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  1. I don't have this issue the only time I get a bug in profit-taker is if I press E on my K-Drive. Then I can't melee or attack.
  2. I would also say allow him to go from his 3 to his 4, Like the Legends of King Arthur Pulling the sword from the stone. That would be awsome.
  3. I agree as someone who loves to get all into the fight having directional or mid air combos like DMC would be amazing, definitely agree with the one shotting though but that will have to come when Steve addresses damage rework.
  4. The only thing I can agree with you is the knockdown from MOAs that latch on to you thats it, everything else you can avoid. MOAs on the other hand need to be replaced with another enemy, A Super Uncommon Cyto Raknoid summon would be better than the MOAs that spawn.
  5. I take that back looks like its been fixed
  6. I am to please, but it looks like I'm a little too late on this won't get enough views, so it'll float under the radar for a while. Hopefully my wisp video will boost its views a bit. I still can't figure out why my video turns out grainy. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  7. This was a long time coming... also dusted off the Dual Decurion
  8. Making bossing videos with different frames its pretty fun
  9. I love fighting Grand bosses on squisher frames they take more skill to play, I feel you on what you are saying, I honestly feel like bosses in general should be longer with more attacks to dodge and stuff its fun.
  10. Thanks it means alot
  11. I like the quick switch, its one step to my DMC meets Warframe fantasy/wet dream coming to life in warframe, due to this I'm willing to endure, endure the pain that is auto parry.
  12. I don't know if it is intentional or a bug but I can say that this a bummer not having them up in captura I was working on my Wisp vs Profit-Taker video and I noticed that PT was removed, Profit-Taker and Exploiter have been in the orb vallis captura since launch removing them now wouldn't make much sense especially since they are practically part of the map itself. I've personally used them as cinematic props for my videos. Grand Bosses in General would be amazing to have in captura, its a shame that they are not. example.
  13. you trying to have clem and the rest of the solar system, looking like this? Sentients trying to become the new overlords, not sure about you but, I aint trying to look like Red Skull, homie.
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