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  1. Are you unable to farm some stuff to get a mere 10 plat? It's much cheaper than having to buy weapon/warframes spaces, build the same thing again then if you don't have anypotatoes buy them to put on your gear. This is QoL, anyone nowadays can get their hands on 10 pl easily.
  2. THEY DID IT GUYS! THEY ACTUALLY PUT THIS IN-GAME!! And it was exactly how I envisioned it.
  3. I think you missed the point, loadout jus take the things you have and index it so with one click you get a loadout, but you're still only gonna have 3 configs on your stuff and that's what I wanted to be expanded. Loadouts do not solve this problem.
  4. Not really pratical, too much trouble for what it is worth. You have to wait for it to be built, get a potato,buy some more warframe/weapon slots, level the #*!%ing frame/weapon and it clogs your inventory.
  5. Been messing with a lot of builds for many warframes/weapons and there is always something new that I would like to try, but the thing is that we can only have 3 builds saved at a time. Why? This is too little, we should be able to buy some more spaces or unlock them or whatever. I don't want to undo a build that I like just to make another one that I think would be fun. Give us more space. P.S: I forgot to say that it goes for customization (fashionframe) as well, would love to be able to have more than 3 looks for my frames.
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