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  1. So make the HUD context sensitive... if you're in the warfrmae, you get warframe stats, same for operator, archwing, etc.
  2. Yeah, I like having just shapes that show me visually how much HP I have, and I can check elsewhere for the exact value. Kudos if DE allows this to be as fully configurable as Palantir is.
  3. IMO I'd rather have something like this with three arcs one for HP/shields (each goes from the edges to the middle), another for the clip, and a third for my energy. I'm fine with this being an additive change and keeping the redundant stats elsewhere on the screen. Here's a better picture of what I'm talking about from an old MMO: And if it helps the devs, here's the link to the Lua mod https://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info377-Palantir.html , and relevant post as it reads like it's basically open source https://www.lotrointerface.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7770#post7770 .
  4. Generally speaking, I like the mastery icons the way they are now as they look like actual rank insignias that we'd see in the real world.
  5. If you're not messaging them ingame, you're doing it wrong.
  6. Which is why warframe.market will also automatically set your listings to hidden if you do not log in for a set period of time. Why don't you go learn how warframe.market works before you trash it?
  7. Considering I've done about 3k platinum in transactions (all non-riven) in the last 90 days.... I think I'm doing just a bit more than just making statements with that data 😃 Edit: Plus, if someone is making false listings, that can get them permabanned from warframe.market if they get reported for it.
  8. Heh, Primed Chamber is at 345 plat and still continuing to fall https://warframe.market/items/primed_chamber
  9. I would agree with this sentiment if (without fail) every single leaderboard based event wasn't filled with exploiters that DE has had to purge at least once.
  10. And the kicker.... https://warframe.market/items/primed_chamber is listing this exclusive piece of mod at 439 plat at the time of posting. Oh how the worthless mighty have fallen.
  11. When you have to move through like 5' of salt... what did you expect?
  12. What's even more hilarious with all of this is every event (without fail) has had DE clean up the leaderboard because someone figured out how to exploit their way to the top of it. Given how bad DE is at making leaderboard events where people actually do what's designed (not what they can exploit), any reward tied to these events should be (eventually) released back into the game - including giving the dojos Ignis Wraith research.
  13. So when you get called out on the contradiction your only defense is that it's just some "hypothetical" sarcasm? Way to stay grounded in reality..... At the end of the day, DE delivered on a promise, and for that (and all the salt it has generated), I thank DE for that 😃
  14. Careful, that exclusive popcorn might cause someone to get jealous and post a salt mountain on a forum somewhere when it gets made widely available....
  15. You're damage just becomes wonky (as it's a really strong shot followed by a weaker one) since Depleted Reload's reload rate increase doesn't offset the DPS loss due to having to reload the weapon after each shot. You're basically better off running Argon Scope (or a solid riven) instead of Depleted Reload, and even then, you can still build around it because Primed Cryo Rounds actually works well for a viral sniper build, especially if you're throwing a Riven into the mix, stick Vigilante Supplies into your Exilus slot, and have a stat stick on your sentinel weapon that slots the other three Vigilante mods giving you that juicy +20% crit enhance for the weapon.
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