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  1. I don't know if it's fixed by now but sometimes the Hounds of the Sisters tend to attack their owners and mates with its attacks. Maybe your Squadmates modded them for radiation or something and they just got confused and attacked you? If you want a workaround, there is an arcane that prevents radiation triggers from happening, though it is certainly now long-term resolution.
  2. I don't know if this is the exact problem we encountered but when a friend of mine hosts a squad it constantly gets disbanded after a few seconds. The problem happens everytime he hosts and chooses a relic and when someone else hosts, he gets kicked after roughly 5 minutes. Before Sisters of Parvos we never had this problem and seems to affect him alone.
  3. The Tenet Flux Rifle sometimes forces other programs like discord in front of Warframe, but only for half a second and the program stays black. No idea how to recreate this specific bug, since a friend of mine experienced this as well. Happens only after Granum Void. Also sometimes squads get disbanded for no reason. Happened 4-5 times to us today that the entire crew got kicked out of squad.
  4. Wow, free Loki Prime per twitch. Will piss off some prime-trader for sure. Anyway, trailer looks very interesting but I doubt we will see anything of it within 2021/22.
  5. So I've farmed a little bit more today to convert my sister but I didn't get her weapon nor can use her for my railhack crew. Is that intended? Also skipping Yarelli questline entirely. I certainly won't do stupid airflips for some minor characters. As always, stay safe and drink enough.
  6. Is there any possibility to reduce the amount of void-sinks? In public play I am forced to stay on ship to safe the helmsman from them, since they get out of hands very quickly. Playing solo wont fix the amount either. They instead force me to repair my ship on my own, since the AI crew seems to not realize a void-sink caused fire is still a fire.
  7. Thanks for the update. I very much enjoyed the Call od the Tempestarii Questline, though I think It could've been a bit longer. Here is my experience with the update so far: Good: - Sleeping in the cold below is a banger, listened to it many times now. Also loved the involvement of it into the questline. - Doing Relics in space is fine but I rather do either quick runs on "foot" or a few in a row at defensive kind of missions Bad: - Infinite void tunnel is (sadly) still a thing - Volatile mission is much harder within a voidstorm mission. Tried a solo round and got overwhelmed by amounts of enemies that should appear at 20min survival at least - After missions completion I lost connection to warframe. Even though I already saw the end mission screen, all my rewards were gone Neutral: - I have absolutely no idea how to get Sevagoth, are the parts in relics itself or some kind of completion rewards? I am confused. - As always, drink enough, stay safe and keep working on making Warframe a better game.
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