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  1. It is an SP mission, just like the SP mission in other open world. 100-100. (Not necessary for SP progression)
  2. For carrying a bounty in the orb vallis while playing saryn with a sniper.
  3. Even if a player stay in a mission where he don't contribute much. Him leaving won't do much and leave an empty player slot. Punishing a player for not being as good as you.
  4. For the case of mission that last longer than an hour, it is rarely a random occurence where the 4 players have a available time slot. Kicking someone because he didn't prepared for the unexpected scenarios of staying 45 minutes more than what he prepared. At this point let just them leave the mission.
  5. If i want to bring a mk-1 braton in sortie. Is that leeching? Or me giving myself a dumb challenge? (How do they know what build i run?)
  6. The "Get gud" has multiple meanings and is far more relevant than what you would assume at first glance.
  7. Hmmm. Messing with the granum.
  8. I am aware of the community biais and divide. My point is people argue over imaginary numbers. I think it give even worse feedback than divided bais with referential data.
  9. To add to your argument. DE should share the value of suggested change in advance. So we can argue if it's fair or too much
  10. You see what you want to see. Only 6 were nerfed. Because they could lead to easy exploit and become mandatory in the kit of elitist.
  11. Become the mecha. Transformers time!!
  12. Our eyes have been opened to the true beauty of this world. I try to help however I can.
  13. I corrected it for you.
  14. So instead of giving a mix of existing abilities that may or may not lead to exploit, leading to potential nerf to those abilities and the warframes they belong to. Make new similar abilities that are balanced with the idea of being added to any kit. Might take some time but i think it is a safer bet.
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