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  1. Having completed most of the tests (as I'm MR25), my best friend was the practice mode as I practiced each test until I felt confident enough to pass it on the first time actually taking the test. While I'm not going to ignore the possibility that the test is broken, this is really a case where you need to git gud.
  2. Doesn't matter if it's office or manual labor (manual labor is IMO easier to do cause it only leaves you physically exhausted, not mentally drained), but that's barely any work during the week TBH. And also, 50 hours of work is nothing to complain about, as that's an average work week light work week, and they're (more often than not) longer. Don't try to talk up what you do for work, especially if it's only 50 hours of work a week.
  3. Having done it, it's not that hard to do, and most remember it as being this far worse chore than it really was. IMO the hardest part was timing fishing to be in the right phase of the day/night cycle.
  4. I actually have a life and work full time, so I can't throw that much time at it, unlike you.
  5. So then the OP is wrong. I don't see why that needs the dead horse beaten into bone dust over that fact.
  6. When getting rep is trivial, I'm not seeing adding BPs as making it easier. In this case, the argument makes about as much sense as walking into an all you can eat buffet and complaining that there's not enough food. I only really played arbitrations when I needed the endo, otherwise never really felt the need to run the content as the drop chance for adaptation was low enough that I just picked it up off of warframe.market and called it a day. Nightwave needed changing. My entire play time for the nightwave revolved around fulfilling nightwave objectives, and once I had hit R30 with the nightwave, I logged out and haven't really played since as Nighwave caused waaaaaay too much burnout in the community. It was so bad that McGamerCZ did a nightwave video with PoE as the background footage because he was burned out on Warframe. Nightwave was bad, and it needed a change. To be fair, the wisp farming in Cetus was a bit on the overkill side - even when you throw a tricked out Nova wisp farmer and Tridolo rep grinding at the problem. I kinda agree with you on the fish and gem resource rebalance though. IMO I thought Fortuna generally did most things right... until they introduce Exploiter. IMO Exploiter's resources should be nerfed as it trivialized the resource collection for that area. Do not kid yourself on this one, Warframe is not a hard game. I don't see adding the BPs as making things easier either, because the difficulty had already taken a quiver to the knee thanks to thumper/Exploiter. When you add things that makes the difficulty "if you have a pulse you win" easy, it's extremely hard to make something that can make that difficulty even easier. And here's where you're just being hyperbolic to back up your own non-argument.
  7. Which is also what I liked about the bait recipes, and why there's a Glappid in the orbiter.
  8. IMO they shouldn't be coddled, and they should be allowed to make mistakes cause they'll figure it out eventually and that's how you learn. If someone is MR1 looking at Cetus the community response should be "DO THE STARCHART AND QUESTS FIRST!", then come back to Cetus. I mean, I doubt you can stay that low MR for very long, especially if you complete a lot of the objectives that vector you towards Mercury. In light of how much rep we can get from the Thumpers and Exploiter, what is the point of the rep system? So the rep from the Exploiters and thumper mats are what then?
  9. I created another threads at the time, and they got merged so OP actually changed from my perspective. You're focusing on the micro while ignoring the macro. Both are huge resource (and thus rep) dumps, which (in turn) trivializes any rep system or resource requirement for their respective factions. The thumpers and Exploiter give so much rep that any other way to gain rep INCLUDING the bounties are basically trivialized. You're argument is basically like "we shouldn't add another 100 gallons of water in the lake because it'd raise the water level", and while that's technically true, I doubt we'd be able to measure that because it'd be effectively no increase in water level. Or maybe we shouldn't assume the new players are morons, mmkay? They'll figure it out, and most will appreciate having the BP option once they have it. If I meant a binary OR I would have written || My sentiment was that players are going to pick whichever option, but they're probably not going to use both systems but choose the one that best fits them. And yet, there will be those that pick and choose which way to source their baits.
  10. Sometimes that info is better left hidden, as it can actually cause players to spend less than if the total cost is hidden because they can be largely unaware of how much money they've spent on the game.
  11. What, that some people are going to be mislead by whatever information is in the avatar, and you think it would be best to shove all that information into the forum profile? I honestly think that most people worth engaging with are a little more smarter than what you're suggesting.
  12. Why not give bait BPs for Fotuna as well? I found it a fun minigame, others may not, but why not do both? **sigh** I'm very aware of this, and I was going with the assumption that most here are smart enough that they realize this too so they didn't need it explicitly pointed out to them. You, on the other hand, clearly don't have that same assumption about the average poster's intelligence, so felt the need to state the obvious as an attack. So getting back to your actual point, given the sheer amount of rep that Exploiter drops (especially if you go farm Exploiter for the warframe parts), any argument around the fishing part economy or rep economy in Fortuna is completely and totally null and void. The same is true to a lesser extent with the thumpers, and hunting thumpers will still provide you with enough gems that you can get close to the same effect as far as rep goes, while also giving you more than enough fish bits that you will likely never need to fish again. That's why the bait BPs are really little more than a sidegame, and one I found kinda fun to do 😃 Others clearly disagreed, but I think just having both options available lets us make the decision, rather than DE taking a hamfisted approach and deciding we're only gonna have B when a bunch of us are fine with either A or B.
  13. TBH, I'd be fine with an avatar icon for my MR rank. Just because you don't want it as easily accessible (or visible at all), doesn't mean others don't want to show it.
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