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  1. There are currently 35 42 warframes in-game by the time I make this post. The game allow you to have 1 more loadout every 2 MR which means you can have 15 loadouts at MR 30. The number of loadouts still can be increased by purchasing more loadouts which the price 20 plat/each, maximum 10 time if i remember this correctly (and I also appreciate that DE decided to increase the number of time you can purchased it from 5->10 for awhile ago). So, with that being said, the maximum amount of loadouts that we can have is 25 loadouts which is not enough to cover all warframes and with my current rank, 21, I only have access to 20 loadouts ! Swapping warframes or weapons in a loadout to suit a mission is a bit annoying. Personally, I think DE should change it to 1 loadout every Mastery Rank, or at least increase the number of time you can purchase more loadouts. Personally, I would want my account to have a lot of loadouts, probably around 50, to not only cover all warframes and weapons uniquely in each loadouts, but also for other purposes. Warframe is a smart game. Please make it smarter. Thank you ❤️ 👁️👅👁️
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