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  1. In missions when I blind or open Moas up for finishers, I can't use a finisher on them when using the kronen prime.
  2. Its dome is the size of every other Orb, the thing is Profit-Taker has big ass legs which makes her Tower over Exploiter, we don't know if the third orb will be the same.
  3. This and for some reason Profit-Taker doesn't walk around anymore especially when you are in her vicinity but quite a distance from her she just kinda stands around and doesn't move at all once you start moving. Example : Profit-Taker at Mushroom Forest late 2019 Profit-Taker at Mushroom Forest Early 2019 Also is there a way to get Profit-Taker back in captura without taking up enemy spawns? It was pretty nice for content creation and cinematic clips. - Can't Fire the shedu from Archwing
  4. use only 1-2 shots and it should be up immediately soon after.
  5. I'm waiting for that Orb, I'm almost out of frames for Profit-Taker. She better be a #*!%ing fight, like Profit-Taker but better. If not. I'm going to join my brethren and watch from a distance to see how the game develops.
  6. Its actually a good time to use her navigator due to melee changes, glaives are especially powerful now you can clear out elementals, and Slash, puncture with navigator. I wanted to try out the falcor but I couldn't find a decent riven for it. I play more like a crazed and brazen berserker, took me a couple of runs to get this down, and even then Vazarin would make this fight really easy. I'm glad you liked the run and no problem.
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