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  1. QoL change = lazy on the forums these days, apparently...
  2. Um... Vauban Prime is already out. He's been out for at least 4 fours lol.
  3. Luck-based Frames... *stares intensely in my concept* (this could use a rework lmao/shameless plug)
  4. Here are my thoughts: Vauban - My problems are definitely still with Tesla and Minelayer. Though they are both definitely better than they were before, from what I can see so far, they still aren't really worth using due to them being extremely underwhelming. Tesla also still isn't a strong enough ability on its own to be outside of Minelayer. Tesla at this point is still a bit worse than Wisp's Shock Mote, as it completely stuns multiple enemies at a time, is attached to you (stuns enemies within your range) and it has two other abilities with it. Minelayer, on the other hand, beside Damage Amp, doesn't have a single function that is worthwhile. "Sticky Ripline" doesn't grab enough enemies, "Nail Grenade"'s only function is puncture damage which definitely isn't looking to be good, and "Boost Pad" isn't helpful, as it only gives a small speed increase in a single direction on the ground. To prevent Vauban from having only two useful abilities all over again, here are my suggestions for changes. Tesla completely replace this ability, as Tesla should be in Minelayer (Vauban Sentinel????) Minelayer remove Stick-line, replace with Tesla, as we already have two other abilities that immobilize enemies and another abilities that does the grouping much better Tesla Changes - Vauban throws out (3) Tesla Rollers at a time, immobilizing enemies it latches onto for the complete duration, and shocking enemies every second within a short range these changes allow Vauban to be more efficient at CC-ing enemies w/ Tesla due to having multiple shockers at once w/o increased energy cost Nail Grenade Changes - Remove armor drain from Bastille/Vortex, apply to Nail Grenade. Add slash damage and status. encourages players to use Nail Grenade while also adding additional damage capabilities to the ability Boost Pad Changes - Creates a Boost Platform directly in front of you, whether in the air or on the ground. On boost, Vauban and all allies (pad fades after next pad is created) are propelled forwards, knocking down any enemies, which grant a great amount of shields/overshields when hit. Afterwards, Vauban and allies are granted a 50% increase in speed for a few seconds. Damage Amp sounds pretty good. As long as it's a good value, no changes here. These changes should make Vauban's 1st and 2nd abilities much more reliable for controlling, damaging, and supporting on the battlefield. Ember - Ember is looking SUPER GOOD! Excellent job on this one guys, though I do have some small gripes. My complaint with Fire Ball is the same with all other chargeable abilities. No one will use the non-charged version because there's no benefit in doing so. I'm not too sure that Fire Ball will significantly improve because of Ember's changes, but I'll hold out hope. For Fire Blast, my only complaint is that the ragdoll seems a bit too strong. Perhaps just a guaranteed blast proc or knockdown instead will do the trick.
  5. Hey hey hey! Know you guys are working on other frames, but perhaps after Vauban and Ember, Atlas could use some touching-up? His Prime was just released, but I can't justify buying it with the state Atlas is currently in. Here's some feedback highlighting the problems with Atlas currently:
  6. Maybe he'll be touched-up after the Vauban and Ember changes ship? We'll have to see tomorrow!
  7. Thanks for the insightful feedback. I know I haven't touched Zephyr since what was probably around the time of your last thread, but I decided to share my thoughts. Thanks for clarifying on the Air Burst multipliers. Makes much more sense that you proposed the change now that you've explained it. Oh crap-- totally forgot about that haha! Now that you do mention this though, do you think that it would be worthwhile for the damage type to be changed at anytime for the potential to status switch on an already existing Tornado? This would definitely boost the potential of Condition Overload, Healing Return, Weeping Wounds, etc and allow scaling to insane levels if she can apply multiple status types on enemies with the same Tornado. Last I checked, blast was just a radial knockdown. Had to make sure by checking the wiki. Suggested this because if the Blast status is applied to each enemy individually, not only will the enemies lifted suffer an extended knockdown, but enemies within a five meter radius of every enemy previously effected will also be knocked down. This could just be a slight extension to the CC of Air Burst. Don't worry, I definitely saw you didn't want ragdolling! Lastly, I'm still a bit curious as to how the Tornadoes will deal with area coverage as the amount of enemies increase. If increasing the amount of Tornadoes isn't the way to go (though it would be awesome), will it be increasing the speed of the Tornadoes? The duration?
  8. They did state that cross-play most likely isn't a possibility but that cross-progression could be, though they have not brought it up since they addressed it. Unfortunate, but understandable.
  9. These changes sound really good! They do definitely fix the standing issues with Zephyr's abilities in their current state. However... I'm not entirely confident that these changes are strong enough to match her up with other "higher tier" Frames. What I think she's still missing? Damage. Damage, of course. With the increased need for damage in pretty much every aspect of the game, I feel like Zephyr should also have some sort of source of damage, because as they all say... "tHE BESt StAtUS iS DeaD" (not to imply that the people who say this are wrong, but god i'm tired of this phrase already) Of course, mega-overhaul-level changes aren't necessarily needed, though. Mostly just number changes, though I do want to add some mechanics to Air Burst and Tornadoes. _______ Using your already suggested Air Burst propositions, Air Burst on enemy pick-up will: blades of wind cycle the enemies captured, dealing (600) slash damage per second to the enemy when the ability ends, enemies lifted take (1000) blast damage w/ guaranteed blast status effect I added these on to what you proposed to give Zephyr the ability to have more scaling damage sources as well as giving her another slight CC buff in this ability. Using your suggested Tornado propositions: the ability will have 8 Tornadoes by default, meaning Funnel Clouds will have between 12-16 Tornadoes A simple change. I feel as though 4 skinny Tornadoes just doesn't provide enough area coverage to deal with the amount of enemies that can appear. Other Frames have excellent area coverage and Zephyr can too. Increasing the base amount of Tornadoes along with your suggested changes could make the area Zephyr's 4 ability covers like a deadzone. Interested in your thoughts on these suggestions. 🙂 last-second edit: Zephyr should be able to change her Tornadoes to any status she wants, even if it was changed to a status with higher "priority" before, and Tornado's status effect cannot be changed after the user changes it.
  10. With Atlas Prime being released, Atlas now desperately needs some updates and upgrading in order to make the purchase of his Prime Access more appealing. I, the people in the thread below, and what I am sure are many others think that it's about time for some Atlas changes.
  11. 1500% is maybe a bit extreme, but I do definitely like your idea! Maybe 1500 Rubble would be 150% bonus damage? As @YatogamiOdin suggested, a different energy cost scheme would probably work. Though I think it'd be more like 25/50/50/100? Very interesting "Earthquake" proposition, though I have some tweaks to suggest. As we can tell from Baruuk, even the slightest bit of delay on CC abilities is pretty contentious within the community. Here are my tweaks: first pulse - (15) meter radius, "semi-petrification" slows enemies by (50%), and has a (50%) knockdown chance second pulse - (20) meter radius, strips enemy armor by (50%) and converts it to armor shared between Atlas an allies within range for (20) secs, guaranteed knockdown third pulse - (25) meter radius, deals (5000) blast damage and instantly petrifies all enemies in range for (25%) of Petrify's duration time between pulses (3) secs cannot recast until armor wears off
  12. While that would be new and interesting, it wouldn't be practical, as it'd not only probably confuse the targeting system and end up not working anyways if there's another nearby enemy, but it's just clunky, as it sends you skywards, away from other enemies you'd want to target and also make your intended target harder to hit. My proposition was meant to solve the problem with the ragdoll's current state, while also introducing new CC potential, which is something new!
  13. No, you misunderstood. I suggested that Landslide target enemies knocked down and removing the ragdoll. Landslide will still knockdown enemies, but the third punch will have a (5) meter knockdown radius on the third punch instead of the ragdoll. That'd be hilarious though.
  14. Thanks for the replies so far! Let's have an interesting discussion. ________________________________________________________ Yes, the energy should be for all Rubble. I'll update the original post to make more clear. As for the Archgun thing, that is in fact part of Atlas's passive, Immovable. Since the revisit, he gained a two-part passive (Rubble and Immovable, which became Monolithic). Hmm... interesting proposition. Personally, I actually like the idea, as you don't lose any armor gained when not in combat, though it may be a bit too strong. Having Tectonics or Rumblers cost armor over energy is also very interesting, making him similar to Nidus (stacks for abilities), and giving more incentive for gathering Rubble, though it does sacrifice survivability, which is essential for Atlas; for now I think that having all abilities cost energy should remain. Thanks for your opinion on my proposition for Tectonics. I was initially conflicted with the ability and thought it was too similar to Gara. How about, instead, Tectonics detonation will petrify all enemies within its range? Nice suggestion. Having Rubble restore energy in a small radius on pickup does greatly increase Atlas's team play capabilities. You make a fair point on Tectonic Fracture. Personally, Tectonic Fracture has never worked out for me when I used it, though I will try it again and reevaluate my thoughts. 8 walls is very interesting, and can give Atlas control over choke points for incredible damage potential. Thanks for the suggestion! Sorry about missing the Petrify spam point! Thought I added it in. Will update the original post to give even more of a reason to have energy pickups. Fair point about my proposition for Landslide to deal crits. I changed the why Landslide CCs enemies because in my experience, Landslide ragdolling enemies sends the skywards and away from Atlas, and I can no longer target them until they land back on the ground and I am in range. Additionally, the short-ranged knockdown seems more reliable for afflicting multiple enemies at once instead of CC-ing a single enemy. Single-target abilities are becoming more and more outdated. Sorry about missing a point. Tectonics should probably take on Atlas's weapon mods. As with my previous point, I noticed that my proposition was a bit too similar to Gara's Mass Vitrify. Will update post to have Atlas petrify enemies in range. Having Rumblers take on Atlas's weapon mods is essential for scaling, as the damage they deal easily falls off at higher levels. Dealing 2000 impact damage per punch is pretty weak. Rumblers can be more like the Wuklone! Interesting. I'm glad to have someone that enjoys the scanning for Ore Gaze. How about keeping the scanning but having the effect for the Petrification effect to linger for a few seconds, similar to Nyx's Chaos Sphere Augment? The additional drop chance seems a bit unreliable to me, as Petrify does have a high energy cost, and encourages spamming. Interesting proposition to the Tectonics wall. Having it mold around the terrain it's placed at will make it more reliable for point-defense. Any suggestions for the damage aspect?
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