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  1. I think your post is onto something, but it seems people have jumped to defend IP See, the problem is, statuses as a whole are not in a very good place. I know people praised the status update a few years ago, I am still not sure why. All this did was push a viral + slash meta into a lot of builds instead of a corrosive one like we had prior to that update. This meta is arguably stronger. Where Corrosive was used to remove armor, viral + slash negates the need for this and completely bypasses armor. The problem is there. Slash can synergise with viral in ways Puncture and Impact cann
  2. haha this is hilarious, maybe they back stab you as you pilot
  3. Can we get an extract option once we are in the railjack between missions? I like that we can string missions once we are in, this is great. However there is no proper way to leave a host who keeps on stringing missions (I believe most people just abort). As far as I know this keeps your loot, but this it not intuitive compared to the rest of the game.
  4. as a rank 10 intrinsic, there should be no added cost to the player. The player has grinded 512 intrinsics to max the skill, it should be a pure pro with no con at this point as the idea is the player has mastered this tree now. Also, please allow Sigma parts to be scrapped. To work around a player not having any parts left if they scrap all of their components (I assume this is a fail safe measure), just restrict players from scrapping their equipped gear.
  5. Current state I think they are pretty OP. They can heal your frame along with party members (with an arcane). They can revive anything with almost no danger of death during the revive animation. They can move through enemies with more speed than many frames, gaining energy for going through enemies to allow them to go even further. I think they're great for what they are, utility moments. Should focus schools be looked at again? Absolutely. The problem is I am not sure what changes to suggest just because of how limited most of the abilities are in there. Some rely on das
  6. Hey, sure thing I have added you in-game. Feel free to send me a message on discord if I am not online in-game :)
  7. Hi, I am looking for tenno to join our clan, as well as other clans to join our alliance. We are primarily an EU based clan on PC. Primed Outlaws is a Rank 10 Mountain Clan, we have an alliance discord which I will link below (please do feel free to join and scope us out). For clan members, we are looking for MR5+ players who are fun, social, friendly and most of all ACTIVE. The clan operates a 25 day offline kick rule. We have full research (including the coveted Ignis Wraith blueprint), as well as a structured clan member setup with opportunities to move up the guild ranks always o
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