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  1. Well, if you think about it, it's pretty much the same way in Warframe. Once those story missions are done, it's back to the ole grinder again. I honestly have to say I got pretty sick of it, hence my leaving for a while. Maybe when they decide to make some interesting content, I'll return. And unfortunately for DE, it'll take more than a Fat Boi 'Frame to appease my interests...
  2. Sounds like you weren't paying attention. 😂 Also, I specifically meant the campaigns. The storylines in it are quite interesting.
  3. Cause most of us already have. It's getting old to us, and even DE's own content creators. @mogamu for instance has gotten back into Destiny and is actually enjoying himself. The storytelling in it is much more interesting, imo. If you wish to continue playing WF, that's up to you. I don't plan on changing your mind, just laying out facts to aid in your decision.
  4. Tru dat, fam. I'm getting sick of WF because of it. I've become a diehard Destiny fan now.
  5. This is the OOC thread. If it were the IC threads, I would understand. It's not intrusion if it's in the off topic.
  6. No please, by all means! Explain yourself, because up to the point of my getting kicked, I saw no reason for being removed. The DOOM theme may be from another game, but it's still technically an instrumental. Not to mention one of your other players posted a song for background music from Gundam Thunderbolt. Strangely enough, I don't see anyone complaining about this. Also, I find it funny we couldn't have at least voted on this issue. I honestly wonder just how many players actually took offense to my character's personality/humor.
  7. Yes, because we can certainly have fun in the OOC, but have to be ULTRA SERIOUS in the IC. Sorry, but not everyone likes being a cheap cosplay of Batman. 😛
  8. UH OH! NO MEMES! Remember, any sort of "immersion breaking" entertainment, such as memes, is NOT allowed in this RP. 😉
  9. LOL In all honesty though, that's literally what I do. I've really gotten into Destiny lately. Warframe's taking it's lovely time on content development, so I might as well enjoy mine on another game.
  10. It's called having a personal opinion. Also, why would you encourage racism? Are you actually saying that people who disagree with another's beliefs are racist? 😂 Having a different opinion than someone else is hardly hating on them, let alone possessing a "superiority complex". It's called being human.
  11. Too late! I already have. 😛 Big fan of Destiny, and possibly leaving Warframe. But then again, I do like playing as my Ash Prime every now and then, so it still has a place in my heart.
  12. Zachary seemingly looks blank for a while, then blinks rapidly and shakes his head, as if dazed. It was a strange... trance? Vision? Didn't matter. All he knew was he seemingly woke up from another reality in the far-off future where he had been working with a team of possible friends, including one named Naradin. He was really starting to like him, and was hoping they could be buddies, but in the blink of an eye... it all vanished. It had been nothing but a dream. *He tries to pull himself together at the dinner table* "Woah, that was, uh... never mind. Anywho... what were we talking about again?"
  13. [Volt-Edge - Beta Team] Static is heard over Delta's comms as a transmission is suddenly made from one of Beta Team's members. "Beta to Delta. Beta to Delta. Come in, Delta. Over." (Post response in Alpha/Beta thread:)
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