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  1. In light of the recent changes and work DE is putting on Riven Mods. "We are going to try doing this because we think it will allow fairer trading to occur with a standard baseline. Because Rivens vary in stats, we expect subjective value discussions to still take place." (DE) Rebecca It is clear that DE is woried/or concerned about how players are trading/useing/exploiting this system and is working towards a solution that is fair for the players and viable for the lifespawn of Warframe. I would like to know what we (Tenno) think about this system and the monatization that is involved on it. So my Questions are: Do you consider the Riven Trade a form of monetization in Warframe? Would you compare it to a loot box/gacha system? (what is a loot box?) I AM NOT A MEMBER OF DE! I AM ONLY ASKING THESE QUESTIONS AS A TENNO!!! OUT OF CURIOSITY AND WILL TO KNOW WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THIS SUBJECT!!!THX!!!😘
  2. I was about to post this too 👬 plus++ The chest piece seems a little off
  3. Yeah... I was not having any problem whatsoever before the hotfix. Now I can not start the fight and when it does it does not move to fase 2.
  4. Ivara rags are not taking color or transparent like it was before update 24.4
  5. Hey Thx for the hotfix there is a problem with Ivara rags not taking energy color as awesome as it was before the update
  6. same here! Hope it gets fixed soon!
  7. I think it will be prime only because you cant equipe a prime helmet on a no prime frame.
  8. I will not argue with you because you are not adding anything to this conversation. You are just trying to disqualify what I am saying by point that I am trying to " look fly". I am not saying that they should not be exclusive or that DE should not capitalize on exclusive items. What i am saying is that adding another feature to prime access sets a wall to what some people have or can have access to. As I posted prime access prices in my region is unreasonable. I am glad that they added prime accessories packs to the prime vault packs because RX 39.99 is a reasonable price for me. But do I think it is fair to have to wait till a prime accessories pack is unvaulted to be able to buy it? No i do not think it is fair. (by fair I am talking about reasonable pricing and about regional pricing issues)
  9. That is how I feel about it Adding something that would be new and fun and refreshing to everyone would be more worth than locking another feature behind a paywall And about the price of prime access- my point was to state that REASONABLE PRICING and PAYWALL are a thing. The game is free to play and has the best market model in the currently industry. The point is that the culture of fashion frame is nurtured within the community and therefore presents a real social pressure. If you cant participate in all aspects of what is defined as part of a said community you are not a fully part of it. My point is that locking another feature (a Fashion frame feature- that is important for the community) to prime access is excluding.
  10. That is not cool DE!! Not only Armor sets but now Warframe helmets?! That #*!%ed up! Not cool! I will tell you how much a prime access is in my currency!!! RX 98.99 weapon prime access RX 157.99 weapon+ Warframe prime access RX 276.99 Weapon+ Warframe+ accessories prime access RX 98.99 accessories pack The basic pack RX 98.99 represents 11% of the average month income of a employed person. The RX 157.99 represents 17% of the average month income of a employed person. The RX 276.99 represents 30% of the average month income of a employed person. Well that is a lot of money!!!! Thank you DE
  11. ... There is something off about the new things with the operator armors... They don't seen to fit and they are ugly... and I have all operators outfits (minus the prime ones cause I cant buy prime access from where I live cause it is toooooo expensive-- really really expensive) and I don't like none of then now... My favorite was the the koppa set and I could mix the opened helmet with all the other chest pieces and it was so cool... Now the thing don't fit even the koppa set... it is hanging and floating over the chest... And what about the koppa faulds... what is that around the waist!? And what is wrong with Manduka set textures? And the hood is too high... OMG feels bad...sorry
  12. WTF!!! I am 280 days!!! I am counting days to get my Zenistar and now THIS !!! WTF!!! =_= Please someone tell me that I wont have to log more 100 days to get that @!#$!@ Zenistar!?
  13. I posted this on a a youtube video where we where asked about our interest on a UI review from a content creator: Hi! I would like to see this "themes" review!!! Mostly because i did not notice where the changes are and I do not know where I should be looking for these changes....I mean what changed? Hi! I am back to answer my own question... With Baro arrival and the need to place my new decorations I end up finding what changed with this new UI...And I am not in good terms with it... I have low vision and I am finding myself having to check 10 times more before selling stuff... The inventory screen is simple not helping me :/ I posted somewhere that I was afraid of this UI revamp because Warframe UI was a little weird but it was friendly for me because the names of the items were there and the font the game have is super clean and easy for me to read...but now they are all gone! I went to see what baro brought us this time and to sell my prime parts but I got nothing and sold nothing because I am afraid to sell something that I do not want to sell because I cant Easily tell the diference between the items :/... Now I am looking for a way to go back to old UI... :/ I guess that is what sacrifice is all about right? PS: I am in love with the quest!!!!! Super cool super awesome and not what I was expecting at all!!!
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