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  1. No melee or CC needed. Top score used Magus Lockdown for clearing trash and Vigorous Swap Oberon 1 for Demolysts. Both of which are scaling. That's why I said the melee rework by itself doesn't make a lot of sense. I used a different strat though and got 84k points easy (level cap reached about half way in...). One thing you're missing: Everyone gets the nerf. So future Operations are gonna be business as usual, since everyone is on the same power level. Even Sorties aren't hard. It's at level 300+ where you need to be concerned about weapon damage. Which we currently don't have, except maybe Arbitration. Though I don't consider endless missions to be endgame. Especially since you can just bug the drones to be out of map. I'd be very salty if DE only wants to do this rework for the sake of "muh weapon diversity". That'd be the same as going in with no grand plan at all. So really all I'm hoping for is that they use this opportunity think over how they can make content more challenging, other than trying to stay awake for more than 6 hours straight.
  2. Yep, but that's the trade-off you'd have to make. My hunch is that DE is kind of trying to reign in our firepower. If they only changed Maiming because "muh weapon diversity" I'd be very disappointed. There will be a new meta and there is nothing DE can do about it. Currently I'm neutral about the proposed rework. We don't have the content to use it on to its fullest potential anyway. So it's likely that not much is gonna change, unless you want to fight crazy high-level enemies.
  3. Personally I feel like the rework itself is gonna be fine - if you ignore what we already have. My guess is that DE might continue reigning in our firepower with these kinds of reworks to be able to design actually challenging content for us. In order for content to be challenging it'd have to be dangerous to us after all, which they would achieve by upping the TTK on enemies. The only problem to this I see: Can you do the same reworks for the rest of our arsenal (primaries, secondaries, frames, ...) within reasonable time? Or is there gonna be a Damage 2.0? What about the work on armor scaling they mentioned? Right now, looking at melee 3.0 in a vacuum just isn't very helpful. Some stuff like the lifted status seems weird to me, because it's already established that CC has not been viable in this game for a while. Most enemies will probably die before even getting a lifted proc. Hence my thoughts of DE potentially wanting to do something about that. So again, melee 3.0 in context of what we already have is probably just a nerf to melee. We'll need to see the actual numbers to judge about that. Melee 3.0 in context of what might come, may be just right. And this is the piece of information we're currently missing and which might not be known even to DE themselves.
  4. This is going straight to my copypasta collection. Thanks for your hard work writing this.
  5. I want to push the game to its limits. Unfortunately the game doesn't have content worth pushing right now. Operations and raids were the only content worth trying to go above and beyond for. Warframes movement and combat system made it fun to do that even. But Operations only come once in a blue moon and raids... Well, I'm still salty about raids. For the most part though it was the exceedingly worse balance of grind vs. actual gameplay that made me go into increasingly sporadic inactivity for the last ~2 years. I came back to do the last Operation with my clan however. Not taking the thing as seriously and enjoying the memes that came out of that trainwreck was probably the most fun I had with WF in a long time. I was actually playing D2 for the better half of the last year and took a break because of IRL reasons. Now pretty much my entire WF clan plays D2 and I might just join in. Totally worth the money for the gameplay experience you get. With WF I sometimes feel scammed even without paying. But that's beyond the scope of this topic.
  6. Imagine using weapons in missions. Just imagine.
  7. Is that confirmed? Or do you have any sources? Or did it just take you too long to find it every time, so that objective completed kicked in?
  8. Wrong. It's clearly stated upon entering Trade Chat that DE cannot enforce promises, such as this one, when one party refuses to hold up their part of the deal. But it's certainly not forbidden. Besides: I know this guy. He's nice. You'll get your Plat with him.
  9. If you're not in extraction 10 seconds within me being there you're gonna get the good host migra. Seriously though. Stop using K-Drive to get to extraction. As someone previously said, that's just double rude. Good thing I don't have to go to PoE/Fortuna anymore.
  10. I just love Gauss. He's so fast and also runs on the water. He's my favoritest frame ever. PS: Better version of that image for archival reasons.
  11. At least someone other than the 100 people in Conclave seems to care about Conclave.
  12. Or just have clan mates that actually care about the clan and engage in clan stuff? Of course that takes effort on your part as a leader, too. 🙂
  13. I remember having this issue months ago and fixing it by simply going into a mission, get some affinity for the K-Drive and complete the mission. Not sure if it's gonna help here.
  14. It's common knowledge if you ever went above 3x3. Maybe take a look at how a 6x3 is done.
  15. There hasn't been much content these last two years. Or content that stuck with me at least. Except for the latest Operation, which was a pretty good meme. Prime: Mesa, Equinox, Wukong New frames: Baruuk, Hildryn, Wisp None, aside from Melee 2.9. Lol. Solo weapon: ESO, solo frame: Hydron, solo focus: Adaro/ESO Adaro w/ friend for fast frame leveling. Don't remind me. I'm still #*!%ing salty. Farm Plat and just buy it.
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