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  1. I would do what is written in the support page. Take screenshots and make a ticket with explanation of what was going on in mission.
  2. That's Europa tileset, where void sabotage will teleport you to to get the thing. Fomorians are a part of the Europa skybox.
  3. Welcome back. I found a reddit page with a bunch links, maybe it will help. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/l3jgtp/meta_new_or_returning_player_welcome_back_to/ You can edit your name in your profile settings at warframe.com, but it will cost you 200 plat.
  4. Those are sleeves. If you look at the design chart you can see her without them. Chances are they are going to be an auxiliary attachment.
  5. Maybe you posted the message too often and bot flagged it as spam. At least that's what I think is the most probable cause.
  6. I don't think forma crafting times are a problem, but I wouldn't mind if we were able to build them in bulk. With the amount of formas some items consume that would be quite welcome.
  7. This test is busted, mainly the last part. A couple of years ago there was a similar thread, so I did a run of this test to see if it was broken, and there were numerous issues, such as enemies taking different paths with each respawn or incredibly large line of sight, which didn't even allow to learn the patterns well (like other stealth games do). As some point DE broke the test with an update, because when I first tried it I had none of these issues.
  8. It's to prevent you from getting everything too quickly and burning yourself out.
  9. I wouldn't treat my first response too seriously. I don't think I need any profound reason, or a reason at all, for that matter. I enjoy coming here and participating in topics that interest me, even if the discussion leads nowhere or I can't convince anybody of anything. However, there is always that small chance that whatever I post here might change someone's mind or even influence the devs, so I guess that's why I care.
  10. Yes. What else are we supposed to do? Be mature and productive?
  11. Apparently a few threads got unlocked due to a bug after they updated the forums some time ago.
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