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  1. Trying to play hammar time without a hammer.
  2. I don't know. You how dare you?
  3. Go outside less often Or more often. Bot help.
  4. ~salad war confirmed~
  5. Well.........I win and claim my own now.
  6. You get @(XB1)Salty Ginger 's salad.
  7. Reinforcing my elitist statut.
  8. It's more like pratice that are under developed in the side of science. Repetition and expectation lead me to think it is an actual thing. It being pseudoscience is about the fact there isn't a scientific theory to back it up. Scientific has always been about méthodologie from theory made from observation and use them. Pseudoscience might be about the idea that some observations or theory backing that up, would be unprecise or contradict other theory. Theory can be refined or changed.
  9. Your all weird. I feel tired when I get less than 6.
  10. Take it and leave. Consume it at your pleasure.
  11. I think that's a foreign concept for the grineers.
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