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  1. We need primary Seer, melee Seer and heavy Seer first. Then we can get Twin Seer. I'd love to have their Kuva variants too.
  2. Whoa, easy Satan. I know its annoying that Simaris target gets killed by teammates but its mostly on accident as we all mow down enemies recklessly with our OPAF builds and huge AOE capabilities. Also you can't expect everyone to keep an eye out on target or wait for Simaris's always late " No, don't damage it further. " announcement ( I swear he always says that right after target dies ) in public missions. If you are so concerned about your Simaris target, just do solo capture. No need for such punishments for accidental kills.
  3. OP, it's just name similarity. They don't even look alike when you look at Vala from teaser and Claudia Black closely, both have very different face structures and proportions. If anything her face model looks like it is made with a face-app by using Adam Driver's and Cate Blanchett's faces. Agreed. People said same with Nora Night and similarity with DJ from The Warriors. I swear they do not know what " homage " is and jump into " CopYriGHt inFrIngEMenT " bandwagon without a thought.
  4. I think Sevagoth's acquisition and build requirements will be ( knowing DE ) ; Sevagoth's main blueprint is rewarded upon completion of " Call of the Tempestarii " quest. Component blueprints can be acquired from within the Void Storms, special locations which require Railjack and only accessible from the Proxima Regions. Neuroptics blueprints come from Rotation C of the Basic Void Storm ( Earth & Venus Proxima ), Chassis blueprints from Rotation C of Violent Void Storm ( Saturn, Neptune & Pluto Proxima ), and the System blueprints from Rotation C of the Nightmare Void Storm
  5. I didn't get Intermisssion Creds from Wolf Howl Emote and Emissary Operator Collection, however got Creds from rest of cosmetics.
  6. Got the same issue. No NW Intermission Creds are given for Wolf Howl Emote duplicate.
  7. They did change the requirement after getting community feedback. You should be fine as long as you maxed all your grid sockets since you are past the wreckage requirement ( which is 6 for Tier 3 ). If you didn't max your sockets, I recommend doing it soon. Also, if you are not familiar with grid upgrading ; There are 15 Grid Sockets and they can be upgraded up to three times each, further increasing the potency of any Avionic slotted into them by one level per upgrade without incurring any additional drain for the slotted Avionic. Upgrading Grid Sockets expends successively m
  8. I just want to point out one thing, skin is missing it's shoulder pads / armors in Pablo's preview and jacket does look better with them. Love the deluxe but wouldn't mind jacket being auxiliary attachment like some people have suggested in this thread. Also recommend checking Devstream #152 for complete deluxe look if anyone missed ;
  9. You will get deployer gear item automatically after buying the mech from store but you might need to relog for it to appear in gear menu.
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