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  1. whoever designed these arcanes obviously don't have a single clue about how the game function. can we let people of the team who actually knows what are proper and interesting gears to do the design? i thought the point of these new arcanes were to be used by player and finding them interesting. no one is gonna bother with them after 2 to 3 week. AT BEST. . on top of their effect REQUIRING another arcane to function at their best. it ain't synergy, it's limitations.
  2. DE, the plague star is better be running again. if this event is just a lazy, and more precisely, GREEDY way of stealing our formas, just straight up admit it. that'll feel less insulting. or give explanations. ( or better, put forma back at the same time/reward ratio it was for PS. which was basically a forma every 7-10 minute with a proper team. ) ho, and remember. PRE-BUILT forma. cause you'd be the kind to monkey paw us and let us buy blueprint rather than built forma. that's your kind of tricks. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT THIS ISN"T THE PLAGUE STAR DEFINITIVE REPLACEMENT, BECAUSE IF SO, T
  3. so i've heard that the new halloween event will replace plague star, and WITHOUT having built in forma reward? is DE that desesperate and petty they want to rip us out of the only way to get mass loads of forma?
  4. get rid of this asinine mechanic that is damage cap, then we'll talk. in more easy to understand words for the team... "i paid for the whole speedometer, i'm gonna use the whole speedometer" Stop trying to limit the players by arbitrarily deciding that some of our tools, powers, or equipment don't work at their full extend with no reason. devs don't create the M.E.T.A. the player do. PERIOD.
  5. nice, but again, these are hard or extremely annoying to farm ressources. can we have more common ressources? like EVERY OTHER SINGLE category? pretty please?
  6. So, with the new Marked for Death giving birth to Marked for Nerf meme, i was wondering if anyone was making, or was aware of, a discord emoji that would be in spirit with this. or one made up specially for it. in good spirit of the new Marked for Nerf legend that the nerf gave birth to.
  7. i hope you'll make archmelee be available for BOTH necramech, and able to be used anytime. as a simple melee action. and NMOT being an ability. i was extremely cold showered by the mech ultimate being a melee. i want my melee to seemlessly switch between the two, like in normal game play please. otherwise i'll almost never even bother using it.
  8. that is DE's way of balance. they're no stranger to overkill and useless nerfs that had no place existing.
  9. Xaku changes won't ever be enough until they are allowed to fulfil their rightful place as eidolon shield killer. void is void. amperator shoot void. Xaku shoot void. it should kill shield. people DON"T LIKE fighting with operator.
  10. chill now. farming plat is easy. necramech, archwing, warframes, pets, they all costs plat. and very low at that. take an hour and give 5 prime junk for 20 p, done.
  11. they honestly better not. bringing ability disposition would be second worse mistake next to riven. and would just further show their inability to understand the basics of their own game as well as understanding what "context" means.
  12. just use Trinity, get yourself a good Eidolon killer weapon, and you're good to go carrying the team. when you do public trid, you gotta expect that you'll do a 1x3, and that's it. i always use my trinity with a rubico, or a redeemer, and get on with it. so you don't depend on anyone doing the damage or the healing. you become both.
  13. no, not a mod. enough with band aid mods for stuff that should be default stuff.
  14. nah, not warframe. straight up innate to the PLAYER. that's the nuance. so it goes for everything. warframe, operator, achwing, necramech. everything.
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