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  1. Zachary jumps off in time as it lands on it's back, then shoves both blades into it's wretched skull, twisting them to ensure it couldn't possibly survive. He spins around just as the Valkyr shrieked, switching from his machetes to his SMGs, sharpshooting the weakpoints on the Valkyrs. He hears the gasp of pain from the room, and retreats temporarily to save the survivor inside, shooting the oncoming infected as he goes...
  2. OOC: You apparently forget who they're fighting... IC: The slash across the chest does little to nothing, considering he's wearing a Kevlar vest. In turn, he switches one hand from SMG to his machete, lopping off her head. *Turns to our invisible mental camera and says with a wink* "Well, you know what they say: Curiosity kills the cat." He's also couldn't help but notice the loud thudding noises from the incoming Atlas, and has been expecting him. Just as the Atlas threw his punch, Zach did a back flip, grabbing on and landing on the brute's arm. He then shoves a shuriken into it's face, melting whatever armor was present on it's head. He then grabs on his neck, spins onto his back, and prepares to go for a scissor slice with both of his machetes...
  3. "Oh ho ho! Playtime..." *Zachary flings corrosive shuriken at the oncoming Valkyrs, stripping their armor, along with a spray of bullets from his SMGs* "Here, kitty kitty kitty..." *Throws a grenade in their direction, but not too close to the closet, knowing the survivor is inside. He continues to unload a barrage of bullets on the oncoming infected*
  4. Zachary put the pedal to the floor. When he got to the entrance of the store, he ran over a bunch of infected. He jumped out of his vehicle and busted through the entrance. "HOONNEEEEEYYYY, I'M HOOOOOOOOMMMEEEE!" he hollered as he whipped out his SMGs, spraying the room of infected down, whooping and cackling as he went. "Here's a bullet for you! Here's one for YOU! BULLETS FOR EVERYONE! WHOOOOOO-HOO-HOO-HOOOOOOO!!!"
  5. Zachary watched as she ran off. He hesitated, considering whether he should just scoop her up and bring her back to base, or just let her be and pray she would be Ok. As he debated, he soon heard the screeching from the abandoned grocery store. "What are they freaking out about?" he wondered to himself. Could it be food in the store? That's impossible, it was ransacked WEEKS ago. Not to mention their state of mind has been so affected by the disease that such thoughts wouldn't be present. No, there was someone in there, and if Zach didn't get there in time, that someone would be dead, and he wasn't about to let that happen...
  6. An engine's roar can be heard in the distance as a vehicle approaches you. You soon see a small, tank-like car roar past you, then screech to a halt as it stops in front of you. The door opens, revealing a dirty-blonde haired man with strange, metallic arms. With a closer examination, they appear to be similar to the infected, but so far the man seems sane. "HEY! You headin' for the 'copter, too? Hop on in!" *He waves you on*
  7. I wasn't sure if you'd be ok with Zachary finding the vehicle, so I'm leaving you with the option of whether it starts up or not.
  8. Zachary searches and finds a Panhard AML on the side of the road: He cautiously investigates it and finds no survivors inside. Only a few clips of ammo and the key to start it up. *Zachary looks at our invisible mental camera* "Ooooh... methinks I've found a jackpot!" *He hops right in, saves the ammo, and turns the key*
  9. OOC: Which road is shorter? IC: Zachary debates going down the road with infected, but he needs a sturdy vehicle for either path. He looks around for a truck of some sort.
  10. Oh, goody... ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Edit: Also, I'm gonna change up his secondaries. He wields dual wields submachine guns. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. Oh boy, ole Volty's gonna be chattin' with you a lot, too! He has a thing for kids as well! He always dreamed of being a daddy one day, but he never had the time due to all of his training in the Navy. Then the infection came, and... well... yeah, kinda hard to be a dad when you've got whopping, blade-like protrusions from your forearms. (Not to mention his eccentric behavior... ๐Ÿ˜‚) Also, don't worry about Dark Sector. We got you covered on that, lore-wise. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Nice! Hope your guy likes talkin' to ole Volty, cause's HE'S gonna be talkin' to him A LOT. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Also, I didn't know we were using real-life weapons. In that case, my guy uses dual AAI Underwater Revolvers and dual military grade machetes. He also can use the blade-like growths on his arms as melees, not to mention the shuriken-like disks that form from his wrists.
  13. Also, forgot to mention, my character basically looks like Hayden Christensen, save the suit and tie: (Find it ironic that his first name happens to be Hayden)
  14. And yes, this is my version of Deadpool. ๐Ÿ˜›
  15. Nice! Here goes: Character Name: Zachary Newman (aka Volt-Edge) Gender: Male Survivor or Infected: Survivor (Partially infected) Job: Military (Ex Navy SEAL) Mutation: Ash (Prime with Koga Skin (Suit like what Hayden found. As to when he unlocks it is up to the GM.) Personality: Extrovert (Even more so after partial infection (Further detail in Bio and Unique Traits) Bio: Zachary had always admired the Military as a young boy, especially the Navy. When he turned 18, he joined the Navy and signed up for BUD/S, and graduated. During his last mission, one of his teammates was wounded by one of the infected. He hurried over and carried him over his shoulder, picking him up at first with both arms. Sadly, his friend did not survive, and Zach was infected in both arms. He was given medical discharge due to the infection and was expected to die shortly. Amazingly, he didn't. Although he survived, it affected him physically. He'd grown unusual, blade-like growths from both his arms and was able to generate razor-sharp disks from his wrists. He soon learned how to throw them, and soon turned them into lethal weapons. It also affected him mentally. Despite him already being an extrovert, it made him even more so, to the point of absurdity, causing him to be happy and joke around during even the most serious situations. With that being said, he can be serious when he feels he needs to be, and at the mention of his dead teammate, can become very depressed. It also made him aware of things beyond his normal comprehension, such as the 4th wall. Upon realizing these growths and other physical changes, he was soon forced to leave and go into hiding. Thanks to his pension, he was able to save up to buy himself high-quality weapons, consisting of dual pistols, dual machetes, ammo, and other needed supplies. Soon the infection started to spread, and more people were turning into mindless beasts, and thus Zach decided to turn his hideout into a safe zone for remaining survivors. Now, armed and ready for whatever challenge is thrown at him, Zach heads out of his base to search for anyone still alive after the madness... Unique Traits: Metalic arms and arm growths, extremely talkative, jokes around a lot, even about rather serious matters. Also seems to talk to walls, or in some random direction (breaking the 4th wall by talking to the players or GM). How Character Became Infected: Physical contact with an infected teammate Eventually, I was hoping my character could unlock a suit like Hayden does later on in the game. Here's what it would look like: The shoulders and back parts of the legs are thrusters, and the back part is obviously a jetpack. The weapons he is using are the Akstilleto Prime, and the Twin Krohkur. His helmet also folds and unfolds, similar to Hayden: If you have any further questions about the character or comments, feel free to PM me. ๐Ÿ™‚
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