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  1. Genitive

    Zaws and skins

    There was a response about it.
  2. Genitive

    Warframe 2019

    Why do you guys just paste a video and then want to discuss whatever? At least make an effort and summarize his points. Because the OP agrees with him, obviously. That's the rightest of the right.
  3. Genitive

    Mesa Prime is missing key design details

    Yeah, they could use a separate 'toggle prime details' option.
  4. Genitive

    Face hacks `

    Imagine standing there on a guard duty, you just stare at the beeping console in hopes to kill some time. Then suddenly an invisible force opens the console and starts hacking. What are you supposed to do? Sound the alarms? Shoot? You were not trained for this kind of situation. You just stand there petrified, hoping it is just a bug, or maybe somebody's idea of a joke. So you stay still hoping it's not a Tenno that is going to kill you when done with the console. Maybe it will ignore you and go away.
  5. Genitive

    ABout the new hairstyles....

    I also think it looks fine. You might want to specify what is wrong exactly.
  6. Genitive

    Commodore Prime Suit Changes...

    That's the problem with all the waistbands – they don't scale to armor. When a chest piece is very tight, waistbands will float. A solution would be to make them change size depending on what chest armor we wear.
  7. It won't. Unless DE decides crafting requirements should be different than on consoles.
  8. Genitive

    Pls DE, dont do Bethesda

    This might help you.
  9. Koppra aside, other waistbands also need work because they are made to be one size to fit all. Vahd for example completely floats around operator. It would be nice if they scaled depending on what chest armor we wear. Also, Koppra and Commodore waistbands lack physics and clip through legs.
  10. I rate this thread Bait out of 10.
  11. Come back with the data and prove everybody wrong, then. Claim without evidence can be debunked without evidence.
  12. Maybe I should have specified it as early- to mid-game progression because of the reasons you stated. Other that that, I can't disagree, really. Progression through mods is limited. To expand on my previous post – it is better to have a progression through mandatory mods (even if it can be finished quickly) and then move to focus (which could be built upon like I mentioned earlier), rather than have nothing to make players feel stronger and then get bombarded by multiple trees to improve everything in every direction. Having multiple systems might sound nice, but in the end it just oversaturates the game with unnecessary stuff. Even mod progression could be expanded. Just take missions we currently have, such as ESO, add a new material to farm there that would allow us to upgrade mod quality for more power. I saw someone on the forums suggest making ESO similar to rifts in Diablo 3, which is not a bad idea. I hope I make sense.
  13. I'm generally against removing mandatory mods because they represent player's progression through the game, which is generally a good thing. However, I would get rid of most, if not all, multishot mods and buff base damage mods to compensate. That way power level would stay more or less the same and there would be place for more builds diversity. Additional trees and systems will just overcomplicate the game, when you can just improve the existing ones. If you want to have something to work on beyond rank 30 I suggest expanding current focus trees. Remove capacity, because it is an unnecessary focus sink, and add various nodes that would improve your performance with weapons and warframes. You already have a few, such as Madurai's damage increase, so why not go further? You can have bonuses to holster speed, reloads, regenerating energy per headshot, adding overshields, whatever.
  14. Cool idea. I would like at least aim gliding. And maybe better facial animations.
  15. I don't think you need to explain why you listen to what you listen. Anyway, I'm guessing you mean this: Nakak: By the Unum, you've done it! The lost one is reborn, made Revenant. A Warframe, infused with the powers of an Eidolon! That's a scary thought, isn't it? But I worry, it's a power we'll soon need. I had a dream. Something new, stirring within the ground. Seeking a body to call its own, longing to strike those who sent it to the grave... If you need me, I'll be in at my shop, surah.