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  1. The passive seems like it could be unreliable and trigger at times you don't want it to, like during a spy mission. I would recommend it to be similar to hildryns sheild gate, where sheild depletion would trigger it, and going below, say, 30-10% health would trigger it, leading it to go on cool down. This way its available when you need it, and it won't lead to excess health being wasted. Otherwise, I like the kit and theming behind it.
  2. looking at her abilities again, I still don't like her fourth ability, it feels too niche. since Protea isn't released yet, I'm not able to see how useful it actually is. I'm glad they added the on death thing, and the stored damage mechanic, but it still seems like it wont be used much. The ability seems more like a gimmick, which frames can have, just look at Grendel, but the gimmick should fit the frame, and this ability doesn't. I do like the rest of her kit though, I was worried about the turret, but through what I've seen, its really good.
  3. When equipping different arrow skins on the Kuva Bramma, the arrows no longer sit in the quiver properly. Only the ends of the arrows go in the quiver, causing the rest of the arrow to extend into the air and slightly obscure vision. I tested this with both the Prisma arrow skin and the Kiteer arrow skin, and both had the same result.
  4. Here are my ability ideas, but first an overall concept: With my design, health/shields and energy will be swapped, most abilities using health instead of energy, it may be a good idea to stop abilities from being cast if the frame is at maybe 10 health (this can change of course, depending on your thoughts). Also, any damage taken reduces energy, until there isn't any energy, then shields, and then health. The reasoning behind this is that the frame was put back together, but not quite correctly, internal systems being hooked up to the closest source, causing the frames health and energy to swap. Passive: Energy Gate; if the frame has at least one energy, any damage can't go past that, with a short cool down to prevent exploits. Also, not really a passive, but this frame can have much more overshields than a normal frame. Ability 1: Fractured ground; this ability is a combination of Titania's spellbind and Harrow's condemn, the frame can tap to cast the ability on an area (base area of 10m) and cause any enemies to get frozen in place, while reducing their armor a small amount. Any allies in range gain a small health regen of 1 health/second or maybe 1% health/second for the duration of the ability. Ability 2: True Redirection; the frame channels shields into health, not with 1:1 efficiency, maybe around 10 shield to 1 health or something close Ability 3: Unstable adrenaline; similar to Harrow's thurible, the frame channels health into a buff shared with allies, any damage done to the frames energy gives shields Ability 4: Decommissioned; the frame casts out a wave of energy similar to mag's or nova's, that corrupts the enemy, slowly reducing their defenses before causing them to take small damage over time and increased damage from all sources.
  5. to make this even simpler, collecting one of the souls should give Titania all 4 buffs at once, with the extra stacks increasing the duration up to the normal 2 minutes as suggested in the post. That is my only suggestion, as I agree with almost everything else, though I believe cycled abilities as a whole need to be looked at, as they all feel cumbersome.
  6. this is an issue with any cycled ability, and DE really needs to address this I don't think anyone would be upset with just combining (though if tribute had the synergy with spellbind that is talked about in the post, Lantern and spell bind would have to be seperate), the amount of enemies caught in the first cast would increase the range and damage of the lantern, allowing the first ability to be freed up for razorflies, as... personally, I love this passive, bringing razorflies out of razorwing and bringing more them use. However, an issue may arise with how the razorflies can alert enemies when you don't want them to. But, this definitely a better passive than anything she has, so I like it. I don't know if you intended it to mean this, and it's even weird that we have to specify this for DE, but this buff needs to affect enemy action speed, not just walking or sprinting speed. Otherwise this buff would have the same issue as entangle does now. this is a strange buff, I feel like it could use something else, but I have no idea what that would be. the status immunity is useful, and almost every cycled ability has the one oddball ability, so I don't mind it. the biggest issue found with full moon is how it affects only companions, and companions are not known for their damage, or damage consistency. There isn't much reason to not allow this to effect players. I do like the added lifesteal, it could really increase companion survivability. Overall, I love the rework and hope that they take either the entire rework, or just ideas from the rework. Oh yeah, also obligatory buff Diwata pls.
  7. Please let us use the scroll wheel for abilities like minelayer and quiver, it would drasticly increase the functionality of these and other abilities with multiple options, as well as helping with the flow of the game
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