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  1. Good for you. I'm one of the people that disliked the glass bits.
  2. I think devs addressed that and now she won't EVER lose them, or something like that.
  3. Probably because DE didn't have time/desirer to fine-tune melee stances. Last time I checked, certain sword and shield attacks were zooming my camera in and out. It was that way for a year or so. I wonder why THAT is in the game too.
  4. Good stuff. Was expecting yet another Nidus-Saryn and I'm glad to be wrong.
  5. Compared to other frames - he is. Half of his kit is outright useless. Helminth slots at best. While you'll be busy slowing enemies down, everyone else will outright delete them. While you'll be stacking globes, Limbo or Gara will do a better job faster and safer. His whole "cold procs" deal can be replaced by any gun with decent status chance. Or by a sentinel/MOA. He's one of those frames that became "meh" over the years - not terrible, just not as great if you actually want results. People who defend him are simply tryhards that will usually tell you that anything is good because they
  6. I've played as Loki for several years. Started playing during open beta and only switched to other frames to get MR. Didn't even care when prime came out, because of how little of an upgrade it was. Lately, I rarely ever use him. Less effective than many other frames. He's good at being invisible and getting deleted the moment you get damaged. Back in the day I enjoyed the danger of being obliterated at any moment - nowadays I'm far too lazy to deal with unpredictable unpolished AI to get mediocre results. I recently use Ivara most of the time cause of her augment and arrows. L
  7. I wonder why devs keep that stuff away from players. People have been asking for years to be able to turn off certain frame bits that actually disappear on their own if you have poor connection/game bugs out. Probably to lighten the load on the servers in order to increase riven cap lmao.
  8. Developers were kind enough to add a bandaid mod for impact damage, it is now capable of causing bleeds. And oh boy, I can't wait for more Catchmoon nerfs lmao
  9. This "augment" was made because people told DE that Pillage should have at least some effect on enemies without armor/shields. DE linked it to Haven because people called that ability crap also. Spit in the face of everyone who participated in leaving feedback during Hildryns release.
  10. Nidus is great for explaining exactly how Warframe works. I think his kit is amazing, but simply doesn't fit Warframe in its current state(at least when you compare its investment and output ratio to that of other frames). He has enough armor/health/regen to survive early/mid/high levels of Solar map missions. With some investment can comfortably tank sorties and Kuva Siphons. At some point however, face-tanking ceases to be an effective strategy as braindead AI gains insane damage numbers due to its lacking "I". Thus, Nidus becomes an "invul window" tank that relies on dodging and AI ex
  11. Weirdpost incoming: Hildryn already looks like a tank, why bother with a DELUXE if you're just going to make another tank model for her? Unless DE let Liger make her *cough* hotter via *cough* usual feminine traits(EBB mod for MHW come to mind) - I won't care. Because I'm horny like that and I'm not afraid to admit it. On the other hand, if DE create something like Garuda's "stick" skin for her - I won't EVER buy it. I don't dislike Hildryn currently, mind you, but I do find some parts of her unattractive: DE made her abs look worse than abs of actual female powerlifters. I'd r
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