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  1. I was talking about her deluxe. And yeah, I'm not a big fan of that half-skirt of hers either. I remember there was a bug that actually removed such attachments from several frames if you connected to a host with poor internet.
  2. Spectral Scream would become much better if DE gave it a "rate of fire" stat scaling with power strength, along with status scaling. If you could get 300% status applicator that applies 30 heat procs in AoE per second, there'd be SOME reasons to use it. Right now though - its a free helminth slot and even a SENTINEL can do what it does better. Press S to spit on its "buffs".
  3. I'm not talking about spikes, I'm talking about a knot located right above her butt. The one with 2 laces, you know. Believe me I was HOPING it was tied with the spikes, and it does go away while you look at Khora in the arsenal, but once you leave it pops back into existence making her look even more bloated than she already is.
  4. I would like to also have a toggle to turn said elements off completely. I hate the glass on Gara, especially now that her deluxe is a thing. It clips with armor pieces and its neither metal nor normal material. I hate it when my Atlas gets ugly non-customizable ROCK growing on his legs, just because I use his abilities. I also don't like it that Khora grows out a bow-knot on her back when I leave the arsenal. I absolutely despise ugly baguettes hanging on the sides of Protea. Would be nice if I could toggle that mess off forever and forget that it ever existed.
  5. If LoS in Warframe wasn't so broken it wouldn't matter. I use Khora from time to time and this change will affect me negatively even though I was never a fan of "whipping a wall". Also, I know its mean but it would be nice if DE nerfed her to death and then reworked her. Spamming Whipclaw is boring, her cat is useless, Ensnare and Strangledome are basically just very expensive sources of CC if you remove the Whipclaw from the equation. She was supposed to be the master of physical elements, but ended up as another farm-tool with a 10 IQ set of abilities. Too bad the rework process would t
  6. Too real, my experience with elements of the game you mentioned went like this: I didn't bother with operator stuff because there are only 2 viable focus trees and operator is useless to me otherwise. Its a nice escape button, but using amps and "25 damage per second while you're cloaked" gimmicks in combat gives me crippling depression. It simply doesn't feel good to me, to #*!%ing crawl around the bushes, as a little ugly child to fart lazors at a huge slow target that has magical invincibility barrier against all of my weapons and abilities. Because operator combat was so bad, I
  7. Catabolyst reload throw can be repeated indefinitely via self-stagger. It interrupts the reload and doesn't consume any ammo.
  8. I keep getting throws mid-combos and that's not a good thing. It is pretty fun to see my frame deflect attacks while just standing without any melee weapon while my glaive flies around the void though. You gave explosions on every throw to Wolf Sledge. Was it the last minute before release decision? I like my Sledge, sure, but I have a question - are multihit AoE non-combo-consuming throws intended, or will they get "fixed" next week? Do you have any plans on giving thrown melee additional mod slots, or is it one of those "use bandaid mods instead of damage mods if you want to enjo
  9. Bows right now are riven baits that are only somewhat viable due to Split Flights. Which means that most bows are viable only after they're turned into low range(due to accuracy decrease), low pellet shotguns. Naturally, that doesn't include AoE bows which are not bows, but "retextured" grenade launchers. Mutalist Cernos is basically Torid, Cernos Prime is just a shotgun with a set spread pattern that reverses if you use Split Flights. Crossbows are mediocre, Zhuge Prime is a stagger-fest. I thought that status rework would give some additional status chance to bows, to let them benefit f
  10. I wonder where I'll place those mods in my builds. Again.
  11. I love posts like these. Player says that a gun shouldn't take 5 seconds to reload in a fast-paced game about shooting things, another player tells him that he should just use a bandaid mod to fix it. No wonder the balance is in deep S#&$, these people are trying to balance a braindead PvE game as if its a competitive PvP-only shooter.
  12. I hope what I see is also an illusion and "next phase" of Warframe Revised will give us a toggle for that ability, because every time I use her, I feel like "I've been had" by the game engine.
  13. Such a shame we didn't get something similar to Obanakk skin for hammers. VoidPunch made a rather similar skin(shape-wise) for hammers - Sahasra, years ago, yet it wasn't approved for some reason.
  14. Hahahahahahahaha lmao what the #*!% people defend a broken frame with 4 useless abilities, holy S#&$ this aint real
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