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  1. Flash idea BUT What if the Jordus Golem acted as the Assassin for railjack missions? He would just randomly appear in your mission and become a optional objective you can take down.
  2. Presenting Highlord , a custom frame i designed around the idea of sadism. Lore : Milash was once a renowned Sentient Highlord General that ravaged across Orokin battlefields. He was known to take great pleasure in the suffering of his enemies, some even speculated this extended to his allies as well. But when the Orokin finally struck down , Milash's remains were taken and forged into a warframe to be used against his prevoise creators. Now Highlord has been found again, with a singular persute for suffering in mind. Stats: Passive - Sadism 1ste Abilty - Thermal Lances 2de Ability - Destructive Wave 3de ability - Empowered Strikes 4th Ability - Ritual Combat Any Feedback is welcomed. Concept art and the Custom stance is still WIP.
  3. A idea i had is since he levels up on death, why not kinda pull a DOOMSDAY on him and make it sothat he can not die to the same damage type after he was killed by it.
  4. Sorry for the messed up layout at the start. Had some issues.
  5. Here i present to you Archfiend, A warframe i designed to be a risk reward tank frame with damage and survival and support features. Archfiend's play-style and kit is based around the idea that he uses his health bar (Like how Hyldrin uses her shields), meaning he has no energy and his abilities costs his own health to activate. Stats: Abilities: Passive - Crimson Red 1ste Ability : Outburst 2de Ability : Redirected Rage 3de Ability Scarlet Security 4th Ability Burning Heart Archfiend spreads fear and fire across the battlefield. Can you tame this demon and make the rivers run red tenno? Please leave me any feedback you have or changes you can suggest.
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