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  1. I am some sort of veteran/elitist that play very casually. I usually use trash weapons and try to break them out of their intended rank.
  2. Then we'll get multiple complains about balance. I approve.
  3. angias


    watch in utter confusion,
  4. angias


    They nerfed vazarin dash ability but not the zenurik one......pondering.
  5. angias


    This is why i am proud to be an elitist. No
  6. Memeable rank would be awesome instead of bronze/silver/gold something.
  7. Would be a nice mastery rank title.
  8. What isn't mr fodder? Meh aktonkor akzarr akignis akredeemer aksimulor synoid akpanthera
  9. Because there is none. It is a smart move from DE to limit it, they struggle to "balance" ability with a softcap around 350% powerstrength. But hey! It would be cool to have a quality build with 250% on every stats. From an elitist that think that the game is too easy.
  10. I face stabed some enemy while i was in a Rush squad. I have no idea how or why.
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