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  1. you know that it's not a real argument right? Animals also have their own vacuum mod, Fetch, that have greater range. ( on the other hand, these little S#&$stain are just a mess to keep alive, even with the best mods, when you don't use HP only frames. ) Also, i don't think heir powers will be life steal or so. maybe as a passive, they'll drain life of enemies, for themselves ( better be... but not as a mod... ) but we already have generic mod for pets that does the same. it would be redundant to an extreme, and i think DE knows that. it has to be something else.
  2. so basically making them sucks ? if they don't scale, then they don't matter. if i'm gonna recruit one, it's because i care about them or got impressed enough that i want to keep them, and make them be worth the trouble and investment. I just Hope DE will be smart and not make them as easy to lose as an idiot syndicate operative, that dies in silence without us being able to do anything about it. I want something that is worth the trouble. these are the KUVA LICHES!!! freaking elite grineer soldier, spiked to Kuva, elites made probably on order of the queens themselves! if they don't scales, it would make absolutely no freaking sense what so ever. it would be pathetic.
  3. it may already been said before, but... her 4 is better not be a Line of Sight, this would totally destroy this ability. her heat meter shouldn't give drawback. at all. period. Ember didn't had this before, she shouldn't have this now. this is making an old warframe more complicated than what it needs to be. it should be an indicator of your DR until it gets to the max, and that's it. not actively screwing up your gameplay. you are FORCED to use an ability just because using your kit is actually bad for you and mess you up. this, as a feeling, sucks. nothing in her actual kit deserves... anything about that. no drawback at all. there shouldn't be.
  4. i do have to play with the others here, even if the candle thing of Ember looks nice, it simply does not bring enough positive, compared to the micro-management that it is. it should be something like, you can go at 100 per 100, and stay there. forever. it doesn't do anything else than helping with damage reduction. this is an unwanted mechanic on Ember. ( but i like the icon of it tho ). we shouldn't be penalized by using our abilities.
  5. yeaaaaah... they don't know how to do offensive frame... wanna talk about Saryn, Equinox, and mesa? they are amazing. also, yeah, her 2 was MUCH better... but was it better for you, or for the game as a whole to help her escape the hellhole she was in? the good answer being the second one, of course.
  6. nah thank you. i actually prefer this way better. this is litteraly the apocalypse!!!
  7. i would rather say that instead of this, or even both, that when we get to 100 per 100, we get a visual warning in the middle of our HUD , like big red flashy icon on our aim visor, with written on it "/!\ OVERHEAT /!\" so we know that we have to discharge a bit of our heat metter, giving us something like a 3 period grace before we actually lose all the energy. does it sounds nice to you? sorry double post >.>
  8. so i'm glad you'll look at the posts here, so i had an idea of Vauban augment, and it would be really neat if it could be added!! 🙂 so, what i imagined is that for bastille, the huge ring that hold the enemies in the air, instead of stopping them in the ring as soon as they enter and leave them immobile, the augment will no longer make it so bastille stop the enemies. instead, it will lost that ability, while getting a range boost of 50 per cent, or 100 per cent, also keeping the full armor stripping, making it so if Vauban desire so, to make a place to stay and camp, rather than being mobile, like what your actual devstream has shown! Letting the now armor-stripped enemies run into you while you and your team are in this fortified bastion, these poor enemies coming right into the wolf nest. so like that we'll have both side! mobile, and immobile, and it will make Vauban a great Frame to have in high end mission where armor can be a problem! especially in places that requires to stay at one spot!! hope you'll consider it!!! 🙂 It would be amazing to see Vauban getting use in serious end level missions!!!
  9. except it's not opinion. it's facts. your rework would not give him purpose anymore in gameplay, other than "fun" value, which in itself is highly subjective. you couldn't come back with anything because i described what you wanted to do, what were the consequences, and why it's absolutely ridiculous and should straight up go to another Warframe, at that point. leave Nekros alone, and create an actual necromancer Warframe. here, problem solved. you got your necromancer while we, players who actually knows Nekros, can keep him and avoid wrecking him.everyone is happy.
  10. mikakor


    don't forget taking out the dual fire mode and put to semi-automatic only. if you have 40 ammo, you in reality still have 20 ammo max because of the dual burst.
  11. and yet you can't come back with anything regarding my whole post except some quote. thank you. at least put proper comeback...
  12. people are complaining because this is the only thing that Warframe has like that. Rivens are an insult to the time or money poured into them. your time or money you've spent on means nothing, as it might be changed on a whim in 3 months. it's something clear to understand. Rivens are a middle finger to anyone. were a mistake. and should be either changed so that the grind isn't absolutely ridiculous ( or stat-locking ) or totally removed, helping in both stupidity being removed from the game, and trade chat getting cleaned a little. or untrade-able. or grandfathered. or you know, anything that makes Rivens less of a big slap when the nerfs comes? working toward a riven is simply meaningless. it has no point.
  13. Nekros was made with the exact purpose of being a looter. the problem isn't Nekros, it's you, who actually dislike the idea and what he was made for, which ends up in you trying to change him into something he's not, and never will be. that's "what if". you would also be surprised as how he is played. and yes, Nekros actually is his 3 and 4, but that's a good thing. these are the good abilities that just need to be tweaked and improved ( his fourth at least ). it's the two first that should get enhanced. what you're suggesting is to totally change a warframe for no actual reasons, other than "i want a necromancer summoner". Nekros fills a niche he has a place in. what will your rework do to him? taking that away from him, and basically being just as played as Baruuk or Ember. almost never. with no true purpose and point in the game. he would have no real reason to be played except for "fun" , because that's litterally the only thing that would end up with. he would have then no purpose, no reason to be used beyong the "fun" factor, as everything he would do would be gimmicky as heck, with frames that could do it way better, with way less problems. The right way to go would be to improve his others abilities, not straight up changing them to fit your idea of a necromancer summoner. hell, i also like necromancers, that's the litteral first thing i decided to play in Path of Exile, but we aren't in Path of Exile. we're in Warframe, where Nekros have his niche of tanky frame that helps with loot, every loot. that's his "thing". and there's nothing bad with this. that's how he was made, and it works perfectly. his 3 is fine, his 4 is almost fine ( expecting summons to do actual damages past a certain level is ridicule, their main point is literally to distract the enemy and give Nekros some good DR ) , and it's only the 2 first that needs to be improved so that he got more for himself. "don't fix what ain't broken" Nekros's purpose his fine. don't fix it, because it doesn't need to be fixed. but his two first abilities, them, could see necessary changing, which would be very welcomed.
  14. No, I don't want his two best abilities hurted, which you're clearly trying to nerf. Also, people who gets mad at you for using his 4 are just dumb. It is an amazing tanking tool that helps with Nekros survivability. People care about his 4, but you don't seem to see it. Nekros is way more than just his 3, you simply aren't able to see it. Glad this thread won't be taken seriously by the devs since Nekros is in a good place.
  15. How about we don't screw a greatly balanced Warframe because you don't like their theme? Nekros is not focused on being a mass summoner. He's a looter. This passive is plain horrible, and his 4 works Extremely well for it's intended purpose. Causing Chaos, and helping Nekros, with his augmented, as well as health conversion and equilibrium, being an amazing tank. No need to screw him over. At that point, you don't want a rework. You want a new Warframe. Glad tho that Nekros is in a very stable place and don't need ( massive ) changes to his 3 and 4 abilities. For the second I don't know, I have better CC frames. The only ability of Nekros that actually needs a rework is his first, and that's it. The rest is a big no across the board for Nekros.
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