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  1. I use too much Pustrels and I take very few, I can't accumulate them to build Railjack weapons
  2. you can always change something else, instead of raising such a promising system
  3. but in fact even worse, it does not give me the idea of being in a well-constructed spaceship Tenno
  4. (the text is translated there could be errors) You took too much from Sea of Thieves, consider that we are in a spaceship not in a boat, Railjack seems to me too bare, it absolutely needs an energy system as before and if it is complex .. better, who ever said that driving a spaceship is easy. Replacing the repair of holes with something more suitable for a space ship, for example repartitioning the energy from damaged electrical panels, such as the energy conduit A is damaged, while it is automatically repaired, the energy can be relocated in the duct b,c etc. with the various consequences of the case Remember that there is a lot of farming in Warframe, the frantic coop system within the Railjack can be a lot of fun but, in the short period, when you do it many times to farm, it becomes stressful so I would recommend slowing it down and focusing more on involvement in a space game that is, "I am in infinite space with a combat spaceship WOW". As mentioned in point 3, attempting to make the spatial game as compelling as possible, if possible avoid the idea of instantiated zones and connect the old to the new to show the player that it is the same universe, it will be easier to immerse oneself in the Tenno role in the space.
  5. in fact they could keep it, I don't know why they raised it, it looked nice
  6. yes, but it's more difficult to mentally dive into space battles in the solar system when it's different and separate from the old solar system, why not connect everything instead of making separate games? some are small details for example, in the navigation map of the railjack you have: choice 1 - choice 2 - choice 3 etc., already here it is difficult to imagine being in a space warship
  7. it has not been removed but modified, now you have a certain amount of energy to repartition by activating the skills (weapons, shields, invisibility, etc.) of the railjack, it has been modified so as not to let you return to the dojo from what I understand
  8. consider that in the devstream they have not used the abilities of the ship and most of the upgrades, however they are details that over time are easily resolved, if they do not reduce the mechanics, they modify or transform them
  9. yes, but it was not intentional mha .. reducing activities or making some mechanics more persistent
  10. sorry but ... who cares if it is too fast, even if it creates a problem it is easy to resolve
  11. In my opinion the problem of Warframe is to have one of the most beautiful rpg systems, combined with an "arcade" system, start mission-finish mission - final statistics - insert coin, I was hoping that with empyrean they would connect everything making it OP, even if objectively useless is essential for the immersion of the player in the warframe universe, and instead it seems the usual old story, so many games separated from each other, the game can be as beautiful as you like but it loses a lot of longevity if you can't immerse yourself in the universe of the game
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