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  1. I also now spotted there's a spurious entry for a requiem relic rewards listing? There's listings for "Requiem I Relic (Intact)" + it's 3 upgrades, also the same for the II, III and IV relic, but the list is finalized by a lone "Requiem Relic (Intact)" -- was this intentional? I found out because it broke my parsing script (because there's no type between the tier "Requiem" and the word "Relic"). Never mind; reading back some replies in this topic I already saw Commaster mentioning it. Problem still persists, though.
  2. Ah - just found out there's a hyperlink on that page which I just now spotted, linking here. Didn't see it when stepping through the scraping script in the debugger when updating my database. So I already made a support ticket and a "Heads-up" post at: My last comment in that post still stands though; is there a contact list for 3rd party creators like myself that might come in handy when finding out things like this, to spread the word quickly? Or is this forum post visited frequently enough? (I assume not since I didn't even know about it? could be me though πŸ™‚ )
  3. Never mind - going to the drop listing in my browser I saw there's a link at the top of that page linking to a forum post to discuss it, and the omissions are already discussed there; Still a heads-up though for anyone syncing with it...
  4. Hi, Not sure if this is the best/fastest way to get this out, but to all 3rd party creators out there syncing their database with the official drop table at https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html : it is missing some (relic) data right now. So I'm probably talking to you, warframe.market, Xuerian/Reliquary, war.farm, etc., but I don't have your contact info. Maybe we should make a list somewhere πŸ™‚ I'm using it to sync the relic rewards tables for my site Warframe Stuff Organizer, but after syncing it's backend database to drag in the new relics for the Vauban/Ash unvaulting, I noticed some pre-existing relics went missing. Bummer I only found out after finalizing it all, putting it online and checking it in in version control 😞 Some missing relics are e.g. Neo R2, Neo T2 and Neo Z4. There's definitely others also missing though. The relics are listed in the drop tables for relic drops, but these relics are not specced anymore lower down to list what they in turn hold as rewards. I already sent a support ticket to DE, but knowing the queue there, it might be a while before it is fixed (unless they spot it themselves as well).
  5. As someone who tries to farm everything solo first, and only goes pub when the grind gets too boring, I was unpleasantly surprised when I tried the defense mission as Octavia; energy ran out just too fast. Got disillusioned very quickly seeing it was literally going nowhere, and after reading about Revenant (which I never use) and Synoid weapons (which I never use) I gave that combi a shot. Result: solo, revenant, carrier, tigris prime to get rid of the stubborn, synoid gammacor for the energy restore, arca triton for sheer damage (hesitated about volnius bc of the speed). Completed it in one go in 29.5 minutes (with no revives left though πŸ™‚ ). Best practice indeed was to just slam-kill everything in sight (never used that before either since heavy attack came out; my mouse's button 3 is quite iffy). And of course enthrall a few key actors each round to keep the rif raf busy. Last round did indeed dish out 2 bursas, enthralled them as well but slam-dunking them proved quite tedious, until I found out there was a 3rd mob left somewhere behind a pillar. Killing that one ended the mission right there, since the bursas were already mine by enthralling. So that's a nice tips-and-tricks addition when using Revenant. Another was that my synoid gammacor never procced, prob. because I had the arca triton equipped 100% of the time. But I didn't need it either; mobs dropped just enough orbs, and I only really ran out of energy once in the beginning when I enthralled more than was needed. A third one was that I also just could have left my tigris prime at home, since when I tried it on an ox osprey it just didn't get nowhere fast either; I just enthralled it instead. The others I dealt with by letting them go kamikaze, at least the ones that survived the enthralling frenzy. After my first Octavia ran I predicted a 1/10 for engagement and 10/10 for difficulty, but going with Rev made that a 7/10 for engagement and 6/10 for difficulty (had no revives left, but then this was my 1st try and had to get used to Rev and enthralling again as well - 2nd try would be easier I guess). So my hopes are back up -- on to the other 2 parts!
  6. Well, I actually got my lich accidentally. IIRC I was arca-plasmoring my way through a Lua hallway farming some last codex entries (Orokin Spectator), and I suddenly had a lich. I see what you mean by people slowing down yous style of game play. Though I should also say I find it much more engaging to first farm murmurs, then mods all the while evading the lich, right up to the point I can start tackling him. Seems more like the way it was intended. Though fortunately for you I'm mostly a solo player πŸ™‚
  7. Thumbs up from me; I like modifying the color set, but not enough to go into every frame and weapon's settings to tweak them everywhere. All my frames (apart from 2 when I felt like experimenting) now use the default colors, but if I could set them once in a global spot and be done with it, I'd start using colors immediately.
  8. When prime items gets vaulted, all relics that contain those parts will get removed with them. But the other rewards in those relics that belong to items that are still available must live somewhere, so a new replacement set of relics is created to house those parts. Most often these new relics also host the parts of the new prime items that are introduced at the same time IIRC. From time to time though an unvault is going to bring back a set of prime items that last lived exclusively in a particular relic set (a relic set containing only parts from these items and/or perma-unvaulted stuff). In that case DE just recycles/unvaults those old relics as well. E.g. with the Nyx/Rhino vaulting/unvaulting pair, the Lith B4 which got vaulted back in September 2018, got resurrected with their unvaulting back in July 2019. So at least re-unvaults seem not to give rise to too many relic types.
  9. One other thing I noticed in the latest release (don't know if it was present before): the Dojo Planner says "WARNING: Room limit exceeded!", while I don't see why that would be. The design I've put in is exactly what I've already build in-game, so I think the warning is in error? I've put my SaveGames folder (heh) on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h9Kcfqt8yAS77xDC7-npAi9U7ZexU5zb/view?usp=sharing And another thing: when I quit, it says "Thanks for using Dojo Designer!", but that text is only there for a fraction of a second -- I think you should take more credit for your hard work and leave it up for at least a second more πŸ™‚
  10. For me (who is used to using other control mappings) it's very nice to have there; otherwise I'd be making far more mistakes compared to without it (as I found out with the Stom66 planner). The fact that it updates to show the current options is also nice. However, if you want to later press on with a HTML5 web app, you'll probably find it'll take up too much space for people on phones. The same is true when you implement windowed mode; people might make the window size quite small. So a good way to go forward is to make it window/screen size dependent; the full list when on a big enough screen, a popup button when on smaller screens.
  11. An easier alternative if you do want to add multi-select might be to allow for shift-click to expand your selection; that seems more doable I think? I never realized using the Unreal engine leads to such constraints -- I'm more of a "traditional" desktop app creator myself πŸ™‚ Though I can definitely see the benefits of using it too for faster development. Interesting!
  12. It would be sooo sweet if that would be possible. but don't get your hopes up on account linking... I have contacted DE about this a few times, and their policy is very clear: they do have an external API for querying one's inventory, but only their own Nexus app is allowed to use it. And while they give no reason for it, I can totally understand it; in order for my site to use it, my site would have to collect the actual Warframe login credentials of my users. If I were DE I would be very hesitant about 3rd party sites storing things like this too πŸ™‚ An alternative could be that they introduce user-manageable 3rd party API keys or such, but there's probably not much incentive for them to burn development resources on that. Unless the 3rd party ecosystem gets a lot more sizable maybe, so I'd say: AeliosZero, make that Dojo Planner a smashing hit πŸ™‚
  13. ... which is something else worth thinking about. I know you're doing it more as a hobby project, so you're not in it for the $$$, but some compensation here and there is always a nice incentive to continue these projects. The problem is however that Warframe can be an entirely free-to-play game, and I think a large portion of the players treat it that way, never spending anything on it. How willing would people thus be in donating some spare change to projects like this? If AeliosZero wants to make a website version of this app one day, he'll get to face domain and hosting costs, and then it shifts from a fun hobby project to something actually costing him money. I saw warframe.market has a Patreon campaign, and they seem to have a nice donation pool going on ($656 per month from 329 patreons). Then again they'll probably also have non-negligible hosting costs, plus that they have to invest more time in it to keep up with the game (content wise; new relics and prime content needs to correctly be entered in their database). And they fulfill a thing that a sizeable portion of the player base finds useful. It also helps that players might see warframe.market as the thing allowing them to make 'money', so they will be in a better mood to donate. So: does anyone have any experience 'monetizing' 3rd party content to Warframe players? Again: I'm not talking about getting-rich-fast, but something to at least cover any hosting costs or such. I've also set up a Patreon campaign for my Warframe Stuff Organizer site, and after 1 year I now have 1 patreon for $1 per month; not much, but I really love that guy for it πŸ™‚ Don't let that discourage you though; I've really taken on a very niche thing here, so in my case this was to be expected. Sorry to hijack you post here a bit with this, AeliosZero πŸ™‚
  14. Left click to pan would be counter intuitive for me; I think keeping left click for selecting things is better. Then again I might just have been exposed to an unrepresentative set of tools using this convention; I don't know. A hotkey for deletion is IMO only needed if it is a logical, frequent action users need to make. So if you suspect people are going to destroy rooms often, then a hotkey is appropriate. You could also use the "Delete" key to delete rooms; (multi-)select them first with a left mouse click, then press "Delete" to delete (and "R" to rotate, etc.). Would that work? Full-screen is fine for me. As long as it's going to be a Windows app, people are either going to use it separately from Warframe, in which case it doesn't matter, or in parallel with Warframe, but then Warframe is full screen anyway, so it wouldn't matter as well. And if they place it on a 2nd monitor, then it's the same situation as if Warframe was not started either. So if windowed is giving you headaches right now, I wouldn't waste too much time on it. Then there's the hours... I can sympathize πŸ™‚ I've also often went on for too long, then again if it's a favorite hobby project, it's worth it. Just don't get burned out on it -- sleep is important there to keep you going in the end. And I think the TD;LR is not a problem right now. In this phase I think you'll mostly be interacting with power users / early adopters anyway, and they will actually favor these posts I think. Once your app is more stable and mature, shorter change logs are more appropriate. Whether it's a waste of time I don't know; just hang on I'd say and see if there's enough of an audience in the end to make it worthwhile. Then again you could also see it as an opportunity to grow, and communicating with end users is also a skill worth gaining XP in πŸ™‚
  15. In the beginning I made a post about my Warframe Stuff Organizer site, but didn't get much response from it and the post dropped like a brick in the listing. So while it's nice to have a home in the forums, it's no guarantee it'll give you much feedback after a while. Then again this post is placed in the "Popular 5" section at the top of the forum for me. And looking at my weblog stats, there are now still people coming to my site from posts I made 2 years ago mentioning my site, so those old posts still get read to some extent. There used to be a sticky post in either Players Helping Players or General titled something like "Player Guides, Tips, Apps, & Useful Websites", run by DE Danielle. It listed some of the community sites like IIRC Warframe.market, a kavat breeding guide, etc. I've tried to get my site listed in there as well, but never got a response, and now that post is also gone. Something like that should really be useful, or maybe even a (sub)forum for 3rd party sites/apps/guides etc. Then again that is something for DE to decide, so I'll crawl back under my rock now πŸ™‚
  16. I've managed to sneak in a quick look, and it looks really nice! It at least is a step upwards compared to the other alternatives. There are however a few things I spotted: You seem to be using the same controls as the Stom66 on-line editor. Was this intentional? It might just be me, but I found those controls highly unintuitive... In their case it was probably needed because they can only use what the browser allows them, but e.g. I associate right click much more with panning than deleting, and as such deleted quite a lot of rooms unintentionally by now πŸ™‚ If you want to change the controls, this is the time, now that the app is still not final and hasn't seen much use by people. When in the loading screen it seems you need to remember the name of the layout you saved; a dropdown with available names would be a step up. The loading screen is not truly "modal", as in: it is possible to click right through the inactive parts of the "load" dialog and move a room that way. The part auto-rotation sometimes doesn't seem to kick in; I haven't been able to get a grip on why/how/when this happens though. The Tenno lab seems to want to snap with a small gap to whatever it is snapping on to. And (now we're really getting into the nit-picking details): zooming out keeps the center in the center, while zooming in moves the center. Making the behavior the same might make it more intuitive? You can spot this by putting the mouse somewhere off-center and quickly moving in/out/in/out; it causes an effective panning. And a feature suggestion: The ability to select multiple rooms at the same time so they can be moved/rotated in unison would be very nice when altering the design of large dojos. Then again I can imagine this not being an easy addition, depending on the underlying app framework you use... But even with the above notes, this is already a good step forward wrt the alternatives, so a big thank you! Though I fear I'm not going to be involved much with your app, since I won't put much effort in my dojo (it's a solo clan, so why bother) and I redesigned it already a month ago out of boredom. If only I waited a bit longer...
  17. That used to be my opinion on my solo dojo as well. I also had an empty spot I build the XP gaining rooms on, destroying them again when built. That is, up until a month ago, when I got tired of my ugly af dojo, and I started redesigning. So there could still be hope for you left πŸ™‚ Now I have every xp-giving room there is built, and that gained me some extra XP, cause my clan now leveled up (nice stash of endo) -- must have skipped one or two room types...
  18. As someone on the Reddit thread already said: if you make it an .exe I think you'll lose out on a lot of potential users. I myself would actually welcome an exe, but making it a web app also brings the potential to use it on your phone or tablet next to your open Warframe game. And you can also reach the console players as well. Hosting is indeed an issue, though. I myself am running Warframe Stuff Organizer, and while I went as low-cost as I could comfortably get with this, it still sets me back about $80-$90 a year (Python hosting, domain name and one email account). I myself find it worth it tbh (it's a pet hobby project, and I'm it's most active user πŸ™‚), but I've added a Patreon campaign nonetheless. Last march or such I got my first Patreon after 8 months! Only $1 a month, but the gesture is priceless. Also doesn't help that I've build an app that most people don't want to use 😁; there's 300+ users in the database, though a lot of 'em are inactive. I think a Dojo planner would get more people interested, though. So: if you do make it a web app, either go for free hosting (then again you get what you pay for), or add Paypal donation buttons or a Patreon campaign, but don't expect it to help much, at least not in the beginning. But as long as you do not use an account system where people can log in and allow them to save their design, you can do it all front end, and then a static page hosting service is all you need. If you also go open source, then maybe Github Pages might be a nice fit? Never used it myself, but it seems promising. Then again if you already poured a lot sweat and tears into an exe... If you want to discuss other things, feel free to PM me if you like. I sure could have used your Dojo planner a month ago when I totally redesigned my solo clan Dojo from scratch... I used the Stom66 planner, mocked up something nice, and also got bitten by the hall prerequisites rule and things not fitting in-game where they should go according to the design. No disrespect at all to Stom66 though; it helped a lot, but it's a bit rough in use.
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