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  1. It is, in the market, when you highlight "blueprint". The better approach would be to remove purchasable items from the arsenal, so players have to look at the info in the market. Arsenal shows only plat price (with a few exceptions) until you click purchase, which can make bad impression.
  2. Because with the exception of Umbra warframes are incapable of autonomous movement.
  3. Orb Vallis enemies are supposed to be more difficult. But I agree they can be annoying, especially the nullifier spam that occurs in Vallis.
  4. "Slightly". With proper build you can reach +200% fire rate, +100% melee attack speed, and +130% reload speed Not really, difference between 1.25 and 1.4 is very noticeable. Rhino can't charge continuously, can he? Gauss isn't immune do damage during Mach Rush, no? One would imagine these abilities would have slightly different uses. That's like saying Oberon's Renewal and Trinity's blessing are the same because they heal damage. Gauss is fine the way he is.
  5. You can disable them, under "enable operator transmissions" or something like that. While we're at it, it would be nice if instead of silly comments we had a ping system that utilises operator transmissions.
  6. A search bar would be useful, yes.
  7. I'm quoting this for visibility. That's the biggest problem with this booster.
  8. This doesn't seem to be that great. In practice we will have more common and uncommon mods, but the rare ones will still be as rare. 0.5% to 1% boost isn't that big of a difference. It would also be nice if you could clear up one thing, because it seems confusing. If an enemy has 3% chance to drop a mod, and then there is 1% chance for this mod to be a rare one, what is boosted? Is it just the mod drop chance for the enemy, just drop chance of a specific mod, or both? I'm not sure if it is clear. But regardless, this booster seems very unnecessary and the timing of its implementation couldn't have been worse after you nerfed loot abilities interactions. That's just creating a solution (not a good one) to a problem you created. If you really want to add something new to the prime access, how about this: a new type of forma that adds polarity without resetting rank to 0. Add 1 or 2, it will go well with all the new items, no?
  9. That's because it was most likely a bot that gave the ban. OP should post in feedback.
  10. Well, the point is that the infestation has become smarter and is now trying to spread more actively. Arlo was just a means to an end, a puppet of the hive mind, not the mastermind.
  11. It would be nice if prime trailers returned eventually, but not if they cause delays in update deliveries.
  12. Hey, at least it's the correct section, right?
  13. Use him as a tank. He can reach 100% damage reduction, works well with Adaptation, and can boost any weapon with his 4. His 1 is better used in short bursts, rather than long runs. It is also important to stay on the move to keep battery up. Thermal Sunder is the only ability I don't really like, it could have more range. But it strips armor and can be used for instant freeze, so there's that.
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