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  1. I really hope DE don't turn fist weapons into damn swords. Changes that they showed off during one of the streams looked good, but god damn do I hate it when small-looking weapons have 3050105120519124m range. It seems they tried to fix the range problems by introducing Tekko Prime with it's idiotic "ENERGY BLADES MADE OF LAZORS AND HOPES AND DREAMS" and it looks #*!%ing stupid and I don't want all fists to be that way.
  2. Still no fixes to Wisps grineer skin having super soapy booty?
  3. Really digging the Ember changes, but good God, that penalty for Immolation overheat is too harsh. Not only do you lose DR as it overheats, you also lose the ability to recast it and quickly charge it up since your energy is at 0. What's the point? Is it the DARK SOULS OF ALL WARFRAME ABILITIES? Should it motivate me to constantly spam her 3? Not cast her 1 or 4? Or maybe I should be ready to spam energy pads the moment I overheat? Losing DR is already bad as it is, since in warframe you can get oneshot by some random dudebro at any point. TL;DR overheat shouldn't lock me out of using ALL of her abilities, since at that point I might just use any other frame. If you really want to punish players for not paying attention, how about, I dunno, simply allowing it to damage the player, based on their total health percentage? It's only natural that overheat causes a heat proc, no? If player activates Immolation again right away, damage received will be reduced, so it's going to function as a good wake up call and energy management mechanic. Might go one step further and give it a positive to mix it up. On overheat Ember is set on fire, and just like her 4, enemies in range are set on fire for the duration of status effect being active on her. Might motivate players to be more active and agressive, I realize that overheat blast will kill and set enemies nearby on fire, but why not bullet jump to a next group of enemies and cause even more havoc in a berserk-like fashion, while using other abilities in the process, thus building up the charge once again? I don't know where you got the idea for Overheat from, but it reminds me of Holosmith from Guild Wars 2. That class receives some rather hard penatlies on Overheat as well, but Guild Wars 2 is different from Warframe. Some abilities have 3 minute cooldowns and some abilities can be modified, changing drastically from their original form. I don't think that you people are planning on adding 3 different augments for Immolation(because that's how much versions of overheat for Holosmith are in GW2), so you should probably rethink this one.
  4. Try tiny bit harder and your brain will leak out from all the pressure you exert. Anyway, "small help" or not, it still proves my point. 40-60% increase is not some tiny difference. It's 40-60% - more than a half lol. It's not 15% unlike exilus mods for warframes, it's 3 or 4 times higher. Stop trying to make up an excuse for it and just admit that you want that sweet range increase no matter what it takes, because I'm sure that I do lmao. I think devs will most likely add it later anyway, since they consider reload speed a non-factor when it comes to DPS. So yeah, not like any of it matters, still, you seem like a person who will slam their head into a wall as long as it has "no u" written on it, so I suppose you do you. At least I read some interesting stuff from that Ervin guy, so thanks.
  5. Uses a weapon that has specific range limitations @ range is situational. Sweet. If a weapon CONSTANTLY has to be used with considerations towards it's range stat it's not "situational". It's a factor at all times. Adding a range mod on top directly incrceases it's combat efficiency. If we take Zarr as an example, it's pellets will fly farther, thus reaching more enemies at longer range. It's like saying that punch through doesn't increase DPS "because it's situational" in a musou-like game where you fight crowds of enemies. Not like I would mind range mods fitting in the exilus slot, because certain weapons really need said range.
  6. Being able to hit more targets from a longer distance is not "situational at best" lmao
  7. Ah yes, the "Let's attempt to balance things through brutal nerfs because I don't understand that Warframe is a power-fantasy even though developers mentioned it multiple time over the span of 6 years" and also that sweet "I will fix the riven economy by making it even worse" nOice Ahem, this change of yours will make riven market even more cancerous and even more riven mod rolls will become completely OBSOLETE. Losing 20% of ANY of your total stats is a big thing. The change you propose will affect those not favored by RNG and not willing to pay 5k plat for "god rolls" the most. They will suffer, meanwhile meta-players will still aim for SUPAH CRIT MIN MAX rivens and their prices will increase drastically because negatives are more severe this time around. All in all you will just amp up the bad stuff without adding anything good. Want to fix riven economy? Easy. Let me throw you some ideas that HUNDREDS of players thought of already: Allow players to choose riven stats. Easiest one lmao. Allow players to "lock" a stat per roll by paying kuva(or some kind of new resource that can be dropped by lets say, uhhh, KUVA LICHES FROM THE NEXT BIG UPDATE OH WOW) for each stat locked. Or maybe allow each locked stat to increase the reroll cost. You can create your perfect riven, it will take time, it's still random, but as you work on it, the chances of negative income increase. Whales will still spend their cash to skip the grind. Normal players and free2players will not suffer as much. Improve kuva rewards, add kuva scaling for Kuva Survival. This post is the most stupid thing I've read in a long time. Though I shouldn't be as surpirsed and I might be a little bit biased because you signed your post like a re-*cough*-gal person.
  8. Perfectly balanced. Just like the rest of the game.
  9. 2 years later "Melee 3.0 is finally released, DE add a 90% impact 10% puncture machete type weapon with a bat-like model that has holes and dangly bits all over"
  10. Just giving him high status chance and bleeds on 1 and 4 would work lmao. I once threw a rock at some dudes head, he bled pretty bad, so it goes with the theme, I swear. Increasing the size of his 2 would help as well. As for 3, ehh, maybe a better way to see the actual cone/improved enemy detection so that it's not as punishing to use, it's already pretty good when it comes to damage potential, now that it allows status, just needs some tiny usability improvements.
  11. Wrong forum section Borken engrish Sign at the end of the post I'm from Russia and I can tell "how hard it is for the russians" and each time I see something like this, sheesh, you're not making it any easier. Here's "teh nais verzhion": If it's Eidolons you're having problems with - git gud, or in the case of warframe, get better gear and watch a guide on how to solo tricap. Who needs a team when you can be the death incarnate? When it comes to trading, last time I checked(and it was a long, long time ago), chat channels were language specific. Trading is probably dead because a lot of russian players are rather proud of NOT supporting the devs and "completely free 2 playin it". To the point where they won't purchase anything with real money out of some kind of pride, I guess. So, go ahead and blame russian mentality and maybe our dying economy lmao, "we have no money, but hold tight", amirite? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm not sure you'll be able to actually understand what I wrote there, so here's the slav version for you, with a special message at the end: Ну что, приятель, я тебе так скажу - Эйдолонов можно в сольняк тащить. Не можешь - очень плохо, начинай грайндить на шмотки получше, а может быть на молоток ирл, чтобы выпрямлять себе ручонки. По приколу можешь ещё и гайд посмотреть, как делать трикап. Может в процессе английский подучишь, не так грустно будет смотреть на твои "писульки" в англоязычных разделах форума. А насчёт торговли - кто же виноват, что в России живут отбитые на бошку тащеры, которые гордятся тем, что "наслаждаются" игрой абсолютно бесплатно? Тут можно только самих себя судить, менталитет и экономику. Платина с неба не падает, уходит в игровой магазин безвозвратно, так что можешь начать призывать людей к игровым покупкам, поднимать, так сказать, российский Варфрейм с колен, пхах. Этот же совет и для нароста игровой базы на "мыльную станцию 4" подходит. В стране пиратов соснольки не особо уважают, но всё в твоих руках. За подпись поста, на рожу бы тебе поссал, хорошего дня, дружок-пирожок. Soviet anthem plays in the background as vomit forces a gun out of my mouth.
  12. Fix ground finishers. They miss all the time. Fix momentum issues. I'm sick and tired of using same melee types because stuff like Hammers, Fists, Sparr and Shield&Sword weapons have idiotic forward pull. And NO, I don't like to use camera tracking for melee, it kills the flow of the combat and actually adds an entierly new set of problems. Fix slam attacks. Ragdoll is insanely strong on ALL melee weapons and something has to be changed. It reduces DPS greatly. You also broke slam attacks on Arca Titron COMPLETELY. Bring back manual blocking and fix RMB combos. Auto-blocking makes using melee weapons such as Sarpa an insanely difficult task. I prefer to NOT be interrupted when I'm actually doing something.
  13. They don't care. Slam attacks are broken, ground finishers are broken, momentum is broken. All we get is "soon".
  14. Mutalist Cernos is just nasty now. 410 damage + elemental cloud status procs, perfect for Nidus.
  15. Just like Hildryn and Wisp, Gauss has amazing visuals and audio, but needs some tweaks when it comes to his abilities. As of now this frame is, well, meh in terms of power. Anyway, here's the feedback: Mach Rush. Steering restriction. Slamming into walls should be a choice, come on. Steering is especially important because flying off the map causes all abilities to be reset. Ragdoll is bad, please stop. Enemies fly all over the place. Melee attacks might lead into ground finishers which are VERY restrictive and unreliable. At least make it a simple knockdown, the ground finishers will still be an issue but at least I won't have to chase my targets constantly. Damage scaling is terrible, slash synergy is too weak. Solution - remove ragdolls, at least from the non-wave impacts; remove steering restrictions; and, if you're feeling adventurous - allow melee combo counter(and maybe even mods such as Pressure Point or even IPS mods) to affect the damage of impacts and impact-waves. Kinetic Plating. Battery charge consumption on hit is too high, even a single gunner can shred it and thus reduce it's defensive capabilities. Doesn't remove staggers from Quick Thinking. RiP possible synergy. Energy gains provided by this ability rely on being damaged and it's problematic because of how this ability has to be sustained during actual gameplay. To sustain this ability one would have to do one of the following: Dodge all incoming attacks and move constantly to regain the battery charge, rendering Kinetic Plating obsolete because parkour elements already provide damage reduction and allow to avoid damage completely. Spam Mach Rush, rendering Kinetic Plating obsolete because everyone is ragdolled. Spam the Ice Thermal Sunder, causing enemies to freeze, rendering Kinetic Plating obsolete because everyone is frozen. Kinetic Plating is basically a "oooops lemme take 2 hits for you, give you some energy and then Im GONE" kind of ability that's only really useful if you don't use any other abilities AND only for a short period of time. It requires same amount of energy as the radial CC, consumes Kinetic Battery charge and has a TIMER. It's way too weak to require so much work for it to barely function, especially because this "Rage-like" ability is directly linked to AVOIDING damage. TL;DR "on hit" ability doesn't work because you have to avoid getting hit for it to work. Solution - reduce or REMOVE battery consumption/increase energy gained on hit; if you're feeling adventurous - work out a system that will create delays between hits reducing the battery charge, example: when Gauss is hit, charge drops by 5%, in next 2-3 seconds(make it duration base WOOO!) charge won't be reduced no matter how many times you are hit, it's still spent on other abilities, however. Thermal Sunder. Doesn't scale well in terms of damage. Ice is a much better CC tool than fire or blast. Kinetic Plating relies on Ice as well, since it builds battery charge. All of the above negatives lead into a single big issue - high energy consumption. Why would I bother casting the ability TWICE for an inferior form of CC? Why would I bother with the fire variant against ANYTHING remotely dangerous? Solution - reduce energy and battery consumption, at least for the fire variant. When it comes to the damage, it's problematic. Fire attacks are very strong against low level targets, so buffing that would result in Ember situation, especially because of how much this ability reminds me of her. On the other hand, Saryn exists, so why even bother? Unless you give it some kind of special quality it won't ever be good(properly balanced for low and high levels) with a current damage system in place. So yeah, just CC and battery managment is fine. Redline. The cast time is disgusting. It really looks weird when you run around full speed and then suddenly the whole flow of combat is interrupted by a single cast. What even? Do you want us to use Natural Talent for 1 ability? Please don't, that's not how fun works. Damage scaling is terrible. Again. Sounds from it's projectiles make feel like I'm getting shot at. Solution - just shorten the cast time. Speed buff it gives is more than enough for me. Electrokinetic Battery. Just replace the shield part of the passive with something else. Something useful, like sprint speed buff based on the battery charge. We don't even have proper shield gating. And Hildryn exists, she's the Shield Maiden. Did you add this shield part of the passive just because of the Mag+Gauss connection? I really don't appreciate such gameplay sacrifices for the sake of lore. Can't wait for this frame to receive a 10% range buff to his 3 and +25 energy pool buff over the month lmao. also, imagine stealing someones ideas from a forum post, what a meme
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