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  1. i have huge concerns about the intrisic points in particular. some people had time to get extra insitric points that allow them to have more than what would the current, or even future system, needs. these people grinded for these points, so that they can max out command at release. will they be keeping these hard earned points, even the extra ones?
  2. it would be nice if you guys were doing a page like that for each live/event live that may happen, it's very nice for morons like me who can't deal with timezones ^^
  3. heeeeey, you're back! where you you went for the last hotfixes?
  4. daily reminder to give necramechs the chance to wield both archguns and archmelees without having to use abilities, just like you can switch seemlessly between melee and gun in archwing or in simple warframe mode :D
  5. daily reminder to let necramech use both archmelee and archgun as seemlessly as warframe and archwings can do! just by simple melee and gun button, and no need to use an ability!!
  6. Any companion needs to become immortal. having to babysit any of them is an extremely unpleasant task. on one side in high level mission your sentinel just dies, period, no matter what you will do, and on the other, the pets just needs to get revived every 20 seconds because their AIs is so #*!%ing dumb, except if you use inaros or nidus. which is not a good design.
  7. here's your thread parasite asking DE to give necramech arch-melee! not the bonewidow exacted melee, but the actual arch melee weapons, to be able to switch to melee and gunplay quickly and without having to use abilities just like you can do in archwing or warframe mode! ^^
  8. new thread where i beg the developpers to give the necramechs to use both arch-guns and arch-melee just like warframe use and switch between gun and mele from a buton pres, no ability, exalted or whatever,. give us the necramech gameplay we deserve! :D i wanna wear my battleaxe!
  9. haaa, yes, i just checked, because gaining this many points are totally legit. allow me at least to express reasonable doubts.
  10. another try at trying to get DE to give every necramechs the ability to use both arch-melee and arch-gun as their normal arsenal, exactly, just like warframes, to have a real mech experience! i want to be able to use both arch-melee and arch-guns seemlessly, like warframes!
  11. nice! but now how about giving every necramechs the ability to weiild simultaneously their gun and melee? D: i want to use my mausolon while swinging a bigass sword!! give me a TRUE melee DE!!! :D
  12. whoever designed these arcanes obviously don't have a single clue about how the game function. can we let people of the team who actually knows what are proper and interesting gears to do the design? i thought the point of these new arcanes were to be used by player and finding them interesting. no one is gonna bother with them after 2 to 3 week. AT BEST. . on top of their effect REQUIRING another arcane to function at their best. it ain't synergy, it's limitations.
  13. i'll go straight to the point. you DE nerfed for NO reason the primary tombfinger charge time. it was "decent". now it's worse than other and easier to get primaries. so... gg? no primary kitguns at all deserved a nerf, period. they are all worse than their secondary version. now you've nerfed the only "good" one ( AKA tombfinger, i was happy to be able to use another good AoE weapon ) and the other primary kitguns are still crap that don't hold a candle compared to other classic primaries of the game. Here the fix you need for your game : roll back all the nerfs, keep all the buffs. it's p
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