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  1. Because there is people like this Not everyone wants to play "Better frames". People enjoy different frames, not everyone wants to play nidus, not everyone wants to play chroma, not everyone wants to play efficiently just their favorite frames. Of course I can just do profit-taker with Chroma and clear in 2 minutes, but theres no fun in that for some people, the community I grew enjoys watching me take their favorite frame to places they thought it wouldn't be able to due to folks like you. Imagine if every profit-taker run was this. Everytime, every single time. Boring to watch because there is no challenge or enjoyment. No wonder warframe is in the S#&$ter, not only is new players an issue but overactive try hards that care only for efficiency, than fun also exist. Warframe isn't a fun game to watch if you are just using overpowered frames all the time. Warframe is a game, not a chore. You aren't going to win this convo let it go fam.
  2. Lol you take yourself way too seriously. Hes a interactive and fun frame like I said.
  3. Gotta disagree there, Revenant is one of the more interactive and fun frames to play. Hes up there with Gauss for me, he does have some weaknesses here & there but he is in no way a bad frame. Like I tell most who talk like that you lack the creativity.
  4. I don't know whats going on in this thread anymore haha
  5. I actually kinda disagree, the amount of hysteria he causes in the battle is not to be overlooked. Thralls make this battle absurdly easy for me and when I go into pubs, since they take profit-taker and the other corpus units attention away from me and my team mates. Its pretty nice.
  6. Alright so I haven't been on the forums for a minute, so first off. Watching gameplay alone, isn't interesting. Unless it was brand new stuff. This has been around for a long time. If you want to grow bigger as a channel you have to keep up with the trends of the current game or be entertaining in some way. For Example I started making youtube videos almost 2 months ago, seriously. I focus on off meta things for example doing profit-taker runs with different frames. For Example this After you find your niche, and style, go around and start posting, I do reddit (sometimes the warframe reddit rules are a bit rough), Facebook, twitter, etc. It'll start off slow you just need your blow up video to get you up and off the ground then just stay consistent.
  7. the staticor for example doesn't even fit in his hand, same with the spira His Archgun Summon and at times getting into archwing are almost static until the normal animation plays out, its sorta like when you start using emotes in archwing but on land. He also gets staggered quite a bit at profit-taker even though his passive states that he can't be. Barriers also knock him back but I think thats because Barriers are more like an Object being summoned than an actually effect say MOAs using their knockdown stomp. Her Knock back AoE also pushes him back.
  8. * Few bugs here Atlas doesn't have a Proper Archgun/archwing Animation Staggers still happen even though I'm on the ground Profit-Taker barriers still knock back Atlas
  9. Looks like I derped somewhere in sony vegas, Video is exactly 4:20 in length. Anyway time to go farm Atlas Prime.
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