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  1. I want their new space fighter thingy as my landing craft, im a sucker for these spaceship things.
  2. Time to do the Shield Lancer dance.
  3. Sounds like Grineer and Ballistas accuracy in a shellnut.
  4. Can you make a soviet elf wih an AK series weapon ?
  5. Indeed, always need a disclaimer so you cant be blamed. Though i have the computer to make videos but i have no idea how, drawing is a bit easier (not with a mouse, saving up for a drawing tablet). That smelly smell that onehits the nose, in other news i had a dorm resident that dumped an entire liter of milk in bin rather than in the sink.
  6. The small one? or the extra thicc one? Milksplosion, followed by a tsunami.
  7. Leveling vent kids is probably one of the worst for me. Moopocalypse, where we will be ended by mukes.
  8. While never say never, but id find it unlikely to happen given the bump in mod capacity.
  9. Nova Prime <3, with Rubico, Cycron and Tatsu for each section.
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