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  1. I think their analytics are showing them that there's a huge disparity on what weapon is actually getting kills. Speaking of, I would like to see a lethality breakdown from the devs, showing us what weapons (or warframe skills) is getting the most kills - that data would help a lot in this discussion.
  2. Agreed... but either way, that's not really relevant to getting a combo counter on primary and secondaries.
  3. I mean, let's be honest here... the combo counter in melee isn't hard to keep up especially if you've got a weapon with enough reach and enough enemies with Drifting Contact (and sometimes that isn't even necessary). The upside is that modes that scale with combo counter help provide melee the scaling damage it needs to make basically every melee weapon viable in Steel Path (which also includes the MK-1's). One of the key differences is that (aside from the Furis mod) ranged weapon shouldn't heal you (as that should be reserved specifically for melee), which means to keep your combo counter
  4. I think they're a needed mechanic, so please change my mind.
  5. It's the basically the same concept that DE likes with Saryn's DPS (where the player has to be interactive with it) rather than having a "Press 4 watch the world explode" skill that keeps getting nerfed. A combo counter that you have to maintain to keep your crit (or status chance) high is the former, whereas a global buff is the latter. DE is much more likely to go with the former than the latter as things that fall into the latter bucket keep getting nerfed.
  6. Cause by forcing the player to keep the weapon multiplier going... it helps keep them using something approximating skill.
  7. So why not make the combat multiplier global so it doesn't care what weapon you're using as long as you're hitting something?
  8. IMO there should be a pretty harsh damage falloff on that, but it needs to be counterbalanced against punch through distance. That said, this is something that should probably be returned to AFTER we have a buff to primaries and secondaries as they may need the extra damage just to be good enough to see more usage.
  9. That'd completely break Steel Path and make it basically impossible after a specific point. While I'd not completely object to going that route, I'd image that the devs intended that all warframes and most weapons (or at least all weapons past a certain MR) should be able to complete the Steel Path content. I think the bigger concern is that DE has a long history of being unable to balance or rein in anything, so expecting DE to nerf melee without making it completely pointless is being exceedingly naïve. The only way forward, given how badly DE fails at balancing and improvi
  10. Those two have been about the only two mods that go in that slot... as Pyrana Prime without the kick is simply amazing.
  11. You mean there's other mods that fit in the ammo mutation slot?
  12. That's kinda why I want to see a combo counter, Condition Overload, Weeping Wounds, and Blood Rush on the primary and secondary weapons.... they simply cannot output the raw damage to the point that after a certain level range in Steel Path you may as well go melee only (with like less than 10 guns being on par) because the vast majority of primaries simply do not do enough damage to keep pace, and they also don't keep pace. For example, if you start with a Tenora Prime build like https://overframe.gg/build/133186/tenora-prime/the-percussive-repeater-tenora-prime/ and that's going to push
  13. Given DE's ability to "fix" things, all this is going to do is swap the positions of guns and melee.
  14. While the combo counter is a good idea, to really catch up the Primary and Secondaries are also going to need a version of Blood Rush, Condition Overload, and Weeping Wounds to have any hope of closing that gap.
  15. And no, adding in more Hunter Munitions type mods isn't going to change anything. While slash procs are good and all.... it doesn't matter if the base damage is so low that you need like 50 procs to do anything... which is one of the problems with the assault rifles.
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