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  1. What?! THAT'S where it went? DE this is literally unuseable for me, like the above player, I too use left/right on the D-Pad to cycle my abilities and activate them with a button press, the ability menu is terrible design and doesn't let players effectively aim their abilities or use them in any flowing, natural way. DE you've made it so I can not use sub gear without reaching over to my keyboard. My controller is full, the double tapping down to access the sub menu was a perfect compromise for fishing/hunting, please bring this back! Also, I quite like Kaiser's three suggestions, I still think tapping down on the d-pad after activating a spear/tranq to access the menu was the quickest way to do it, but I could easily get behind the idea of cycling to it (and also the tactical menu in RJ) from the gear wheel with the bumpers.
  2. I noticed, as usual, that the controller mapping screen layout did not match the controls that were active, and I couldn't use battle avionics at all... so I decided to reset controls to default (This is another issue in and of itself, please change reset to affect only the active tab and not wipe out all controls in every category) and now it's 100% impossible for me to do some things because you did not add multiple commands to the mappable list! Before I reset I was able to use the railjack drift just fine, but now I simply can't. I went into keyboard controls and noticed way more options. Within the controller mapping menu there's is no option to map "Boost/Maneuver" or "Maneuver" to my 360 controller at all, the options just don't exist. Also I tried mapping so I could access the battle menu (Set to right stick click)... and as soon as I use it, the battle menu locks me permanently into it, once I press the assigned button, I can no longer shoot, or even get out of the menu, all I can do is fly and activate whichever battle avionics I have equipped. If I press the button with no avionics assigned, i just get locked out of my controls for a while. Also, what did you do to the gear sub menus?! Where are they? Before the recent update I could select my spear/tranq, and then press down again to access baits or switch spears, this option no longer exists, pressing down a second time just shows regular gear! I'm forced to use the keyboard again just to use the sub gear. Please tell me this is a bug. I have customized my controls quite a bit, and I use RB to sprint/roll, and and it's really annoying how the UI tells me to press RB for options... this does not, has not, and will never work for me. Please bring back my sub menus. Additionally, the Phage has a bug in the force feedback where the instant you tap fire, it keeps vibrating for ages after you stop, sometimes stacking multiple times and getting more aggressive if you keep trying to use the weapon. One last thing, and it's an appeal that'll probably get ignored yet again... DE can we please have separate axis inversion options for Mouse/Keyboard and Controller? Please? I want my controller Y axis inverted, I do NOT want my mouse inverted with it.
  3. Also... is something wrong with railjack salvaged weapons? I have half a dozen of them to repair but none of them actually show any unique stats, it's all the same generic base stats for every one, regardless of make or rank. Shield and Engine parts show unique stats, so why not the weapons? I'm not paying the (quite honestly insane) repair costs on something I can't determine the quality of.
  4. DE Please properly test controller support! I just tried to redefine my railjack controls only to discover it's now impossible for me to use maneuvers because you only mapped the option for 'boost'. There's no selectable 'maneuver' or 'boost/maneuver' options to bind at all, so while it was working fine at first, I am now completely without a feature I've been using a lot. PLEASE fix this! Also on controller, I just tried to use battle avionics for the first time... they are a mess. Before if I pressed the the ability menu button with no battle avionics, it would just lock me out of all controls for a minute for no reason, but since equipping Particle Ram, the ability menu locks me into battle avionics activation controls and it's impossible to exit! The moment I press the ability menu button I am forever locked out of all controls except for the button that activates the avionics.
  5. Did you swear in region in any way that sounded like it was directed at anyone? Swearing casually in region is usually ignored, but saying certain words or typing things that can be perceived as insults can result in chat suspension. My chat stopped responding after I had a bit of a go at DE after an index match migration caused me to be perma-stuck in mission, making me lose all my money even though I won. I have been stuck loading like this since yesterday and whatever this is it is tied to the account as a friend just logged into his account on this system and his chat is working just fine. That said, I don't completely know if this is a result of a ban or not as I've had a chat suspension before and this is not at all what happened last time.
  6. Ok, SO a friend of mine just informed me he is still unable to cure his Kavat... this bug continues. Good to know, thanks.
  7. Wait, for real? You buy a converted lich and it starts hunting you? DE really should have made that clearer.
  8. You can buy converted liches, you don't get access to their weapon.
  9. I don't give the slightest care about trading if I can't trade off unwanted liches before wasting my time and mods by converting them. But the biggest slap in the face non-fix is the "No two of the same weapon in a row" thing. Hey DE? I have done 10 liches, I have had 5 duplicate weapons, and at no point did I get the same weapon back to back. All it would take to solve this would be to have the kuvalings carry the same weapon as the lich they will spawn when defeated. You'd still never know the stats, but it would make acquiring a first time new weapon not feel hostile. Edit: Never mind then, guess I'm off to trade some liches.
  10. The amount of thralls it takes to reveal a requiem borders on hostile, it's easily the least fun, most insufferable grind DE has ever added to the game. It might not seem so bad at first when you're having fun getting some different weapons, but then the penny drops the moment you get a repeat weapon lich and realise that if you ever want a shot at any one of the other weapons you have to go through the torturous, uncancelable process of killing it. I only just got my third lich and it has the same weapon that I only just earned, In an instant any and all enthusiasm I had for this system evaporated. There are 13 new weapons for crying out loud and it just hit me how insane this farm is going to be due to grind and repeats. DE this is not a good system, I actively feel punished right now. If it isn't changed I might actually give up on it entirely. EDIT: Oh, oh WOW DE, not only is this RNG ad infinitum with no respect for a players time, you actually want 5 forma for EACH of the 13 new weapons to get the mastery out of them? It was obnoxious for the Paracesis, but for all this new stuff to require 65 FORMA? Starting to wonder if I should even keep playing at all if this is the direction the game is going.
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