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  1. when will be coming Nidus Prime, in the prime release order?
  2. yes, yes it was xD but i felt like Primed Chamber was just... "there" without them saying it wouldn't come, while with Vacuum first for all sentinels, then for pets too, they repeatedly said that they didn't wanted to have all companions to have vacuum. they were actively , publically against making vacuum more available. that's some prime #*!%ing stubbornness . it took so god damn much to finally get them to put it xD
  3. Vacuum for pets would like to have a word with you, good sir.
  4. Laugh in Strun Wraith Riven doing the same Amen
  5. well, explain? the hell do you mean? in a bounty, the rewards you can get, you get them on EVERY bounty stage. not only the first.
  6. what the hell? you don't need to quit any bounty at stage one to farm them?
  7. I'm sorry, but what I'm seeing right now is a Beginner player feeling entitled to end game gears that can shred almost everything in the game. Dude, the grind for bonds is pretty easy, but you are simply not at the level yet to get everything done properly. Second, show your build, cause it really just sounds like crap.
  8. Usually if you can't build stacks in a mission, then there is no point doing so. Once you are in levels where building stacks does matter, you will be able to get them, easily. From a nidus main to another, learn to play him. Or simply use your one, to grab some quick easy stacks at first. Don't forget to get yourself a parasitic link. And his 4 is busted, to get a high number of stack. ( Someone said nidus is the worse designed frame of the game? Damn, tell me about an ignorant statement xD )
  9. Soooo... What else is there to talk about?
  10. i play almost only nidus these days. if the enemies dies TOO fast to even build up to 10 stacks, then it wasn't worth building the stacks in the first place. second, ya just gotta be quick. lastly, it's a natural thing to do, you see a big pack of mobs all in one place, defenseless, your mind will make you want to supress a menace, which will be easily achievable. people don't usually think doing that for the sake of pissing off the nidus. just to help... yaknow, killing stuff in a killing game?
  11. welp, there was a cleanse... xD still funny to read i'm just a tidbit sad, i wish it was still there, for happy reading.
  12. yes please, this. it's funny, but all those complaining are just polluting the forum at that point, as DE made their point long ago xD "wah wah muh exclusive item"
  13. please, do give us a way DE could have made it available to the public? come on, you and your grand ingeniosity! 🙂 the mod was bound to come back, period. anyone who tried to convince themselves otherwise was delusional, at BEST.
  14. must... resist... not... posting... oof, feels good.
  15. now that's something i didn't knew.
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