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  1. EVGA is a graphics card AIB (Add In Board partner) and ACX was one of the cooling systems for the GTX 10 series cards
  2. X And now we have ACX from EVGA
  3. Only normal bacon here .. and the rare bacon icecream
  4. I dont know much, but Tau I like, long death boops
  5. She is a cutie, but cats are tricky hihi Hehe Good luck with keeping a steady hand :3
  6. It reminds me of when the playstation 3 for breif moment had backwards compability and then they removed it. So annoying. By Debbysheen_
  7. A break can be good, but I have an "addiction" hihi Huh, that I have never encountered, though that is dumb
  8. Why would a simple dvd player be region locked?
  9. Do you want this white or that white .. or the new white over there?
  10. Neat, access denied field 😆 Depends on what kind of pain and where, mental pain is certainly not
  11. Yes, it has .. and what is that? a shelf thingy? And full time randomness with no judging Not if you have sensitive skin like me Psst what they dont know doesnt hurt
  12. I have tried that too many times to my taste, still eeerp Home, where you can do anything you want
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