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  1. I think Rivens were one of-- if not the worst addition to the game. They have utterly destroyed the trade and indirectly shifted the average prices of everything. I think DE take away any way to get Rivens and allow all current Riven owners to keep them. Rivens are awful for the game and it's market. It's like mass producing the newest iPhone in 1950 and pricing it at the cost of a house.
  2. Because Khora's development was awful and rushed, and then they didn't fix her. lol
  3. To be fair, with the sheer amount of gadgets and stuff in the Kuva Fortress, Sleight of Hand is ungodly broken OP in there.
  4. Any plans to make Railjack more like what was shown at TennoCon? As it stands, it's a very disconnected section of the game, same as Fortuna and the Plains. These sections of the game should tie into the big picture of the game. Players don't have an incentive to play after they get all the new stuff.
  5. I love popping in every once in a while to see this. Absolutely nothing. I think you guys have done... a pretty good job, so far. (sorry not sorry for the dbd meme)
  6. You got a promotion: Lead Railjack coordinator! 🙂
  7. But... the slug is the weaker type...
  8. Wouldn't that the affect every Warframe for the sake of fixing current Banshee, instead of just making her better? That would the require all Frames to be changed a bit, instead of just improving Banshee in the context of the game now, which is what they've been doing with all recent reworks.
  9. I... didn't write it off lol? Changing a Frame's passive is very different than removing half the Frames in the game who all function pretty differently. It's a false equivalent. Then what do you mean? Before this post you left three very short responses that weren't good at explaining your viewpoint.You need to better explain yourself, or this is what I think you're saying. It wasn't a debate, it was an actual question. No... lol, it's not. What I'm saying is that when a Warframe is reworked, all of their issues should be fixed within the same update, instead of leaving things out that aren't the most apparent issues. For instance, Nyx's passive change from disarming enemies (very slowly) to giving her evasion improved her survivability. Vauban's passive change from giving tiny armor on a squishy caster Frame to adding to his damage improved his damage output capabilities. My goal was to update a Warframe by making aspects I find could be improved on them better. This is just an idea of mine. It seems as though you're overestimating the importance of just an idea I had. I believe it is a "real issue" that could be improved and DE would be better served to look at everything that could be improved as a whole rather than parts of it. If DE can look at the passive and make it better, than they should, simple as that. A passive isn't like a multi-billion dollar project or something, lol.
  10. This is a very, very silly counter-point, as this is overlap within the same Frame's kit, not across an entire roster. So you're saying that DE should not fix all of Banshee and only the more prevalent issues? Got it. When updating a Warframe, all around improvements in areas of weakness should be made. Your counter-point here is basically encouraging DE to be lazy by saying that they can ignore the issues that aren't surface level instead of doing everything the right way. DE has updated many reworked Frames' passives. The same can be done for Banshee.
  11. Did you somehow miss the major rework that happened like 2 years ago lol?
  12. I understand the difference between the passive effect and Silence, and still, I find it redundant, and could see something that would benefit Banshee more in it's stead.
  13. I'm not sure if you mean the specific change you quoted or my changes as a whole here, but I never thought I'd see someone argue against making a Frame better? Allowing her to have Resonance in her base ability does in fact increase her damage potential, and as a squishy "stealth" Frame, she will need a method of pumping out very high damage quickly, as she has nothing else to protect herself with. Which changes do you mean? Please, constructive criticism. I pointed out issues I found with Banshee and that I noticed others have and suggested how I think things can be changed for her in an interesting way...
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