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  1. This is an idea I had tossed out before: New frame proposal: Evvol, the shapeshifter Shapeshifting as a technology for warframes already exists within game with such frames as titania, nidus, equinox, etc. but it does not exist as a thematic design for a warframe. Equinox thematically is the closest, but even then equinox is more about 2 opposing forces, yin/yang, night day, coming together to coalesce rather than being a tried and true shape shifter. As a top down function concept this frame is a jack of all trades frame, it has a wide variety of abilities but none of them should ever exceed the utility of another frame that does the same thing. that is the main drawback, it can do lots of stuff, but not as well as other frames. Why play this frame: it will allow you to instantly walk into any pug and fill any gaps in the roster and be able to synergize with whatever the group needs on the fly, it will also allow you to solo any mission type without needing to change frames unless you choose to. Additionally, this frame will be challenging to master given how many permutations there are to play with, which gives it lots of variation and engagement in play style. Why not to play this frame: it isn't as good as other frames at any one thing, mod builds and load outs need to be carefully considered to balance between types, or alternately, focus on one main type to enhance it, thereby not benefiting the others. Additionally other frames aren't as "limited" in the sense of their segmentation, in the sense that they can have richer defined roles, where as the strength is that this frame doesn't have a well defined role, but rather, shifts between roles as needed. The design concept is strictly to create a meta for the "utility" role, it does all the stuff you would "need" but not necessarily all the stuff you might "want". Visual design note: Much like the T1000, this waframe doesn't seem to have an explicit gender regardless of it's current form (ie, not hyper masculine/feminine) and instead should have a more alien like/inhuman appearance than usual. I also envision it having an innate ephemera that makes it look like it's distorting that can be stacked with other ephemeras(this might be slotted into aux in case someone doesn't like it). In appearance this might be an invisible color and frame sized version of the warp effect from the dojo decoration "large gravity well". I'm also seeing notions of sentient design elements here similar to the limbo deluxe. parts might drop from a sentient boss of some kind after a story arc. Challenge: this warframe will be even more difficult to do for deluxe skins and tennogen for because of the variety of shapes it can take. I also imagine it will likely need a bunch more animations. I would suggest that the "animation set" be fairly generic since it will need to work well with several silhouettes. Core design concept: health/energy/move speed/shields: these should be very mediocre. maybe 110, 100, 1, 90 Passive: slow health regen (maybe 1/3 what nidus has) and additional passive boons based on form from the 2 ability. this frame comes with no polarities and it should have all builds forma'd separately for additional investment required for greater diversity. 1) this ability toggles between exalted melee, exalted secondary, and exalted primary, each separately modable and a cast is with a "hold 1". the exact animation appearance could/would/should shift based on the warframe form from the 2, but it wouldn't expressly need to. additionally, depending on variance of 3 and 4, these abilities could be tweaked differently in terms of stats depending on the form of the 2, but this should not include changes in crit damage/chance or status chance, but rather for ancillary attributes like cast time and raw damage. The ability has no cost to use, and all weapon animations should appear as if they are part of the body of the warframe (such as by being a sword extended from their arm, or maybe an eye laser or whatnot). when held the ability can be "channeled" ie, holding it down while weilding a sword type thing would result in consecutive attacks. Damage type is void, and if different animations are used between different forms for the 1, they could also apply differently (ie, you could make a primary that is a cone and another that is an aoe blast, etc. all subject to balancing between types. ammo for these weapons will regen similar to archwing weapons. Because quick melee is a thing, it's probably best to bind melee to one arm and primary/secondary to the other. this should be a full body cast animation. 2) this ability alters the 3 and 4 of the kit and the appearance of the frame. It is a toggle ability allowing a selection between the following types: (default load in is tank) A) tank B) support C) stealth D) Caster Dps or if you prefer: figher, cleric, rogue, mage. my belief is that these should cycle in this order for balance purposes. While we could add additional types, I think doing so would add too much utility to the frame. this cast has a second long animation and alters the visual design of the frame and additional passive bonuses. it does have a minimal cast cost, and yes, you must cycle through them however, it will shift into the form that is currently selected at the end of the second, meaning additional cast time reduction could/would/should result in additional casts/costs. When shifting forms health and energy does not increase to compensate, only max capacity can alter, any excess energy and health over current cap is lost. 3&4 varies based on 2 form: A) passive: +110 health, +80 shields +100 armor to base 3) raw armor bonus that scales similarly to iron skin but less effective 4)hold to cast, 30% damage reduction of 1 toggleable combined damage type and a self damage buff (of the resisted damage type) of 15% across all damage (exalted and equipped weapons) possible frame and exalted weapon themes: should appear armored and thick, gears of war/dark souls level armor. battle axe hand, grenade launcher arm primary, shotgun hand secondary B) passive: +50 armor base +120 energy base, +20 to shields 3) Pbaoe moderate heal at moderate range (about 1/2 affinity), moderate energy cost 4) Team buff (moderate, maybe 15%) to all attack speed at similar range, moderate energy cost possible frame and exalted weapon themes: lightly armored, mid body build, mace hand that changes to shield when blocking, primary is an eye ray of energy color, secondary is a hand ray of energy color with guaranteed cold proc. C) passive: all exalted weapons receive 80% hush, +30% to all exalted base damage, +50 energy to base, additional movement speed 3) invisibility similar to ash in terms of duration/cost 4) performs finisher at close range to a single target with exalted melee (about 2/3 range of ash's bladestorm), moderate cost possible frame and exalted weapon themes: melee is spike similar to kuva/hacking data spike from the hand, primary is sniper rifle arm, pistol hand secondary, frame is styled as unarmored and stripped down for stealth (not having additional frills, all tight fighting) D) Passive: +180 to energy base, passive health regen replaced by passive energy regen at same rate, +60% base damage to exalted primary (however, exalted primary must be cast on the ground and also restricts mobility but follows aim), -20 to base health, +40 to base shields 3) translocation: a short fast dash forward to aim that can only be cast on the ground, leaves a short shimmer pattern of the frame behind it as it moves during which it gains damage reduction as if it were bullet jumping, leaves a ground trail similar to nezha's of energy color flame on the ground for minimal damage. minimal cost, should operate more as a dodge or gap closer than a primary mobility use. 4) big bomb from the sky aoe: similar to vauban's orbital strike or ember's new WoF but quick cast for less damage, high energy cost, can be held for repeat casts in quick succession, for massive energy cost, (ie, won't work indefinitely regardless of mods). leaves behind an aoe damage mark on the floor for x duration and has a guaranteed blast proc. possible frame and exalted weapon themes: frame should be flowing gown sort of design (mage robes). melee is a simple unarmed attack that has energy color to it. primary is a two handed haduken with energy color. secondary is a magic missile type spell: always hits target, slow moving, will Track them (like bonus head shots from pax seeker, but without landing headshots, multishot should spawn additional missiles visually), if no target is aimed at with the scan, it will land at that point of aim with line of sight range, but can damage any target that is in it's path, at which point it dissipates. I think it might be good to focus the primary exalt on status, the secondary on crit and the melee on hybrid build set ups for balancing. Additionally some thoughts on augments: being that each frame gets 4 augments, and he has 4 forms, it might make sense to have each augment specifically buff up 1 of each form for specialization, making them slightly stronger in that category in a way that is meaningful for that category. As an example: augment 1) while in mode A player gains 40+10/lv to base armor. augment 2) while in mode B player gains a slow field effect in 10m radius that reduces enemy movement and attack speed at the cost of -20 max energy in this mode augment 3)while in mode c invisibility ability duration increase 10+10%/lv. 1+1/lv seconds to hacking, 10% flat chance to open locked lockers. +10% toxin damage to exalted melee in mode C augment 4) while in mode D cast and animation speed bonus of 10+10%/lv
  2. To no one's surprise, DE overnerfed Maiming strike into oblivion to the point where it literally has no place in a build because it can't compare due to limited function by requiring a special action (slide) and with sacrificial steel or blood rush existing that don't require said special action otherwise it will simply become another slide spam fest, which while many have opinions to the contrary, I promise spin spam can still out damage meta saryn range spore with melee 3, but I'm glad we have build diversity options now as I think that's healthy for the game, because when there is one and only one ring to rule them all, it gets overly repetitive and boring if you want to be efficient, which you really have to if you want to pokemon all the gear. That said, even if you buff maiming strike, it's not going to have any reasonably value to most all weapons because you'll be losing likely a mandatory 60/60 status to fit it, and it just can't compare to that utility, which is probably corrosive, but could be any combined status. In theory you could drop it for heat, but again, if it becomes comparable to the others, then it starts to be another spin fest dominating everything, and spin is already in exactly the place it needs to be: Highly expensive to build for (you need a perfect type of riven riven to manage it for a few select weapons), and not optimal for any but the most heavily invested players. Since nobody wants an OP spin back (except maybe a few cheese fanatics), I'd propose the following since Maiming strike is absolutely a trash mod at the moment: make it equal to organ shatter for crit damage, thus allowing the possibility to choose to stack them without making one objectively better. This gives it an actual niche place to be and doesn't incentivise spin spam because it affects all your crit damage and stacks with organ shatter, or possibly replaces it if you want a gold mod instead. What this does is that it makes you choose between your 60/60 mod and maiming strike... what weapons allow you to do that? weapons that already have decent status and high crit multipliers so the status damage loss is no big deal because you swap to heat instead of corrosive, which lowers your status chance, but ups your base damage (ideally you'd still want to be proccing heat at least 50% of the time after your heat 60/60, and have a 2.5x base crit mult, which is not all weapons). For people spamming heavy, yeah, they will see much bigger numbers, but that's already pretty irrelevant because not much stands up to heavy spam if it lands and the balancing factor is that you lose corrosive permanent armor strip for temp armor strip that has a lower chance to proc and heavy attacks open you up to damage by being slow AF, but gain a large amount of crit damage to make more juicy red crits that are mostly irrelevant in any content except endurance over 2 hours. What does this do? To 95% of the game, absolutely nothing. You can already insta clear the starchart blindfolded with half a build as it is. I know I've even done random load out auto install no forma sortie 3 for all 4 members (meaning, the worst possible trash build you could make unless you take out a catalyst, but you do need a catalyst since grineer heavies will just laugh at your damage if you don't), so given that most content won't be affected, why bother? Well... since it affects endurance runners using only very specific load outs, what this does is it incentives those players to obtain that 4% drop chance mod in exchange for bigger red numbers, and lets be clear, they are the only ones that need it and are likely to bother to obtain it unless they A) don't have organ shatter before this mod drops for some weird reason, and since it's not bigger than that it doesn't actually matter, but does stack with it, and b) people looking to min max their endurance runs, which are the only people that really would want to target farm this mod since it's completely unnecessary in all other content and you get sacrificial steel for free just by playing the game anyway. This gives this mod a unique niche for certain weapons that already have good status and have large crit multipliers to run a heat build. It gives people an incentive to farm this mod on purpose. It doesn't over emphasize spin as the only possible meta method. We only have one non primed mod that is likely never to be primed (for balance) for crit damage if you don't intentionally build your entire load out around your melee with set mods and sacrifice almost all of your warframe and pet utilities in the process (which can be worth doing, depending on your play style) It increases potential engagement because while you can heavy spam for bigger numbers, you have to choose selectively when to do that in high end 2+ hours endurance, because if that's all you do, you're just gonna eat bullets and rockets till you die because you're too slow (ie, this would be good as a one off in a narrow hallway with a few heavies clustered). I honestly think this is the best solution overall after having dwelled on it forever and a day, and I just got thinking about it again with acolytes dropping, willing to hear criticisms, but would prefer they come with constructive criticisms on how to better implement rather than just be "this sucks". As a reminder, as much as we want scaling rewards, they don't and likely never will, so staying longer in endurance is strictly a matter of enjoying the game a certain way and only offers potentially increased rewards in arbitration survival because you keep getting C rotations. This doesn't apply to something like say, defense, because you're actually working against yourself by not resetting every hour because of scaling enemies, though that may change some, we shall see. Additionally I'd strongly propose spin crit on rivens goes away entirely and is replaced with in order of non duplicate priority: Crit chance, Crit damage, base damage (meaning if your riven has one of those it moves to the next one, and you can't have all three since you can only have 3 positive multipliers). This is because rivens have a lower spin crit chance than they do a base crit chance, which makes them A) incentivise spin only playstyle and B) it's a trash roll you'd want to reroll if you can since just regular crit chance is superior in every way (since it still applies to spin as well).
  3. I think my references to the AI have more to do with the effects of the bob and weave effects that allow you to miss on D2 enemies, because they actively try to avoid you... where as in warframe, yeah they have tools, but I promise that those tools mean literally nothing if you build right at endgame. They are all just insta dead wet tissue paper. If they could attempt to avoid something it would really make a huge difference in the game, but they react like molasses. Imagine if you used peacemaker and not everything insta died and allowed you to win, or with one attack everything near you with a properly riven'd melee didn't insta die because it rolled out of the way with some agility? I think the reason you don't feel like you are getting stronger in destiny is because the max cap of power is designed to be closer to the minimum to avoid the mistake of warframe where they are so spread apart that if you're a new player, 90% of maps are just you running behind other players stepping on loot. I promise that when you do reach the endgame of warframe (and by that I mean having all the primed/umbral mods, all the gear/frames, max focus, arcanes, etc.), you will experience the same thing, the reason you don't notice it is because they artificially pad the hell out of the content with stuff like RNG layers and .1% drop chances and standing caps and such, and I'm not saying that's all bad, because some things, like say, a cosmetic grind are perfect for that, but for crucial components like reactors and mods and frame parts, etc. that's just busy work and it's not any different from the endless wow loop of "go collect 20 new currencies for me with a 1% drop and I'll give you a 1% towards your next ding" it's literally the same old school trash grind used by the mmos of yesteryear and not at all in line with better gaming practices implemented elsewhere since those days. As far as railjack I do/did like it, until grinding my face off to get points, it's just soooo grindy and repetitive. It was cool, but yeah, I don't think anyone disagrees that it was half baked trash on release, even if it was fun. Honestly my main battle is to get the devs to shut up about squad link and actually make full on 8 man raids. The tech is well pioneered, it's not impossible, they just have to stop jerking around and pretending like it is and produce some actual content, and if players break it with their insane builds... then you just balance it for that or let it remain as a viable strat, because like you said about the bosses, it sucks to have all your stuff you've earned over thousands of hours just "turned off".
  4. Premise: PVP in warframe is a dumpster fire, very few will claim otherwise, and it's lack of enjoyment limits the game severely. Elevator Pitch: This brings with it balanced pvp, unbalanced pvp, a regular monthly event, unique rewards and meaningful rewards as well as a way for players to have the most challenging form of enemy, other players. Outline: 2 modes are required. 1 is standard mode where most of the progression is earned in pvp. In this mode all weapon types are standardized, ie, your shotgun works the same as any other shotgun for the same damage and spread and mods affect nothing, all weapons are standard. Mods on frames also don't count. Player health, armor and shields are at base and dps output for warframe abilities, utility abilities and cc are manually adjusted on a case by case basis for balance purposes. additionally ability cooldowns like in sanctuary are applied so you can't just span your most valuable skills. This creates a fairly even playing field and streamlines almost all of the work. New cosmetics are added to the pool as well as some tangible power rewards that are useful such as catalysts and forma. This runs in seasons similar to nightwave, where you can earn and rank up your "title" for bragging rights and get achievements and such that might unlock other rewards. 2 is a free for all mode that appears for a limited time, maybe one week per month This mode features full modding and operates exactly as standard warframe does. It's not balanced and not meant to be and all mods and builds are entered as is. This limited time situation offers you faster access to tangible rewards and maybe some vaulted relics drops or something. Players earn both by winning and losing but winning offers better progression, this means you're rewarded simply for participating to ensure it isn't only the best of the best that are allowed to play in this mode and win, something like 6 v 6, 4v4, 1v1 are likely candidates for modes. Each month also offers a unique reward of some kind at the highest level of achievement, which is technically achieveable with lots of time if you just lose forever, but can be attained easier/faster by wins. This also has the benefit of bringing back a use to the sparring arenas in dojos as a way to test and prep for the next event, this also gives warframe a monthly event that is repeatable. In both modes they have to be hosted by DE and not a client since that offers unfair advantages. This gives players both an even ground to play on for skill, and also rewards players who have earned their way up in the regular game. Utlimately this is simply an outline and there are lots of ways to improve and refine this, as well address concerns, but these need to be looked at on each individual case by case basis.
  5. I don't think that they can ever be the same game, the tone is different, the story is different, visuals are different, I'm more discussing about analyzing their design concepts and reworking the good parts to make warframe better in areas it lags and sucks in.
  6. I was raiding at 3 weeks with literally no idea what I was doing to get there, I just jumped in and played. Granted, I'm not a newb, and I go hard in the paint, but if you look at the barrier to entry for something like say, arbitrations, yes, you can also get that in three weeks as well, but most players won't be there for years, where as with destiny I'd assume six months max. This is a cursed development problem "I want all the power" vs "I want challenge" you can't really have it both ways. I don't know many people that have achieved top level power and can solo carry 4 man arbs for hours without difficulty that don't feel that warframe's power level is a bit absurd and the combat has no depth or weight. Thankfully the looks at enemy scaling will hopefully help with this, but they really have to look at enemy ai as well, for example one of the things in d2 is that enemies have different tactics based on what faction you are facing, not just different damage types, attack types and weaknesses. For example the fallen bob and weave, while the taken will split and make duplicates if you don't take them out quickly, etc. All in all the enemy design and power level is just better. I think there is still a way to find a good middle ground too without nerfing everything into oblivion, except for the pvp aspect which I think the best option is to standardize dps for weapons based on type and then simply focus on balancing abilities except for maybe a monthly or annual event situation where that gets disabled and we run with everything at full power for people that want to engage in that. Ultimately you can have depth of customization and weighty combat, it's just it takes a careful hand to balance it effectively, and after years of complaining we're just now seeing them start to take these concerns seriously. So your complaint is that collecting the bounties should be streamlined. I agree. What I don't agree with is that this makes activities not fun and rewarding. The thing is, fixing your complaint is easy... you just get bounties in your orbiter with the option to pick them up manually if you want at say a relay or something. You haven't grinded warframe much then. Did you do the old tower white condroc farm? What about hema solo research? What about blah blah blah... point being in terms of grind you are far worse off in warframe, especially if you are 100% f2p. It's not even a contest. Additionally where as you have mandatory mods in warframe that are essential to min/maxing, in d2 you can more or less just acquire stuff at a natural rate and even a crap build is viable, where as that is not true in warframe. My experience was very different. I want to be clear that I suck at pvp, and did not have close to min/maxed gear, and did iron banner and managed to pull off a 3 ish k:d, and had a blast doing it. This however, is subjective, but I think that's kind of my point. The fact that warframe's pvp sucks however, is not subjective, it's widely heralded as abandoned like lunaro and sees about as much use as flappy zephyr. This is no different from the same stuff we have in nightwave, thus making warframe not "better" in this regard. I have an opposing thought on that. Since you're viable for anything at 900, getting to 970 is completely unnecessary, and gettting to 960 is pretty easy, the last 10 levels are to give a slight and more grindy reward to the most dedicated players that amounts to very little, but is doable if you're dedicated. From a game design perspective to me this is genious. There is still reward to earn, that is temporary (since each season ups the LL), but it gives you something to work towards that is also not impossible, but is not more grindy than anything else in warframe. You mean like how warframe's vendors only get an update once every billion years (not counting monthly Baro vs weekly Xul)? additionally I don't understand why people complain about the eververse shop, if anything warframe's shop is far more egregious with things like slots and catalysts and forma and such. I did buy the expansions and have bought nothing else from the store because I could give zero F's about emotes and skins that kinda, by comparison to warframe, are kinda ugly. I would buy a skin if I actually liked it, but I have yet to see one I care about enough to spend a dime on. Sure, they added railjack... which is fun... for a while, but also causes extreme burn out grinding out 10 intrinsics, and yes, warframe does have advantages, I don't deny that, but there are things they can learn from and do better, and there are lots of areas in the game that are far more broken than destiny. Until railjack is a sustainable and integrated part of the game rather than just another content island I'm going to say it doesn't count. What we have right now with railjack is a midly balanced tech demo, not a game. It needs another 2 years of regular expansion to even be worth calling a proper expansion. But what if a good pvp mode was introduced? Would that not significantly improve the game? Is such not possible? I think it is.
  7. Recently (after the new year) with the limitations of what railjack does in the game and the horrible initial implementation (even though it is fun, it's overly grindy and repetitive as you grind out those rank 10s, and yes, I know a lot has been done to fix railjack and the infamous awful lich system at launch). So I went over to D2 to figure out what they were doing and why anyone cared about this game. What warframe does better: -Special abilities -unique playstyles (which of course makes warframe worse at overall game balance) -melee combat -wider array of weaponry (though their exotic system does feel more profound because you have to earn the better gear with in game actions/activies, rather than just grinding the same map 5000x on ultra easy mode until the thing you need drops). -character mobility/combat loop -character customization and aesthetics -load times What Destiny 2/Bungie does better: -Core gameply loop reliant on bounties/activities, rather than just speed murder -Season Pass (gives a better rate of return on investment for time spent) -PVP (actually functional and fun, adds a whole new dimension to the game) -item balance -xp and power level/balance, this is really key. When you die in warframe (or rather, your pet dies and you extract because it's pointless to bother without your vacuum and radar) it's because of something you couldn't reasonably prevent after 2 hours in endless without having 360 vision and a computerized brain, when you die in destiny 2, it usually feels like you made a mistake and/or the enemy earned it. This also consequently, makes combat feel more weighty and makes the game far more engaging where as with warframe I can be braindead and not slept in 24 hours and still have a 100% guaranteed mission success. -more enemy factions and better enemy ai -bows, just all of it. -regular events and updates (cough cough cough) -Game stability (massively better, where warframe has so many glitches and bugs constantly that you get numb to them over time, D2 is almost entirely stable and bug free with very few glitches and bugs in an entire playthrough experience: currently rank 146/100 in season pass as of this writing) -amazing raid design (cough cough) -Actually feeling like you are earning in the endgame phases and are rewarded for playing rather than having endless rng loops that are frustrating to the player. There is rng in destiny 2, but it's much less frustrating. If anything, the rub with rng and grind is what made me fed up with warframe again, second time in 1 year. At a certain point warframe stops feeling like fun and starts feeling like a job to get the thing I want, and I don't want to feel like it's a job, and this is all because the amount of reward vs time invested is completely ridiculous, speaking as an MR 27 player with about 7k hours in mission. Warframe suffers from the "daily chores" problem that WoW has, in that it forces you to do repetitive tasks for minimal reward. While warframe certainly has it's strengths, they honestly lose out on which is more enjoyable to play for extended play sessions. That said, d2 is likely far more casual, but it still serves the hardcore players by having excellent raids (not this half measure squad link stuff they keep trying to bait us with) and pvp. Because of this I'd strongly urge the DE devs to take a look at these areas in the game and steal everything they can as far as conceptual design models, or improve where they overlap (for example, you could liken bounties to warframe factions, it's just that d2 does that whole system 1000x better). Mainly the feeling of being rewarded is very absent in warframe as of late, everything is launched in the last 2 years is launched as a massive grind fest and it just feels crappy and then after a year of it being sucky they buff it out for the casuals and it just feels like they don't respect their most dedicated players to launch something in an even close to finished state, and really aren't as good at listening to players as they used to be, although I am glad to see the lich and railjack updates, this is stuff that really was low hanging fruit I feel like they shouldn't need to be told, like "hey, this thing you launched is super broken and far too grindy to ever be enjoyable". It just feels like at this point it's some kind of sick stockholm syndrome with the player base to see how much crap (grind/rng/broken launches) we'll put up with, which really sucks because I really love playing warframe. I'm also likely going to be looking at star citizen soon too, since they are really pushing what is possible with space adventure and it would be really cool to see some of what they are doing end up as features as some point once the tech is better perfected, like, why shouldn't we eventually have capital ships and space stations, and planets covered in cities we can fully explore and run impromptu missions on? Why can't we visit a corpus city? Why can't we see a huge grineer mining colony? Obviously not any time soon but these are things I think should one day be in the future of warframe, obviously storyline pending as nothing like that will likely be possible till after the new war and the tech is pioneered sufficiently. I'm also keeping my eyes on Cyberpunk this year as well to see how and what it implements successfully to hopefully help warframe become even better over time with feedback. Also DE devs, skins are not content, maybe technically so, but when players are mad because nothing is being released, the answer isn't more skins...
  8. Feedback from me: Valence transfer gives me a reason to play this again, if and when I feel like, so thanks for that 🙂 The opt in mechanic for the weapon solves all the problems of the lich be gone system on the front end and I prefer that, this way there is no reason to get rid of it if you opt in. My one and only criticism of what I am seeing is the total removal of the death failure. On one hand you have the lich failure being forced punishment death on the player for something that isn't their fault. Now you have no threat or teeth on the lich. Both of these are mistake. I've said several times, and this is the one thing you guys don't really do well (challenging content) is to make it so there is a quick time event on the failure and success means you live. This way there is both risk and reward mechanics and failure is earned by the player. I can't stress this enough that these types of things are really important in a game to make it feel rewarding. The main reason people blow through your content and only look at physical rewards is because the gameplay loop itself is lacking in extrinsic and experiential rewards because of the repetition. This is an opportunity to do that, so please don't miss it.
  9. I am almost certain the pacing to be overtuned for high end players is intentional. they don't like seeing us burn through their content, and they also know the player base find ways to abuse the system in ways they didn't intend (like the stealth abort). To assume this isn't intentional and on purpose is pretty ignorant imho, but the one thing that would really be nice here is if they would just admit it and say it out loud "yes, we do that on purpose, to deal with exploits ensuring people don't destroy the content with exploits in a matter of hours" if they said that, it would be not only fair and reasonable, but also transparent, and it seems this is again another subconscious failure where the company is pitting itself against the player base rather than in cahoots with them to create a great game. If you ask me it's about money. DE has said repeatedly out loud how they "want our feedback" but then how they "don't want our feedback" and their actions have shown that they are interested in our feedback only when it meshes with their intention for us to grind endlessly forever and never enjoy anything in life but warframe. This philosophy though, burns people out. I stopped playing railjack entirely for now, even though I still have 2 intrinsics level to get from 9 to 10 (and I didn't abuse the mechanic) because I just can't handle the rng on these crappy vidar drops and my account is back in maintenance mode daily logins while I go play destiny 2 instead because I frankly can't handle that level of absurd grind. already had 10 vidar reactors drop and the highest was 59. it's just BS. the reason I say it's about money is because all signs point that way (more hours in = more money spent), and when decisions directly go against player interest (caveat: who are fair in their appraisals) you can almost always bet the answer is money. I was excited about railjack even in it's super buggy release but I'm not feeling a strong connection to the lackluster fixes and lukewarm reception of criticisms to that end. also I'm pretty sure they don't want to fix the spin rivens or maiming strike as well. they would rather leave it in a broken state, since I peddled clear solutions to this that would have taken 5 min to fix back when melee dropped. if they wanted to fix it they would have by now. either they don't care and neglect it, or they want it to be artificially bad to punish the players that roll that way, and in both cases it's against player interest.
  10. Mostly happy with the economy at the moment. Couple things could use a tweak: I've done over 50 runs of the sentient ship and even with loot radar always on I have yet to see 1 single rare cache to even have a chance at ephemera. I've done over 50 points of interest and also have yet to find a rare cache to have a chance at an umbra forma. If these are supposed to be a draw item to want to continue to run this content past 10 intrinsics the spawn is too low to make it worth the time investment. Alternately vidar mk 3's, if they are flying to have such a crap drop chance, they shouldn't be able to roll less than a sigma 3. If this is going to be the only chase component worth having then at least make it so the 2 hours you spent farming for it aren't actually a slap in the face when it finally drops. With rng stats you guys need to make them tighter, starting with the lich weapons. It's fine to hate the best rolls behind low drops but the minimum shouldn't be so low like should be more like 40 to 60 for lich weapons. Same with these reactors and such. Shouldn't be able to roll something inferior to dojo research and 10x better than it on same item. Either it's good or its garbage, don't make it both, its frustrating. If it's a rare drop it should be passively better than the standard dojo trash item. Outside of those things I feel like the economy seems pretty good. I've managed to farm everything else pretty reasonably.
  11. I see the trouble and reasonable complaints with the rng, but I am not against it. Let me help here though OP. If you want players to have longevity in the content, they need to have a farmable, tradeable loot resource for plat. I have heard that pablo said avionics would be tradeable not so long from now... that's a step in the right direction, but it isn't exactly longevity driving. see with warframe mods they have such a wide array and their relevancy changes all the time... with avionics... you can just very quickly get all of them, and if tradeable, the battle avionics as well, and then walk away and be done with it. the rarity of them as 15% X .1 or .05 for the rare mods people will want to buy is too much to ask people to farm for plat realistically to get them to come back over and over to play the content. Look to add something special similar to the orokin derelicts vaults. those are just enough hassle where most nobody wants to do them, but easy enough that anyone can do, and there is some rng there, but you always get "something" as opposed to farming for hours and potentially having nothing, as I did when farming zetki bulkhead non stop for 2 days. the former is perfect for the long term economy because those mods are niche and not mandatory, but can really help a wide variety of builds, and the latter is just frustrating and sucky. put something in with "some" plat value, that is annoying to farm, with some rng, but not ridiculous rng, and has some kind of reward guaranteed if you take the time to complete the content. that would make this a farmable mission and stimulate the economy. I'm telling you that even with the recent drop boost of 15% for mods, that's not going to cover how rare the rare ones are. put in a new item of sorts that you get here and add in a random drop chance cosmetic of some kind that has a ludicrously low drop chance. do that with pretty much the game mode, minus bug fixes, will be in pretty good shape for the future, pending more content. really want to see some sort of endless mode too.
  12. Railjack mission time varies based on your crew and railjack load out. On my ship we can clear some nodes in 2-3 min. even in veil (highest level) we can clear in about 5-10 min. much like when you first start your warframe experience, a simple exterminate might take you 20 min, and after you are geared correctly you can do it in under 2 min and nothing poses any significant challenge. same is true of railjack.
  13. right now the biggest game breaking bugs imho are the transition bugs and spawn failures. transition bug examples: leaving or entering a mission causes infinite loop. entering or exiting from warframe to space/arch causes all kinds of bugs where you get stuck in warframe in space, or archwing flight on your warframe rather than controls for parkour. these can also get you stuck in geometry, in outerspace outside the skybox, or in a dead grey zone where you can't even use recall because your screen is locked. a lot of transitional bugs can happen when using operator or host migrating as well. spawn failures is the other biggest one, where you complete your objectives but still need one crewship that is not on the map to destroy. you scour the map with the whole team for 10 minutes to find nothing, just to park the ship next to some respawned turrets to let them kill the ship and fail the mission which is prefable to aborting since you'll get even more loss that way. these two issues are the biggest game breaking issues at the moment, since they prevent you from playing the game at all successfully and can fry the entire mission for everyone on the team. yes there is a ton of other bugs like display and math issues, and lots of stuff not working as intended, but the ones above are very frequent and do break the game most often. fix those and I would say it's stable and unfinished, but still stable. right now it's completely unstable.
  14. first impressions after 12 hours: SO.... this has been a super bug infested mess... but... unlike liches I think you guys might have gotten this right. When it is working, it's actually pretty good. the economy seems pretty decent as well as skill progression, with early levels being easy and later levels tapering off, which is good. you get the resources at a rate that seems to be working pretty well, and your upgrades are there. you can't ramp up everything right away but you can make good progress. so far the only weird thing is that after clearing saturn entirely, is that my archwing is better than the ship with as much upgrades as we can stack on it. it's become more efficient to have 3 guys with arches clear the map and 1 dude running around repairing, which seems counter intuitive. for the record, I do have arch rivens that are beast and best builds in slot on my arch and gun. it's also a little disappointing that arch melee has no practical application... maybe grineer troopers at some point? that said, the game "feels' much much better than liches which I hate (and i finished that grind, all weapons, all ephemera), but the bugs you have so far are pretty game breaking and frustrating. like literally, it breaks the game and can't stay this way, please hotfix asap: some stuff: 1) infinite load screens on the way back from mission mean you have to abort and lose all progress... this sucks given that it can take some time to do these missions, one of the longer ones we did was 2 hours... guess which one crashed on the way back? yes we get our intrinsics, but all that loot is gone forever... 2) entering areas when switching from arch to warframe and vice versa can confuse the controls where you are in your warframe in space or perhaps, in your warframe on a ship, but you're flying like in archwing. it also prevents you from opening doors. 3) grineer ships and tiles often have doors you can't get through at all, someone else has to come open them. in some cases they are hard blocked by a busted door... is that intentional? it means you can't blow the ship. 4) this one is more of a criticism than a bug(possibly): some resources can't be picked up in arch... this sucks. Diroc being the main one, but it also applies to avionics and some other resources. it takes forever to run around with the ship afterword and clean them all up... we basically finish the mission and play vaccumm cleaner for the next 20 Minutes while everyone sits twiddling their thumbs... this can't be intentional. If it is, it's bad. let us pick up all resources in arch pls, there is no good reason to force us to play vacuum, that's not fun at all. If that's your intention your design is bad/wrong if you want this to be an action game. diroc is too important early on to leave sitting, and this isn't like endo in a normal mission, it doesn"t take us 10 seconds to get there, it takes us 20 minutes to run around the map and pick up all the stuff.
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