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  1. Intrinsics doesn’t work, I done 5 mission and didn’t get it...
  2. Australia & New Zealand are moving 1 hour back
  3. I will post big picture later. sorry guys i don't even know which link for picture into here. cheers
  4. Hello, cambion drift achievement have been fixed. Juggernauts & Velocipod achievement is now count. :) Im waiting for called burn 100 infested pod.
  5. Working for me I’m using necramech to kill, and flying insect work too.
  6. Muck & Mire doesn’t give me a drop after I made 3,000 Dont worry i went back to orbiter to check foundry and I got it!
  7. Thanks. Also necramech doesnt gain a xp in orphix (railjack)
  8. POE, Orb Vallis & infested open world need to be fixed! Ty for the updated. :)
  9. It quite easy to setup. If warframe streaming from streamelements obs, then just add plugins into obs and will show on stream tv with closed caption. Nothing problem
  10. Rebecca, i hope you provided closed caption for twitch so, it help understand what you saying for deaf community to watch. i am deaf player in warframe. please make it happening. so i would be happy if you setup closed caption during devstream! Can't wait to watch it! :D
  11. There is Closed Caption if setup something.
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