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  1. Please add a mute for nora. And can this get adressed:
  2. Its a bit tedious in the long run, I used to do that. However, muting and a post-it note blocking works, just not ideal. The epic content for me being the new Khora animation for my Nova, the whip is neat.
  3. I have muted all transmissions, its only hers I dont like, so I lose everything else just to not listen to her.
  4. Nope, you cant escape her endless transmissions, only the radio can be.
  5. I have one continuous complaint, I cant escape nora other than not playing.
  6. Please add a mute for nora. And can this get adressed:
  7. Ordis already has a volume control, granted not entire the same as a complete mute. I dont find Lotus annoying, since she has been here for the beginning and doesnt have cringy voice lines as nora. Liches are different since they are only active at your choice and you can relatively fast end them. Yes, they need more voice lines but you can actually vent your annoyance by blapping them. With nora you cant, she is always there, no matter what. And with how cringy her voice lines are with no way to shut it off, I find her to be ever so annoying. I like all the others but not her, but it is personal opinions anyway.
  8. A volcano, no no, that is too simple, a black hole it is.
  9. Hello, I have found out that if you apply a slow debuff like Molecular Prime or Temporal Blast, the Treasurer gets damage applied differently. He becomes significantly more durable than he already is. I dont think this is an intended behaviour and to my knowledge, no other enemy does this. I did two tests with a Pangolin Prime, both identical in setup aside from one being slowed by 74% from Molecular Prime. Without the Treasurer being primed it takes around 5 seconds, but when primed the time jumps to 25 seconds area, a quite significant difference. You can see the difference below. p.s. I have looked after a similar thread but havent found one
  10. I just found out that priming the noodle (treasurer) does the "no you" and makes him more durable ...
  11. Can there please be a mute for nora, she is annoying and you cant avoid her. I would also like to get this adressed some day
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