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  1. So I've tried to do a couple of solo captures and was quite enjoying to but sadly I can't do them anymore knowing that I won't get the rare loot even If I did the run correctly. Last capture I brang 4 charged lures close to the hydrolist with 20 spare minutes until day and it still did count as a kill on my stats after I checked. The drops weren't good either I got very few shards from the hydrolist compared to a capture. Only 2 of the 4 lures ''exploded'' when they were close to the hydrolist after It got killed. I'm not the only having this issue, this is an issue that has been a while ago. Hopefully this is easy to fix and It'll get fixed soon. Here's another thread explaining the issue. Also, I'm afraid this is not a problem exclusive to the solo mode, since I've noticed this happened a couple of times during full squad hunts.
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