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  1. What, no cutting up of the post and flaming the obvious satire? As if it wasn't obvious what you were doing from your very first response.....
  2. While that's true, that's also only your play style which is not representative of the playerbase. Just because it works for you, doesn't mean it's fun for the majority.
  3. No I had no idea that I could possibly move while shooting in an FPS like I have been able to do since Wolfenstein 3D. I also had no idea that all Kuva weapons came with an element that is defined by the warframe that spawned the lich. I also had no idea that status weapons that could use 3 elemental damage types in addition to IPS would be a desirable status weapon. /s Keep on posting captain obvious.
  4. Go watch https://youtu.be/G4wt-4Bx3Cg?t=635 . Relevant clip starts at 10:35 and shows what I'm describing.
  5. Specifically it's the changes to Berserker, Condition Overload, and Blood Rush as those should be delayed until after the galvanized mods are released as the nerfing of those three mods is going to ratchet melee back and likely cause it to swap places with primaries and secondaries on Steel Path. FYI https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1268017-dev-workshop-the-arsenal-divide/
  6. And maybe you shouldn't be so defensive about DE and be OK that maybe sometimes criticism of DE is perfectly warranted, and it's OK for people to criticize and point out when stuff in the game doesn't feel good or doesn't play well. That's how you find the rough spots and fix them - and it's largely how games like FFXIV go from being the worst MMO that ever existed to one of the best MMOs on the market.
  7. I like that I can murder hordes of enemies well enough to hit MR27. Why are you here? Am I not allowed to be critical of lazy game design when DE has done some amazing things like the Second Dream and many of the other warframe quests that have more depth than a forced music video?
  8. No, I answered your question about the Nukor https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nukor And then added on an answer for the Kuva Nukor https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Nukor (which is clearly not garbage) Of note, I'm referring to how the Kuva Nukor is going to perform after it has it's chaining reduced to 2 (from 4), not how it exists now.
  9. If they really had top designers... why did I play through Tempestarii, hit the song, get about a verse into the song and wonder how such lazy and uninspired gameplay ever got past testing? These are also the same people that had Pablo CRIPPLE a Synoid Gammicore build just so he wouldn't evaporate mobs to demonstrate how to do parazon kills which shows DE is wasting time on a mechanic 99% of the playerbase will never see outside of the lich system. Yes, Warframe is pretty and the sound design is good... but good stuff without good gameplay can only take you so far, especially when you have a dev team intent on nerfing everything fun about the game into the ground because we aren't playing Warframe how they decided we should play it.
  10. Yet Warframe stayed flat through 2020 despite most other online games growing by a significant number, and the Warframe content creators are dwindling - which means the free PR they are providing warframe (and thus the awareness they are helpign to raise) is diminishing. Warframe is showing all signs of a digital game in decline.
  11. Why are you asking overly vague questions without defining WHERE you're asking about and then demanding a binary answer to a question that's a little more complex than Y/N? On the star chart, I can use a Lato and be fine, so ofc the Nukor is going to be able to kill enemies there. Steel Path... Nukor is garbage but the Kuva Nukor won't be as good of a status primer for melees (Ignis Wraith is still a thing though), so it's going to boil down to whether or not the galvanized mods do what we hope they do especially since DE seems hellbent on nerfing melee into the ground to make primaries and secondaries look better. That said, given enough time and ammo I can kill anything in the game with any weapon so....
  12. If DE has top people, please explain the population numbers seen at https://steamcharts.com/app/230410#All and why we're not in the top 10 at https://store.steampowered.com/stats/ (we used to be).
  13. That seems arbitrary, why is under 500 considered reasonable? Why not claim anything under level 100 is reasonable and we shouldn't be evaporating stuff under level 100?
  14. Maybe you should actually provide an example where DE buffed something in a reasonable time after nerfing it. Only example I can think of is Ember, and that took YEARS of her being dumpster fire tier before she got fixed. I want to solve a problem, clearly you want the problem to continue to exist.
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