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  1. Finally some long needed fixes for RJ! I guess this is one of those crazy days...
  2. Players will now have ~3 seconds of invulnerability when exiting the Railjack or a Point of Interest! Increased the refund from Scrapping repaired Wreckage to 80% from 50%.
  3. Game will bug out when you slingshot into Crewship which was just destroyed leaving empty space when you arrive at location. Game loads empty "crewship" and enemies will spawn shortly after. Then you will be dropped out of map bounds and falling (I was in Operator mode when that happened). Unstuck command returned me back to Railjack, but I was still in Operator mode and couldn't do anything, not even switch to frame or use text chat. Alt+F4
  4. Thanks, but what about Umbra Forma blueprint drops?
  5. Good change. I hope you have fixed selling equipped railjack mods? Avionics UI should need some rework (like seeing which mods are in use while on scrapping screen).
  6. Thanks. How about fixing "doing no damage to AW enemies after Railjack host migration"?
  7. DE, you mad lads! Everybody watching TGA 2019 and Rebecca announces RJ update is going live right now. I guess all that Clem spam in twitch chat finally paid off.
  8. At this moment I have lost all hope they will ever fix this.
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