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  1. Higher MR ranked weapons aren't gonna do much better without catalysts and the right mods installed.
  2. Were your friend's void traces maxed? I've seen someone mention that if your void traces are maxed and the award should be void traces then you get a different reward. No idea if it's true but if it is then could be what happened here.
  3. Yeah, so I got into navigation and choosing dry dock asks the squad to vote on it. That's not what I want. I don't want to force rest of squad into doing that if they wanna carry on (load times are horrific). I just wanna leave quiet like. Feels like you're trapped and I hate it. I think abort mission is the only option but the fear of losing stuff ain't nice.
  4. Hmm, it didn't seem to let me use it the times I've tried so I'd assumed only the host could use it. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I'll have to try that again. Can dry dock be selected in that navigation and I'd leave the squad?
  5. OK, but how? I think I might've seen that if I was host in my railjack but what about if you aren't host?
  6. How are you supposed to leave your squad after a railjack mission? In normal missions you finish, you leave squad, you're free to choose what to do next. In railjack missions, mission done, you're hostage on railjack, pilot starts a new mission, you're stuck. There's only abort mission available and that scares you into thinking you're gonna lose all your loot. I don't think loot is lost for any completed missions but it's scary. Is abort mission the only way out?
  7. I'm not sure what you're getting at. Why 1 person and 100 prime access packs? What about 100 people buying 1 each? You asked why it's against "it". I've tried to explain why it is. The actual question being asked isn't much more than "Can I buy prime access twice?" of which the answer is a pretty simple no. The answer to "Can I buy prime access twice using a second account?" (which is what the OP asks) is no different to the first question. The answer to "Why can't I buy prime access more than once?" would be because of the discounted platinum it contains. It doesn't need to be
  8. If this wasn't against the terms of service then no one would buy plat normally. They would create sock accounts, buy them prime access, and transfer the plat back to their main account to get more plat for their money. The fact there's a real person at the "sock" account in this case makes no difference.
  9. See, you have +crit -status kitgun and you are putting a -crit +status riven on it. Build a -crit +status kitgun and the mod will be better. Kinda irks me seeing 60/60 mods on a +crit -status weapon too. Use the pure element mods on crit weapons.
  10. Check your spam folder if you have one, maybe.
  11. Riven opinions are so personal it's difficult to share them. Someone's gonna call you out. Damage stat great. I hate the status duration stat. I don't even know how long the standard duration is. Dunno if that's worn off by the time whatever I'm shooting at has died. If you enjoy shooting something once and watching it's health bar tick down then I guess it's cool. That's not how I play though. Negative crit not an issue cos you can build a status kitgun. But if you've got a crit Gaze then not so good. +300% damage not to be sniffed at but I dare say there's plenty of bette
  12. You are correct about the vault but there is un-vaulting as well. For a period of time some items in the vault will be un-vaulted and can be farmed (and bought). After that period of time (SoonTM) those un-vaulted items will go back into the vault and other vaulted items will be un-vaulted. Un-vaulting produces new Relics. i.e. at some point in the future Mirage and Banshee (and the weapons) will go back into the vault (and the relics will no longer be obtainable in the game) and two prime frames currently in the vault (and some weapons) will be un-vaulted (and new relics for those i
  13. Meso E5 was added on the unvaulting on Banshee (in December 2020). It's not one of the original Banshee relics (i.e. a vaulted relic). Banshee Prime wiki shows all the vaulted (and not vaulted) relics for her -> https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Banshee/Prime
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