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  1. Congrats on keeping up with everything DE says, where's this person's medal someone please !
  2. Since Reb was purchasing slots for 20p I imagine this is how much they will cost
  3. MetalGrayFox

    vitus drop

    Also experiencing this - wish this game mode was more consistent *sigh*
  4. I am finding it inconsistent with drone drops. Played a couple defense missions recently. The tile for Sangeru on Sedna seems to give a good amount of vitus from drones. There is another tile on the other hand (looks like Xini interception) where after 25 waves I got 4 from the drones at end of run. Not sure if this is how it should be, does not make sense for such a huge different in drops between tiles. I have played both tiles twice each and had extremely varying results (very good luck/RNG on the Sedna tile and very poor drops on the Xini-looking tile). Not sure what or why this is happening, would be great to hear if others are noticing any patterns from their time playing Arbitrations.
  5. I am finding it inconsistent with drone drops. Did a couple defense missions recently. The tile for Sangeru on Sedna seems to give a good amount of vitus from drones. There is another tile on the other hand (looks like Xini interception) where after 25 waves I got 4 from the drones at end of run. Not sure if this was nerfed or always been inconsistent since the update. I have played both tiles twice and had extremely varying results (very good luck/RNG on the Sedna tile and very poor drops on the Xini-looking tile). Not sure what or why this is happening, would be great to hear if others are noticing any patterns from their time playing.
  6. I was not aware MR30 was a point for end game to start being a focus. I think for now I have accepted it won't exist for some time to come in Warframe, and so seeking challenge elsewhere is fine for me. And yes, I understand the point of having basic nodes locked behind something like the pain point mentioned in your original post, perhaps quests overall need to be reviewed and things of this nature should not be on the path to unlocking the star chart. It's all very complex and that can be the most off-putting thing. Anyway, with some number crunching on DE's part for when new players are leaving we can only hope they will make some positive changes going forward.
  7. Fair, I think of these points I agree with 3 and still think the old alerts should exist alongside NW. It is sad to be locked out of weeklies and elite weeklies sometmies and not have an easy alternative route to get nightwave points or the things purchasable from the store. I guess the invasion thing is there for those who want to grind rep, seems too time consuming to be worth it imo. The other points seem more personal and your own philosophy on gaming, not saying they are not valid but considering their personal nature I just could not get behind them as strong reasons for the game to be made easier or changed. Perhaps we are on different paths, I still want an end-game and real challenges, but it seems everything just becomes easier with time instead. I think you gave a nice example yourself, went from 3 lives up to 5 revives now. Also I played most of the game unassisted in the beginning and I quite enjoyed that, learning things as I went along, so very different experiences there for us. Anyway, let's see how the new player experience unfolds over the next few months/years. I do pray it becomes more easier for players to navigate it unassisted and more focus is placed on the story quests and other areas which help newer players understand the core game.
  8. How old is your son ? Are they the recommended 17+ mature age the game suggests, cos based on what I read, it sounds like they might not be 🤔 Anyway, "Extreme frustration in having to die repeatedly(NO gamer enjoys that)" - I mean, depends on the game first of all. Some games are designed around dying and learning from fights/boss fights. In other games, this continuous death can mean you are not ready for this part of the game, so go do some other content and power up. And when you think you are ready, come back and try again. Sounds like you are trying to rush your boy through the star chart for some reason, that's great for you guys, but ask yourself why? So they can do Arbitrations seems a weak reason, considering that's not really aimed at newer players. No real benefit in rushing through a proposed easier game to come to Arbitrations and have no sufficient gear to go the distance there as you were carried through everything beforehand and the solo quests were made super easy. The game is not difficult, it needs to be more difficult lol. Sure some guidance could be added to suggest what to do to power up your operator and amp, I 100% agree with that. Introducing a way to build an amp which does not involve using your weak amp against a boss you barely tickle with it is so necessary. The Eidolon loop of use mote amp vs teralyst so you can make a better amp to kill the same boss faster needs a step before it, a way to gear up for your first Eidolon fight which does not involve battling with the Eidolons. Not sure if and how that could happen, but this is clearly a not-great part of the game for players with only a mote amp and nobody to carry them through.
  9. Would love all of these. It is sad clans are essentially just a 'I need that new research lemme join a clan' part of the game now
  10. This guy gets it! I hope in a future update all the junk added in the last update is removed from the rotations and added to the store instead.
  11. Hi - I have recently added an aura forma to a couple of Warframes, however I am struggling to find a visual indicator to tell me 'this frame has an aura forma installed'. Does this forma number just count under the overall forma number on the frame? If so, would it be possible to have a separate visual indicator to show us a frame has had an aura forma installed? Perhaps next to the usual forma number at the top of the modding screen. Thanks
  12. I thought one of the main issues was too much time invested without enough rewards. This has just been reworked into a way where you get something from the mission in a shorter space of time (hi dopamine-like effect on players), but you need more of it since the rewards have been nerfed (and appear to be being diluted further with more mods/arcanes). So in essence, your overall time spent in a mission is the same or longer than before. This is silly, and I imagine this will have to be looked into again when still the amount of players playing arbitration are on par with my conclave soldiers. All you have achieved with this proposed rework is try to bring game modes to the level of excavation, too focused on one feedback point but it seems the bigger picture was missed. Sad. New loot: lose the mods from the rotational reward pool please, add them to the special vitus store instead (heck, bar open world bounties, this could be done with all mods in the game which are 'rewards' from missions, just add them to the market for credits or something but I digress). In addition to this, move the ephemera drop into the store as well. I doubt people want more than one BP of an ephemera. And for the love of RNG please consider changing the rewards back to an ABCCCCCC... system OR implement a disruption type situation for other game modes where performance can push the rotation cadence into rotation C. Side note, 100k credits to craft an amber star still seems a bit much, can this be revised to a lower amount? That's basically a full sortie's credit reward for an amber star. Not sure why it needs to be that high.
  13. Did they? Again, send me proof of this please. You are basically suggesting DE has confirmed nightwave is how long term players and new term players should be interacting and one learning from the other. So where is the link? I'd love to see this video. So how are these players to get continuous credits for what they need? There is no separate path just for credits, or an alternative option to farm credits only. And sadly credits do not carry from season to season. You really think a rank 1 reward is anywhere near close enough to keep a player content for 3 months? If a player wishes to play for free, this is very limiting. Some might even argue the old system of alerts would be better. I get that the season pass is here to try and cater to all, sadly it does not work. An experienced player can use catch up mechanics etc to get the whole thing done in a day or two. They may not even have a need for cred offerings like myself. Ultimately these are not the people who alerts were removed for. Fab, thanks, seems a good place to start. FYI I am not on Steam. Not sure how many other players play without Steam though. What are you talking about here exactly? Floofs? LOL good one. I don't care for ship decorations. FYI this is not content. Content for most is something to play. Something where I can use the mods, warframes, forma invested amongst other gear I have farmed and use them in a game mode. I was more interested in the unique mods from the nightwave seasons when I mentioned exclusive. Not the fashion items since that was apparently not clear. I have nothing to buy from Nora either, I own everything I want from she sells. Hopefully with the addition of new disruption missions today that'll give me something to do for a few weeks. Also I explained this before, I don't play Warframe to conserve animals. 1) What is the actual point? 2) It's boring to me. 3) In a power fantasy game, this does not fit the bill. Similar to Shawzin guitar in the new update for PC, do I care for it enough to try it out? No. If you really think small things like this are content and by not doing it I am missing out on the game, you're delusional. But a round of applause on your attempt to make a valid point. You must have felt proud typing it out. Again a boring argument, you can use this to say "don't like a game or want to play anymore? log off, don't play it anymore". Please make better points instead of shutting thoughts down. Of course it can be skipped, of course a player does not even need to do a single part of nightwave if they chose not to. That's not really the point of feedback about nightwave though, is it? This should be your motto. Almost everything you reply with falls under this banner. Okay, an even simpler idea in addition to having choice in missions you complete. Make every rank up give credits only, and all the exclusive things to be purchased are available from the store. That way, everyone has incentive to keep ranking up and not just to 30. This gives players choice in how they spend their credits (fashion or function). If you want to give ranking up some merit, lock the purchase of seasonal items behind the ranks they currently drop at. I mean, the player is still saying they will be logging on and playing the game. They are just suggesting it would be preferred that there is more than one way to grind rep for nightwave on a daily/weekly basis. So not doing absolutely nothing. But okay, sure, absolutely nothing.
  14. I don't think nightwave should be the solution for this, as we know, Guides of the Lotus was a fail. There should be a deeper look into that system as a separate system to nightwave where vets can help newbies and both be rewarded. Nightwave should not be a sherpa system. Especially since it does not even tolerate challenges playing with friends LOL. Link me this official statement please, I must have missed it. 1 - I don't read forums much, true. Forums here are like Twitter, everyone has something to say but it's rarely constructive (also like Twitter, it's not representative of the whole player base just like how Twitter is not representative of the billions of people on the planet). 2 - 'Warframe is hard' hahahahaha, okay, sure. If anyone takes those claims seriously they should see someone for how gullible they are. It's grindy, but not really challenging. 3 - I still have not bothered with conservation. Am I playing a game where I am a godly suit of armour to catch animals? No, and that is not to do with comfort zone. It's more about what I log on to play, there should be many paths to the same destination to cater to a variety of palettes. I am sure similarly there are people who hate certain missions but love conservation, so having the option to choose what you WANT TO DO would be ideal. Like you say, after being forced to do it you still don't do it often. So what did we learn, you probably did not enjoy it that much. I get DE might want people to revisit old content, however this is clearly coming from a player who wants choice so coming back with 'na play what the game has to offer even if you don't enjoy it' is not valid and will never be a valid counter point. Why is tier 30 the end goal? For me it is, sure. I am MR27 (hi mom!) and don't have much else to buy from the store so the exclusive rewards as you rank up are better for me. However, this is not ideal for someone who actually has a need for aura mods, catalysts, reactors, nitain etc. Choice in missions would help players who actually need credits to rank up without being forced out of challenges and therefore losing points for that season. This did not really address the question on rewards and how existing rewards and nightwave rewards should be treated based on your initial post, but okay. Anyway, I can't take a look at how many people have completed Hydrolyst as I don't know how to access that data. Do tell if you know how to view this though, would be curious to know. LOL you think people post about lack of content because they are not doing everything the game has to offer? Hahahaha, wow. I don't live on forums but even I know that's not the issue with the game. A subject for another thread so I won't go into it in detail here. In short, I don't agree with people being forced to do things on a 12-16 week timer. If anything, this is accelerating burnout by forcing players to do more things, and potentially new things, in a shorter space of time. Surely you can see how in the long term this will just lead to more lack of content posts 'we did these challenges for the last 4 seasons, when will we get new content and better challenges?!'. Thanks for clearing it up, this is what I thought you meant also. I like it in principle, however I am against caps (daily syndicate caps bleurgh) so I would actually hope in the long run players will be able to get more standing if they grinded more for it (whilst having choice along the way). What's the challenge? You have over 3k posts here on forums, I am expecting something good now..
  15. Awww man, I don't want to feel hope but this might just do it !
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