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  1. Just suffer like the rest of us.
  2. After 25.2.0 this mod does not exactly behave as presumably intended anymore. Wall dashing still grants the bullet jump speed buff, but grabbing a wall while still having that buff will overwrite it with the damage reduction buff from the set bonus of the mod. The expected behaviour is for both buffs to be granted, like before. This video should make the problem clear. Watch the buffs in the top right corner.
  3. Should be able to just use the remove format button (looks like Tx) on mobile as well.
  4. Kind of what they don't want, though. They'd be effectively spreading those techniques. Their current approach of patching and then just wiping scores seems fine. The recent event brought back a bug that was fixed way back (-cd) and also introduced the 10 hp bug. Runs with either of those bugs were wiped. That's it. Everything else was fair play and that's what they stated in their event thread as well.
  5. Not my point. I'm talking about the strong gear we currently have being locked behind challenging content. For any other game that'd be raids. :^) That ship sailed a long time ago though. It also seems like DE is afraid of locking out players from content due to difficulty, catering to casual players. So I'd be very surprised if we'll ever see something we actually have to fight for, instead of getting it by half-afking through missions.
  6. Very bad idea. Some players would have better stats, not because they're better players, but because they simply no-life'd the game more. I still hold the opinion that some augments should be part of their respective ability by default. Having some way to infuse them into your frame might actually be an idea worth pursuing. Just not with the system you had in mind. All of those could be farmed afk. So it would just be another thing you level/grind for, more or less. Some sort of mastery system for weapons might be interesting, but I just can't see that working for Warframe in its current state. We were able to (un-)equip abilities and stack mods in the early days of Warframe. It was done away with for a reason. Besides, your take on this system seems a bit convoluted. As I pointed out previously: Essential stats like HP, shields, armor, pstr, ... should not be affected that way. Knowing the spaghetti this game sometimes produces even QoL stats like reload, knockdown, holster will break the game. Though it would be nice to improve QoL stats without wasting mod slots. I faintly remember some talk about potentially doing away with some essential mods like the +dmg mods and instead directly upgrading the weapon. That was quite a while ago though.
  7. You should become a comedian. Difficulty and Warframe doesn't go very well in one sentence. And as the previous poster said: Who cares about accessories? Rather it should be the powerful gear that we actually use in missions that should be difficult to obtain.
  8. If we wouldn't have tier segregation it would be even easier to get to the top 10% of clans. There are simply more dead clans this way. In Pacifism Defect my clan at the time hit the 10% treshold way before the gold trophy treshold. Imagine if DE made only active clans count towards the top 10%. Now that would've been a sight to behold in forums. I'd be okay with having top% stuff in clan events. Mainly because the competitive aspect challenges you in a way the rest of the game doesn't. Also gives clans a purpose beside being the trade station and research gear dispenser. You have to actively play with your clan mates to achieve something.
  9. People already have an opinion on a game mode that isn't even out yet? Just wait for them to release it and see how it actually works. After all Arbitrations where hyped as endgame content, too.
  10. You can't really do that for Warframe. However, there is one thing I'd love to see: A Steam Workshop-like interface for obstacle courses, with community ratings and all that. Currently you need someone to invite you to their dojo and then finally start the course. This alone takes 2 loading screens and at least 1 other person is involved. Not really what I'd call efficient.
  11. Mark everything and then press 4th button from the left on the second line (the "Tx").
  12. Man, you guys should've just let Semlar do his thing. This data is quite useless with that much deviation, without any Riven stats to go with it and refreshing only weekly. I hope that phase 2 will bring something that actually helps players. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting to see actual trade data. But the with way it's displayed it's gonna be easily manipulated, while saying nothing about why that Acrid Riven sold for 2000p. More stats please!
  13. Fun [DE]tected. "Let's just make this thing that does exactly what its description says not do what's written in the description."
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