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  1. I just want to point out, Nightwave is so bad, it single handedly ruined my motivation to even log in. Before Nightwave, I always felt like I was making progress while being entertained. Now, the only time I feel like I'm making progress is when the game feels like a chore. Without an abundance of standing, not only does Nightwave not give me any reason to log in, it actually renders every reason I already had for logging in moot. If DE wants to keep their game active, they absolutely must make it rewarding for the majority of players. As it sands, Nightwave makes the game less rewarding for the casual player, which I can only assume is most of the people DE needs to work to keep engaged. Power players, on the other hand, would look for any excuse to log in every day and play for twenty hours a week, so the fact that Nightwave makes the game more rewarding for them does nothing to improve engagement.
  2. Needing to complete all current challenges to recover a random challenge is so restrictive, the catch up mechanic might as well not exist. Every single challenge the player does should automatically recover a previous challenge no matter what, as long as challenges to recover exist. Completing a weekly should automatically recover a weekly, completing an elite weekly should recover an elite weekly, and completing a daily should recover a daily. If a challenge from the appropriate category does not exist, they should recover challenges from other categorizes. Completing a weekly should recover an elite weekly if regular weeklies do not exist. Similarly, completing an elite weekly should recover a regular weekly if elite weeklies do not exist. Lastly, if there are no weeklies nor elite weeklies to recover, completing any challenge should recover a daily. As a bonus, it would be nice to have an endless supply of procedurally generated dailies to recover if there are absolutely no existing challenges that can be recovered.
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