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  1. Wisp's 3 doesn't seem to have the proper damage multiplier like it says ingame. After running some tests it kept giving me a 3x damage multiplier at base, when it should be 2x. Also on a modded Wisp, at 4.9x I got around 7.5x. I'm not sure how this ability works or what sort of damage it does, but here's some info on what I did. Maybe I found a bug, or maybe I completely missed something, but no matter what I tried I never got the same multiplier as written ingame: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762177900
  2. On jupiter, I had an issue as Nekros when spawning an Amalgam Moa as a shadow where it would spawn looking identically like its original counterpart, not like a shadow. Gave my teammates plenty of scares even more than normal shadows do! 😛
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1750107404 I went through every single Warframe ability versus Demolysts and found some inconsistencies as well as bugs. Not sure if they have been mentioned here yet or not but they include: 1. Pressing 5 when you return from a mission sends you into flying operator mode in your orbiter. 2. There is a spot on the new remastered gas city where you clip through a grate. 3. Many warframe abilities appear to affect demolysts incredibly inconsistently, and some abilities can lead to some funny or disappointing events. Some examples of this being Loki can bug the demolysts into the terrain and revenant can completely prevent them from ever going to conduits by enthralling an enemy nearby. I am not sure how much of the stuff I found is a bug and how much might have been fixed already (I heard from somewhere that Loki cannot teleport demolysts anymore?) But I figured it would be worth leaving the guide here in case I found something new.
  4. A stretching animation similar to a cat or dog, where it lifts its back end a bit higher and a bit more back, and extensing its neck and head forward to appear like stretching.
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