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  1. Well, maybe. They show what the ephemera looks like when your character is not moving, which is like on the trailer. What they don't show is that it looks different when you are moving. I think they should have shown both. That being said, I don't want swirling fire snakes obstruct my view all the time, I think it was a good decision to have the ephemera change like that. DE should have communicated it better.
  2. The site is hosted by Wordpress, so maybe give it a try and contact them directly.
  3. The boss fight was interesting, I don't have complaints regarding it, but overall I think Glassmaker was the worst Nightwave season.
  4. Yeah, this has been bugged for months now.
  5. To unlock the second energy colour you have to forma the warframe once.
  6. Thanks, I found it right where you said it would be.
  7. They float in the air around the map. There are 3 of them. I'm pretty sure they are marked on the map. Or at least should be. I used only Mesa for this, but I saw people suggest Discharge Volt as well.
  8. I used Mesa to kill specters quickly. It takes some practice, but perfectly doable with Peacemaker. If you struggle with time, take Xoris with you and free Solaris prisoners, they give additional time in the void.
  9. That's a no from me. You can call it optional, but systems like that are usually designed to push players into spending money, and I don't know why it would be any different in Warframe's case. Even if you don't take anything away from the current Nightwave, I can bet you that the most desirable items are going to be locked behind a paywall.
  10. You forgot about people complaining about grind. Let's be real here. If DE implemented a new type of currency for this event we would have a number of threads about grind and content islands. I think the event is fine for what it is. The story is pretty interesting and it gives some stuff to do for people like me, who never bothered with stacking tokens. But it would be nice if there was a special alert at the end of the month.
  11. I have no issues with bounties. Do you play solo, or in a squad? A lot of issues crop up when playing with others.
  12. I prefer this to the juggernaut alerts. At least they came up with nice lore this time. But who knows, maybe they will add something more at the end of the month. I'd rather have DE work on Deimos update rather than seasonal events, anyway.
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