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  1. Quite an underwhelming augment. Why should I take space up in my building with this when I could use Primal Rage for additional Iron Staff damage and have Cloud Walker, which is already a stun ability? This should be much more unique, adding something to Wukong's kit that he doesn't already have or increase it's effectiveness. The augment is horrible in general. Please change.
  2. Not opposed to the idea, but we already have more than enough colors that can sport the trans flag colors, and besides, toxic comments like the ones in this thread.
  3. Limbo may not be a stealth Frame, but Rift Walker still works in tandem with the rest of his kit. The reason Limbo is so good at stealth mission is mainly up to the player's skill, because IIRC, Rift Walker's only advantage is no damage and knockdown through laser barriers, right?
  4. I personally feel as though the current Cloud Walker is pretty clunky when used in tandem with the rest of his kit, seeing as he's not much of a stealth Frame.
  5. No, polearms and staffs. I specifically said both. Should also work with his Iron Staff. Perhaps he could keep the old passive too?
  6. I aimed to make it more like that with my propositions, while also keeping the same general idea! 🙂
  7. Personal preference. It works out much more for me with RC compared to CO. Also no Forma so yay!
  8. Excalibur has the same type of passive, and Wukong's current one is pretty negligible. Don't see why they'd question it considering that K-Drives can be used indoors lest you know what you're doing and DE is stuck on keeping Zephyr's Tail Wind in the state that it's in.
  9. You don't necessarily need a specifically non-dual-wielding build. This build would work great while dual wielding too. I'd recommend using Harrow in particular.
  10. Well in this case, it's less of a cloud that you can fly around on and more of somehow worse than Revenant's Reave.
  11. (try saying that title ten times fast... like seriously, it would be hilarious if people sent in voice clips of that) The most recent Devstream showed of some in-progress displays of Wukong's rework. I have a few problems with it, so here are my issues and suggestions. I will also be pulling from my last Wukong thread, while incorporating the newly show off ideas. Last thread: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First, let's go over the wacky stuff shown off in the Devstream. 1ST - Hair of the King A clone of Wukong is created that engages in the opposite combat mode the player is in. It sounds pretty interesting, but there's one huge problem that we've learned already. This clone is AI and Warframe friendly AI is pretty terrible. Having an entire ability rely on it is basically having no ability at all. Not to mention that specters exist. Cool in concept, but the execution definitely needs to be changed... at least until AI improvements are made. 2ND - Defy A divisive one indeed, though I am quite a fan of the direction the ability has been taken in. It's much more engaging, skillful, and fun. My problem with it is that it doesn't entirely make up for what was lost with the original Defy. A few addition effects should be thrown in. Additionally, I think that Defy should encourage more skillful play to prevent spamming and bestow a penalty upon those who mistime it or a bonus to those who time is better (more on that later). 3RD - Cloud Walker Though I was impressed with the proposed mechanical changes to Defy, I was immediately met with disappointment with the Cloud Walker showcase. Next to no changes were made, and the suggestions from players for a complete rework of the ability was completely disregarded. Cloud Walker is still boring, out of place, and unrepresentative of the lore it was based from. 4TH - Primal Fury (Iron Staff) I'm not a fan of the Baruuk-style meter that has been proposed at all. I understand that DE wanted to make it feel more special, but this is the wrong way to do it. It doesn't really fit with Wukong at all. Instead, it should embody the properties of the pole more. On the other hand, the combo changes and damage increases were pretty sweet, nothing more to say it. So, this is a pretty 50/50 rework. How do we improve on it? Here are my suggestions: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ While we're talking about making some Wukong changes, let's adjust his attributes to fit more in-line with his role. Attribute Changes - increase health from 300 to 450 decrease shields from 375 to 175 increase armor from 225 to 300 increase sprint speed from 0.95 to 1.10 And with that, a bit of a passive change... NEW Passive - Wukong has an additive 15% range and speed when using polearm and stuff weapons. 1ST - Hair of the King Wukong throws out hairs to up to 6 enemies in a 20 meter cone, marking them while also rending armor. When enemies are marked, clones will appear at the target's location before performing a Primal Fury combo on them and finally fading into a cloud, temporarily blinding them. a solution to the AI problem, since clones will have set actions 2ND - Defy Though we don't have too much information on Defy, I would like to add on to what was revealed on it. Let's say that in addition to Wukong throwing out damage when timed correctly, he will also regenerate some health. Time Defy better to regenerate more health. When Defy is used when Hair of the King is active, the clones will all combine into one, shift back to Wukong's position, and absorb damage with him. makes up for what was lost in health regeneration rewards skillful play by granting bonuses to those who taunt with proper timing, as it could potentially leave players wide open to damage suggestion: reflected damage is multiplied to account for enemy defenses 3RD - Cloud Walker We all want Goku, we love K-Drives. We like flying. Though this could require a lot of work to make right, here's an idea... Wukong summons down a cloud from the heavens that he can ride on to assist him in traversal and battle. Only melee weapons and the Iron Staff are available for use in this mode. When the cloud is called down, enemies with a 6 meter radius are briefly stunned with fog. Wukong's speed is increased by 50% and he also has freedom of verticality via holding down the jump button. fits better into Wukong's kit, allowing for more synergy; more thematically accurate 4TH - Primal Fury It seems as though lots of people are saying that the proposed "Baruuk-style meter" is something they don't want to see. Though we don't have the specifics, I can agree on this sentiment. Instead, how about something like this? Wukong's Primal Fury has three stages: small, medium, large. Wukong can access these stages via holding down the ability key, shifting Wukong into three different stances to indicate each stage. While charging up, Wukong is invulnerable to damage, and absorbs it to temporarily add a percentage of slash damage to the Iron Staff. The larger the Iron Staff is, the slower, but also stronger. Iron Staff has increased ground slam radius and damage. more thematically accurate more viable in high-level play/endgame (more slash-is-king and increased damage) more CC via ground-slams So... lemme know what you think!
  12. I was admittedly tempted to just end my feedback to this thread as "no", but let me explain to you why your idea is terrible. First off, it removes player choice, which is something that DE is always pushing for. People should not be basically forced to use another Warframe to actually be effective in combat, as that would be unappealing to players, pissing them off and pushing them away from the game. Certain Warframes for certain people's playstyles. Players should not be forced to use a Frame they don't like. There'd essentially be no point in having a huge list of Frames to CHOOSE from. Secondly, it would disrupt any normality within the game. Constantly shifting stats and meta and playstyles would not make for a fun experience and would only stress players. This would essentially kill the playerbase, as no one would want to stick around to play something they don't enjoy. Would probably delete my account if I were forced to play Rhino.
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