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  1. It would be cool if there would be some directional attack that push enemies to the sides you want.

    -Dodge left + swing = swing from left side to right, that push enemies to RIGHT.
    -dodge right + swing = swing from right side to left, that push enemies to LEFT.

    Or maybe something like medium attacks (direction+hold attack for half second)

    So there woudl be Light attack, medium attacks, and heavy attacks.

    With that you could make an advantage to gather in one ring and then use Charge Attack as finishing move.

    Dark Messiah of might and magic have that mechanic with directional hit where you can use it to your advantage when fighting against many enemies, for example to not let them attack you in group, or use map environment. All these mechanics in game (I did not read them all of course just basic) gave me 3 years of having fun.


  2. 16 minutes ago, Nighthawk111 said:

    Am I the only one disappointed by the removal of Limbo's "Matrix Mode"? I had so much fun voiding a crowd of enemies, firing a few shotgun shells into all their faces, then bringing the bubble down to watch every last one just disintegrate. Oh, and who could forget the "Choke Point Barage"? Set up your stasis bubble in some dead-end hallway, fire off a ton of arrows, then release all the fury on whoever was dumb enough to step into the stream. Yea, I get that it was sometimes annoying to shoot stasis enemies and have them not die, but they still took damage so there wasn't anything lost. And even then, melee swings could still kill stasis enemies. Limbo was the only frame capable of pulling a Matrix, but now it's been removed and one of his more fun aspects removed with it. Please DE, bring this back.

    Maybe it was fun, in solo mode.

    But in normal public missions it was just annoying. Stopping your bullets and someone just enters the area and slash them with melee, making all your work pointless.

  3. 9 hours ago, Raijin83 said:

    i don't like this Saryn. it's hard to keep up the spores cause enemies at low level don't have high health so the tick damage that kills them doesn't spread spores like it did before the changes. before the cap you could easily reach above 10k. from above 10k to 3+k is massive nerf, and i don't think you reach that in 30 seconds. you need power strength cause with the cap of enemies for max damage growth the damage growth is very slow and you also need high power strength to decrease the stupid % of the reset decay when recasting spores. default is 20% decrease of ramped up damage. also we shouldn't limit our power strength cause ">200% doesn't work well with her now". it's ridiculous

    Make negative strength build then.

  4. Earlier spores were decaying fast too fast. Miasma helps it a lot Now which is great. But now you made decaying even worst.
    Earlier 10% per second, now 10% per half second.... this is not good. Makes duration even less needed because the difference between 100% duration and 150% duration is too low.
    With Miasma spreading spores, the old decaying would be fine. But now it's even worst.

    Also there sometimes is a problem with lags I guess.
    1.Cast spores
    2.Kill the target
    3.Spores start to decaying, two ticks so you lost already 20% your spore damage.
    4.8+ infected enemies
    5.???? I cast spores killed the target and spread occur after 1-2 seconds? But thanks to that lost some damage.

    Spores decaying should have delay if the last spore is removed. 1 sec or 2 second would be great, in case of lags or that enemies aren't spawning in time.


    I really hate that Miasma isn't really good like it was before changes(still not useful). It's just good to add viral but thanks to spores it will kill enemies faster which mean it will end spore chain faster, which is a downside. In many cases you wont even use Miasma. It should make that all enemies killed by anything while being affected by miasma duration will spread spores with 100% range also add more damage to spores. For example +10 damage (affected by strength) for every tick (max 10 enemies just as spores).

    Molt is useless too, without augment it's not helping, it's just useless speed boost for several seconds and some fire draw but that's not enough. Explosion damage should count to spore damage for example and on explosion should hit spores, which mean the explosion will be able to spread spores.

    Also hate the spores that don't have range spread on kill because I was several times in the situation where I just cast a spore on an enemy and before I managed to charge my Ogris to shoot the target and spread, someone one shot that target without hitting the spore so it did not spread further. At lest 4-6 meters range not affected by power range would be fine OR one cast spore already infects several enemies in 4-6 meters range from the target. So even if someone kill one, you still have 2-3 more enemies that have spores. Also damage falling too fast if spores end the chain.

  6. 49 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    *We’ve outright removed spread on enemies that die to a Spore’s tick damage. Being the only wholly passive way to spread Spores, it allowed for that “set it and forget it” play style we were trying combat with Saryn in the original workshop.

    Please don't forget that there is a huge problem with 2 or 3 saryns on the same mission.
    If one Saryn spread spores, other saryns can't spread spores on these enemies. So each Saryn block each other.
    If enemies can have 3 spores then why not make that each other replaces one spore, so that each Saryn can have at least one spore on all enemies.

  7. SARYN revisited 2.1

    To not change too much. Spore damage indicator shows the damage you deal when detonating them, not the damage spores do.

    1.Spores deals only 5% damage per second the indicator shows (20 times lower). If they spores chain ends all gathered damage is stored not removed. If player detonates the spores, spores lose half of the damage stored. Meaning that detonating spores now will be good. Spore damage should be capped at 10K (5% from it is 500 damage per second for spores).  Spores can be recasted to another enemies, detonating spores happens by holding "1" (spore ability button). To fix overextended builds being the only real meta, spores should have possibility to spread only to NEW 5 nearest targets (not affected by power strength), meaning that one spore hit will bring maximum of 5 new infected enemies. Overextended builds will be just a nice option. To fix two or three saryn in groups blocking each others, the different saryn spores should replace one  of the three spores on each enemy, so all three saryns can spread spores with no problems and they will deal average their damage [(spores+spores+spores) / 3 = average] 

    2.Molt on detonating add gathered damage to spores counter. Dealing gas damage and have 100% gas status.

    3.Toxic Lash stay's the same.

    4.Miasma - At first hit after applying Viral status, Miasma deals 100% damage that spores have gathered to all targets, spores are detonated (meaning that targets affected by spores gets double gathered damage). After detonating spores, stored damage is halved.

    What the change bring:
    1. Spores no longer deals massive damage, without detonating them. Spores damage can be stored, not losing them if all spores disappear. 
    4.After built damage in spores, player can use Miasma to convert that damage into miasma damage dealing 100% damage and double damage to enemies that have spores.

    Miasma is the main ability to deal the damage.
    Spores are for building damage for miasma and removing armor.

  8. Saryn spores for sure should be recastable on other enemies, no more detonating them with using spores again. But nerf spores spread, ONE hit is limited to spread to 4 or 5 nearest targets not affected by power strength. Means that Overextended builds are not the only meta for her spores, right now in one hit you can spread spores to even 30 enemies which is ridiculous. Building spores maybe should be the same as Nidus is buffing himself, long way to max them, and give her cap.

    Corrosive % status must be lowered for sure around 25% maybe.

    To that add mechanic where 2 or 3 saryns can spread spores to the same targets. Each target can have 3 spores so why not make mechanic where one of the spores is replaced by different saryn. Means that if there are 3 saryns they will just do their average spores damage, instead of blocking each other.

  9. On 2018-05-10 at 8:00 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

    It is with great excitement I come to you today with this Dev Workshop covering Saryn’s 2018 rework.


    SARYN - still should be the master of toxins, so she should be able to use all toxin type status and damage (Toxin, Gas, Viral and Corrosive).

    -each Spore have 30% chance to inflict corrosive status per second.
    -Spores don't boost their damage by them self.
    -Spores damage can be boosted by applying to them toxins and gas damage type (damage applied from guns are reduced by 90% [or even more, need tests]).
    -Spore duration 45 seconds, so you can't boost spores infinitely.
    -After duration ends, spores detonate dealing 10x damage they have gathered from toxins and gas.

    -Molt when detonated deals gas damage and have 100% chance to inflict gas status, that add to spores.

    -Add toxin damage to weapons that adds to spores.

    -100% chance to inflict viral status on enemies.
    -Detonates all spores dealing 10x damage.
    -Deals 2x and 3x more damage on every enemy affected by gas and toxin status, boosting SPORES damage too
                                         one status (gas or toxin)  = 2x Miasma damage+20x spores damage 
                                         two status (gas and toxin) = 3x Miasma damage+30x spores damage

    How this will work all together:
    -Saryn now get benefits from Power duration. If you wan't to build her damage longer and stronger you need duration.
    -You can boost spores damage by using Molt and Toxic Lash.
    -In the duration of spores you need to inflict the gas and toxin damage as fast as possible to build into the spores a massive damage.
    -To make the most of damage/DPS you need to build your spores damage and then cast Miasma when spores duration is ending, making the build damage
    -If players don't control situation and forget about spores duration, they will detonate inflicting 10x damage.
    -If player control the situation, player will use Miasma before spores duration ends to double or even triple the gathered damage in spores.

    Player need to work for the dps/damage he makes.

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  10. I don't like the changes of Saryn, while she is my second favourite Warframe.
    1.SPORES: OverPowered itself, boosting damage automatically by just casting it and spreading.

    2.MOLT: Just for dodge, no more boosting spore damage.

    3.TOXIC LASH: Just for adding more damage to weapons, no more boosting spores.

    4.MIASMA: Viral is fine (you can say that it's doubling the damage to health), But now Toxin or Viral doesn't boost the damage which was cool.

    So it's just like 
    Saryn need to cast Spores, hit once and Spores will spread to enemies boosting them self. Saryn now can sit and wait for spores to build thedamage.

    1.SPORES: are too overpowered on itself. 50% corrosive status on 100% power strength, any enemy can get 3 spores so 50% corrosive status per second isinsane. It should be changed to 25-30%. And not boost damage itself. Spores can be buffed by adding Gas and Toxin damage as it was before (but with reduced %. My Ogris deals around 15k gas damage so adding it to spores not to mention AoE hitting even 8 targets by one shot would be insanely OverPowered) I think that infinitely boosting spores will be OverPowered too it need damage limit. 5K damage per spore on 100% power strength. At damage limit changing the ICON to flashy toxical effect with your energy color choice on Saryn (just like NIDUS have), making it a signal that you can make full potential damage by casting Miasma if you applied Toxin and Gas to spores. This is the most important ability in Saryn KIT at the moment and get's really powerful with overextended builds going to 37.6 meters range spread. This should be changed to 25meters range not affected by power range, making overextended builds not mandatory

    2.MOLT: Deals Gas damage and 100% status on explosion, this damage apply to spores. Explosion range affected by range mods.

    3.TOXIC LASH: Deals toxin damage and 100% status, this add to spores damage.

    4.MIASMA: it should be boosted by all toxin damage type (Toxin, Gas, Viral, Corrosive). Casting spores add Corrosive, Using Molt add Gas, Using Toxic Lash addtoxins. So you need to use all her abilities to make full potential MIASMA DAMAGE. Probably it should detonate all spores with burst damage.

    Why make range in spores not changeable by mods? Already Miasma and Molt will benefit from range mods to quickly spread gas in large area and Miasma will be able to damage a lot of enemies. Spores with 25 meters range spread is enough to be able to spread them in large area, not blindly shot one target and making them spread to all enemies even behind the walls. Overextended is bringing too much benefits (spores,molt,miasma), now it will not be needed, 145% range should be enough for Molt and Miasma, while overextended is a nice option for Miasma and Molt range.

    TL:DR: Saryn still should spread GAS and TOXIN damage with spores, so 2 and 3 should be more usable, because they help boosting spore damage, you need to build up that damage to make it final NUKE with Miasma, not just cast spores, wait and sit for them to build damage by them self.

    SARYN - The master of toxins.

  11. 33 minutes ago, gReMLiN1804 said:

    no, just to dangle a big enough carrot does NOT make ANYTHING more fun. you just do it for the reward, even if you dislike it.

    this is the big misconception. developers smack the real good stuff behind tedious/boring raids and think because so many ppl do them, that they must be good and fun, when really ppl just want the loot and endure the raids.

    Yeah just like with Bounties in PoE, DE were really happy and surprised that we really enjoy doing Bounties.

    ...We don't like bounties, they are really boring and not fun. People were just doing those because they must be done to progress in PoE, most of veterans want everything new as fast as possible because they already got all old stuff. So there is no surprise that we done bounties milion of times. Most of players don't like bounties but they play it to get ostron standing points and by that get AMPs to farm eidolons and build zaws for mastery rank. I gone through this hell and not doing bounties any more, just waiting for new zaw blades to get more mastery exp.

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