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  1. Nerve stimulation, so either you get to be complete chill .. or aroused. And since the drill is fancied, id go with the latter.
  2. You need a taser in there, it has multiple benefits.
  3. You could say that, albeit more complex than so.
  4. Its a bit mixed, on one part its good but on the other hand i have a rather splitted mind being part happy and part unsatisfied.
  5. Which is necessary for its survival :3 At this point, you may as well surrender and get ganked.
  6. I can definitively see why its a good thing in that regard, i just dont do well with randoms. The amount of times i accidentally nuked the console because of a rad proc, and it becomes sentient so it may be for the better.
  7. I can admit i have already done that numerous times, i havent felt this level of excitement for a long time. A nightmare with randoms and heaven with friends.
  8. Hello there~ Eeeeeeeeeerr, no you cannot win when attempting to win. There is only unwinning here or if you want to win, you will have to eat this salad. Dis komrade is a good komrade and gets it.
  9. Now that you point that out, i hope i can hide the face away else im gonna die on the inside every single time i see the face. Hopefully amps arent totally out of the window. Dammit, you broke it with your kindness
  10. I have so many wtq from watching that, as someone in chat pointed out; Warframe version of Red Dead Redemption
  11. All these sweet new things and the engine upgrades, all in 160p glory.
  12. Dem new sentients are some weird buggers.
  13. There is also this one https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/c9vedu/that_looks_um_ok/
  14. His designs really go all in, which can for the better or worse depending on your preference.
  15. Because they acknowlegde that we are horny ? The drawing looks fine but im gonna wait for a render before going anywhere, id prefer not getting bamboozled again. Both with Banshee and Mag, the concept art was great but the final model ingame isnt.
  16. From what i have seen on reddit, i agree. Really like Titania's skin.
  17. Umm no, its more like 50~ min, which would be 63~ min at the time of your posting.
  18. No, it is listed as exclusive to the showfloor:
  19. Havent played runescape so i dont get the ref. In regards to yesterday, the wisp portal animation is with thrown secondary. Sorry, ill ping you next time.
  20. Advanced Potato Farming.
  21. Text or invisible ?
  22. I think that was what the old frequent LPW people did, as not everything can be discussed or talked about on this forum. Maybe, maybe not, i just keep most things to my self.
  23. You should see my mind then.
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