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  1. Perhaps, but some also bought it for collection purposes. Do you think people having some elitism justify what happened to them? Not equally the same effort and cost it had to adquire it before. If you mean an event within 1-2 years I'd agree. An event now? The same damage. Game changes, prices changes, things don't go as expected. They should have changed their opinion and be open for a better solution. Which I find it ridicolously expensive, just as it's previous plat value on the market. It'd be gone for 1 year at best with the baro rotation, not so much compared to 7 years. Exactly, for 7 years. There's also the fact that DE doesn't implement what they promise. That's the nature of DE, actually.
  2. No, it's bad so there's not much reason to ask for having it. Why do you say greedy when I'm stating that I'm okay by not having this mod as long as other people don't lose their insane investment? Well clearly 7 years after they proved they still didn't have a good solution to come up with So what? I'm not discussing the buyers mistake, I'm adressing DE's puntual desicion, where as I said, they could've handled better. It was never labeled that way, however, it was exclusive for 7 years before the change. Saying ''soontm'' and making a half-assed 'solution' 7 years later is not adressing it. And some people lost a lot of cash and plat, thats what worries me more than having this semi-exlusive mod now under my collection (hypotethically speaking, I won't put 3k ducats for this niche mod) I could care less. Do whatever you see fit. Specifics? My points adress this situation. Making it avaiable for other players sooner would have prevented it from the prices ramping up too high. People say DE isn't allowed to change their opinions and should base their decisions on exactly what they promise instead of thinking on better solutions regardless of if it's consistent with what they said years ago or not. DE clearly hasn't put a through out of this decision before implementing it taking in consideration the players affected. Also, free market? Lol DE could've easily stopped the prices from ramping up by adressing it in time. Also, their change in fact did affect directly the price of Primed Chamber, so what kind of free market are you talking about when DE's actions and lacks of made this problem go worse?
  3. 1) Deliver what they promise in time 2) Think twice before making a desicion, putting the potential damage into consideration. 3) If there's a better option, don't limit yourself into ''rules are rules'' mentality and make the better option.
  4. Yes. If it was a very good mod maybe I'd have a different opinion. So you agree that putting primed chamber avaible to everyone is not a good reason at all considering is just niche/bad just like snipetron? I already told you they could have stopped it by adressing the issue sooner than letting the prices go to through the roof. That hypothetical case would be possible if 1)It was labeled as exclusive 2)DE wouldnt adress the problem in time not because some idiot put it on the market for 10k plat right after it's release. If de doesn't want to make a SIMPLE change IN TIME such as making it adquirible for everyone in a hotfix that would be 1 day later at best, then they are at fault here. if DE doesn't say exactly when they are going to deliver such change, prices are going to ramp up because of them and the people speculating as well. This lack of communication and DElaying from DE would be their fault. Just because I have an unpopular opinion? Ok.
  5. I didn't trade nor had that mod, first of all. Second, does that excuse you of having a laugh out of it? Not really Yes, thanks for stating the obvious. But if you actually readed any of the post, you'd realise I didn't deny there was a mistake done by the Primed Chamber traders. Thing which I probably responded already and you are incapable of pointing out for some reason. Time is irrelevant? sure, I trust you dude Not exactly, they just promised that, doesn't mean they had a focus on making that possible. And that happening was a mistake by DE. They could've simply not do it and don't do some damage to people that put money on it, but hey, I guess it's better to laugh than to help Yeah, 7 years doesn't seem much in this context right? Lol.
  6. Again, if you want to convice yourself I traded that mod based on a sacarstic response, go ahead. The fact that you got obsessed to the point of going pages back just to find a segment of that post is laughable. More laughable is the fact that I said numerous times that I did not trade that mod nor I had nor I defend the decision of buying it for a overpriced ammoung of platinum. But hey, whatever let's you cope with it man.
  7. Yes, the misfortune of others is entertaining, you truly are a person with reemedable qualities. According to you? sure, dude i trust you! It is a justification. What is your argument that says otherwise? DE makes the difference. They don't necessairly have to follow word by word if there's an objetively better solution. So, should they make a bad decision because of that? Lol. DE let those prices go up, they could have also done something about it instead of waiting 7 years. They took the loss because of DE desicion. If they didn't any change today, there wont be a 'loss' Yes I know, it's the fact that you say it's 'average' due to that and ignoring how rare and pricey it is.
  8. Event only, avaiable once 7 years ago, only a handful of people got it, and the only way to adquire is by paying ridicolous ammounts of plat. Yeah, totally not exclusive man, ya got me
  9. Yeah, 100k-400k plat holds no value. All things are subjetive, you are subjetive, yesss the air is subjetive, why breath at all? Go read a book about DE's promises them
  10. And DE let the trading of said overprice product go for 7 years, and that is something to criticize about. And have done nothing about it for like 7 years? Nice. But does DE accept any responsability for their recent decision? They should. Disposition changes anyone? THere wont be risk if DE handled things differently, that's the point. Keep those legalistic responses coming, it's quite useless when we are talking about ethics if you haven't realised They are responsible however that there was a potential of making that bad desicion due to them not handling situation in time with Primed chamber before the prices inflated. I haven't denied the buyers have partial responsability, maybe if you read instead of copypasting generic bold statements you'd understand where I'm coming from.
  11. They didn't called it, but it was still exclusive regardless. Conviced? it's a fact. Just because they complied this time doesn't make this false.
  12. It was before they put hands on it 7 years later.
  13. Oh so you basically called me silly for no reason. gotcha, nice argument btw You said people bought this mod for the sole purpose of feeling superior to another. Take a read. Nice mental gymmnastics btw No, you havent, your post is as bold as it looks . It actually was before DE put hands on it yesterday. Respected? No. Respect for their investment and consideration to that before putting their platinum into sink? yes. Yes congrats the item I paid for is no longer of value. Thanks DE!
  14. No, it's no longer something of ''collectors'' and if you spent money on it before there's something to worry about, which is all due to DE's action. It's not even a great mod so why so much worry about making it avaiable for everyone? It's like someone paid for something that WAS exclusive, let's say primed warm coat, which is just as niche as this mod is; people pay 200 bucks worth of plat for it, then DE makes it avaiable for everyone after because people complained of it's exclusivity. And here's why I think DE has no actual solid reason to do what they did yesterday. Yes it has been explained already...Where? Keep up with the bold statements.
  15. Nice argument, calling me stupid, ignorant, and crying. How about you actually argue something? What, do you think you are going to have the last word by playing lazy? just try it LOL Yes of course not, and that's thanks to people like you that try to supress any criticism to them by condensending insults.
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