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  1. 10 minutes ago, -Bigchungus- said:

    Because why would you like to be recognized because you like man,... 


    If you where a war veteran that figthed for the country then I could understand 

    But being admired and recognized just because you are trans? 

    Cause it's BrAVERy for CoMinG OuT

  2. 3 minutes ago, Hypernaut1 said:

    People's ignorance and fragility are being exposed! Topic should be moved at the least

    Moved to where exactly?The feedback section

    In any case this post should be lock down like the last incident where one post about race in cetus should be more DiVeRsiTy

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  3. 10 minutes ago, VanFanel1980mx said:

    Funny thing you mention, I was doing a kuva survival mission hours ago, time to extract, the host arrived at extraction before me, made it to extraction but got host migrated and then kicked out of the game, lost 5200 Kuva, also, we aren't getting any dedicated servers anytime soon either, why would they sell you kuva when they can sell you resource boosters?

    5200 is nothing, imagine when you got host migration during the double resource event + booster resource

  4. 35 minutes ago, S.Dust said:

    I feel like there a bunch of reasonable post but those dont get the traction of a negative post. People will always remember the one bad thing you did over the ten good things. There are reasonable post but the same people liking this post shut those down. So what do people expect. As far as OP comment on how warframe partners do things I have to say I dont blame the partners for how they act. If the content isnt there for them to actually do things they will improvise, I also dont think they are trying to be controversial I think many of them are straight forward and consistent with their opinions. As far as good rewards go I think the rewards we as a community are looking for havent been created yet due to where the game lies difficulty wise; the developers of the game cant give us a power boost because the game is already struggling to deal with the warframes at all I mean look how many things lately have just had to be straight up immune to warframe CC or any other type of abilities. The base of the game needs a fix to start solving other problems but sadly this game is bad at multi tasking so we cant have things fixed as well as have content for people to play coming out.


    Also this post if doing exactly what its complaining about it's creating controversy and calling out youtubers without giving good examples of any of them doing these things.


     Well said

  5. Content that does not rely on Timegating, have a good replaybility and engaging content unlike fortuna and PoE which they only offer is boring replaybility and no engaging content. 

    Boss that doesn't rely on status immunity, Warframe abilities and damage reduction

    New varies of enemies that is not immune to Warframe abilities

    An active that we can take part on, sort of like raids

    A story that is equal to the quality of  "The Second Dream", not like wolf and nightwave that has nothing but plothole, because why we are listening to this random woman exactly

  6. 10 hours ago, F8ted said:

    I believe they could just add more ability hotkeys to the game and let us map it ourselves. Either as current or in OP's suggestion there is a critical "decision making" window taking up time. All other abilities can be used by simply pressing the button, and anything beyond that is too much if based on only a few skill sets. Gear even got new hotkeys so it is assets already included in game. Though to be fair, the OP's suggestion also has assets in the game. 

    That won't really work with console player since the buttons in the controller is already limited

  7. No, but they are just gambling gimmick. It's okay to have it as long it doesn't waste my time, but of course grinding for kuva have so little amount because kuva survival doesn't scale and rivens are just failed gimmick because it tried to fix the issue with older weapon, but of course it didn't work because it just create a power creep cause the stronger weapon is even stronger now. 

    You know what DE should do? If they want this as a endgame, they should do this 2 thing which is quite easy.

    -Kuva scale on survival

    -alllows us to keep one of the stat in rivens

  8. 20 hours ago, Ham_Grenabe said:

    Fix the wayponts.

    And fix the G. D. doors. I've had more missions failing recently because a door won't open than ever before. What is it with DE and their doors? 😄

    (actually, I think the best way to handle it is to make sure there's always 2 ways to a given location, one without any doors - like ventilation shafts or something - that, or give us a Breaching Charge gear item that will blow a hole through a wall). 

    Had this happen once. You know what my random teammates do?

    2 quit and 1 try to go through by using Loki teleportation, which it did work and we were able to complete, but of course we have to wait until extraction is ovet

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