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  1. I definitely know that all my PS friends have the same issues more or less. Using Xfinity Ethernet. And my upload/download speed is pretty good. It'd suck if this is a primarily console issue.
  2. I know the Ropalolyst can deal high damage. The problem is you can randomly just die in instances where it can't deal damage, such as when the player is controlling it (extremely buggy animations BTW), it's blasting the zip lines, blasting the glass, etc. I meant the synoids BTW, basically the same thing as the eidolon things. They'll randomly go invulnerable for like 30 seconds lol. The floor just disappears with no animation, sometimes even before the next phase. A ton of the animations in the fight are just broken as hell.
  3. It is baffling that the Ropaloyst has been unaddressed for an entire year. From the start of the fight, everything is just broken and it's infuriating. You will randomly get one shot. Random invincibility on the limbs. Random teleporting and falling through the floor when walking on zip lines and triggering the laser respectively. After each phase, the floor just disappears at random. I cannot believe that one of the most broken aspects of the game is a boss fight, tied to the main story, where you also earn a Warframe. I can't play Ropalolyst another time for Nightwave. I refuse.
  4. Can we get additional loot in the hard mode too? We've been asking for scaling rewards forever, so this would be a good opportunity for players to have a way to get their loot faster by having more of an immediate challenge.
  5. While the abilities themselves aren't bad, to me, they ultimately feel like an uninspired afterthought to the concept and how it functions. They feel samey and boring, which could be argued for maybe any new frame, but I just can't shake the feeling on this concept. I really like the ability names and the way the abilities can overlay on each other both mechanically and visually, but I feel like more can be done with the abilities to make them more than "damage" and "healing".
  6. I think we all just know Railjack is objectively poorly designed. Also the fact that we can't hop out to attack enemies in Archwing because the new projectile bullets move like turtles blows.
  7. "Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy." My inspiration for the following abilities from the description was "how can a Warframe fit into every kid of playstyle, by means of abilities that use multiple themes and combine in some areas?" This Warframe should be able to fit every playstyle to some degree, be really unique, and also be pretty good at it. Abilities can be combined to form new ones and stack to make abilities more powerful. These ideas may be a bit too ambitious, but here it goes... Passive - Void Efflux The Void energy surging throughout [the Warframe] allows the harboring of a strong connection with Operators. Each time [the Warframe] takes damage, a percentage damage bonus is pulsed to your Operator, as well as any other Operators within a short radius, decaying over time. Any time [the Warframe] comes into contact with Void energy (Operator abilities, Void Damage, etc.) all allied Warframes' ability strength is increased for a short duration. 1ST - ID: Precept.Reconfiguration.Siphon Due to the amalgamated and incomplete nature of [the Warframe], multiple different parts can be reconfigured and powered with raw Void energy to change the way each of the abilities function with volatile effects if combined. Four different configurations are available: Power, Fortify, Shroud, and Charge. While Reconfiguration does not need to be active to access the additional effects of following abilities, only selected, activating Reconfiguration will grant small bonuses for an increasing energy cost. Reconfiguration.Power changes the abilities into strength and power-based casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time, for a personal weapon damage boost. Reconfiguration.Fortify changes the abilities into fortifying and defensive casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time, for an increased shield recharge rate and extended Shield Gate duration for yourself. Reconfiguration.Shroud changes the abilities into stealth-based casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time, for a personal weapon-silencing signal. Reconfiguration.Charge changes the abilities into energy siphoning and utility casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time to restore the energy of all Tenno and grant a casting speed bonus to self. Note: Functionally similar to Equinox's Metamorphosis. Abilities change when the Warframe changes the Reconfiguration, but a passive effect can also be activated by activating the ability. 2ND - ID: Precept.BreakField [The Warframe] deploys an Void field by breaking off and throwing out one of their arms. Up to two fields can exist at one time. Any friendlies within the field will be granted with special effects, based on which Reconfiguration is chosen. Additionally, two Void fields can be combined for a powerful effect, in turn causing both fields to disappear and carrying a hefty energy cost. BreakField.Power adds Void damage and status to any friendly weapons or abilities activated within the field. BreakField.Fortify reduces any incoming damage in the field and removes negative status effects. BreakField.Shroud turns all allies inside the field invisible and blinds any enemies who enter. BreakField.Charge increases the ability duration of all allies in the field and lowers the cost. Combinations: Combine Power and Fortify for a period of increased armor and lifesteal to all nearby allies. Combine Shroud and Charge to turn all nearby allies invisible and blind enemies. 3RD - ID: Precept.Manifest Instill [the Warframe's] volatile Void energy into an enemy, transforming them into an immobile Manifest catalyst for a duration and causing the to propagate Void energy, siphoning enemy health unknowingly and applying special properties to nearby enemies. Enemies imbued with all 4 afflictions of Manifest become of new catalyst of the currently selected Reconfiguration for no energy cost. Manifest.Power increases the damage dealt by Manifest. Manifest.Fortify strips armor/permanently reduces shields from every enemy affected by Manifest for each enemy killed affected by Manifest. Manifest.Shroud reduces the vision of all enemies effected by Manifest Manifest.Charge allows Void energy to chain between all enemies affected by Manifest, regardless if they were the catalyst. 4TH - ID: Precept.Ultra.Sacrifice [The Warframe] overclocks it's systems and activates all of it's dormant broken parts, deteriorating itself in the process. During this time, all weapons are sheathed, and [The Warframe] can attack enemies with Void energy blasts from afar. Absorb enemies at critical health in close range through the power of the Void to maintain your ability lest you destroy yourself. Once your health reaches zero, you will self-destruct, instantly killing any nearby enemies as well as yourself. Ending the ability manually will leave you at critical health and exhausted, unable to move for a short time. Use of Reconfiguration gives different special effects after enemy absorption. Ultra.Absorb.Power grants the ability to proc a random status every half second when blasting enemies with the Void. Ultra.Absorb.Fortify absorbs more health from enemies. Ultra.Absorb.Shroud increases your movement speed and makes you invisible to enemies. Ultra.Absorb.Charge pulses energy to allies for each enemy absorbed. _______ I am sure that this idea is probably too complicated, but I thought it'd be fun to share what a Warframe would be like that is fragmented. Hopefully you thought it was at least interesting!
  8. Hey, it's Tyler the Loser from our Discord! This is getting a lot of positive reception and Im so glad! These ideas are very well crafted and strung together and I'm glad to committed to this to share! For those reading, now we have a job to share as well. Share this with your friends who play Warfare, share this with the Partners, share this with DE and they'll probably see it!
  9. This event is living proof that DE is not doing good at designing events and new missions and have to either completely remove or neuter the core aspect of the game, SPACE MAGIC. Design the game with the abilities in mind so that there can actually be some challenge and so that half the methods aren't completely obsolete. Don't think I'll be playing this event on console lol.
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