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  1. Yeah, that's a good point. I didn't think about it like this.
  2. I wonder why... As long as there are issues with lack of dedicated servers and questionable balance, pvp will stay unpopular. As the post above said, removing exclusive rewards won't change anything. Maybe even the opposite, fewer people will play because there will be no reason to play. The most fun I had in conclave was when they introduced modes with disabled abilities, where everyone had the same stats and weapons. If DE built conclave around this idea, then maybe I would consider it worthwhile.
  3. Knockdowns caused by self damage could then ignore any mods and apply full duration. Or we can go even further and add a special status effect just for self damage that will debuff us.
  4. Instead of nuking your character, self damage could deal a fixed amount of damage to the player, in percentage of health. That way there would still be a risk in using the weapon, but not to the point when you instantly die, unless you're playing carelessly.
  5. Every enemy marked with mercy should be downed (like thralls) and then die after a couple of seconds if we decide not to use a finisher on them. Otherwise, this mechanic is a waste on regular enemies as most of the time they die before we even notice they have a marker above their head. Maps can become quite crowded and it is very hard to miss marked enemies. Add to that the fact that a lot of players play in a way to get rid of groups of enemies (using AoE abilities and melee weapons with long range), rather than picking them one by one, and you will have a mechanic that is simply lost in the crowd. I also can't see how it is going to change the "pace of lethality", considering we mow down enemies very quickly. Surely one downed enemy won't change the game drastically. At least it doesn't change for thrall missions. And regular missions don't place mercy on enemies as often.
  6. Currently rank 16 is the rank that will allow you to use all the weapons, warframes, as well as rivens. If you want to have access to all the equipment and mods this is the rank you should be aiming at. If you are not interested in rivens then maybe MR 10 since then you will have access to all the quests. Weapons and warframes that are bought for plat can bypass mastery rank, so I guess 10 is ok. However, I would suggest MR 16 so you don't miss anything.
  7. Forum account is created simultaneously with your game account. Apparently I was wrong.
  8. Yeah, that's true. For now I'm fine with scaling changes, but a comprehensive look at damage and procs should be the next step. With the current scaling rework they might touch magnetic and toxin procs, but not really the rest. I read your thread about energy changes and most of them sound very interesting. Only your idea about energy per kill overlaps with Harrow's Thurible.
  9. Seamless loading is what Steve talked about in one interview and I believe this is what they are planning to achieve with Empyrean. We would still have nodes as we have now, but we will be able to fly our ship from mission to mission without a loading screen. However, I don't think we are going to see this happen anytime soon. In general, Empyrean is realizing the original vision of Warframe – flying around in your ship and doing missions with seamless transitions between ship interiors and exteriors. So in the future when we are doing a Grineer galleon exterminate we will just fly next to it with our ship, go outside to fly into it, complete the mission, maybe fly around to collect resources, and return from mission. Sounds fun to me if they manage to pull it off.
  10. Glad to hear it, just don't let it get to you again. And please don't take my comment too personally. What I meant by it was that people here are not qualified to help you.
  11. If you think a game affects your mental health negatively then you should see a specialist, not the forums.
  12. There was an exploit that allowed you to endlessly spawn enemies without progressing the mission. It essentially allowed AFK farming low-level enemies for hours. It was patched later. I don't think it is connected to exterminate bugs (but I might be wrong). Exterminate was changed to never stop spawning enemies because you would often have enemy shortages that made completing the mission impossible.
  13. Railjack enemies are overtuned. I run railjack missions with Nezha and even with 90% damage reduction I lose health rather quickly. It's fine when they are levels 50-60, but above that it gets quite silly. For that reason I'm not going to attempt these missions with frames that don't have any means to mitigate damage, which is a shame. I guess it would be fine if their EHP stayed more or less the same, but damage they deal should be reduced, it limits the choice of frames for these missions.
  14. It's obviously a Prince of Persia reference.
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