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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  2. Noticed this a lot more in the last few months too, some people will blame the connection but I am fairly sure it's a fault in the game (and yes most people I know experiencing this have tried optimising / verifying, the problem persists).
  3. I echo the sentiments expressed by people before me that dispo should not be based on useage. Can I get a clear reason for why rivens exist? Are they meant to be a band-aid mod for lesser used weapons? Or are they meant to be for those players who don't really have much else power to farm so rivens becomes that endless grind loop? Maybe I missed the memo on it so feel free to educate me. If it is the 1st (band-aid mod), the dispo range needs a review, since even at highest dispo a lot of those weps are not really worth using (your stats will confirm this I am sure). If it is meant to be
  4. IF you do not wish to hunt further liches, you can work out the requiems and just leave it until it's the nightwave challenge for a quick 7k (I know it's not a solution, just trying to make good on a bad situation).
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