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  1. H squad who can speed through FS doors. Come on, it's ridiculous. OP is right, this type of thing has been around forever for basically no reason (letting people catch up to you serves no purpose let's be real). Hope to see it removed someday, along with clan dojo keys! Useless trinkets
  2. Hi, I sometimes lose my amp when playing Lich nodes and I am not sure what is the cause of this. This reverts my primary fire in operator mode to the Void Blast. Is this a cause of liches having radial disarm / some other ability which takes away the amp for the rest of the mission? I cannot say if this occurs in non-lich nodes also as I have not been playing much of those atm to notice. Hope someone can investigate at some point.
  3. WTS Vengeful Toxin Ephemera - Kuva Ayanga (26%) for 300p If I am not online in game please message me on discord LtCain#1803 or reply/DM me here 🙂 Open to discuss price
  4. Hi, I am looking for tenno to join our clan, as well as other clans to join our alliance. We are primarily an EU based clan on PC. Primed Outlaws is a Rank 10 Mountain Clan, we have an alliance discord which I will link below (please do feel free to join and scope us out). For clan members, we are looking for MR5+ players who are fun, social, friendly and most of all ACTIVE. The clan operates a 30 day offline kick rule. We have full research (including the coveted Ignis Wraith blueprint), as well as a structured clan member setup with opportunities to move up the guild ranks always open for discussion. If you are interested in joining the clan or are a fellow clan leader wishing to partner up, my discord is LtCain#1803. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss / request an invite. Clan alliance discord link: https://discord.gg/ZFyezwV
  5. WTS Vengeful Flame Ephemera (Karak 25%) for 250p Hi - see title. PM me in-game or reply here if I am not in-game / afk and I will get back to you. SOLD!
  6. Hi - see title. PM me in-game or reply here if I am not in-game and I will get back to you. Happy to discuss price within reason. (SOLD)
  7. That moment at the 4 minute mark when you glo-up lol. Cool video of your journey, maybe RJ should have been solo content all along!
  8. Damn bruh, this does not sound like a normal amount at all.. would need to see some proof of this before believing tbh
  9. Na, we need both ! Never settle my friend
  10. So you realised this was a necessary evil players felt they needed to buy to progress a month after release and removed it (after people dumped a lot of plat into it during the holiday season, cool). This is not as good as some might think considering the next point. So, you removed the drone people used to bypass trash resource farming, and doubled 1 resource! Can we keep the drone until this piece of.. resource balance is fixed please? I get it, bad drone, skip parts of the game. What's worse is doing a mission then running around a map looking for resources. Why are you devs always trying to make sitting around in a mission collecting things part of the game? It's not fun or engaging ("oooo look friends I found a rare resource! YAY! So much content, such fun"). We would much rather just repeat missions without having to go out of our way to collect resources after the mission, or feeling like we have to get a divorce before we can find enough time to get enough resources to repair 1 wreckage part (an exaggeration of course, just stay with me). Farming simulator, again. Don't want to accuse you guys of being slow learners buuuuuuuuuuutt *rolls eyes*. And now we can't pay to skip either (as bad as that option was, it was still an option). Resource Proposals Have all enemies drop an abundance of / multiple different materials / resources which get vacuumed automatically or at a significant range so pilots do not feel their job is resource collector. Think crewship levels of resources but on all enemies. What about crewships you say? Well, buff crewships to be like Domes on the Plains of Eido. Solves the issue of those occasions when you do not have resources to be a decent engineer too. In the likelihood that loot will not increase significantly per enemy killed, increase end of mission rewards to more items (maybe 5 rewards instead of 3 in Veil) with significant amounts of rare resources being included (e.g. +50 to +100 Asterite as an option with end of mission reward). The maps and game modes across all the nodes are pretty much the same, so the replay factor is already meh, adding a significant resource farm to it and removing the pay to bypass option seems a very silly thing to do. Ideal world, both of the above (I'm a dreamer). EDIT: Forgot to mention, half the cost of making wreckage, that would also be a very much welcome and imo needed change. Why? Trying to future proof content / player count by making us go through it all again when Command becomes available? This basically means once players reach 10,10,10,10 with the current intrinsic schools and have a decent ship, they have no reason to play the mode until next update (whenever that is). This is essentially solidifying player count to go up again when that drops as they have to farm intrinsic points if nothing else. Interesting. However, considering this is essentially the operator focus of the railjack world, and we can continue gaining focus even after maxing all schools, this intrinsic cap should be removed. Not a fan of these types of business practises. REACTORS Something not mentioned in this update which also has not been addressed in any of the cherry picked staff responses in the last few days is reactor stats RNG. Considering the Sigma reactor has base +50 Avionics and +100 Flux, all wreckage parts should be a buff on these numbers. Reactor Proposal Zetki (caster reactor): +50 to +65 additional avionics cap. +200 to +300 additional flux cap. Lavan (hybrid reactor): +65 to +80 additional avionics cap. +100 to +200 additional flux cap. Vidar (the mod-me-daddy reactor a.k.a H Gian Point reactor farm): +80 to +100 additional avionics cap. +50 to +100 additional flux cap. Thanks for your time reader.
  11. Some do, depends on house. I have vidar engines + shield array, both require asterite
  12. Skip MK2 and jump to MK3 parts, although your bane just changes from copernics to titanium and asterite for the most part. No meta for resources afaik, just looting after mission if you wish
  13. Ah okay, I don't think these count towards the 30 as they are not wreckage items but could be wrong, need to check.
  14. Everything is scrappable I thought? But this cap is for wreckage, so any item which you pickup and can be repaired counts (even if not repaired it's still taking up a slot)
  15. Na sorry I was referring to the weapons and components, not avionics. Neither should be capped though - and if it needs to be capped make it 100 at base or something. People are capping by day 1 of release. It's just too low imo
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