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  1. Good fixes. Now if you could fix this tiny bug where host and nobody else can extract from Veil Anomaly mission that would be great.
  2. Who doesn't love some delicious spaghetti code? RIP. It was obviously not intended to do that.
  3. Yeah, one of alliance members mention Stalker joining them in Granum Void. Massive oversight 😄
  4. Good point, but this still doesn't solve other issues with this content. Communication or lack of it is the problem when playing with randoms. One player activates the hand and mark the location without saying anything and while you are running to the waypoint, portal is almost expired or completely gone and you get no rewards.
  5. Yeah, this game really punishes you for not playing solo. Everything is better on solo. Well, most of it.
  6. Can we get extraction abort condition while we are in Granum Void? I am too tired wasting my coins on bugged missions and MR1 rank players not aborting extraction while others are in Granum Void.
  7. I can't even get one health bar down. Before Jackal 2.0 I also could never kill it on solo. It always got invulnerability bug. Looks like some things never change and I'll have to do this exclusively with randoms, again 😞
  8. As always I won't be touching the new quest for at least 2 days while they fix most of quest breaking bugs. Riven cap increase is nice 👍
  9. By forum "toxicity" you mean mods deleting posts which are undesirable for the update hype train where people are complaining about bad deluxe skins and so and so? That is the one of the issues concerning forums. Second would be removing additional "Like" button options. How can you express your disgust to some outrageous post now?
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