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  1. Ok dudes, let's make the Corpus Electrical Fly Swatter..*COFF* Prova make x15 damage on Titania.
  2. People tend to forget (ignore or accepting a cheap illusion, whatever..) that a big problem is the lack of control over Shadows. No matter what the damage multiplier they get, by their AI the damage is randomic and unfocused, resulting in no results in mid-to-high level missions. In the end they just result being as moving Decoys that once and then are able to kill a low Hp target. For Sinergy, it would be great if Shadows would focusfire a declared target, and Soul Punch should mark their target, driving their attention.
  3. No problem since we still have the chance at wearing the Standard Helmet. Also what are those ugly-fleshy things coming out of its stomach? >.<
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