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  1. WTF are you going on about? These are completely off topic and ridiculous points, please tell me you were being sarcastic.
  2. The name of this Dojo decoration has literally portal in it's name, meaning it is something people can go through, but for some reason the only thing you can't do is pass through it's void space. I don't know if it is intentional or just an oversight, but would be appreciated if it were made a true portal.
  3. When you are out in deimos and you fish a Flagellocanth and Lobotriscid have their proper models and names, but when you go to your post game screen they are swapped. I realised this just now, I was getting very confused as to which fish I had to capture to get the resource I wanted from him. Should be an easy fix, please fix it fast. Images to exemplify the problem. Lobotriscid: Flagellocanth 1: Flagellocanth 2: Mission results screen: Sister screen:
  4. I don't even need to exemplify my case, everyone that plays the game knows this, many animations for weapon holding are standardised, even when they don't match in anything the weapons you are using, animations generally break in small cutscenes, always buggy, weird hands, weird cropping, weird everything. Since the appearant new philosophy design for the game is to just make things pretty, then this should be the next path, to really make the game shine to a bright polish in the cosmetic part.
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