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  1. What will happen to the leaderboards now?
  2. As the title says. Seems to be the same issue as with aura mods.
  3. mmaure

    Warframe Builder

    Hi, the atomos on warframe builder lists 32.045 base heat damage while the in-game value shows only 29.0 base heat damage.
  4. I strongly agree that the weapon stats need to be visible on first glance and be prominently displayed. About the relic drop chances, if I recall correctly the drop chance very much depends on what mission you do. For example, you may be able to farm it in the void but also by doing PoE or OV bounties. That may make it much less clearer if the different drop rates were listed.
  5. That is possible, I was not sure whether to post it as bug. I also assumed that it would have told me it was installed, if it was, because it did that on some occasions.
  6. Yesterday I traded a aura mod to a new player and just today, after playing dozens of missions, I realized that I had not been using any aura mod the whole time because it did not warn me while trading. Now I have to reequip the aura on about 30 frames (yes, I traded the the most useful aura mod and had it equipped basically on any frame) if I don't want to start any more mission with negative mod capacity and a missin aura.
  7. I just came upon the 2nd mission within one hour where a door like 100m from the extraction only opens for the host and no one else can pass through. The last mission that happened was the kuva flood rescue on earth (mariana?). Obviously there was no lockdown we could turn off or anything. We had to end up leaving and throwing away kuva and nightwave standing. (While writing this post it happened again, guess DE really doesnt want us rolling rivens)
  8. Ikr, they don't want us to use weapons we like
  9. so what? arca plasmor rivens already weren't that good after the recent nerf. and nothing wrong with having good weapons
  10. could you maybe not nerf arca plasmor more, what kind of S#&$ is this?
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