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  1. while the buffs to the stance are good, i think that it is the Ghoul Saw in itself that needs buff. it was a weapon that the community waited for so long, and yet you made it a mid-tier weapon at best. way to drop the ball :( will there be any buff to the weapon GHOUL SAW in particular? real buffs to put it near top tier , or at least high tier.
  2. while i will not deny how much of an abrasive perosn i am concerning horrible changes, it would do good to DE to look at HOW the playerbase reacted so violently to a simply mistake. any other game dev, they would have polite feedback. you? you get a whole burning explosion. this is not pretty to understand for you guys, but i'll say it. Your player base does not trust you. i think that along the years you're wounded this trust too much like when doing bad decision, while trying to keep them ( like lootframe, for exemples. ) . it's time for you to start thinking about yourself, and try to understand why the player base reacts so violently to what you do that they dislike. years long of abuse turned them like that. you need to change it.
  3. Reb just edited, looks like this time, they did the right thing. one point for you, sir!
  4. well, this is greatly more satisfying to read. my apologizes.
  5. that would be them making the right decision, no? do you trust them for that?
  6. don't give them idea. they're so disconnected and gone from the relaity of this game they might do it. i bet it was a certain dev's idea. we will not give names. it's FORBIDDEN. but they knows.
  7. this isn't a "bugfix" , this is a nerf they are trying to pass as a fix. because they are scared and know RIGHTFULLY that people would be pissed.
  8. ha yes, the exception is a good reaosn to #*!% everyone else up. NICE.
  9. this is NOT a fix. this is a nerf. and i'm so done with you trying to sweep things under the rug. reverse this. right now, and stop trying to take away power from the players. aight everyone, time to make it scorched earth so they reverse this debilitating decision!!! wouldn't be the first time we burn DE enough for them to reverse something stupid. ( Hello lootframes. )
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