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  1. Hey, sure thing I have added you in-game. Feel free to send me a message on discord if I am not online in-game :)
  2. In-game 2 issues: Affinity not gained for mech + weapon Not sure why this is happening, 2 theories. Mech is destroyed and so no affinity gained for some reason, or mech is not present at extraction (extracting as frame lets say) does not show mech affinity gained on mission result screen. Does the game see what you extract with differently? Loss of XP if entering another mech by accident Not sure why XP was lost, I accidentally got into another mech (conveniently placed next to mine of course) and this led to a loss of all XP when I got back into my mech. N/A
  3. Hi, I am looking for tenno to join our clan, as well as other clans to join our alliance. We are primarily an EU based clan on PC. Primed Outlaws is a Rank 10 Mountain Clan, we have an alliance discord which I will link below (please do feel free to join and scope us out). For clan members, we are looking for MR5+ players who are fun, social, friendly and most of all ACTIVE. The clan operates a 25 day offline kick rule. We have full research (including the coveted Ignis Wraith blueprint), as well as a structured clan member setup with opportunities to move up the guild ranks always o
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