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  1. the same kinda people who don't want vacuum to be universal.
  2. you say that. and DE says "small nerf" becoming a crushing and killing blow to whatever the "small nerf" was the target of. I don't think they know how to nerf to make stuff balanced. they only know how to make it bad or overpowered.
  3. when will we be able to use forward artillery from the pilot seat, as everyone wants it?
  4. interesting. don't forget to do the other way around. aka forward artillery from pilot seat :) remember that everybody wants to be able to do so!
  5. No thanks. I like having a tanky nekros
  6. i never get people complaining about timers in warframe. jesus #*!%ing christ, these timers, most of them you will only have them once. and then it's a warframe you have until their prime come, and then you have it for LIFE. for a measly three day of waiting, this is seriously not high paid. i waited hours for my ignis wraith, and it's was all worth it, because it's a monster that i will always have. like, jesus. but on the topic of having a free item to farm to rush something in the foundry, there is a way to farm rush drone in railjacks, so something could be done with equivalent dropchance for a foundry rush drone or whatever. so saying that it's not making any sense are wrong, with this. so maybe
  7. it stays bad anyway cause even if so, all the other relics are WASTED. potential plat or ducats wasted into nothingness cause someone who clearly don't udnerstand game design decided "it will only open one relic" . that is, unless the opened and not selected relics in mission are restored, which would save the mode.
  8. you nerf R9 cloud? hey, Reb, hey, STEVE, hey, SCOTT, and anyone who's in charge of PR and game design i have an even better thing for you. this "BUG" like you say, you KEEP IT. because for once people were genuinely doing Railjack because they had a reason to do so. so how about you don't do an Anthem and "fix" the good loot? you know, what people want? you want people to play you railjack, how about you start THINKING? AS A PLAYER, NOT A DEV BEHIND THEIR MATH SHEETS. if you don't give any GOOD reasons to play railjack, then no one will and it's gonna be a dead mode again. that's not what you want, right? that's what you wanted to avoid, RIGHT? ???RIGHT??? i know it's hard for DE , you all, to do it, but, if you give players a lot of loot, they'll go there. why going to railjack, if you have a better alternative on foot? in normal missions? you need to get out of your "nothing special, nothing above" mentality. railjack NEEDS to have an advantage over normal missions if you want it to be used. more relic found? more endo? BOTH of those?! otherwise, people will leave it dead after a week, and you'll be left wondering again "how did we messed up?" the player base is giving you all the answers. give good loot, stop nerfing, and think like how a PLAYER wants to feel when doing railjack. or warframe in general. you really need to rethink how you touch certain subjects. the nerf to R9 cloud is straight up the same as when anthem fixed their "loot glitch" system which was making everyone get more loot. but strange, it was also making people play MUCH more, and HAPPIER. how about you take note of that? also , here is a list of good reasons for the players to do railjack, and a list of bad reasons that are not a reason and that no one who played warframe enough would do. Good reasons superior/better loot than on-foot missions more loot than on-foot missions bad reasons "for the challenge" or "because it's fun, no need for better rewards" these are bad philosophy. second, you still try to keep Gunnery rank 10 as it is right now, but what you do not understand, each of you who are wanting to keep rank 10 gunnery that way, is that BOTH side of the perk are a negative. an hindrance, even, for some. heat accretion is straight up a malus, but with the rank 9 gunnery, it shouldn't do any problems... if the other side of the coin was shiny enough. but the other side of the coin is covered in molded crap. assisted aim? this is a per-default thing on almost every modern game by then, and you're passing this as a PERK? this should be something that's by default in the settings, to turn on and off. people just don't like this. or at least a supreme majority of it. if you want people to take gunnery rank 10, put in place something that's actually worth and that a lot of people want. using forward artillery from pilot seat. ever heard of that? then a lot more people would welcome with open arms the heat accretion. but you gotta put for the perk something that is actually worth using for the players. the skill, in the actual state, is either a "i don't need it", or a "it's actually an hindrance to my aim" , with only a very small minority that actually likes it. it's not a hill to die on. the perk is badly designed, and needs to be changed.
  9. i have a question for anyone who can answer, is the bug where crewships can get killed by other weapons than forward artillery was officially called a bug or has it not caught DE's attention yet? any official statement/official categorization about it?
  10. nowaway i would say that forge is used for Energy, Hull, and Dome charge increase/refill ( craft to increase? what the #*!% kinda stupid logic is that? give me back my 5/5 from pre-retrofit )
  11. i do think it's new, and it's pretty good indeed
  12. then don't say it's useless. use the tools you have,
  13. go with a flow + forge, and then you're good. you also have protea dispenser.
  14. a lot of the skill tree feels useless. feels "the same" . it should rather be "unlock three crewmates" at lets say skill 1, and then at skill five, "unlock three training points" . but the present ones right now feels more like a neat thing to buy at the market and be done with it, rather than something you use actively.
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