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  1. Honestly, not a bad job on the event, DE. Just put in 8 hours of grind in on it. Felt rewarding, nothing terrible, some bugs but nothing too bad. Primary bug I encountered was "ability use prevented" in necramech which was just it glitching out for some reason, couldn't even exit through operator. Had it happen once to me and once to a squadmate in 8 hours, was able to be fixed by dying in warframe and resummoning mech, so nothing game breaking. Also sometimes you get stuck in geometry with mech, but that happens still in warframes on maps that have beards, so nothing terribly unexpec
  2. Yeah, none of that helped, I haven't been experiencing it recently, just that day (weird) but nothing would bring it back, just had to restart.
  3. This. If you don't have enough kuva it's because you're doing it wrong. Also, Kuva is a trap. Timewise (the most important resource in the game) you're much better oFF just grinding plat and buying what you want and paying other people that just enjoy doing the kuva farm to roll it For you, it's much, much cheaper.
  4. In most cases this isn't possible because the majority oF items are not available in the premium storeFront. Only base items are, not variants or primes, and even then, not all oF them as Many weapons are acquired Via quest, dojo, events, and MANY MANY other things. What you are asking For isn't unreasonable to Want, but I would say it's unreasonable to expect that DE will do this because they are notoriously NOT user Friendly and don't explain their own game well. I don't imagine anything like this would be implemented in the liFespane oF the game.
  5. Sorry bro, but this is an L2P issue. To be fair they don't tell you how to do the fight, but to be fair to them, you're expected to overcome challenges, and once you know what to do this is stupid easy. I failed once because i didn't know what to do. Then cleared it stupid easy the next time. The only reason this might be a little difficult to figure out is because typical warframe just has you invincible and murdering anything while ignoring all enemy fire. This however, not unlike other boss fights in the game, has mechanics you need to learn and manage. 1) move out of the
  6. I mean, I feel your call to logic, but I'm forced to answer with: This is a game about space ninja wizard children. Nothing makes sense, especially the lore that has been retconned and beaten to death by it's own inconsistencies. The only reason this doesn't work is because "Devs said no" and no other reason. They would likely cite something laughable like "game balance" without considering how you can now just press 4 to win on nercramechs because that doesn't fit with their very strange notions of balance. That said, they are a particularly obstinate bunch and don't often listen to
  7. RNG is RNG. My personal worst frame to farm was hydroid. 74 rounds of Vay Hek... statistically speaking I was well over the point where I should have had all the parts, but I just got screwed on RNG. Meanwhile I've had liches that were 15 min start to finish because I guessed right first time. RNG all comes out in the end. That said, the ambulas fight is cumbersome, slow and repetitive, but I'm pretty sure that's DE's favoriate way to design anything, with as much padding and RNG as possible. Good luck getting them to change it.
  8. I disagree with your assessment on the fact that you can already see MR simply by right clicking and view profile. That said I agree it's unnecessary as a feature. So, right answer, wrong reason. Here's the thing. I've got over 7.4k hours in mission, and have min/maxed all the garbage in the game. That said, I've forgotten more about this game than most people ever learn about it. That said, I can still be wrong, and I don't know everything. There's a strong chance if I'm very certain about something and someone else is MR 8 is telling me otherwise, they are ignorant to certain
  9. Given with how bad DE is on upkeeping content (see conclave, lunaro, frame fighter, etc. where they just give up entirely and quit) I'll be shocked if new frames in 2 years still have subsumable abilities.
  10. I agree with your criticism, it is dumb. It's not pointless though. This is another example of DE padding content with extra grind to slow players down artificially rather than developing a game that stands on it's own merits and content. The point is specifically to be padding and make you have extra busy work, from their stance this is not only acceptable, but encouraged and leaks into every aspect of design they can manage. This has been the way of the game since PoE launched, so I'm not sure why you seem surprised that it gets more and more egregious and ridiculous over time sinc
  11. I feel you, but asking the devs to design better than trash AI is asking too much because they flat out refuse to improve in this area of the game always and forever. Better and more engaging enemy AI with less BS is something people have been screaming about for literally years (among other things) and DE be like "We try, we just never know what players want or how they'll react". In this case it's just a proven fact that the philisophy of DE is to tell you to play the game the way they say, not what is fun for you. So, you're left with two options: 1) eat it and have it suck th
  12. I'm curious why you didn't bring a good melee weapon? Mag doesn't use a stat stick. Your melee should tear him in half. And being squish doesn't matter because spin attack should keep you out of his range if you have range on which you should. Failing that, dood... use your operator, any decent amp melts stalker. Even on SP it's like 5-6 shots instead of 2-3. I hear your complaint, and like, I think DE is guilty of all the things you're saying with bad enemy design overall, but in this instance you have 2 viable options that you didn't use... Either that or you're super under
  13. You forgot to mention too that DE goes out of their way to punish skill and knowledge like it's their main job second only to protecting and babying the weakest links.
  14. I don't quite agree with this... Like, it's technically accurate, but lets also be a bit real... people with 7k+ hours in the game and every weapon and frame forma'd extensively tend to learn a thing or two along the way. Obviously everyone learns at different rates and retains knowledge differently, but when someone is like say "top SAT score" and you're like "well, that's just a test of their ability to fill in circles with a #2 pencil", yeah, it's technically accurate, but something important is lost in the translation. Obviously not everyone with maxed out gear knows the same amount
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