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  1. Nidus is great for explaining exactly how Warframe works. I think his kit is amazing, but simply doesn't fit Warframe in its current state(at least when you compare its investment and output ratio to that of other frames). He has enough armor/health/regen to survive early/mid/high levels of Solar map missions. With some investment can comfortably tank sorties and Kuva Siphons. At some point however, face-tanking ceases to be an effective strategy as braindead AI gains insane damage numbers due to its lacking "I". Thus, Nidus becomes an "invul window" tank that relies on dodging and AI ex
  2. Weirdpost incoming: Hildryn already looks like a tank, why bother with a DELUXE if you're just going to make another tank model for her? Unless DE let Liger make her *cough* hotter via *cough* usual feminine traits(EBB mod for MHW come to mind) - I won't care. Because I'm horny like that and I'm not afraid to admit it. On the other hand, if DE create something like Garuda's "stick" skin for her - I won't EVER buy it. I don't dislike Hildryn currently, mind you, but I do find some parts of her unattractive: DE made her abs look worse than abs of actual female powerlifters. I'd r
  3. It's a great helminth slot, so it's not all bad.
  4. Yeah, RNG just hates you. Some frames are easier to buy than build. If it gets too tough - farm relics instead and sell prime parts for plat.
  5. Even though I never had a problem with hold/tap abilities, frame-specific toggles are a nice addition, good job!
  6. That might sound dumb, but have you tried filming it and posting it on reddit? It could catch more attention there, because at that point it feels like devs look at reddit more than at their own forums. That being said, I also experience low spawn rates in the Space Port area. I have enough toroids to max out ducks syndicate several times over when it comes to standing alone, but I don't have enough Vega toroids to level up in the syndicate. I wonder if DE are planning to do anything about it in a huge update of sorts, considering that they're feeding us promises about the last Orb.
  7. You're saying that DE have a poor code - what a #*!%ing surprise, always has been. Sure, it's dumb that the enemies you've mentioned can CC you even after you CC them, its idiotic how their "projectiles" don't align with their animations, it's dumb that they can spawn on top of you. And I understand that you want DE to fix it, I want it too. Problem is - that's not gonna happen, because they don't give a #*!% about what we want and can't be bothered to fine-tune their game. Seeing how they're more keen on "balancing" our gear instead of reworking enemy-types and their AI - I don't have much ho
  8. CC is there to prolong the fight and create some challenge for you without utilizing one-shots and ability nullification. As for enemy spawns - can't you just shoot the S#&$ that spawns in and easily destroy beacons? Also, this fight doesn't require that one specific mod, for braindead ez mode just fetch the frame that ignores CC. Its only natural that you would you specific equipment to overcome specific challenges. Especially when there's such variety of equipment you can use and we even have Helminth to help out with it. Edit: it might sound like I'm a fan of this
  9. I like Rhino, but I hate it that his basic functionality is locked behind 2 augments. I ditched the Iron Shrapnel long ago - I'd rather find a hole in the map to hop into, than waste a mod slot on what's supposed to be a basic ability function. It'd be nice if he just got partial functionality of charge and skin augments baked into his kit. It would also be nice if DE reworked said augments into something new. I mean, we have a lot of synergistic frames now and they don't require augments to work properly. That being said, I don't expect it to happen any time soon. Rhino is far from being
  10. Seems legit to me. It ain't a status effect but an ability. Perhaps the cast was too fast, but as others pointed out, OP was an easy stationary target.
  11. That's why I said "even" - he bothered to have it up and even that didn't help. Also, read the following sentence. If it stopped a DoT proc from an attack that strong it would make A LOT of difference.
  12. Huh, weird that it works that way. Meanwhile, have you tried Arca Titron for the slams? It's THE weapon for that, unless it got nerfed.
  13. I laughed out loud when I saw you get deleted lmao You even had your scarab up! Were you using the anti-status augment for it? To be honest, I think that scaling the damage that enemies deal to the point where it destroys 7k health frames is pretty dumb. If I wanted to experience one-shot gameplay, I'd play Hotline Miami. On the other hand it forces the player to actually use specific gear to overcome certain challenges, which is a good thing. It means that you have to master several "classes" instead of being able to tank through everything with the same setup. So I think that not h
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