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  1. you hear it from your radio, where there is usually grineer chat.
  2. could you tell me in which devstream this was talked about please?
  3. i'm seeing this expression non stop in the topic about the new voice on the radio, but i don't have any clues about what is is. can someone explain me?
  4. everyone talk about this, but.... what is "the wolf of saturn" ?
  5. mikakor

    Limbo's stasis

    it was 30, before. they nerfed Limbo stasis by half. not because it was needed, but because of a stupid logic of "a buff this so i need to nerf that" . it's not making Limbo less powerful. it's just making him more annoying to use because it's unsynchronized with his catalysm.
  6. mikakor

    Limbo's stasis

    way before, Stasis from Limbo was ALSO stopping YOUR bullets, and the one of your allies. all of them. and your allies were also able to break stasis by firing so much that your powers was breaking and cancel stasis. basically a huge ANTI-synergy. Also... the Augment could be nice for Limbos, but you must abandon any hope of killing anything in the Cataclysm, because by the time you 1 : put stasis 2 : Catalysm 3 : Shot your bullets 4 : uncast/recast stasis everyone else in your team will have killed everything. but this +50% stasis augment would give him a greater "support" role, since this unwarranted nerf that wasn't necessary at all, and more "we buff this, so we must nerf something else" . i still can't believe that something as trivial and obvious as Leeting your own damn teammates firing their weapons was worth of such an annoying nerf. it's not even a big nerf. it's just plain annoying to deal with, just that. so all in all, this would be nice.
  7. i have used the 150 formas i had bought from the last event. i can't wait the the new one to come. but yeah, it's only one every 6 months.
  8. i also think your version is the best way it could be made. but i'm just so SO freaking happy that it's finally coming. for litteral months and YEARS we have people who litterally no reason other than "i want them to stay as long as I, ME, the GREAT (insert player name) want". i'm so happy that just like vacuum for pets, solo extraction will become a thing ^^
  9. mikakor

    Magus Lockdown is broken?

    i see, my bad then. i spoke without knowing.
  10. mikakor

    Index Teams

    i honestly prefer doing it with Broberon. Twwo Umbral Aimbot with their best sniper on radiation One rhino ( classic ) one Oberon with max range and duration. since he does radiation damage, he can just cast one on each side of the map ( the small one ) and you can just go lazy mode for the whole game, the killfeed is a delight!
  11. mikakor

    Magus Lockdown is broken?

    if the enemy armor is low enough that you can vaporize them, it's probably in low level, and then isn't that much of a problem ( just looking at all the other warframes and weapons. )
  12. mikakor

    Acolyte's mods drop rate...

    after the 5 time farming them, i got tired, and bought everything else i needed. so argon scope and Maiming strike. and a few others.
  13. mikakor

    Eject! Stalker Mode Needs Serious Work

    please, none of these change. let stalker be stalker, let us control what the stalker is, point. don't limit us.
  14. mikakor

    Found a friendly Hyena

    people have been asking for years for a hyena companion. it is time, DE, it is time... :3