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  1. Could up the mutagen invasion rewards from 1 (sometimes 2 if game is feeling REALLY generous) to at least 5.
  2. Gotta assume that DE makes some money from people not wanting to deal with trade. Not sure what incentive there is for DE to make it "better" in that respect.
  3. Your description matches the wiki's "white" rather well -> https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kavat_Cosmetics And according to wiki that's all there is.
  4. Tis a new yeah, but it's the same discussion about the trading system.
  5. Yeah, I've noticed there appears to be a total lack of fissure missions in the void. Play enough to assume it's not just RNG, but you never know.
  6. Weird. I'm sure I discovered last night that blink (on PS4) is double tap R1. Or is it just Itzal that does that?
  7. Is this a case of... Warframe FINALLY tested my patience = Warframe now pay to win?
  8. I'm slowly levelling Grendel. I never try and form an opinion of a frame until it's hit level 30 but that's not easy with this one. 1. Checking energy drain for if I've got something in my stomach gets old fast. Maybe there's some other cue I'm missing, dunno. 2. I hate my squad members cos everything is dead before I can eat anything. 3. Rolling round like marble madness feels like I ain't contributing. I dunno. Never really felt so at odds with my squad with any other frame. It's like they're being serious and I'm being this useless clown trying to have fun in the mission (haha, look at me swallow stuff, haha look at me puke it back out. haha look at me roll around) while contributing absolutely nothing to it. And there's always that nagging feeling you could be making things worse (i.e. enemies not dead in stomach holding things up).
  9. So they gotta spend all their traces in case sortie rewards them some. Then sortie doesn't award them so they got no traces. Or higher MRs have to check they got "space" before every sortie. Yeah, no thanks.
  10. The real issue with the system that I see is that people don't seem too bothered about converting their liches. No idea how they make that more attractive but fortunately it ain't my job to do so. What's kinda funny though is if DE do make it more attractive then suddenly everyone who killed everything and ignored converting are gonna be angry.
  11. This is starting to sound more like a player's insatiable appetite problem more than a DE content problem.
  12. But that's the opposite of what to expect if you go by what is being said. Like... ... which would mean to expect an increase in the Detron's disposition. No need to create even more drama about nerfs.
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