 10 dudes at the same time, sometimes in an open field, but more often in some corridor. Projectile Velocity can be a great increase in damage for weapons like Zarr and Plasmor - projectiles travel further, can hit more enemies on a longer distance. Status duration can increase duration of Slash and Viral procs, these are already meta damage types/status procs. Why would you want to buff weapons that can utilize them even further? As for silencers - Ivara exists. Other invi frames will benefit from it greatly, when it comes to their survivability. It would replace one of Lokis augments for example. Target acquired is +60% headshot multiplier. Exilus mod? Whot. Maybe we should make Serration an exilus mod as well, lmao? All of that stuff affects DPS, some of it directly.
  8. Well, you see, the point is that I don't have to worry about making mistakes as long as I have a non-self-damage weapon. There are no high rewards for high risks. My KPS is much higher if I use just about ANY meta weapons, than let's say Ogris when it comes to higher level play. That's the point. Such weapons simply don't pull their weight. If Ogris dealt 3000 damage per rocket or had crits - there would be a "high reward" for my troubles. Right now there is none, yet it kills me all the same. So I can just use something like Opticor over it and lose NOTHING. Why bother slowing myself down, while in game modes like ESO and survival I literally have to be quick about killing things? Movement in warframe is not made for stealth. It's meant for moving fast lmao. Your wet dreams about stealthy ninjas died long ago, this game is now a full on shooter. Unless you think that sliding around as an invi frame with a melee modifier is a pinnacle of stealth. And buddy, if you can't rely on guns - your guns are bad. Try harder.
  9. Ughhh. Sorry, give me a moment. I gotta push my entrails back inside.
  10. My problem with Nyx currently is that you're forced into her 4 when doing high level missions. I mean, I can roll and bullet jump constantly to evade attacks and reduce enemy accuracy. I can also use Chaos to drop heat. But compared to other frames it's too unreliable and feels too weak. She's slow, her damage is trash and other frames can provide same CC as her, some of them by just murdering anything that tries to touch them. Your rework doesn't fix that issue. It simply overcharges her current abilities and replaces Absorb with Assimilate. I really don't feel like using her 4 as a main source of survivability is a good concept. A stray bullet will still kill her. And even with improved Assimilate of yours, she'll still be slower than other frames. Then again, it might just be me. Not every frame can have health regen, invisibility or armor/DR, I suppose. Shield gating could help out a lot, but it doesn't exist yet.
  11. And you can also regain it by smoking through your thralls. But so what? It still works like Ameshas 1 for the most part. That's the point of the comment lmao - that his abilities are copied from other frames AND an archwing. It's not about being better or worse, huhu, don't white knight for papa smurf.
  12. Revs 2 is Ameshas 1 heuheuhuehueuheuhuhehuhe
  13. I use it's spread to pop Spores quickly(as Saryn) and to apply loads of status to multiple targets, or to clean loads of trash-targets in a wide area quickly. It has it's uses for certain playstyles. You can also regulate the tightness of the spread by aiming momentarily. So it's not fully concentrated, but not completely spread out as well. However I can't understand why devs won't just add an alt-fire mode where beams start off concentrated right away. Looking at Convectrix though, I'm afraid that even if they add something like this, they'll screw it over somehow anyway lmao.
  14. I might be wrong, but I remember someone brought up this topic during one of the earlier devstreams. Scott replied by saying something along the lines of "Well we have grenades as abilities of Vauban", he wasn't enthusiastic about the idea of adding legit grenades as a weapon type. But as other users mentioned, we have stuff like Castanas already, so anything can happen. And they were never mentioned ever since.
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