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  1. The fact Nihil doesn't have a pattern is what really got on my nerves, this kind of boss fight needs a pattern, not RNG where you can actually lose most of your walking space simply because RNG says he doesn't want to throw a shard at you, and sometimes when he finally does, you're on a platform too small and not in just the right spot so he yeets it into space. Would have been nice if the second time you went in it would show you the crystal that links directly to the fight, I just tunnel-vision'd to the glass statue and had to go through the whole evidence sequence a second time thinkin
  2. I did say 'got myself' not they got me one. The chorus of unhelpful smug comments led me to responding with a word that was on the ban list. :P
  3. This fight was so badly designed, took me 3 tries to do it, but the third time he played a lot more fair. First time I died through not really knowing what to do and panicking a bit, second time when i got to the final stage, he kept teleporting in front of me which seemed to always make the crystal I was holding disappear and then took forever to even throw another one at me, he destroyed almost all the platforms before I got my next shard, missed a couple of throws because he would only teleport extremely far away or right on top of me and by the time I got another one all the platforms were
  4. Seems to be stable at 22, so I'll see how that goes.
  5. My aiming seems to feel alright after setting it back to 15%. Pretty sure it was lag introduced by the larger deadzone throwing me off only slightly, but enough to mess with my muscle memory. Will need to test it more after the devstream. Also, I did the steps above and my stick values are currently: AXIS 0 = 0.21509 AXIS 1 = 0.00809 Edit: Yes it was definitely the 20% aiming deadzone that was throwing me off, back at 15% feels as right as it ever did.
  6. That's the weird thing, I do have it at 20% atm for movement and i'm finding my frame sometimes walks off on his own or twitches to the side in a way that didn't really happen before the update. Guess for now I'll just knock it up a couple of notches and then see how it feels when the default is reverted in the next hotfix. Edit: Also I never knew there was a disparity between movement and aiming deadzones, I set both aiming and movement to 20% and I just realised this explains the weirdness I've been feeling in my aiming.
  7. One last thing, what was the actual percentage of the deadzone before the update? My sticks are a bit worn and drifty and at 20 i'm finding my frame twitching around in ways that it didn't before the update, whatever the previous default deadzone setting was was in just the perfect spot and I'd like to know exactly where it was if I could.
  8. Alright, I'll make a ticket when I get a moment.
  9. Cheers, yes it must be the new axial movement that's throwing me, I'll try to get used to it, nice to know the old square box is coming back just in case though. As for my mapping resetting, I'm using a 360 controller and I have chosen to map boost to the right bumper, much like where I map sprint/roll. However ever since Steel path dropped, every time i sign in my Archwing boost is reset to activate power. None of my other mapping resets, only this one aw control. Speaking of muscle memory, can I please bug you to have my many-years-requested feature to have separate X/Y axis contro
  10. OMG DE. You actually fiddled around with the gamepad options but you still have not fixed my archwing boost control mapping resetting every time I log in!
  11. My aiming feels strange ever since the deadzone changes... I know they lowered the default deadzone but what was the equivalent beforehand? Does anyone know what numerical values I need to enter for the new settings to get the same feel as I had it before this update?
  12. How about a selectable transference icon for the Necramech abilities (like regular warframes have) so us gamepad users who use the cycle method for powers instead of the ability menu aren't screwed and forced to reach for the keyboard? That would be nice. Also you still haven't fixed the bug where my left bumper's railjack button mapping is reset to default every time I log in...
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