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  1. It'd be easier to care less about 7000 nightwave standing than it would be to ban nighttime.
  2. I dare say that Trinity may still have a place in pre-made squads (you could forgo some survivability and efficiency and make some stronger builds maybe) but in general she's practically useless. Operator can do it all.
  3. I just think you salty cos you got killed by a crap briefcase launcher.
  4. Are you saying the segment isn't in the foundry? Cos that's the place to look for it (I think, been a loooooong time).
  5. Seems a few misconceptions here. Wanna level up a weapon, take other weapons that can kill, if you kill with other weapons then weapon you wanna level gets no affinity. Claims getting less affinity (for weapon to level up) when Saryn doing all the killing. Not possible (for weapons).
  6. Yay, who we slaughtering today *peace signs* It's kinda annoying.
  7. I leave the squad. Wisp dropping electric motes in a sortie defense, I'm out of there. No fuss. No whining. Just gone. Onto the next.
  8. Requiring money is evil. Wanting all the forma is natural. People are bonkers.
  9. Who's gonna police it? What's the punishment for posting in the wrong trade? How long until people moan about having to keep track of two trade chats?
  10. Screw practice. Just use the edge of the map. Jump into it and you can keep jumping whenever you hit the ground and the score keeps ticking up (with no risk of the combo ending). You can't get multipliers while doing it so depending on what multiplier you can get going into it (5x multiplier mod helps) you might be there a while while the score ticks up. Jump back into map to get the score. But it gets the job done no skills required.
  11. For the sake of those of us who don't have a good grasp on the nuances of every frame could you please explain why Mirage is such a good match for the Cedo?
  12. Depends where you live. Most European countries use "." for thousands separation and "," for decimal.
  13. From the wiki -> https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Primary_Dexterity Says damage to primary weapons. I'm guessing secondary dexterity is damage to secondary weapons. Having both, melee kills will apply to both.
  14. I'll go with for probably 90% of the "95% of what you do" you'll struggle to eat a single enemy (if playing with squads).
  15. You highlight one of the reasons for forma. You don't wanna sell it cos forma gives it more apparent value to yourself. That sells more weapon slots. Your solution would lead to less sold.
  16. A good few of the primed mods strike me as nothing more than resource sinks for endo and forma. I'd put the primed smite mods in that category although I've never bothered with the standard smite mods anyway.
  17. I suspect Merulina might eat mobile defence key thingy. I have no other explanation for the key that disappeared in mission but I'm too scared to try it again cos the troll potential is insane.
  18. If you want a proper answer you are best off asking DE directly. Googling an answer is difficult but a community moderator has posted this elsewhere in response to multiple account questions... That response suggests that being in the same clan is considered interaction and would result in a ban. But ultimately none of us (plebs on the forum) truly know. All you get here is a bunch of "It's fine" "It's not fine" posts and arguments about why it is or isn't.
  19. Because variant weapons have different dispositions to the base weapon and it'll show you base weapon stats in the mod station.
  20. I agree but cos the whole finishing mission and getting out is kinda messed up in railjack. Unless they've done something about that since I last played.
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