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  1. First and foremost: I really dislike the layers of grind added by RNG, but it seems that bullS#&amp;&#036; is here to stay. So I can only offer advice on how to make it somewhat tolerable. OP started out great. One more thing I would love to see on top of that is Diablo 3's stat reroll mechanic. Essentially in addition to base stats your gear has a number of variable stat slots with fairly narrow stat ranges, much like you described in your system. You can then pick one of those stat slots to reroll for resources. You can roll that one slot and that slot only for as often as you like, with increasingly higher resource cost. Similar to Rivens you would be able to decide whether you keep the old roll or the new roll. To use your example of the Kuva Tonkor: +2m blast radius -1s reload time +20% status chance <--- I don't like this so I'll reroll it After reroll: +2m blast radius -1s reload time +12% crit chance <--- If I don't like this I could keep rerolling, but only this slot Well, when RNG affects core gameplay mechanics and is insanely variable... yeah. It's bad. You can see that with Rivens. I'm still of the opinion that Rivens were a very big mistake in the way they were executed.
  2. You're one of those people who equip Steel Charge for more capacity, aren't you? Complaining on forums rather than playing is even less productive than OP.
  3. Last I heard you need about 8-10h for maxing out one node. Meaning you could get it done within two days if you really, really wanted to. Stealth multiplier farming gives about ~30 every ~9 minutes. That's a little more than 5 hours per node of pure play time. Add a few breaks and unlucky runs inbetween and you can get it done comfortably in a week. To be honest, I don't see the issue with this. The r10 skills are kind of... garbage from what I've seen. So unless DE changes some stuff around it's all about mastery again.
  4. We all have that one friend who seems to be kind of unaware of everything happening around them. That's OP.
  5. I'm biased on that topic, since me and my clan were speedrunning raids. Only two or three other teams might've been able to catch up to us. It wasn't about the rewards, but rather about how far we could push the game. If you want stats, here you go. Teralyst was introduced on 12.10.2017, Guantalyst and Hydrolyst were introduced on 09.02.2018. Arcanes dropped from Tridolons starting 16.02.2018 and Trials were available until 01.03.2018. You can see a pretty sharp decline of raids completed as soon as news of Arcanes dropping from Tridolons came up. I'll leave interpreting the data up to you. Interesting side note: Just counting fixes from patch notes from either game mode makes Conclave come out on top. There was an chart on this, too. If I find it again I'll edit it into this post. Judging by that Conclave received way more developer attention than raids. Yet raids were also way more popular.
  6. PvP in Warframes current state isn't gonna work, no matter what you say. The only reason it hasn't been axed yet is because of Conclave being completely separate from the rest of the game, thus not breaking horribly with every update. It helps that there are not nearly enough players to get DEs attention when complaining about said bugs. Which was part of the reason why raids got removed, actually enough players complaining giving feedback about their favorite game mode breaking with every update. 3k+ users in the Conclave Discord (I just checked) are good and all, but can you beat the 10k+ from the former Raid School Bus? And the latter server is pretty much dead. So... evidently a big community isn't something Conclave has and for good reason. My gripes with WF PvP aren't just balance, it's also mechanics (movement, why-the-#*!%-is-your-frame-always-in-the-middle-of-the-screen, ...) which I've seen done way better by other games. Those small things matter.a lot if you want to draw the right crowd. You can tell right away that WF wasn't made with PvP in mind, just by the way it plays. I tried playing it, but even finding good players to challenge yourself with is hard. Healthy competition is usually a good way to gauge a games PvP community. And Conclave doesn't seem to have any competition. I'm all for PvP getting more popular. Maybe then it'll finally be temporarily removed to get reworked.
  7. At the time I wrote this drops seemed to be a bit borked. I've heard of people dropping either resource on either planet. Though the gist of it is still true now: Stay for 20 waves in a defense and you'll get enough of the required resources. DE also wrote this with U26.1.2:
  8. Look, I already got crippling depression. No reason to make it worse by using K-Drives.
  9. That's the most reasonable thing I've heard in this whole debate so far. Also I'm just gonna quote myself from another thread:
  10. Change is as bad as expected. Whoever didn't see it coming from a few light-years away must be one of those people equipping Steel Charge for extra capacity. While the intent is obviously to nerf mobility for Railjack, I just can't see how it's gonna change anything. The other AWs are still S#&amp;&#036; for what we're expected to do, efficiently. We're still just gonna fly straight through the enemies to get where we want. The same way we'd be able to just bullet jump through level 9999 enemies, simply ignoring them. In the current state of the game there is simply nothing DE can do about it. I think in order to make enjoyable content DE is trying to reign in players power level. However, it's just not fun for the current content. As long as there is no incentive for us to fight enemies in AW, it'll all stay the same. Just slower. Open world traversal is just an unfortunate, accidental casualty from all this.
  11. Boosters should affect how much they drop (can't tell since I had a booster so far) and Smeetas Charm definitely doubles the drops. Can't tell if any loot abilities affect the drops. Needs testing. Best way to go about it is just do 20 waves of defense on each planet (not the Dark Sector ones) and you'll get about this much: Same for the Cubic Diodes on Ceres. It's not hard, people! It's still annoying that I can't just rush the fuselage repair, though. Not the end of the world, since Railjack pt. 2 isn't likely to come out soon, but still...
  12. The irony with selling skips is that it sometimes takes way less time to earn the plat by trading than it is by grinding out said content. Case in point, Grendel. Though if you know some of these people who actually do Arbitrations you can just ask them for a lift. It's always a good thing to have options, though. And since WFs grind is kinda of reasonable for like 80% of the game, I'm not against it either.
  13. It's very impressive how out-of-touch some of this seems. All in all it's a kind of mess you better not touch until the dust has settled. Feedback forums are gonna have some interesting reads in the coming days I'm sure. I'm just gonna add the brief opinion I have so far. Melee: I think you are trying to properly balance the game. Emphasis on trying. Some of the changes make little sense to me. You should seriously consider more of the communitys feedback in that regard. IMO combo-ing still feels really sluggish, but it's kind of a step in the right direction? All of this is gonna make for a healthier game, by allowing you to give us actual endgame content, which is probably still ways off. But I guess we're used to waiting at this point. Liches: Did you even playtest this one? If your idea of replayability is a big ol' grind wall... Let's just say I'm honestly not surprised anymore. There is a fine line between grind and replayable content and you overshot it by a lot. Not only are the weapons of the Liches random, but the stats are as well? At least that's what the patchnotes imply. Rivens were too big of a mistake already. Just don't make that mistake twice. Grendel: Missions for the parts are fine. Just take Trinity + Saryn/Octavia and high base dmg weapons (Rubico, Gram/Galatine) to make the whole thing trivial. Have yet to test Grendel myself, but so far I've heard he's pretty disappointing. Especially since you can't go full Katamari anymore, as shown in DevStream? Guess I'm gonna see in 3 days. Vauban: Feels nice. Ember: Looks like she'll keep collecting dust in my arsenal.
  14. No melee or CC needed. Top score used Magus Lockdown for clearing trash and Vigorous Swap Oberon 1 for Demolysts. Both of which are scaling. That's why I said the melee rework by itself doesn't make a lot of sense. I used a different strat though and got 84k points easy (level cap reached about half way in...). One thing you're missing: Everyone gets the nerf. So future Operations are gonna be business as usual, since everyone is on the same power level. Even Sorties aren't hard. It's at level 300+ where you need to be concerned about weapon damage. Which we currently don't have, except maybe Arbitration. Though I don't consider endless missions to be endgame. Especially since you can just bug the drones to be out of map. I'd be very salty if DE only wants to do this rework for the sake of "muh weapon diversity". That'd be the same as going in with no grand plan at all. So really all I'm hoping for is that they use this opportunity think over how they can make content more challenging, other than trying to stay awake for more than 6 hours straight.
  15. Personally I feel like the rework itself is gonna be fine - if you ignore what we already have. My guess is that DE might continue reigning in our firepower with these kinds of reworks to be able to design actually challenging content for us. In order for content to be challenging it'd have to be dangerous to us after all, which they would achieve by upping the TTK on enemies. The only problem to this I see: Can you do the same reworks for the rest of our arsenal (primaries, secondaries, frames, ...) within reasonable time? Or is there gonna be a Damage 2.0? What about the work on armor scaling they mentioned? Right now, looking at melee 3.0 in a vacuum just isn't very helpful. Some stuff like the lifted status seems weird to me, because it's already established that CC has not been viable in this game for a while. Most enemies will probably die before even getting a lifted proc. Hence my thoughts of DE potentially wanting to do something about that. So again, melee 3.0 in context of what we already have is probably just a nerf to melee. We'll need to see the actual numbers to judge about that. Melee 3.0 in context of what might come, may be just right. And this is the piece of information we're currently missing and which might not be known even to DE themselves.
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