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  1. I'll do my best to accommodate! 😅
  2. Hey Tenno! If you are new to warframe, changed platforms, or are returning, Welcome!! As the title suggests I have set my sights on helping new players progress with anything like, exp. grind, star chart, relic popping, bounties, etc. Now I know we all have different levels of help that we will accept from others so I will do my best to accommodate everyone who is looking for a very specific experience. Whether its playing Trinity to make sure you stay safe or buffing your damage because you want to be the best killing machine, just shoot me a message and we can sit down and discuss. For the Tenno that just want to jump into the fray, I will default to playing Trinity. Lets have fun and don't be shy for asking for specific frames! My IGN is Bararuku
  3. I want to thank everyone who has commented and added the the discussion so far. Although it went a little off topic, I really appreciate everyone's view on this and thank you for being respectful.
  4. I actually didn't know this was a thing. Thank you for sharing!
  5. While I whole heartily agree with this, what about players who dedicate that much time, effort, and funds now? I can tell you that I probably put just as much effort as a founder into the game. I continually support warframe as a game and community by purchasing content both Tennogen and store items alike. I have a lot of respect now for founders as I read more into the makings of warframe, I just don't like this gap between founders and non-founders.
  6. I feel like they tried to fix it with zaws and kitguns. But that still doesn't fix the MR curve like you said.
  7. I'm pretty much on par with your view. I've been reading a lot of reddit comments that if the items in question were cosmetic and did not affect MR that there wouldn't be room for people to be jealous or angry about the exclusivity.
  8. I know theres a lot of negativity towards DE for pushing new content instead of fixing what they have now. However, I don't think warframe will go under anytime soon. Gripes aside, warframe is a good game.
  9. This does help! Although many of the comments I've read up on did not link or specify that article. Most of them just bring up some sort of founder's agreement document which lead me to believe that there was a document signed by founders. Thank you for your time and responding to my question.
  10. Hey Tenno! Now I know this is a very sensitive topic for everyone including myself. However, I'm just looking up information on the "Founder's Agreement" that a lot of people have mentioned. I'm not here to debate whether Primes associated with the founders pack should be rereleased or stay exclusive to the founders mainly because, I have biased opinions about exclusivity, wish to acknowledge that founder's should be represented for sticking with the game, and this is to be constructive in my understanding of what this agreement is and if anyone can provide a document or some sort of, verbal, picture, or email that would shed some light on what this Agreement is about. Again I'd like to say that this is for my curiosity and I wish to be polite and respectful of all Tenno who read this thread and I ask that we all respect that we have different views about this topic. Fashion framing since 2014, Bararuku edit: Link to Founder's Program -https://www.warframe.com/news/join-warframe-founders-program
  11. Make it so banshee can transfer to tenno and/or use items pls.
  12. Fun fact, using Navigator while your charging an attack will throw the sledge in a different rotation animation. So the base animation is sideways but if you use Navigator at any time during the charge up the sledge rotates in a different direction, most likely horizontally for me, when thrown.
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