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  1. STILL no fix for my archwing controls on gamepad? Every single time I login I have to reassign my boost button, or else it activates my powers instead. The boost button shows mapped in the menus, but doesn't work until I remap and save.
  2. Deadzones are serious business, small changes can have a drastic effect on controllers, thank you for the acknowledgement though, I eagerly await the hotfix and hope one day there will be a tweakable menu option. While you're here, would it be possible to address the issue with the axis inversion settings being tied to both controller and mouse? Due to how much i've played WF, It's actively affected my ability to play other games with a mouse as I always invert Y on controllers but in warframe this also inverts the mouse, can someone please look into adding separate toggles?
  3. Oh so it's not just my worn controller getting worse, it's actually the game messing my controller up? DE seriously removed the deadzone entirely? Why?! It was just fine before! This had better be a bug, seriously, it's already infuriating after only one day. It's bad enough they won't properly map some things (like railjack battle/tactical abilities and gear sub menus) for people who don't use the awful ability menu, or implement separate axis invert options for keyboard and controller. DE, PLEASE. FIX. THIS.
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