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  1. LET'S-A-GO!!! I got forma to buy!!!! And 11 days, I've been shown O.O THAT'S AMAZING!!
  2. you should add Kuva rto the stuff we can buy. it'\s the only thing endgames players can still want ( Endo being the second, if they didn't finished every primed mod yet ). but you somehow still cna't wrap your head around the fact that in the max game of warframe, the only real last thing that can be "new" and "different" is riven, and riven needs kuva. i hope one day you'll understand and finally add more ways to get reliably kuva ( you know, like something that should have scalable rewards... *cough* kuva survival *cough* ) Disruption was also a great missed opportunity. we know Kuva can give sentient their reproduction "systems" back, so amalgam shold drop us kuva. THIS would make it so people would go back to it. but once everyone is done with hexenon, no one is going to bother at all. make it so we get kuva at a higher rate than any other nodes, in this mode. this will be the way to bring back people to it.
  3. Lol. I love how you basically you say that DE shouldn't send their support to people who are regularly humiliated, talked down, bullied, threatened, and killed all day long, even after a big history of fight to gain more right, and against discrimination. It's SUCH A BAD THING to get involved in.
  4. Sounds like someone don't understand people might want to get as much forma as possible, which will require a LOT of these. On my side I have 550 of each.
  5. Plague star, 10 Days...? Last time I did it, it only was fir the time of a week end. Two days...
  6. hoooo, thank you. >.> but not everyone knows about each particular website to help with this. thanks anyway!
  7. i know, shame on me, i'm a meta slave, i should kill myself for being a stupid sheep, yada yada yada... So, i've been looking up a bit on youtube, but couldn't find anything recent less than 8 months, and i don't know if all of this is still relevant to this day, so... here is my question. What's the best actual plague zaws your can build? if you want to take the time to write me a little guide of what you think could be the best zaw components to use to make one, or several different plague zaw, i would be extremely happy! or if you don't, but have a video defining them that you think is still relevant to this day, i would gladly take it, too!! i'm of course asking the peoples who know zaws very well and would know if such videos or things could still be relevant. Heading off to bed, seeing your answers tomorrow, thank you, and good night!! ^^
  8. welcome, dear player. you are provided here a link to the nearest "recruit" chat possible. please use it to it's full potential, and you will see your game experience in ESO greatly improved. No, for real, someone who didn't already understood that waiting anything from a pub group only lead to disappointment deserve what happens.
  9. Alright, first thing first. Make clearer Waypoint. First, make the boomer marked from way further. Warframe is a game that a LOT of person plays with music in the background, and we'll not always be able to hear the sound to know where the boomer will be coming from, especially for those who want to listen to other stuff at the same time. 1 : Increase the distance to which the boomer is marked. like maybe the double. or 2.5 time. The rest, now 2 : Second suggestion : The keys. They are not exactly the most easy thing to find, when you don't exactly see them falling. Making the key marked on the map, and on your UI would be good to quickly find them, once dropped by the amalgams. with maybe their own icons.Making them marked, or marked more... clearly. because if they are already, i couldn't notice it, in the action. 3 : The amalgams... hm. they are... nice. but in the middle of this pixel mixture, it's sometime hard to find them. some of them even get stuck on doors, it's really horrible to look for them. the game action is so fast, that sometimes you kill them without even knowing, or you just never find them. so i suggest making the amalgams marked, too. 4 : the boomers doing an occasional shield nullifier is... good? it's honestly WAY BETTER than being outright immune to our abilities, but still sad. you can't rely that much on your abilities to stop them. with CC, for exemple. i'm torn between " Hey, it's bit challenging, but not just stupidly forbidding our abilities, for once" and " Yeaaah, but i want to be reliant on them, and them being efficient at all time, when i ask my powers to do so" . like if a boomer is in the middle of a CC, and then boom, shields, nullified CC, and goes on, it sucks. so i'm mixed, on that... 5 : sometimes the flydolon, despite being grabbed, just DOESN"T want to go into the direction which we order him to. it's making me pulling my hairs off xD Ho, and lastly, a way to stop the "grab" scene. the first time it's badass, but after, it just slower the fight when wanting to speed it up, which is a bit frustrating. just like we can skip the other cinematics.
  10. It would actually make SOME sens. There is four big primary factions. We got for the grineer : kit melee Corpus : kit gut secondary Infested : likely kit gun primary This just left the last big faction. if we get not one more open world ( infested ) but two ( infested and Orokin ) then we'll probably have kit Warframe... Or more pet kit, bit that would be a bit low in content.
  11. (( Sorry double posting )) You do know that eidolons are fragments of one big sentient? He's been also said being an eidolon by the staff on multiple lives, so...
  12. If you would have bothered with the related event the first time exploiter came around, you would know what's the logic behind it, because it's crystal clear.
  13. We could have a beginning of end game if they weren't so scared of adding content that couldn't be done by XXX_ENTITLEDNOOB_XXX, MR 3, who just started the game, who need to be able to finish any content what so #*!%ing ever. The day they will understand that it's #*!%ing normal for a game to have content that SOME players can't achieve with a participation trophy, it will already be a huge progress
  14. *COUGH* *COUGH* rivens *COUGH COUGH*
  15. What I would really like is zylok Prisma, or Twin Zylok Prisma!!!
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