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  1. Now that I've performed some Arbi rescue squad, the revive feature can be cool. I really think those revive tokens need to be an optional pickup, instead of getting smacked on the moment a drone dies. That way we can coordinate and clear the wave before we get nerfed by the debuff. I also wish there had been a limit on revives per player. Allowing repeated death in Arbitration seems like a bad look to me. My main problem with Arbs is still just that loot rotation. The Endo spam gets real old, and we need something else to drop after more of these waves. Something as simple as an extra Vitus Essence or low count Kuva could change it up just a little.
  2. Thank you for the update, apologies in advance for the critical post. As some whos run Arbs a decent amount, and made sure I have the kits to mostly survive its 1-shot rule, I have to say none of these changes interest me that much. I liked the perma-death as it was, not sure how I feel about this new risk/rez game mechanics. I will have to see what kind of moments this introduces... when someone dies and then puts the whole squad at risk to rescue them. I personally would rather try again than be a hassle to my team and risk their run. I wont suffer people who abuse that system foolishly. I am also not really keen on these rewards except maybe new Forma- IF it works with Umbra slots. None of these skins and whatnot appeal to me. I truly love DE as a dev and love this game, Im not just trying to *@##$ when I say... DE has a chronic hesitance toward make activities truly rewarding. It feels like new and especially variant weapons are kept long in the chamber for the next big thing, and we wait an eternity for this appointed time. They are meted out very sparingly, while new modes are touted that just keep us spinning our wheels, for rather off-brand cosmetics. A slight revamp of the rules is not enough and we need a reason to keep going. If I do Arb today, under all the new rules and conditions, Im still just going to get flooded with an overabundance of Endo, just like SO floods me with tons of random relics. The actual drops in zone need a bump. Depending how that forma is obtained, it could be a gain for a couple of my frames, but where is the new weapon to grind parts for, etc? Wheres the moment I throw my hands up and cheer because I received something truly cool and meaningful here? With all that said, the fact that DE even goes back to update these modes is a testament, its a push in the right direction, it just needs more OOMPH.
  3. Atlas' 1 ability should really be an Exalted Weapon. Right now hes this biggest outlier of 'frames that still need a 'stat stick' He needs melee weapons loaded with Impact in order to optimize One Punch.
  4. I've said my main complaint in this thread already, but I have to say.. im really impressed with the new Plains. It feels so much more immersive out there. How about some reformed Incursions that make use of this... with a sweeter pot!
  5. I think the removal of 16x Anisotropic filtering is pretty disappointing, and done under a poor pretext- saving players from themselves. The 16x setting has been available in Warframe for years now, and its suddenly pulled. This change lowers the maximum fidelity of this game, on account of some people who run a setting they can't handle. You've got people who have been running this setting for a long time, and who appreciate that extra quality. The game looks slightly uglier to us after the change. Do we have to limit the visual quality of this game because people won't adjust their settings properly? Lets not forget this is a game where the Particle count can be set to Ludicrous. Maybe change it so "High" defaults to 8x, and people who can't handle it don't get stuck with it. For those of us who have been running it fine all along, let us have that crisp experience enhanced with 16x AF.
  6. I'm missing this 16x anisotropic filtering. I've been using it all along and never needed to be 'saved from myself'.
  7. I like alot of what I see in this patch. I think the economy changes went a step too far trying to be 1 for 1 with Fortuna, which is a slightly different animal with slightly different systems at play. I still have to absorb these changes, but it seems like this would nuke the stash of people who have been sitting on fish parts for future baits, and people stockpiling Quill-bought Wisps for future amps. Infact, Wisps have been the infinity use of Quills rep for a year. I'm not too heavily in either catagory, but it somehow feels like too much. As a newer player, I too hated Wisp farming. Once a player has a decked Titania (or whoever) and a few youtube vids to watch, Wisps become your typical MMO resource flight thats pretty easy to manage. Eidolon Gems can be bought or traded, true, but farming them feels like its harder to get exactly what you want than it is with Wisps. Unless of course, you have a drop chance booster on top. Overall, I like how Warframe is moving forward and updating older content. The effects of these economy changes wont matter much to vets who are 'past Cetus' as far as crafting, except for reducing the 'future proof' status of their inventory. Sometimes though, the feeling of stacking the cards and then knocking them down for the sake of 'change' can be jarring to those who have invested alot of time. With that said, I just want to express my appreciation again, for how DE will do things that most devs wont to make this a super fun game. I'm looking forward to stacking floofs and getting stomped!
  8. Yea, Day Trader can be completed now... but I still didn't get the points.
  9. Day Trader is still bugged, atleast visually. I've done it twice now, and it still doesn't show as Completed on the Nightwave menu. I'm not even sure if I got the points or not.
  10. I really appreciate the "World Cycle" Clocks. I do think they need one more layer for Orb Vallis. I believe it should cycle between- Orb Vallis: Warm | Cold in 1m Orb Vallis: Cold | Freezing in 1m Orb Vallis: Freezing | Cold in 1m Orb Vallis: Cold | Warm in 1m
  11. Is it intentional that standstill Bullet Jumps break Ivara's prowl? At first you could bullet jump THIS WAY in prowl, so long as you were not holding the 'forward' key. Then, prowl would break when doing so as a client. Now, it breaks when doing so as Solo, Host OR Client. I understand if this is intended, but it does slow her down quite a bit.
  12. This patch is good, it gives me alot to do and I appreciate all your hard work on it. My one point of contention comes whenever I look at the launcher. I'm conceiving the horror of being faced with default-color Hildryn -this amorphous blob of chewed up Playdough- as the poster child for Warframe on the launcher... for months. I'm not kidding when I say those colors are embarrassingly awful. Though I will soon have her set up with reasonable colors in-game, there will be a daily cringe when I boot up the launcher. With that said.. I love you guys to death, you have my appreciation and support. Thank you for this thorough update.
  13. Thank you for the update! Another Ivara bug remains: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1035978-ivara-bug-when-playing-as-client-stationary-bullet-jump-breaks-prowl/?tab=comments#comment-10344613
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