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  1. Surprised about how good the phatasma is with high fire status
  2. I always play online, so I guess I never see them. Or I am simply blind to it.
  3. Been away for about a month. Though I guess you can argue that the 1% of players who misbehave represent the whole community. (at this point i dunno, maybe it's 5%)
  4. Only a matter of time before it affect the rest of the community.
  5. There was not much. Guess that mr30 boon can be useful or something.
  6. Hopefully back from the deads. What did I miss?
  7. It is an SP mission, just like the SP mission in other open world. 100-100. (Not necessary for SP progression)
  8. i like how say another one but instead add 2 each time.
  9. Newer though of that. Maybe i'll use that next time...or not. Only cheese i accept is blue.
  10. Scanning a simaris target, without taking damage, without using ability, with an hobbled key in solo. My Target was a corrupted heavy gunner. One of the hardest i had and the most fun to do.
  11. this is disproportionate, wich is why i said you had low standard. Not that is bad, but it's kinda one of the first steps of teamplay. Personally i prefer someone droping health pancake than taking the risk of you going down, i also believe that you also prefer not going down than being downed and being revived afterward.
  12. Though it was the most basic step of teamplay and i believe it should be the minimum expected when pubbing. Bellow that i call indiference. (Do not cofound with someone too far or too busy, at that point you should consider auto-res to prevent them from falling) There is a small marge between good and bad player, in that marge there are those who play half-solo.
  13. You have prety low standard. .....socialy active player, who doesn't want to be carried and doesn't try to carry the mission..going has far has weakening/boosting their setup in order to follow the paste of the squad... What i dislike....scoreboard hero. (this doesn't target the stats affected by the role of the warframe, i'll even give a few pancake to a mesa)
  14. with my loki:radial disarm, i prevent your tigris prime from firing making your chroma armles since he doesn't have a melee equiped.
  15. it's the 3rd ability so it should be 3. should also use energy orb that could be recharged via pancake.
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