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  1. If you want a proper answer you are best off asking DE directly. Googling an answer is difficult but a community moderator has posted this elsewhere in response to multiple account questions... That response suggests that being in the same clan is considered interaction and would result in a ban. But ultimately none of us (plebs on the forum) truly know. All you get here is a bunch of "It's fine" "It's not fine" posts and arguments about why it is or isn't.
  2. Because variant weapons have different dispositions to the base weapon and it'll show you base weapon stats in the mod station.
  3. I agree but cos the whole finishing mission and getting out is kinda messed up in railjack. Unless they've done something about that since I last played.
  4. I dunno but I reckon if I had thousands of credits, nightwave had been going on forever, then I'd probably be checking sources every day for when nightwave ends. But that's just me. And I'm brilliant.
  5. Doesn't Jupiter have loot rooms that everyone ignores? Don't think we need more.
  6. I big breaks between nightwaves DE dished out nitain in gifts of the lotus. People should be able to survive a week. Man cannot live on nitain alone.
  7. Sounds like you settings are corrupted. You have to delete them for Warframe to create a new one. You can carry on playing fine with the message, it just uses default settings.
  8. I'd hazard a guess that if such a thing existed then it's all that people would play. And then people would get bored of it. And then people would ask for something else they can play that awards everything. Variety is the spice of life.
  9. I'm saying pretend there's a 15% Vent Kids sigil that only Yareli can wear and she wears it all the time (but it's a tattoo so it doesn't take up a sigil slot. You can't equip or un-equip it). You do missions, Vent Kids get standing just like the other syndicates do when you wear their sigils. Say you're wearing a 15% steel meridian sigil and at the end of the mission steel meridian gets 1,000 towards its standing (and 500 towards red veil). If playing with Yareli then Vent Kids will also get 1,000 towards its standing.
  10. Not sure variety's the way to go. Some augments are better than others. People are more likely to want to buy the better ones. No real idea of what's popular at the moment as I've not watched trade chat for quite a while. You should maybe spend some time gauging the demand on trade chat. You should see the same few augments being asked for.
  11. Dissolving duplicate mods is a fairly decent source of endo. Cannae get stronger without endo. Ranked mods are key to strength.
  12. Currently I can troll my squad with Yareli, doing tricks and flips on Merulina while my squad focuses on the mission at hand, and get vent kid standing with her. Surely it'd be better for everyone if any affinity for Yareli went towards vent kids standing. Like the other syndicates work, wearing their sigil. Kinda like Yareli's got a vent kids sigil tattoo (just don't ask where). I think it ties into lore and would at least be a reason to play Yareli. But would having a frame tied to a syndicate like that be too much?
  13. My thoughts are that focus lens only gains affinity for the school and has no effect on the school in use during missions.
  14. Low chance and splitting it across proximas does seem rather excessive. But is it really that difficult to say "yeah, screw getting that gun"?
  15. Aren't vets used to this by now? Cos they should be. Real vets don't rush 😎
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