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  1. Can confirm, got everything but OULL requiem.
  2. Riptide Pack should have Physalia Alt Helmet and Waverider's Heart Decor since its a pack to " support " everything about Yareli. 2 different packs ( one in game and the other in RL store ) with different exclusives is a really bad move that I didn't expect from DE.
  3. However, I'd love to have more than 5 daily Incursions with increased Steel Essence rewards for more casual essence farm. Edit : Just noticed OP's name. As you can guess, only an Orokin would have come up with ideas that are as bad as these.
  4. OR DE could change the archaic and awful looking melee holding animations and poses ( especially Heavy Blades and Hammers, they are worst offenders ) for all frames, not just for Gara Prime.
  5. It worked for me, thanks :3 BTW #*!% that site, tried 7381920371982 password combinations and kept saying " doesn't meet requirements " BS.
  6. Blocking with melee causes his shoulder to break/collapse and makes his back textures stretch so badly. It's most noticable on heavy blades and polearms. Please fix it. ; - ;
  7. Same problem here. Tried relogging a few times but nothing so far. Edit : Oh, also noticed past messages from Teshin ( Twitch ones ) seem to be disappeared from inbox. Not sure if its related to this issue or happened to other people too.
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