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  1. Was in a Railjack mission and ported back into my ship after blowing up a Crewship. Electric Hazard has not been fixed by my engineer and after fixing it myself, my map was jammed the entire rest of the mission. As always, stay safe, drink enough and keep working on making Warframe a better game.
  2. - Okay, so far you fixed doing RJ mission in succession resulting in soft locking mission-end screen, nice. - The Corpus Capital Ship no longer shuts us out if we enter and leave the vessel while "waiting for other players", good job! - The Wormhole no longer holds my Railjack hostage in the blind entities, great. - Identified loot will be displayed properly in the mission-end screen as "IDENTIFIED", awesome. So far the fixes go in a right and smooth direction. RJ doesn't feel like the mass of bugs from a few days ago anymore and I would call it playable, if I may be so bold. B
  3. So, after waiting and entire day for hotfixes (never play on patchday folks!), here is my experience with the Update so far: Positive: - The Crewmembers seem to be reliable. Sometimes I cannot even fully see a ship until my mate blows it up. - I think the modding system looks way better than the grid. Less confusing and more warframe-like. - The way the Corpus Captains speak is just hilarious. Never heard a person so annoyed and halfhearted at the same time about some yeeting space ninjas. Negative: - Very often the game gets stuck in the mission end-screen while starting a r
  4. Aight, before I get to read this I'll take a nice shower and prepare some coffee.
  5. Whenever I play Railjack I volunteer for beeing the engineer. Gonna spread some love for my Hammer of Terra. She's just a beauty (like everyone's Railjack) and should be maintained properly. Keeping the Railjack in shape takes a lot of pressure from my crew so they can focus on their tasks. Sounds a bit silly, I know but I like playing games like this, honestly.
  6. As much as I like the overall buffs I don't think this will fix the weak gunplay in the Game. You can practically melee everything with every weapon but only a handful of primary weapon are suited for higher level enemies sadly. But I do hope for more relevant changes.
  7. In the meantime I got my hands on Cedo and Lavos. First of all, whoever invented the Cedo deserves a medal. Using the alt-fire with projectilespeed is more fun than I think is allowed. Easily one of my most loved "shotguns". Lavos, yes. I dislike the idea of giving a Warframe only through an time-limited event, so I hope he will be available in the tennolab or sorts. I do not use his 1 at all. I think he has more than enough bulk to withstand the most non-steel path attacks and beeing a full-body move just feels clunky at this point. I only keep this ability to imbue poison to othe
  8. I don't know how long have been on board but surely long enough to tell the downsides of Warframe and its updates. Your posts are always catching my attention, cause they're not "plz fix" but rather a more detailed breakdown as of why things are. I cannot exactly recall when it was but the other day you mentioned that there must be players to point at problems and not white-knight the company with "they're doing their best". No, Warframe cannot and will not improve if everyone either says it's good or ok or just leaving for good without explaining why. I of course don't know you but in th
  9. First of all, thanks for the update and of course for Lavos, though I am still farming his systems. I enjoyed the event so far since there wasn't really a good way to play the Mechs properly, open worlds aside. Full of joy I started the mission, called down my Mech and the first thing I realized was "Hey, your Mech will never fit into that door... wait, this a ship-tileset no open world. Can we finally use the Mechs in normal missions?" and then I went berserk on the sentient forces. Skin for the Mech-Helmet looks really cool, same for the Skin for the Mech itself. Haven't got my hands on
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