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  1. Check if you have hobbled dragon key equipped.
  2. DE already said previous Nightwave seasons will be available in the codex.
  3. Genitive

    Rising Blast

    Rising Blast is still bugged, charge only, can't cast it without fully charging. I don't really want to create a new thread, so here I am.
  4. I kind of agree. Wouldn't it be better to keep weeklies and elite weeklies separately? On completing all weeklies previous ones would get unlocked, and on completing elites previous elites would get unlocked. The current proposition makes little difference compared to no catch-up mechanic. I know the challenges are going to be much more accessible, but it still seems like an unnecessary gate.
  5. They shouldn't have finished series 1 until they made sure series 2 would ship relatively soon. That's a lesson for the future, I guess. But having nitain alerts back during the break wouldn't be bad either.
  6. They can add the palette, but I don't really see the point. We already have quite a few and the pride palette would most likely have colors that are already there, just with different configuration. Ask for a glyph or an attachment similar to the harmony ribbon instead.
  7. I think there is variety, especially with the latest Corpus units. The problem is that things die so quickly we don't feel any differences between them.
  8. It seems to me like you're asking for a Chroma rework rather than anything else. Spectral Scream is one of the worst abilities in the game and I doubt any amount of mods will help it become usable without a proper rework.
  9. Anywhere Grineer Scorpions spawn. Sedna seems to be a good place, they spawn there quite often. Just keep in mind the stance has really low drop rate. Or you can just trade it.
  10. They might add it to Baro eventually, like they did with some other rare weapons.
  11. Enough to start their own culture and topple the Orokin empire. A few million, maybe tens of millions.
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