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  1. more useless skins *yawn
  2. Thanks for shiny new dojo gold trophy!
  3. You really had to fix built exilus reward?
  4. It's impossible to send clan invite while the person is member of another clan. Leave your old clan first.
  5. Thanks, RedPoo... er..Text! <3 RedText. Praise the Grofit!
  6. Thanks for 2 polarities for Supra Vandal.
  7. Thanks
  8. Fix getting stuck when returning to Liset after mission! This bug was introduced with this hotfix.
  9. You must feed your server hamsters.
  10. UI fix pls? UI Elements are too big for 1920x1080 resolution.
  11. Nice. Prepare for many bugs. You can start by fixing UI element sizes first.
  12. BTW we have Ignis Wraith bp in clan tech as Facifism Defect event reward.
  13. I hope the host crash when Ferrox hits too many targets is fixed?
  14. Grind is over. Now where is my Ignis Wraith Clan tech research for top 10% Moon clan? And where is my Inbox message with Ignis Wraith bp?