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  1. You seem like such a nice person. Removing stagger from some attacks and putting a cap on weaopn speed doesn't seem too bad. But people will cry about nerfs no matter what DE will do, so it's just another day here.
  2. Did you relink your Twitch account to your Warframe account after they updated the drops 2 weeks ago?
  3. I'm fine with prime warframes being just skins. As stated above, it would feel (kind of) like pay to win. We already have weapons that are more powerful than their standard versions.
  4. I will repeat what I wrote in a similar thread. Melee is significantly more powerful than guns with less effort. Forma investment isn't that heavy and there are stances that increase mod capacity. And there are melee-specific mods such as Condition Overload that boost damage heavily. On top of that, you don't need ammo for melee nor do you need to reload them.
  5. You're a veteran when you learn to post feedback threads in the feedback section.
  6. Yes, weekly challenges should award 4,500 points.
  7. Invincibility isn't the issue. The issue is that melee weapons deal significantly more damage than guns with less investment.
  8. I would be more inclined to buff guns rather than nerf melee. I thought I might to throw a few propositions (I didn't read all the replies, so ideas might repeat): Do a pass and adjust damage of ranged weapons across the board, like it was done with melee and do another pass on melee damage to bring all the weapons to similar level Introduce Condition Overload for guns. I don't see a reason why this shouldn't be a thing Increase damage of headshots significantly. Or just make headshots instakill standard enemies Reduce forma investments either by reducing polarity
  9. That's still wrong. Take this example: you don't start a Warframe mission to alt tab and play Call of Duty. That's what your example is conveying. But you would go play a football game for however long you want and go home when you've had enough. If somebody complains that you leave early that's their problem. You don't have invitations with an agreed upon time limits for random plays.
  10. Your example makes no sense. @(NSW)BalticBarbarian already explained it better than I could.
  11. What did you expect? If you want to do endurance runs find people who want to do them with you rather than expecting randoms to play your way.
  12. It has never been a war, just people refusing to accept it's not going to happen. All the sources beg to differ. That's a lie. This post makes me think you are just a troll. A poor attempt at attention seeking.
  13. I didn't experience any bugs, except waypoints not working sometimes. But that's not restricted to the operation.
  14. I don't have a strong opinion on them, although I don't think they should be tradable. People make them cost too much and then we have dramas when DE decide to adjust disposition. Making weaker weapons perform better was a nice idea, how it turned out is a different story.
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