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  1. I wanted to make a warframe concept like this but then I see this post was created in 2015 so I'll say screw it! P.s. Hope to see it in warframe one day. Very good concept.
  2. A little bit late for me. I almost miss the contest since I got quite busy recently and did not check the news soon enough. But Anyway, this is a cool contest and I decided to join this one. I don't know, many people's work here are very well done. I'm probably not gonna win anything but it's ok because I love doing this and I will take it is a good 'workout' for me. My photoshop skills is limited and definitely got a lot to be improved but here we go : I used the photo of the Up-down sided Warframe Logo in my clan ( inspired by the one in The New War trailer) and put it behind of but you probably won't see it because I barely see it myself. Here is the original photo of it :
  3. Our clan is new and we are the only one do the decorations, nothing much, the excuses will are the resources and time as we are the only one doing the decoration so far. Now, behold: - Clan Name: Sphere of Symbiote - Clan Tier Shadow clan - Clan Platform: PC - Clan Role Founding warlord https://imgur.com/a/mMS3FC1
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