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  1. да товарищ, kaboomski fake winners.
  2. Just need to wait for Mr.ElevenXI to get back. нет, dis is not how it wörks.
  3. Thanks 😆 Feed him the salad you spent so much effort on.
  4. Good idea, mass can offset their low sacrificial value, also thanks.
  5. One thing at a time, and the first thing is these darn exams. Or: 1. Get wukong 2. Make clone 3. Sacrifice clone 4. Repeat step 2 5. Grofit??
  6. I thought about for over a year but never got around it because i dont have an easy time with people. On the other hand, depending on the country, tea is nice and its always tea time. *sips*
  7. Mine are still there, and thats 4-5 years ago from my stupid younger self.
  8. According to the guidelines they should disappear after a year, but i dont know how it works. Where either they keep being displayed while being inactive or just disappear from view.
  9. Pls kill me so i dont have to care about exam anymore.
  10. *looks at the weather*, it has mixed feelings about that.
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