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  1. You can't cure Nidus. Arcane helmets aren't a thing anymore (the helmets still exist for those who had them and I think they are tradeable but you can't get them from the game anymore). Arcanes are now attached to Warframes. You get arcanes from fighting the eidolons. Arcanes are tradeable. Fashion frame is pretty much the stuff that you can only get with plat and will not be made available any other way. Skill set of child thing is all about focus. You need focus lenses on your equipment to convert affinity into focus. It's an incredibly slow process although there are a few ways of "speeding it up" if you are dedicated to it (google focus farming). You get basic lenses from bounties (or trade). You can craft lenses into greater lenses for better focus gain (or you can buy greater lenses from the market for plat, you cannot trade greater lenses). There's also eidolon lenses which are better than greater lenses and the blueprints drop from eidolons (I think) but not sure about if you can trade them or not. Edit:- Just to add that there's eidolon shards that can be converted into focus too. Pinch of salt required cos any of that could be slightly wrong (apart from Nidus).
  2. My own view is that it's not really worth forma-ing stuff until you put a catalyst in whatever it is first. With forma alone (and max ranked mods) you cannot make use of all 8 mod slots. You'll get 5 slots max.
  3. Disruption gets it more right than dog days did. Shoulda been X kills ends the round. Have a squad working together in a squad based game. Kuva survival should allow more than one life support to be harvesting kuva at a time.
  4. Whoever's got the quickest mission 🙆‍♂️
  5. Don't burn yourself out in Fortuna in pursuit of a Moa. They simply ain't worth that.
  6. The one that people take most exception to being mentioned in this thread.
  7. Warframe parts aren't drops that you pickup. You are just given it on mission completion. Check your inventory or foundry. They are probably in there.
  8. Once everyone's completed the event then everyone might as well "afk" given the requirements of the event (i.e. 0-0 = victory = 50 pearls). The problem is that if you haven't completed the event you need the points and having 3 others "afk" makes it quite hard (takes a lot longer) to complete the event. "afk"ers would be better off going solo.
  9. Why doesn't this apply to Nightwave's cred shop?
  10. Some people don't wanna work for an anasa. I empathise with them. You will too one day. Just enjoy the ride.
  11. I enjoy the madness having him run around with a Zarr creates.
  12. Just let us catch 6 pobbers in 2 "captures" (screw perfect), make a floof, and be done with it, please. Why they gotta complicate it?
  13. Helene - Saturn. Farm for orokin cells.
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