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  1. Alright. So. There's a major amount of people (including me) who think the Ephemera's need to actually be obtainable not by RNG. However, the Tenebrous just crossed the line, and it's saddening. Also! I would genuinely love for Nekros to be in the next unvault with his Accessories please. I know it's possible to be done DE. Please. Me and many others crave Uru and Acanthus prime. If anything, just Unvault Nekros's Accessories with the $20 price tag (idk other prices for non-american currency) we will be fine with that! Please?
  2. I genuinely would have no problem hearing about the next Unvault. I mean, it's almost been 2 months since Vauban and Ash have been unvaulted. I legit hope that Nekros and His Accessories are unvaulted, or just his Accessories. However, I also hope that aside from just Railjack, there is talk of the Veil.
  3. Can Nekros and His Accessories be part of the next unvault? Please?
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