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  1. So it seems a topic which continuously comes up is the addition of an augment mod slot. separate from regular mod slots, and although I for one would think this would be great, it seems this is not going to be implemented anytime soon. So, I was using the mod Primal Rage recently, I recently obtained it for obvious reasons (play-testing the reworked Wukong), and my initial thought was 'why does the mod Primal Rage need to be added to the Warframe?'. It affects the Iron Staff, and so in my opinion it should be able to be added to the Iron Staff mod pool instead. Just wanted to see some thoughts on this, would love to hear your voice on this matter below.
  2. Hi - sent you an invite in-game, should be in your inbox once you login
  3. Hi, Happy to take you on dude, join our discord https://discord.gg/jqM3Gdd and request an add into Primed Outlaws please
  4. Hi reader, Will keep this short and to the point. Currently my clan is recruiting for members to join, as well as recruiting for other clans to join our budding alliance. For Clan member recruitment we are looking for active friendly players who are mature and MR5+. For Alliance recruitment we are looking for Shadow, Storm or Mountain clans with individuals of a similar nature as described above. Discord would be a must have for clan leaders as it is required for communication. Feel free to whisper/add me or Osmarien in game to have a chat, or hop into our alliance discord: https://discord.gg/ZFyezwV Feel free to PM me from discord if you wish. Many thanks for your time and interest.
  5. What are the chance of seeing the Wisp alt helm as a purchasable item from Nora? Echo the same sentiments where adding 3 forma needs to be removed, a precious resource to be wasted / hoarded in anticipation for this Act to reoccur.
  6. Bold of you to assume I have friends or been affected by this. Neither actually, I just can't agree with a ban based on a build of a game. Maybe DE should test things before launching, instead of then throwing a strop and banning players for doing too good. Also there's no prize for top clan or top score, so really, how has this really harmed the game/player base? It did not. What is a repeat offender? Last clan operation was 2 years ago - are we really dragging up things which happened years ago now? - edit: I figured repeat offender is someone who did multiple extremely long runs. Again, affects no others players, not hacking other players, it's not really a competitive thing as everyone has the same clan goal, so really, do players need a ban for playing the game and not taking their break every hour just so they can brag in later days? I would say no. And if not blame the devs then who to blame? Get real dude. This is like when parents mess up but still find a way to punish their children.
  7. This needs to be reversed. Players were not made aware of this before the ban, and just used in-game mechanics available at the time to overcome the evolution of a nullifier. How can you justify banning people based on your rules which you placed AFTER the event was live? Also with regards to the riven exploit, surely it's the fault of your devs this was in the game, are they also held accountable? Banned from DE offices forever? Unlikely. This makes no sense and is extremely unjustified and unfair.
  8. Needs more work: Can’t seem to block insta-kill attacks even behind a volt shield, not even sure what these attacks are. Also seems to do this super attack as soon as the fight starts a lot of the time. Make this move more readable + able to be blocked. Once bird shield + capacitor is down and birdy is back in the middle, shooting limbs makes a limb broken sound, but does not break. Limbs now gain invulnerability and do not break ever. Basically fight cannot progress past this point. This was the biggest bug I faced before the hotfix, and I am continuing to face this bug. Please fix ASAP!
  9. Veteran here, not really - too long a time commitment in comparison to other weeklies. Not everyone has time to do the same mission for an hour long *yawn*. You can still enjoy your long runs without it being tied to a challenge. I would prefer things were more difficult for a shorter amount of time, challenging without being too tedious. I know I will still not fill ayatans until this challenge pops up (and I don't even need the endo from the sculptures really, imagine players who need endo now hoarding sculptures and stars until this challenge comes up). This ruins flow/the natural way players play the game, and should be removed completely. Can amend this to find 3 sculptures in a week, or pick up X number of ayatan stars in a week if you need an ayatan based challenge. Interesting, would be great to see more in-mission challenges like this spread across daily, weekly and elite weekly challenges. Have seen a few in this thread including, but not limited to, imposing sortie-like play conditions on oneself (e.g run 3 missions bow-only). Run a capture mission without killing any other enemies. Capture/kill teralyst solo. Complete Hydrolyst capture/kill in under 15mins (elite of course). Could introduce 4 rounds of Interception without losing a point, I am sure there are plenty of others I did not see, but it would be great to play a mission with a side-objective along with the usual mission objective. Lol, okay so for a game with a built-in LFG channel people struggled to find one other person to run a mission with? Surely not. Also would I rather go into recruitment chat and find someone to add as a friend and do profit taker with, or pretend I am Michael J. Fox and race around Orbs in my hoverboard? Probably the former tbh. This game is already solo-able, there should be more work put into people wanting to squad up with friends / make friends with other players and have fun with it. No real harm in beginning to change a player's mindset towards group play. Raids had this, and the game is really lacking this sense of community in-game now since there is almost no reason to go into any missions as a squad. Not mentioned in original post but gilding items / adding forma should be removed as not many players add 3 forma or gild items weekly (especially people who have gilded all they intended to gild). I feel the only challenge to forcing players to do things based on an in-game timer is challenging them to keep logging in to the game or to take a break. I guess if this is always a weekly. with the proposed catch up mechanic you could just ignore this one until you have a week where you can do this and use the catch up mechanic to bring the act back into play, but that's unnecessarily tedious. Can add crafting forma instead of using forma. 24 hours to craft a forma, can do 3 in a week relatively easily. Also as feedback for assassins, can they be changed to allow them to spawn more than once in endless variant missions? Would be great to have multiple chances of assassin type enemies spawning whilst running up to rotation C on defense. Maybe every 5mins or so there would be a chance for an assassin to spawn in endless missions. Would also be great if assassins could be added to ESO and it's normal variant.
  10. Can we have an option at Maroo to convert a number of cyan stars to amber stars? 3 for 1 maybe? At the moment the drop rate on amber stars is minimal, also not all mission tiles open up options to search for cyan/amber stars (defense, interception) and these tend to be the time consuming mission types. There needs to either be an addition/increase to the drop rate on stars from enemies, or another way to obtain stars. I have more ayatan sculptures than amber stars at times for an idea of the struggle. If there is gonna be a push on owning more ayatans for late game players, we need a way to fill these more efficiently. Even an increased chance for enemies to drop stars within the Arbitration alert missions would be a step in the right direction.
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