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  1. I think it's fair to say that literally nothing about the Yareli quest, warframe and associated bash lab is anything but a dumpster fire full of bad decisions and shame. If I were the one to have signed off on this I'd embarrassed into early retirement. That said, as others mentioned, it's a plat bait scam, pure and simple, nothing new or different at all for WF. They gate nearly everything behind wait gates for plat, and that's literally what plat is for (to skip unnecessary grind walls). That said, the option is available to skip the grind entirely, so that's at least reasonable, and you don't have to purchase plat with real money, so I'd say while this is extreme, it's at least fair enough given their business model. That said I think it's hilarious that one day there's going to be a Yarelli prime access, and DE will be dependent upon sales for that... they better bundle that with an IRL washer and dryer or it isn't gonna sell squat :P
  2. I mean, I'm not saying that you're wrong about player skill, but even with high skill, as an experienced player you MUST know, that there will still be times we're you'll still end up having to use unstuck even with a high skill level, or get booted back to the beginning of a level or thrown out of the map entirely (this is especially true when you do utilize speed/mobility frames). These are known issues now with the current perspective, and adding 1st person isn't likely to help these issues. At a minimum these things should be fixed for the most part and not be a common bug before experimentation begins imho. This is more of a DE philosophy problem. They refuse to gate off content from brand new players for the most part, and that's part of their own downfall. IE, one of the greatest strengths of the game is you can play however you want... one of the greatest weaknesses is you can play however you want-- so new players are gobsmacked and have no clue what they should be doing without outside direction. If DE gated some content away from new players I honestly think it would do a world of good. Example... had a new clan member go farm themselves a bramma the other day, they though it would be cool. They also didn't have an archwing or railjack at MR 6. I had to explain to them they weren't even going to be able to get it for some time and when I described the process they were pissed... why? Because that's a crap ton of work... frankly they shouldn't have been allowed to get the darn lich in the first place to get an MR 14 or 16 weapon at MR 6... it's just not something they should be focusing on. I admire that approach honestly. :D If there's one thing I have learned it's that they believe their own corpo speak, which while infuriating is a tactic to help make an argument. This still isnt' a priority to me, I would argue the content drip is more important, but like I said it's a thing that's worth doing at some point for sure imho, I just think there's more important stuff.
  3. Because it's accessible to lower tier players doesn't mean it's meant to be done by lower tier players (ie, you still need to have a Railjack, or at least an archwing and ride along with others till you get 5 intrinsic. While it's entirely possible to do this at MR 10, it's not something most MR 10 players will focus on. When it comes to plat, players can realistically earn 100p/day at MR 6. I also can't abide the "well some players don't have the time"... well then they don't get the reward... not all players can run mythic raids in WoW, not all players can do the newest and highest tier content in ANY game. Warframe actually in my opinion, is TOO ACCESSIBLE to new players, often leading to new players being/feeling completely overwhelmed. If anything, and generally speaking I'm not trying to be gate-keepey, that the game would benefit from gating off more content away from at least brand new players (like MR12 or less at present)... to be blunt this is how we end up with newbie MR 20 players that can't do a spy vault and fail it for the group on a sortie, not because of an accident, but simple overconfidence and lack of knowledge/skill. Frankly, nobody is owed the new top tier gear in the first quarter it releases. Earn it or don't.
  4. I can't speak for others directly, I can however speak to my experience. My experiences have shown that this will be problematic for many players... but to your credit, only if they choose to use it as a feature. The one million registered losers isn't an exact figure, it's a faux pas popularized by rebecca many warframe players will recognize. I'm not sure why you didn't recognize that, but it's more of a euphemism. You don't need to watch the documentary (which I already did before you posted) to know that player retention is a problem in all games, warframe in particular. You just need to be around for a good minute. I think where i would disagree here is that 1st person isn't the most important step in player retention. I'd also like to point out that one of the reasons mobility works in Destiny, since you mentioned it, is because it specifically doesn't have all the crap/ledges to get caught on that the devs specifically implant to trip up players in 3rd pp. If it did it would be far less manageable, which is exactly what i was stating. I appreciate that you want this. What i'm saying is that it's not of a direct benefit to the gameplay and that such an argument is moot. Sure, I'm certain someone asked in 2013 without needing to verify, because it's a likeable enough feature in many games that this seems likely, but do you understand how this is portraying your argument very differently (and I'd argue, better) than using misleading hyperbole? I hope so. The demand is one you are well within rights to refuse, and I use the word demand very loosely (you aren't being put upon and held captive without consent), I understood that perfectly from the beginning. You can choose to make your case or not. The thing is, I was open to the concept, but needed convincing. As the OP, it's kinda your job to win people over to your point of view in a circumstance like this, or not, but if you don't, your idea won't gain traction. I did see a promise to explain why something was necessary in the title, and instead got why it was possible, these are very different things. Which is very much not a lot for a franchise of this size and why their releases have been drowning in bugs the last several years. Personally i don't believe first person is the way to make the game more accessible. A vast majority of people don't stick with the game for 3 reasons: 1) it's too complicated from the start, they aren't willing to invest the time to learn it, so they bounce. These players simply aren't interested in this game and nothing short of a full redesign is going to do it for them, they are not the target audience. 2) They get frustrated early not understanding how to make plat and think that the only way to advance is to buy your way forward. This is admittedly a serious problem DE doesn't do enough to combat. Yes, they have the slogan of "ninjas play free" but that hasn't conveyed the idea of how unnecessary money investment is in the game. To their credit though, explaining that money shouldn't be purchased because it can be earned in game is a great way to cut your profits. That said, players that leave at this stage in many cases won't be paying to keep the lights on anyway, they would just learn to be free to play players exclusively in most cases and if they did monetize it would likely wouldn't covert nearly any to whale status, at best they might drop 50 bucks a year on a plat coupon. 3) old members that are bored. Arguably this is the most important group that DE needs to work to retain and is also especially terrible at doing so. These are players that have spent money in many cases, some in very large quantities, but their boredom makes them quite for periods of time or permanently. In a recent thread I put forth a plan on precisely how to fix #3 and frankly First person perspective had absolutely nothing to do with it (it was specifically about content flow), and more over, DE currently doesn't have the manpower to achieve that plan as evidenced by their track record to date. I'd also add, DE Pablo specifically said at tennocon (paraphrased) they can't take workers away from New War to work on reworks of frames that have needed them for years... so I'm not sure where you think that magical manpower is going to come from. I personally hate this quote from scott. Was it true that one time where they worked in mobility into being better in the game? Sure. I even believed this idea genuinely guided them for a few years. But what about all the other times they completely did the opposite of what players wanted en masse that dwarf that single example into irrelevance? At best their track record on this is spotty, realistically this quote isn't worth the pixels to represent it and consider that quote nothing more than the same old marketing corpo speak they've been spewing on their monthly commercials, er uh, dev streams... Call me cynical if you like but I have a mountain of evidence that shows that this once case pales in comparison to the mountains of times they have not only failed to live up to that ideal, but directly worked in opposition to it. Again the onus is on you to prove that this is the case for enough people to make it worth it to devote the man hours and budget as a priority. I actually hope for you this is implemented in the game at some point, like I said I'm not against it... I'm against it happening before the mountain of other far more important things that already exist on the to do list. This falls somewhere at the bottom of the pile of priorities as I see it, not just being about what I want personally, but in terms of the impact it would have on the game at large.
  5. #1, it's not a me problem. I can handle a max speed volt, wisp, titania guass through even difficult tiles. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I'm an idiot and I'd appreciate more respect if you're gonna bother to engage, i didn't attack you, I asked you to make your case because you didn't. I also responded to the thread OP, not the entire thread, and I don't need to read the entire thread to do that nor should that be an expectation of participation. The fact is, traversal in 1p going to be more messy, not less that way, that's a fact you cannot dispute, because less camera range, means more out of sight and more for you to get stuck on. It's an inherent downgrade no matter who the player is. Just because you think you can handle it doesn't make it better for the vast majority of users or a good use of developer time. *Third person view detaches us from the game, environment, and interaction. First person view increases our immersion to a more personal level. This is what we desire.* This is an opinion that others are likely to contrast to. I accept what you say is true for you, but you must understand not everyone is going to agree to your subjective whims. As such, this isn't a reason the thing should be added to the game other than "I feel like it" which is a fine thing, but 20 people on the internet posting in a game with over a million registered losers isn't something devs should spend 100's if not 1000s of hours on. *After having played this game for almost a decade, and 5000 hours, myself and others are bored with the same old thing, and want to experience this game in a different way.* Same again. Also 5k hours in my book isn't impressive, not just because numbers don't impress me, but I have way more than that as well, please slow your roll, this is not how to make a point. *We know of people who refuse to play this game at all simply because it is not first person view. Now that Warframe is expanding to mobile devices, I think one of the few other ways to reach new players is to consider changing some things for reasons they may not want to play in the first place; first person view being an easy place to start. New players = new income generation for warframe.* This is your first good reason to add it. However, it's on you to prove that there are more than 100 random personal friends of yourse out there to budget this. I don't know that this is the case. I'm sure, as with anything you can get a few hundred to sign any petition online that stand for any given thing. Is this something that is keeping 1000s or 10s of 1000s of players from playing the game? I'm skeptical on that. I've literally never heard of anyone not playing warframe for this specific reason that was into action/RPG lite stuff... people certainly have preferences, but gamers will generally play whatever they are in the mood for, and very few are so picky as to only like 1 thing, and chances are that's some kind of developmental shortcoming like saying "I only listen to black metal, if it's not black metal it sucks". Well black metal is pretty good friend, so is first person perspective, but it's not the only good thing out there. *People have been asking for first person view for 8+ years. There is a new thread on this every other month.* Highly skeptical and dubious... I did a search. This isn't even true for this year based on thread titles, and many of the posts I went back further is the same circle of folks that keep making the same threads. I'm gonna call this BS or in the very least, misleading hyperbole. *It does not affect the way YOU play the game. Its a simple personal choice to use it in the first place.* Actually it very much does affect the way I play the game, not because of whether or not I use it, but what content the devs are working on each cycle is affected by how they budget their dollars and manpower. This is made worse by DE being notorious and highly reputed for their content draughts and slow as dead molasses going uphill in the winter production cycles. By advocating for this I'd have to sacrifice other things I potentially might want to see in games more. I will admit I wouldn't be mad about it being in the game, but I would be mad if it came before other things I think are much more important as of this point in your argument. *After the success DE has had with this game so far, notably increasing the size of their development team as they have progressed, they clearly have the manpower to do this without taking attention away from major projects.* BAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! You're pulling my leg right? OOF, I do hope you're not serious about this. They've had 1 passable release that wasn't a garbage fire in years and you're gonna say, without actually knowing how the team is managed behind closed doors, that you can speak to the competency of managing this while stuff is still bugged and broken that has been for years that costs REAL MONEY, not just plat... Wow bro. You and I, we have some very different perspectives on this. Look I'm not trying to crap on your dreams. I don't think this is very important. I don't see it as something they should shift any priority focus too. Not only that while I've also been for many years, I also know there is certain things the community has been hemming and hawing about that are much higher on the priority list of not only what players want, but what devs have promised to deliver. This thing, in and of itself, is not a problem if it's optional, but it is a problem when it takes away from bug fixing and more important developments, even if the same 20 people have been posting about it for 8 years. I'm not against it as an idea, I am very against it as something to be even considered at the current time frame. As of now your arguments have failed to convince me. You did make 1 good point, but it's also not backed up by evidence, but potentially could yield something. The rest is very much subjective, and that's not how you frame an argument if you want it to succeed. As a point of advice, when someone is interested in hearing your case for something, the way to win hearts and minds isn't to insult them and wave your account hours around as if to express you're some kind of authority.
  6. I guess it depends on your play priorities. For me I'm a pretty hardcore trader. I keep around 10k plat in reserve at all times, another 7k a week for investment and anything else after that is funny money to blow on crap I don't need. Plat for me is far more scarce than 1M credits and 40k endo. I looked at it early today, had about 300k endo sitting after not only doing all galvanized, but also maxing a bunch of primed mods I got from baro to sell. then about another 100M credits, which admittedly is low for me, but it's been a good year for trading and that tends to cost in plat tax. Credits and endo to me are fundamentally worthless, plat at least has some value in that I can blow it on crap I don't need but feel like having. This update I think I blew around 11k plat between rivens, forma and some bundles. I can only afford to do that though because 1) I trade ethically so my prices are fair to market value and 2) I look at things in terms of how I can convert it to plat maximization. Not that 11k is a lot, in the past I've spent 20k on a single riven multiple times back when those were the prices for top end gear, but the point is 100p is worth more to me than some endo and credits but i definitely understand how it could be different for someone else. I look at it this way: 100p is about worth 1 hour of my unfocussed time in WF (ie I'm not doing something else I don't deem more important). endo and credits I just naturally end up with more than I need by doing other stuff in game.
  7. and inventory slot is cheap AF. you should be able to make 100p a day starting at MR 6, only going up from there. if you're hunting sisters, chances are you aren't MR 6 and would have literally no issues ponying up the meager plat for a slot in about the time it takes you to write a post on the forums. You would need 1 slot. Claim one, then sell one, repeat. Also, this is gonna freak you out: You can literally leave them there forever and it won't hurt anything. If having extra crap in your foundry is driving you mad where you need to scream in all caps like some in this thread because you have OCD about every little thing and some sincere control issues, the quick option is to sell some junk and buy a slot. The better, long term option is to seek therapy/medication. Simply put: If you're hunting sisters, you're a big boy/girl/other now. You can afford a slot if you make it a priority with nearly no time investment on your part. No sympathy for you, this is not a justifiable complaint.
  8. I understand what you're saying here. Let me be clear: You do not need a 40k endo token. Even if you blew all your endo you know how to make 40k endo passively without thinking about it. It might be useful to you in your one case, but it's certainly not a good reward. In reality how long does it take to make 40k endo these days if you farm it? probably like an hour? It's a non reward is the point.
  9. Simple solution to bad RNG on your ephemera: Spend your plat. Players sell ephemeras left and right. The ones you can't buy are the old crappy ones anyway. Learn to make plat and invest wisely. Plat is there as a way for you to skip the grind. If you can't make plat, go learn how. If you won't learn how, that's 100% your fault. You have google just like the rest of us.
  10. Strong disagree. Without something to push forward for I beat the game over a year ago. LMR 1 is at least something to do, and now I'm pushing for LMR2. Why? Cuz it's something to do. If you don't understand how valuable having something to do in late levels is, you haven't spent enough years completing every patch within 24 hours for most of them, to a week for especially huge ones (like liches and sisters). Having something to do besides trade every day is a nice treat. I hear you now though: but you can just grind those weapons anyway? But why would I unless it has a chance of replacing my already OP load outs? It would be a total waste of time. I do agree with OP though. The legendary core was like "OK, cool, I guess that's a free 100p I don't really need?" Honestly Legendary stuff should be straight up cosmetics 100%. We already have all the power. We already have all the stuff. Unique cosmetics for prestige are where it's at. The way to implement would be like they do with the primed mods from login. Give like 3 options from 3 different sets and let people pick which one they want. Could be a syandana, armor piece, ephemera, etc. But make it 3 sets and let people pick which one they want, that will make it a worthwhile grind because then you can collect all of them over time, but get the one you like most first since not everyone will like the same thing. As an example, the login rewards for the armor set are like a non reward for me, I think it's ugly and does nothing for me, I've literally never slotted it. I'd recommend a regal looking set, and edge lord set, and a kawaii set since that will cover about 95% of the warframe playerbase.
  11. I for one like the change and prefer it and find it to be one of those rare times (albeit 2 years late) that DE actually delivered on a promise as advertised. Is it strictly necessary? No. But neither is playing the game. I like it with the RJ. My solution to you OP, is don't run with PUGs if they are frustrating you. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to get a group together that is invite only or run solo. I have no sympathy. We all have to deal with idiots in pugs in every game mode, here is no exception and your 1 anecdote doesn't change that this is not the experience of the vast majority of players.
  12. So I read through your post OP. I was looking for justification for this. Instead you told me justification as to why it might be possible, not why it should happen. I don't see a good reason for it to happen. Firstly, if you're playing the game right, you're zipping around way too fast for 1st person to ever make sense, even in third person, navigation is still somewhat of a nightmare at the speed of the game... I for one, would never use this, think it's a giant waste of developer time, and see no good reasons on the table you've provided... only that it's theoretically possible. Just because something is possible and someone on the internet thinks it's a good idea does not make it a good idea. Try again. Sell me why this needs to happen for the game. I'm open to it, but right now I'm entirely unconvinced that this should at all ever be a thing, and I'm also not very confident in your ability to sell an idea.
  13. I'm not sure I can even remotely agree. I do agree that the supply will go down as the content becomes more and more dead with time, however, the weapons themselves will also become less and less relevant over time as well. I also will note that these are intended to be a late/end game chase item, that's the stated intent of the devs. RNG is their tool to make sure that happens. You have the option to bypass it several ways. Complaining further than that to me, is akin to complaining steel path is too hard because you're undergeared (ie it's kinda your own fault). Right now you can and will be able to get the reward you want if you put the plat up. Additionally, in the future, if the plat is right, you still don't need to grind it, you could just pay a lackey midgamer to do it for you, guarantee someone out there needs 300p real bad to get you whatever weapon in whatever shape and will spend a whole day doing it because they don't know how to make better plat. I think you're vastly underestimating the market. People can and do get cut throat over a measly 10p regularly, they certainly will go out of their way for a decent sum of 300. Additionally, people still sell liches from the first release with and without ephemeras on the site and in trade chat, so while I agree that the market becomes more scarce over time, it has not hit a breaking point where you can't buy you what you want. Simply put your position that there needs to be a change is simply indefensible in the current climate and forseeable future. Additional I will mention that as content becomes less relevant, DE almost always nerfs requirements over time. Not just with lich weapons (which are far easier to get than when I did them at launch) but also with everything else. Look at ostron/fortuna/solaris/quill standing and how easy it is compared to the first year it was out... even Deimos is nerfed significantly in terms of requirements since you can just pay resources for tokens and you literally never have to grind out hundreds of tags... and further, tags generally drop in greater quantities as well... Overall the grinds always get easier to make newer players have an easier time catching up. Since there is not currently a problem with buying these weapons, nor even first generation lich weapons after a couple of years... I'm willing to bet this will get nerfed yet again come time where the content is phased out and is strictly a newer player area because the consistant player base as a whole has caught up. Additionally before you go on about how this is currently a late game chase and not new player friendly, I'll remind you there was a time that the boltor was an advanced item. There was a time when MR 5 was the newbie level, not MR 20. Over time the game expands and older content is less relevant and newer content has more RNG and more gating... players that aren't geared for or are unwilling to do the grinds don't get the rewards. That's the intention from a design perspective, ie, right now these are new, you are not owed a +60% kuva zarr or tenet envoy. I think the grind is actually just about right honestly, after hearing all objections in this thread. I do think there have been grinds in the past that were out of control, such as the tower white farm for dojo colors was the worst farm I can ever remember in the game. That would be followed by K Drive standing, though I'd be surprised if it's not hella easier today than when it came out, but I don't really have the capacity to check since all my stuff is maxed and I don't care to dig through three years of patch notes if it was even mentioned since they make a lot of stealth changes hoping the players don't notice. All in all, rest assured, when the content isn't relevant anymore, the grind will be nerfed, this is the way of things. Right now you absolutely can just buy what you want. If someone is unable they need to learn how, and if they are unwilling they need to either adjust their attitude or accept they aren't deserving of the reward.
  14. This going to be unpopular but: Option already exists to get exactly the weapon and element you want in game, with or without an ephemera. https://warframe.market/auctions I can already here the "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" reaction, but that's exactly what plat is for, to skip the grind. If you have no plat, you should learn how to make some. Making 100p a day is completely realistic at MR 6 and it only goes up from there. At LMR 1 I average 1000p profit on a bad day, while trading ethically and not dealing in rivens, and it's not exactly a huge mystery/secret on how to do it. While it's more complicated than this, the root strategy is buy low, sell high. That's it. Not exactly rocket science. If you can't be bothered to make plat or learn how to make plat, that's really on you. The technology and strategy has been pioneered for ages and very little has changed in that time. Go watch a dozen videos on how to make plat on youtube and you'll get the gist. Additionally, as a newer player you can always run junk for junk dealers/buyers. Alternately, if you just can't be asked to do it, you still have YET ANOTHER OPTION. You can always open your wallet. If you think we shouldn't have to depend on third party sites, well good news, you can also buy liches in trade chat. As a matter of fact, that's how I did it with sisters and liches because in both cases the auctions tab wasn't set up on WF.market before I finished both grinds. If you can't be asked to use a third party site, trade chat, open your wallet or make plat for free in game, then I'm sorry but you're the problem in that equation and no answer is going to be good enough except DE handing you exactly what you want on a silver platter, and I'll pass on that. As it stands you have all the options available and it's still not good enough for you. Sorry, but I'm not sorry and have no sympathy.
  15. I strongly agree here. Simply put, we're already OP without invigorations, they are 100% unnecessary and are just a fun resource synch for S&G's, I've been invigorating frames just to get the 10th bonus for my main. Until the content warrants that we NEED squad based invigoration with certain set ups I am adamantly against the idea. Honestly I'm likely to get more use out of golden instinct than I am out of invigorations and I'm fine with that. If we EVER get to a point where invigoration needs to be a consideration I'm sure the whole system itself will need rebalancing, but as it stands it's not even remotely a thing. Right now the "most tactical" I can consider being with this is knowing a new patch is out on a certain date and leaving my chosen invigoration option for my main on launch day so I can make significant progress in less time, and honestly, I really don't need an invigoration for that, it would just help a bit. There is literally NO TIME that an invigoration is ever necessary, ever, in this game at present. As others have pointed out, even endurange world records have never used them and will never need them. As it stands you can already reach the enemy level cap without invigorations and this has long been the case.
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