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  1. I hope I am not to late the Feedback party but I wanted some time with her before I made any comment here. TL;DR So first off All I want to say she is a complete badass and I love the looks/sound design of this warframe so much. I want her to be the best she can possibly can be so bad because I love the idea of her. And the Dash animation and sound is so good. Her overall abilities are great but there really are a few things that hold her back in my opinion. Passive: Great idea for this warframe the only problem is that it sometimes doesn't seem work right when activating it once before. What I mean by this is lets say my shield is completely removed and I am able to regain my full shield again within a second and right that second I lose my shield again. this time it doesn't seem to work. maybe there is a hidden cooldown or something of the sort but on higher levels it sometime is a pain when you get unlucky 1. Balefire: So Balefire is pretty awesome, but with the recent release of the Opticor vandal. I really feel a few issues. A. It really feels slow and clunky to use so much so that you need (Atleast) 2 firerate mods to compensate. and to be very honest the full charge doesn't really seem to be worth it at the moment. I would love to see in increase in its overall stats because the Status as well as the Crit chance leave much to be desired full damage is sadly not going to cut it on higher levels also the fact that when using Eagis storm you pull out a second Balefire seems to purely cosmetic a little bump of Damage would have been cool as well. B. Like I said before with the most recent Opticor vandal (great weapon to use btw) this weapon just feels overall better. and since you are forced to use Balefire in Eagis storm It really needs to feel more Strong and Fun to play around with. Maybe a secondary fire mode where it shoots a continuous laser (?) C. Last point but not least. This is an issue overall with Hildryn the drain is just to much. When using her Aegis storm I feel like I can barely shoot these guns without running out of shield. Let alone use her Haven. (This is still bad when fully modded for efficiency and duration) 2. Shield Pillage: This is the bread and butter of Hildryn in my opinion. but this is also the main issue of her. A. The main issue I have with this abbilty is that its only potent against one faction. Corpus. against Grineer You barely regain any shields (tested modded for power strength) and against Infested she becomes unplayable. I do not know if this was intended but like I said before I love this warframe and I would love to put her against all the factions and not just take her out when I am going to do bounty runs in Fortuna I am not sure if this is possible from a design standpoint but maybe make it so it takes the shield charge from health or another source so she can be used against all factions effectively B. This ability seems a bit weird and clunky at times. When casting this ability she (with a good amount of range) cast a circle around her that expends over a few seconds and then collapses giving her back her shields and removing status effects (The second part is also not in the description in the ability tab). This like I said before feels unnecessarily clunky to use. the main problem I have with it is the fact that most of time I just have to stand there in a group of enemies for a second or two before I can get my shield back (I know I can click it again for it to collapse but then it doesn't always seem to return shields then) also the fact that the status effect seems to only be removed when the circle collapses. This destroys her suitability so much since the status effects usually last around 5/7 seconds and the casting time for Shield pillage is 2 seconds at base. I would love for this to change to when the circle touches the enemies it returns the shield. and for the status effect to be removed automatically when you cast Shield Pillage C. Simple and short. Please let us be able to use Shield Pillage when using Aegis storm. in my opinion it would just create a more fun and smooth experience when playing her. 3. Haven: The Support ability. Makes Hildryn feel like a great team pick. I personally really like this ability but would like to see a few buffs to make it really feel great. A. A sadly returning problem on Hildryn is the drain on this. I'ts not that bad when using it for allies but when enemies come in to play the drain really starts to take a hit. the thing is it doesn't feel useful when used against enemies at all. I like the fact that it does radiation damage so it gives a form of crowd control. but the damage is just really bad (tested with max damage) and honestly the buff on allies doesn't feel to potent either. the problem is that shields are not the best line of defense in this game. what I do love is the fact that the passive seems to apply to allies as well when using this ability. with that in mind I would love to see a change to the drain from enemies. and maybe give allies a form of damage reduction aswell. since the shields alone do not makes this ability feel worth it. B. The base range and Tracking/stickiness of this ability seems a bit odd. Allies need to stay really close to you in order for this to work a little bump in range wouldn't hurt. Also the ability doesn't seem to go through certain things like small walls or even small objects like a fence. 4. Aegis Storm: The community called ''Anthem'' ability and it looks and sounds bad ass. A. Again a returning issue. The Drain. it wouldn't be a problem if Hildryn was completely invulnerable but when enemies also shoot at you at the same time. and this plus the drain of only this ability its just to much. B. Kind of the same point I made with Balefire you take out a Second Balefire but it doesnt give me a boost with anything no damage or range. and like I stated before since its your only form of damage in the air it would be great if it would give a boost in blast range or damage. also when using Balefire and Aegis storm together the drain is way to much. Also it would be great if you automatically take out Balefire when using this abilty since you cant do anything else when using Aegis storm. C. This ability sadly also feels kinda clunky it would be nice to be able use the awesome dash in the air as well. also the way you can fly up only for a little amount. sometimes makes you fall down when flying over a bridge or just fall of the map when flying over a cliff. and It just feels not very nice to use. D. Again please let us be able to use Shield Pillage when using Aegis storm. in my opinion it would just create a more fun and smooth experience when playing her. E. Again the sound design and looks of her abilities are absolutely amazing great job! Overall an awesome looking and sounding Warframe but I feel like these are just a few points that would really help her out in the long run. Thank you very much for the long read everyone. and please excuse my grammar.
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