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  1. I totally bump this. Probably won't be using it, but anything that helps the community and make it easier is a good thing for Warframe, no matter what ^^
  2. I really love OP's idea, as long with the idea of buying kuva and Ember star, too. Maybe but I would rather say 1 Vitus for 2 star. And preferably pre-built forma, like in plague star event
  3. mikakor

    This is silly but soo great

    This is... BEAUTIFUL!!! I want that xD
  4. mikakor

    So I died of boredom in an Arbitration

    False. not always. false too. yeah, so you depend now on your teammates to save your sorry *ss, because since you can't kill the drone, this means that you are FORCED TO : either run away, or die, if nobody is here to save you. so okay, you kill droneless enemies. and when one arrive to you, you're #*!%ed. nice. gg. see you next arbitration .
  5. mikakor

    So I died of boredom in an Arbitration

    yeah, but in other missions it's more better than that. and are sometimes even lower missions, that get their level one Hundred quickly. there is a lot of flaws in the arbitrations, the first of them being the double timer / waves before rotation.
  6. mikakor

    So I died of boredom in an Arbitration

    and that's the problem. these were supposed to be even more challenging than sortie. they are not. they are BORING. i litterally killed myself while taking intentionnal risks, because i was DYING OF BOREDOM. this isn't the endgame missions we were promised, and with on top of that reduced spawn rates of survival pods, and also double timer... it's not hard. it's boring. annoying. makes me sleepy.
  7. mikakor

    So I died of boredom in an Arbitration

    no. in sortie you don't have to wait, at sortie stage three. and it's what it was supposed to be. END GAME. sortie also is end game. that, is a mid level mission, with a possibility of dying and not coming back. but it is a mid level mission for any good player of Warframe. in this game mode, we shouldn't evne have to wait before enemies get to 80, or even start at 100.
  8. mikakor

    Reworking Arbitrations

    For the love of God could people stop saying that Endo is useless? I am far in the game , yet I only have 3 or 4 primed mod maxed out, so these rewards are perfect for me, except that the ayatan should come pre-filled.
  9. mikakor

    New PoE event suggestion - Sentient eclipse

    For my own sanity, could you tell me, here or in MP, how you are doing a solo tridolon?!?
  10. mikakor

    Thanks for the daily login change!

    What's the problem, in Iran? There is a law against buying virtual currency?
  11. mikakor

    New PoE event suggestion - Sentient eclipse

    I want this. A lot.
  12. mikakor

    Elite Alerts WTB Time Balancing

    I personally think they should have... Hmm... They should have leveled up enemis in EVERY missions, like... 80-100, to start. Then, in survival / defense, it's the normal rotation time / number of wave of 5 minutes. Intervention : 2 entire round before anything? Yeah no. Should be one, simple. But more loot, the message, if you want, but two isn't hard, it's boring. Same with excavation. I never die or lose an excavator when I'm paying attention. And when I start doing other things beside playing, like checking website, is when it's starts getting destroyed, cause waiting 3 damn minutes for one extractor is painful. Especially at certain moments with the cells spawn rate. All in all, I would love the game mode if the timers were halved. A long rotation isn't hard to do, it's boring. And most of the time in survival when I died is when I started taking risks on purpose because 10 minutes of level 60 enemies before reward is boring... There Joe, that's my two cents!
  13. mikakor

    What the point of staying in elite alerts?

    Can also be a personal goal, no? I liked being able to survive one hour in survival, personally. Was my first time doing that. But of course, if the rotations were normal and not screwed for not harder games, but more boring games, it would be even more amazing to do. Not seeing at least one reward every 5 minutes feels bad, in a certain way.
  14. mikakor

    Operator Melee: Forgotten?

    Just a question... What would even be the point or purpose of operator melee...? I see lots of wanting wanting that, but for no reason at all than "it would be cool" . And DE is already busy with more important things, right now.
  15. mikakor

    Riven Mods

    quote me once you got it o.o i want to be pinged