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  1. On 2021-02-25 at 2:27 PM, Rauvian said:

    See you are asking for a buff when you just aren't building a weapon right to begin with. You can get 100% combo efficiency and stack other heavy attack bonuses, plus crit mods double on a heavy attack.

    So show us your melee build and tell how do you do good damage with her melee weapon. I'm curious if it's possible that I'm missing something.

  2. 8 hours ago, Rauvian said:

    They aren't though bud. Sorry. First off her guns are crazy, period. I can see why someone might think her melee isn't good but heres the thing. Her heavy attack has the same animation as her standard. Try a heavy attack build on her and get back to me.

    The heavy attack doesn't do anything except for eating your combo counter. Life steal works when you hit with charge attack but otherwise it's useless in my opinion since you lose damage.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Miser_able said:

    what? titania is very powerful.

    Her Razorwing weapons are weaker than your regular weapons and ability also consumes your energy, that is my complain. Her weapons in that form should do more damage/DPS than your regular weapons, otherwise it fails in what it should do.

  4. 52 minutes ago, BiancaRoughfin said:

    Did you properly mod the weapons?

    Also, the skills grants her a massive increase to mobility, reduced size and damage evasion along with the Razor Wings them self as sidekicks/distractions, you sure her weapons need a buff with that many perks to it?

    Well what's the point of using Titania razor wing if you deal less damage than with your regular weapons? It answers it self, need to add that to the post.

  5. I've made build for Titania with 199% power strength and fully upgraded weapons, I would like to play as that warframe but I'm not so much interested since she is too weak.
    The damage is fine, but with 199% strength it should be stronger, so her weapons need buffs.
    Dex Pixia (pistols) - need around 30% more damage
    Diata prime - need 25% critical chance or 250% critical damage and 20%-25% status chance, 10% is really low and thos weapon is not getting enough damage from Condition overload,
    To make good damage from melee you need to first shoot with pistols and then melee enemies, but it's frustrating to do it everytime, other warframes that have their own weapons on ability don't need to do that and have enough powerfull weapons.

    TLDR: Her Razorwing weapons are weaker than your regular weapons, so what's the point of this ability if it also cost energy.

  6. I got a problem and what I type would be a nice fix.
    I gone for a kuva litch to get new weapon, tried several times and I was just getting duplicate weapons.
    On my seventh try, I pressed by mistake X too soon to capture litch before even seeing what kind of weapon he got, because I was thinking about something different 😬
    Before even animation ended I quickly pressed ALT+F4 to close the game.
    But when I logged in I already had a kuva litch with the WEAPON THAT I ALREADY HAVE.
    So I don't want to go back into the game for now, killing the kuva litch takes too long.

    So the changes:
    -First of all after capturing the kuva litch it should be accepted only if the player completed the mission.
    -The second change would be a remover of Kuva Litches, you press button to remove litch, chose one of your captured litches to take care of the litch that you have right now to kill. But for exchange you set this captured litch free.

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  7. I'm disappointed with MELEE CHANGES PHASE 2
    The most importand thing that as told on Older Devstream about melee 3.0 was the free movement with melee, but it isn't with all stances. Many stance still suffer from interrupting your movement.

    Many melee stances while holding Forward and then pressing melee, stops your movement foward. Which was the key in melee 3.0 to not let that happen. Please fix that all melee stances don't interrupt your movement while holding moving forward.

    Still thing that doing different combos doesn't change much if combo doesn't have for example slam.

  8. From the beginning of Fortuna K-drives were useless for me, because there is archwing.
    Saw the newest devstream about making K-drives useful and I just made a quick thoughts on it.

    1.Make K-drives equipable in ALL missions, I don't see a point of restricting them only to open worlds. It's a nice difference beetwen archwings and for the more points down below.
    a)Make them equipable with Operators, I know that they have void dash but it would be nice to make them use something.

    2.Make sprinting for Warframes and operators default, no longer need to hold sprint key to run.

    3. While holding sprint key K-drive appear while running and your Warframe/operator step on it without any stop, just still moving smoothly forward and you are on K-drive, but it's a different K-drive equipment that works differently, let's call his "Quick K-drive mode" (explained below). So K-drives become a new sprint key which is faster sprinting. Pressing once or tapping sprint key still makes roll.
    How this works?:
    a)You can still equip your K-drive as it is now to make tricks and some other stuff.
    b)Equiping K-drive with sprint key don't allow you to do tricks, it works as melee 2.9/3.0 any action with auto unequip this K-drive mode:
            -Pressing shift, make immediately roll and unequiping K-drive.
            -shoting will unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
            -aiming will unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
            -melee attack will unequp "Quick K-drive mode"
           -Slide right now have no idea : P
           -Jump will do higher jump and unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
           -Holding jump will charge up higher jump and unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
    So almost any action that is not standard moving around or sprinting will unequip "Quick K-drive mode"

    4.Each K-drive have it's own 4 abilities just like Warframes, so you can have additional 4 new abilities by just sprinting and entering "Quick K-drive mode".
    I like the way how we can quickly go into operator mode and do something different, so having quick K-drive access with new possibilities would add even MORE possibilities : D
    So what kind of abilities? there can be done several ideas, but to show it up here is an CC example type of ability:

    Of course all can be changed depending on what DE is going to do with that. Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe someone will get a better idea from this one.

  9. Well in every new Warframe I see the problem: It looks fine but the problem is that you have to do something to make it work, while there are many other Frames that are doing the same or something really similar with just ONE button press.

  10. 1 hour ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

    I never said buff anything. And nerfing isn't a good solution to ANYTHING except for balancing reasons. It's just another artificial difficulty you want then. Other wording same result 🤷‍♂️... If you deal only 1% due to enemy armor or by nerfing your damage by 99%

    "But to make it fair and balanced many of these abilities should be nerfed" This is what I typed, so it's a balance reason.
    If that's for you isn't balance then up there you can see what is problem with these abilities and enemies etc. Result: Warframes with no tanki or invisibility abilities will be able to survive, and Warframes even without using these abilities will be able to survive. Right now you need to use these abilities over and over again to survive, OH I forgot to recast, too bad you died LOL.


    1 hour ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

    Then don't? Use only 4 mods, or none at all if you want stupid and dumb difficulty.

    The challenge is when you use 100% you can but it's still hard, not to mention that it says clearly that the game isn't balanced. Does someone goes to competition without training because it will be CHALLENGING?


    1 hour ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

    Show me a low MR weapon which can compete with Tigris Prime, Tiberon Prime, Gram Prime or any other MR14/15 weapon.

    Kripath zaw as polearm - Insane range with primed reach and hybrid build with blood rush and Condition overload, this weapon have Viral and you can mod it for corrosive to reduce armor. I'm using it all the time because it's one of the best and just use it with quick melee. But it doesn't require any mastery rank, you need to acquire it via event, so we could say that it's should not be listed here.
    Catchmoon - 20-40k damage, No mastery rank requires so I guess it's out of the list too.
    Lenz MR8 - One shot provides 40k damage AoE killing several enemeis with ONE shot.
    Ogris MR9 - AoE damage, less damage than Lenz but have a decent status chance, still killing several enemies with ONE shot. Worse than Lenz but one Master rank higher requires.
    Staticor MR10 - AoE damage, killing several enemies with max charge around 12k-20k damage, normal shoots to reduce enemy armor with around 90% corrosive status chance.
    POX MR9 - decent AoE, with decent damage, stripping quickly armor and knockingdown enemies when builded for 100% status with corrosive and blast status.

    Not using other weapons since they are weak or don't have AoE damage to kill several enemies at once so I'm just ignoring them. Since it's a HORDE game. Too many enemies to kill one after another.

  11. 2 hours ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

    Nice bait title for "I want everything nerfed!"

    Ahh ok so let buff all abilities to 99% damage reduction, and increase enemy damage by a lot. So making non tanki, non invisible frames even more useless :clap:
    Oh and remove efficiency limit to be able to apply 90% efficiency :facepalm:
    BUFFS only please, 0 nerfs.
    People really are scared of nerfs. I really don't see a point with being OP and not having balanced stuff, just playing the same OP weapons and Warframes all the time. (Warframes doesn't have any tiers or mastery rank requires, so they should be balanced, use any frame you want if you know how to play them. And some weapons are too much powerful in comparing them to higher mastery ranks weapons)

  12. 1 hour ago, sam686 said:

    Problems with reduced enemies spawns:

    1. Enemies drops materials will slow down.

    2. Solo mode (1 player) already have reduced enemy spawns compared to multiple players in squad.

    3. Exterminate missions sometimes spawns enemies too slow, where the way-point is pointing at extraction with not enough enemies.


    Ever tried nightmare mission with energy drain modifier? This will make using Warframe abilities very difficult. There is no need to nerf Warframe abilities, if we mostly cannot use any abilities with Nightmare mission, energy drain modifier.

    Those are just ideas for DE:
    1.Just make higher drop chance, depending on how many enemy number is reduced.
    2.Yes, and even solo on higher leveled content you have a lot of enemies. So the only think I see the problem is with low leveled missions, but low leveled missions won't suffer from that.
    3.Well the number of enemies needed to kill would be reduced.

    I though that many stuff would be obvious.

  13. This post was created for DE to read this and give them some ideas for incoming difficulty fixes. Hopefully they will read it, which not often happens, sadly 😞

    1.The enemies and our damage.

    Problem nr.1:
    On higher leveled missions there are TOO many enemies on the map, which makes AoE weapons and abilities more useful, if not the only best option. Making combat kind of unpredictable, even if you try to shoot them or hide, there will be always one guy that shoots you from random direction, just too many of them.

    Problem nr.2:
    Enemies are too easy to kill, with our fully moded weapons most of them get's ONE shoted, which is kind of boring.

    Fix to problem nr.1:
    Reduce the amount of enemies spawn on the map, to make snipers, bows and other NON AoE weapons and abilities useful.

    Fix to problem nr.2:
    With the less enemies on the map, the enemies should have MORE health and shields, instead of having army of enemies that gets one shooted, but you also gets damage almost always from a guy that you didn't noticed.


    2.Non tanky warframes are screwed, non stop ability spamming to survive.

    Many people chose tanky, invisible or invincible warframes for end game, avoiding squishy warframes that don't have that type of abilities. The problem is that many of these abilities are overpowered and the enemies are doing too much damage and making it unpredictable with how many enemies spawn(Problem with enemies fixed in point 1).

    In point 1 there are fixes for enemies so there should not be a big problem with how much enemies do damage, so there is possibility to survive without using any of survival abilities.
    But to make it fair and balanced many of these abilities should be nerfed.

    List of abilities to nerf:

    -LINK instead of providing 75% damage reduction should provide 60%.
    -Bless up to 60% damage reduction instead of 75%.

    -Snow globe health drop to 3000, instead of 5000

    Damage reduction caps at 75%, instead of 90%.

    -Inaros base health at rank 30 1600 instead of 2200.

    -Shatter shield caps at 80% damage reduction instead of 90%.

    -Shield of shadows augment caps at 75% damage reduction instead of 90%.

    -Warding Halo absorbs 80% damage instead of 90%.

    -Damage redirection is capped at 75% instead of 90%.

    -Null start maximum of 18 particles a damage reduction of up to 80% instead of 90%.

    -Iron skin base 800 health instead of 1200.

    -Defy is clearly making him immortal, you just need to refresh this ability sometimes. But there is rework incoming, so probably nerf to this.

    Also mod adaptiation nerf: Damage reduction up to 80% instead of 90%.

    I know that this doesn't sound good with these nerf, because people don't like nerfs, but thanks to this we can reduce enemy damage, and squishy Warframes can still be usable without these abilities. While all Warframes that have these abilities won't be almost immortal with the less enemy damage.

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  14. On 2019-01-05 at 3:03 AM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    Warframe 2 will never happen. Why make a sequel when you can just improve the original? 

    To make more money if the old one don't give you enough xD
    But what they could do is just make everything from the beginning and slowly adding the same content but a LOT BETTER MADE. Balanced Warframes, balanced enemies, balanced weapons, balanced mod system, better visuals mechanics etc.
    Because the game is just a mess, that they are trying to repair, but most of the time just release new content to make money.

  15. 1 hour ago, (XB1)Pugs Xbox said:

    Sort of like how Destiny 1 did it where any mission had a easy normal hard mode.

    I wanted the same, but it's really pointless in this game.
    Warframe have what I call "broken damage scaling"
    The game is not balanced with damage.

    CC frames are good because they can stop enemies shooting you. But there are more more and more enemies that ignore CC
    Tank frames have overpowered damage reduction or ways to avoid damage.
    Without these abilities ALL warframes except INAROS cannot survive in high leveled content. They need to SPAM THEM and use over and over again.
    Our weapons do insane high damage like 20K+ damage while our Warframes have only 1200 shield and 1200 health for example, just wtf. Like in Final fantasy games your character max stats are 9999 health but they are able to do 99k999 damage. Well making PVP out of it would be fantastic xD don't you think.

    We are super Overpowered, one man army. Rising enemies level is kind of pointless.
    Thats why I now have a break from Warframe because game just bored me, and I don't want to deal with all these K-Drives, mining and fishing in new Venus open world.... Just waiting for MELEE 3.0 to have fun.

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  16. To call it WARFRAME 2
    They would need to improve their ENGINE a lot.
    Make improvements to graphic.
    Make a lot of changes to game WARFRAME (Almost all warframe reworks, melee 3.0, operator schools rework again (because ZENRUIK is OP with energy regeneration), new AI, Archwing rework again(old one was fine, the new one is more broken), make better balance in mods (our weapons are just overpowered and there is NO challenge in game), shield hardening or gating (shields are paper, one shot no shields, shield hardening = the more you have the shields the more damage reduction they have) etc.

    Making it WARFRAME 2 should bring an update with at least 20GB of changes and make it feel almost like a FRESH NEW GAME. Changing from Parkour 1.0 to 2.0 was a big improvement and it really feel like a fresh game, but of course the rest didn't changed so meeeh it wasn't close to WARFRAME 2.

  17. 7 hours ago, Caelward said:

    Ice wave has an augment that will create a slowing field for a duration that slows anything that is on it, or anything that enters the range. It makes the ability very strong.

    Freeze already pops the snow globe and ragdolls any enemies that happen to be inside.

    Ice wave is only good with Augment and that is a problem. Without augment this ability is just not worth using. Slowing down enemies just a little bit and only for 6 seconds.
    Freeze pops up snow globe, but only all enemies inside of snow globe, and it's not worth doing it also. The explosion should have range beyond snow globe apply knockdown and also cold status. That way you knockdown enemies and make them slowly stand up, giving you a lot more time to kill them easily before they stand up.

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