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  1. What's the point of the Helminth System if DE keeps nuking all of the interesting abilities into the ground so all we're left with is a selection of skills and we have to choose the best worst ability out of the lot? At the end of the day, I'd rather get something awesome =/
  2. I would greatly appreciate it if the UI remembered what I had each tab sorted by, and the UI would stop arbitrarily assuming that I want stuff sorted by sell price.
  3. Mechs are fun, but they need the "increase ranks as you forma" mechanic, and the mods need to be available at Loid. I can understand making them initially rare... but as this is going to be a content island over time, and one that people are not likely to run once we've gotten all of our mech parts and built out the archgun, we're going to need a second way to get these mods because they will become rarer and more expensive as time progresses.
  4. Necramech needs the "gets more ranks as you forma it" mechanic so we can actually use all the slots.
  5. IMO having the cycle limitation doesn't make sense and discourages players from starting one close to a fass/vome change.
  6. Suggested Bounty Changes: Add Scintillant as a common reward to all of the bounties Remove the Ayatan Amber stars from the bounties (there are enough other ways to get these that the reward is about as useful as credits), replace with like 10x Thaumic Distillate or 10x Thaumica Rework the Steel Path bounty rewards to the following: Common 2,000 Endo 2x Scintillant 1000x Kuva Uncommon 20x Thaumica/Thaumic Distallate Random Radiant Axi Relic Rare Serriglass Shard
  7. So resources... Overall, not bad. Vaults do a good enough job for most of the resources that I can use them instead of fishing or mining (which is fine), and then (theoretically) let fishing and mining focus in on a specific resource... however... the ore Thaumica is just too rare right now. That, and there needs to be more Scintillant in the economy (I've not seen this drop yet) and the bounties really need to give out Seriglass Shards as a rare reward, and also have their cost reduced at Grandmother reduced. Most everything else in the faction feels fine, as I feel like I'm a
  8. Conservation in Deimos needs a QoL pass to it. Here's a list of things that need fixing off the top of my head: Caves are creating many false-positives with the flagging for the poops The map isn't clear on where the poop is, and seems to change based on archwing and terrain elevation. Many poops spawn under rivers The Deimos trails are by far the hardest trails to follow when compared to PoE and OV Targets aren't on the radar, which is not how things work elsewhere Sometimes the target will get killed by hostile infested, when it should be ignored Wh
  9. Yeah, I just got there. On the bright side, Ivara's a really good huntress sooo.....
  10. Only thing I'd like to see at Daughter is bait recipes, other than that, fishing feels good. Mining also needs a new widget for the drill that adds an arrow for the deposits, and it may be a good series of widgets to have as I don't want that on Fortuna or PoE, but it's crucial on Deimos. You actually don't need to do that as I'm getting enough resources from the bounties that it hasn't really been necessary. I've only went mining once initially, and fishing only to get through that gate before I learned that I just needed to do the bounties and not worry about the individual par
  11. So I'm back there.... but what do I do next?
  12. This was something I was looking to start faffing around with after the quest but... I have no idea how to enable this system.
  13. I got the rep up on that by using Ivara on mission 2 (the stealth one) until I had enough to get through that rep gate. Once I was on the other side, it's trivial to get them, you just need enough banked cores... In other words, you don't have to fight the spider, just focus on a mission in the leadup that has the reward.
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