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  1. That's reasonable, I noticed some of these issues, too.
  2. I take short breaks every now and then. It's not good to play one game over and over.
  3. The lore never gave us a clear answer, but if I had to guess then the number would be in hundreds of thousands. Zariman 10-0 was a colony ship and we know from quests and the Rell webcomic that full families were on board. If Zariman was meant to send colonists to Tau, then it probably housed a large population. Then we need to take into account that the Tenno created their own culture, with distinct architecture, weapons, and philosophy (like 5 great Tenno schools). They also managed to win a war with the Sentients and topple an empire. Now we form clans and alliances. Those aren't feats you can achieve with just a handful of orphans. Of course gameplay has to sacrifice some parts of the lore, that's probably why we have never been given any lore-friendly number. On the other hand maybe 12 million wouldn't be that far-fetched either. After all humanity is scattered across the whole solar system, not only on planets, but on moons, asteroids, in ships, etc. 12 million is slightly less than a population of Tokyo.
  4. I agree. Additionally, abandoning content is seldom a good look for a developer. If DE came and said "Hey guys, sorry, but we will be finishing development of railjack despite of 2 years of hyping it", that would be incredibly detrimental to the game.
  5. I imagine the Corpus board works similar the board of directors in modern corporations. You have a bunch of guys that have various functions and probably make decisions by voting. It wouldn't be impossible for them to reach an impasse on numerous decisions. Having a leader with final decision-making power would certainly speed up many decisions. Considering the fact that the Corpus are a cult and the founder is idolized it kind of makes sense that if an heir appeared many would follow him as a new prophet. On the other hand the information about the board uniting is provided from the Solaris, we don't know if someone wouldn't attempt a second assassination attempt. Also keep in mind that we don't know that much about the Corpus board of directors, whether they would follow a new leader or not.
  6. You don't know if a buyer checks riven prices on the internet, they paid what you offered. If you sell something at a lower price than average without checking first, that's on you.
  7. That's why I have my operator muted. It's better to have a silent character than this.
  8. Yes, please. Even better, allow us to chose what operators say as a form of ping system. I don't like that my character speaks these silly things without my input.
  9. I would say it's a free forma, but leveling ungilded weapons is very unpleasant. If it was just for unlocking the arcane slot, then sure, but not being able to slot catalysts hurts. Lower stats don't help either. Kuva weapons is also too much considering there is not much to benefit from additional levels after applying 5 formas.
  10. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Melee gets stuck in holster animation and it is not possible to use it anymore. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: It seems to happen after certain actions like using an ability. I didn't manage to consistently reproduce it EXPECTED RESULT: Being able to use melee OBSERVED RESULT: Melee stuck in holstering animation. Charged attacks start normally, but then get interrupted. Slam attacks work normally REPRODUCTION RATE: Seemingly random. Happened only when playing Mesa, but not only after using abilities, but other actions such as slam attack. Perhaps pressing E too quickly after an action has a chance to trigger this bug.
  11. Primes are from the Orokin era, but that doesn't mean they were first. They were crafted and used during that time. Think of it like that: a warframe is created and used by the Tenno. It doesn't matter if it is used by only one Tenno or mass produced. After some time the design is improved and distributed among the most distinguished warriors, hence it is much less common than their non-prime counterparts. Primes are described as essentially ultimate versions of their non-prime counterparts. When designing something, you usually don't create the final version first and then downgrade it. You improve on an existing design. Also lore makes more sense when you think about it like that, as why we find non-prime frames during quests. Protea is a good example, the original, one of a kind, was given to Parvos Granum, but prime version was probably developed after some time. Of course the game doesn't downright state which came the first, but some item description suggest that non-primes were the original designs, such as Odonata Prime: This enhanced version of the first Archwing prototype takes the design to its theoretical limits.
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