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  1. just throwing this out there, but xp barely, if at all, changed.....I took a lvl 15 wep into the first mission for hard mode, got 2 ranks!!!!!! I was also dropping their armor to 0 with my ash to get kills with that wep, noticed Seeking Shuriken is still bugged after all this time, but i guess it's still related to how slide attacking with whips works. After spamming 1 with at all the baddies in the room, only 1 or 2 had the reduced armor from that mod, after more testing it seems that mod only effects baddies that get hit by in that are within line of sight. I compared it to the slide attack for whips b/c both you can spam over and over, and they will only work 25% of the time. But YAY! Hard MODE! The best way to kill new and old players with one swift update!
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