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  1. So is the polarity cost for the new mods. In the end we're getting worse equivalents of melee mods that don't justify their cost. All for weapons we already need to invest a lot of forma in. And 3 of them have D polarity, so have fun slapping that back on.
  2. You can work on getting affinity for your focus trees, rise reputation for Solaris United to access orb bounties (or any other syndicate for that matter), or just pick a piece of equipment you like and work towards obtaining it. There is also an option of getting more powerful mods to do arbitrations and steel path. And doing nightwave acts for items along the way. If I were you I would probably start with open-world syndicates, they have some nice stuff locked behind them.
  3. I don't get why we need so many on kill conditions. I guess arcanes are fine, but mods like Galvanized Aptitude are not. It is essentially Condition Overload for guns, but Condition Overload doesn't have on kill condition. Why this inconsistency? It requires more work to achieve the same effect. Things like that make me fear that these new mods will not change much.
  4. Nerf is this year's trend, after content drought and content island. All the cool cats use it.
  5. I'm interested in the Parazon changes, hopefully they are going to make it useful.
  6. Well, it's not Soul Reaver, but it's pretty good.
  7. I don't see the purpose of having yet another difficulty mode. What makes you think people will want to play it? Is steel path not enough? Maybe it would be better to think how to improve that instead of diluting the game more.
  8. I think they should prioritise this feature. I would like to see us being able to swap rooms of the same type or rebuild them (like changing garden into a different garden), and they should remove the ridiculous daughter-room system, to make designing less confusing. In my dojo, I can't remove one specific room because of that; I would have to get rid of a series of other rooms first. Even without that one room all the others would still be connected just fine, but the system is such a mess that I can't do that. And 2-hour wait time to destroy a room should go away. I get that DE wan
  9. I would rather see more enemies that can block melee effectively or have some kind of counterattack. I don't like when games take away my stuff for the sake of difficulty. It would get annoying very quickly.
  10. Doesn't this happen only when somebody pastes text from other source without removing formatting? Like this? If that is what you mean, then it's more on the poster, rather than the forum.
  11. You can't transfer dodge animations between frames.
  12. You don't seem to understand that game design is not only about making money. If you pressure players to spend too much they will just go look for cheaper alternatives. First and foremost developers need to make sure their game is interesting, otherwise no amount of monetization is going to keep the game alive. A recent example – Marvel's Avengers. Before the release majority of news I heard concerned the game's monetization and all the skins it had from all the sponsors, yet despite all that it seems to be on its last legs.
  13. Even ignoring discounts and what you already get from prime access, it is possible to just trade for plat. For free.
  14. You call it a choice, but once developers decide to put exclusive stuff behind a paywall it becomes an illusion. We already have Nightwave, which, while not perfect, does not lock any content behind a paywall.
  15. Now that's a good idea to use inactive pets. Imagine all the bugs.
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