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  1. Could we atleast get to know if not being able to infuse the element of the ability changed in helminth is intended or a bug?
  2. Could you please take a look at this bug with the gladiator mod set?
  3. After the hotfix the gladiator set no longer works as its supposed to as if you have initial combo the extra crit chance randomly dissapears
  4. same, i was thinking about starting again but realising so much of my equipment is not working at its best is really S#&$ty
  5. alright thank you guys :D, lets see how it goes
  6. So im fairly new to warframe, started with my friend a little while ago, im now master rank 6 but i cant see to do any damage to enemies over lvl 40 with anything except my broken war that i got from the story, And i cant figure out why, i got a multi shot serration boltor that i have used formas on twice but still does almost nothing, same with all other weapons and warframes and i dont understand :/ While my friend can instantly kill a boss that i barely do any damage on, and by time and farming i have spent more than 20 hours more than him on the game
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