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  1. So, like most long term vets, I have a stable of prime warframes but I've the majority of vanilla warframes and now I'm going to have to go grind out a lot of warframes (again) to feed to the Helminth room. Are the warframe part drop chances increased in Iron Mode?
  2. Is there any consensus on what make the best sideguns?
  3. So I've been out for a while, and I'm coming back and the avionics are now all different, unslotted, and de-ranked. In any case, how good is this avionic setup: Integrated Bulkhead Hull Weave Hyperflux Hyperstrike Polar Coil Predator Section Density Forward Artillery Warhead Tactical Battle Forge Intruder Stasis Fire Suppression Battle Avionics Not a clue here, open to suggestions Also, while I'm fitting Zetki Apocs in the forward slot, and I'm up for recommendations on the rest of the gear for the ship aside from the Vidar Reactor.
  4. For the love of Clem, please **DO NOT** announce a major new thing at Tennocon using a "simulation" of a mission (rather than something that actually exists) and announce efforts to FIX THE GAME instead. We will appreciate it as giving us another smoke and mirrors Railjack demo isn't going to help things here.
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