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  1. I know most of DE's focus is on Fortuna but im really still hoping for some chroma changes. and maby the return of limbo's old stasis through a augment mod.
  2. And so i leave you with his GLISTENING MAGNIFICENCES :
  3. SO understand my frustration as i dont even get to be awake when he releases and i have to go to work tomorrow, meanwhile you get to stay and get to play with him.
  4. its not the game. its the sleep depravation. And im not angry ust irratated. And people making passive agressive comments to me doesnt help either.
  5. to be fair. i have never waited for a new warframe release before. Khora just happend and umbra was hyped but im actually lookng forward to Revenant.
  6. Im just tired and irratating. Its 11 30 PM and the only reason im awake is Revenant. I really looked forward to him but i see to be in for dissapointment. ffs.
  7. While we are waiting . Please take a moment to admire his GLISTENING MAGNIFICENCES.
  8. they delayed the game an entire day. How isnt it fixed in that extra time. A compony has to keep their promise to their customers.
  9. true. but atm its 11pm here. and i have been hyped this entire day waiting for him and nwo with the chance he wont even release before saterday for me. I dont really give a damn about others atm.
  10. I would just buy the frame . saved up for him since i dont have time foir grind
  11. Tbh i would rather they just release it and release a hotfix soon after.
  12. So by Friday , you ment friday at midnight? Or actually before saturday?
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