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  1. Klokwerkaos

    Untying gameplay mechanics and cosmetics

    I am all for this. Would make life so much easier than swapping every time I switch syndicate missions if it was tied to the syndicate kiosk on the ship.
  2. Klokwerkaos

    Untying gameplay mechanics and cosmetics

    I don't think that's a thing. First, invis frames are a thing. Second, nothing lives to tell the tale in most missions I run, including cameras... plus, space magic is a thing. Let's not forget this is a video game. Consider the kaela puzzle, from a defense, aesthetic and any other reasonable metric this puzzle makes no sense... it only has one relevant context where it makes sense... a video game. This is still a video game. While immersion matters, it only matters to a point. Plus if immersion really mattered we would get some good dialing and voice acting. The current game in 99% awful in this department and pulls you out of any possible immersion unless you turn it all off and even then it still sneaks in against your will.
  3. Klokwerkaos

    Defend this, Defend That... Defense Defense Defense

    Warframes of any kind are borderline invincible if you build them correctly up through alert 4, the only potential failure is to make something else vulnerable that isn't you. The only potential challenge is to male sure that thing doesn't take any damage. This is why we see more of this as a thing in vallis. Also, all frames are viable if you build them correctly, so if you can't do the content you either haven't earned the gear yet or you are building incorrectly.
  4. Klokwerkaos

    Trinity sobs

    Every Tuesday.
  5. Klokwerkaos

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    I'm not sure that does anything to better the game, actually the opposite. If you can one shot everything on the star chart with what you have, then what does adding a hush mod do except make you even more OP?
  6. Why is there still no finger guns emote? Someone back me up here.
  7. There is a pretty constant battle that goes on between people screaming for nerfs and vets looming for more reward types. Viewing the forums at a glance reveals this. Some things I thibk that might help: Adjusting the new player experience with the login reward bonuses early is a big help, but I might suggest that any frame they can earn from a regular planet boss drop (classic frames like loki, rhino, hydroid, etc) simply habe their bake times lowered from 3 days to one. In the past de was largely dependent upon sales of those base frames, but as the roster continues to bloat, allowing newer players to feel a sense of reward will make them feel more like they are "winning" warframe until they realize at the end of the star chart that the game is just getting started. Additionally, bringing back raids, adding railjack and more orb fights are all a good viable strategy but I want to offer another revamp here: Buff scaling and damage to equate to mot in arbs, then add a monthly rotating cosmetic that is exclusive for six months to those that earn it. Could be a prime helm, a weapon skin, Sayandana, operator hair, sigil, orbiter deco, w/e, but make it cost like 100 vitus, so it's attainable, but only with significant investment. Then after six months release the item on the market for plat or earnable in game, as appropriate. This makes the first copy of the item free for players that earn it, and still achievable after a brief period of exclusivity (ie a time for your vets to market that item for you so other people will see it and want to buy it). This requires 1 dozen assets created for this purpose per year, and if that's too much, ask tennogen artists who might contribute to such an effort. This keeps the power gap from increasing while allowing a viable reward structure. And maybe someone doesn't like this month's cosmetic so they save up to get 2 of the next one... but ultimately you can see they have a time amd vitus essence synch.
  8. Klokwerkaos

    What the players want

    As a note: you dont get to speak for all players. Your arguments are also a lot more credible when you speak only for yourself.
  9. Debated by who? Rivens are only debated by those that don't have good ones last I knew, another argument from salt, ie, "please nerf vets because I feel entitled to be as cool as them without having to play/invest as much", this argument takes a lot of forms but its always the same premise, whether it's nerfing saryn, removing damage mods, killing off rivens, whatever... It's all the same " I wanna be as cool as the 5000 hour guys when I have 200 hours". No, you can earn it like everyone else, and not even, because all this stuff is easier and cheaper to acquire over time. That's why day one rivens are 1000s of plat and then quickly drop to a few hundred unless it's a new meta weapon. Put your time in and you can be a super space ninja too. If you have rivens and don't like them there is a great solution available in that you dont have to use them and you don't have to play with people that use them either, how cool is that? As for me, I don't care who doesn't like rivens for arch guns, they can be salty all day, I'll be enjoying my rivens and tearing apart content w oth the most meta set ups that can be mathematically achieved because there's a secret here you're missing: winning more often at warframe is about efficiency. Warframe is a grind game, so efficiency is king. If you came here for challenge, you picked the wrong game. I'm not against challenge but that's likely never going to happen again for me in this game outside of personal goals I set like winning the dojo frame contest or possibly the first time I fight a new boss with a mechanic I don't know about yet. Additionally, as someone else stated, you know who pays de's bills? People that buy plat. You know what promotes plat sales? More overpriced rivens 🙂 welcome to the new world of arch gun rivens, I just don't know how you didn't already see this coming...
  10. Klokwerkaos

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    I believe you are missing the point entirely. The point behind modding the way it is done is to increase grind efficiency. Warframe is centered around grind based on its pay to skip model. If you deprive the ability to reduce grind people stop playing because the grind is too intense to reach the top tiers. If you decrease the grind to feel genuinely rewarding de closes it's doors unless they start adding subscription fees. The mid comoromise that allows de to keep it's doors open is to allow progression against grind, which the current system does. The only valid argument against this is that some items have bloat, Octavia being a good example, where there are more mods that you would want to put on that you can possibly put on, but these are thankfully rare situations and in the cases it actually does what all of you seem to be complaining about, being, making those choices more meaningful to cater to a specific playstyle. Additionally, as more mods come out meta builds are less and less relevant, we see this more with warframes themselves since they have added augment pools where only a small handful of weapons habe such augments. Ultimately I don't know what the concern is regardless since this whole thread seems to be a solution in search of a problem. No one stops anyone from putting any build they want on. Additionally multiple viable builds exist, but sadly, only one can be the most efficient... but that doesn't limit the way that you mod, if you think it does, you're not far enough in the game. For example, I have two god build saws, one for mot, one for star chart clearing, as you might suspect, the mot one is damage focussed while the star chart one is range focussed. Why is that? Because the range is more valuable than the damage at that level because everything does in one shot regardless. This is a perfect example of why the premise is wrong. Different tools are used for different purposes and that includes your mod load out, and of you feel deprived of options there are two possible reasons I can think that contribute to that: 1) you dont have everything so your build freedom is limited and 2) you dont think outside the box to make alternate builds. If you have both of those things in check there is no reason not to find different uses for different tools. A great example, drakgoon, why use it? Unless you're mag... discovering those synergies is a lot of fun for a lot of people. Another example, I never used the Lanka besides leveling till eidolons, and now with the addition of profit taker, I kept my Lanka for eidolons but got a beastly vectis riven to cover all ips and one elemental combo. 2 different snipers, for 2 different jobs. The mods are the same situation. The problem you're encountering is that you're failing to recognize the chief reason to build a certain way, which is to be more efficient, and even if you remove those mods, a new meta will appear to be most efficient, and those will be the new mandatory mods. Plus let's not forget that mods like fire rate and punch through are invisible dps mods... should we strip those too? Why domt we just balance eberything until everything is identical amd its pointless to play? Absolute balance, is not a good thing. Ask karate from nintendo. Its a crap game... but its balanced! The failure here, is to take personal responsibility for the way one chooses to mod. The code of the game never said you needed to add serration, or whatever, you chose to do that, and why? Because you wanted to be more efficient and changing what mods are available won't change that because then a new set of "mandatory mods" will emerge and a new group of folks will gripe about those too. In short, I see no compelling evidence that firstly, there is a problem outside of what people have chosen to create for themselves, and second, that adding any of the proposed changes will actually fix anything that is being complained about. To back that up I will use adaptation as evidence. Adaptation is a relatively new mod. It was not in prior build videos. Now it is in build videos for any frame that can take decent advantage of it (ie not wet paper bag frames). It's not a damage mod. It's a utility mod. Nobody needs to use it, the content didn't change and was completely doable before that... but now something more busted is available and so people use that and it becomes the new meta. The reverse is also true. What happens if you remove maiming strike? Tomorrow every spin build video has relentless combination, because that's how gamers play, that's not de's fault, that's our fault and we have the power to play however we like, its juat that most ofnus recognize that effociency is how you win faster and more often in wf. Removing damage as a variable simply limits your options and that seems to be what you guys are complaining about... not having enough options... well the option is there, you're just choosing not to take it and that's not a problem with the system as much as people seem to want to say it is. The option is there, you can choose it or not. If you always choose it that's more about you than the system. All de can do is provide options, which they have done. It seems a lot to me like this thread is more about trying to smash the current meta to ruin people's investments than it is about providing options because the options are there, they just aren't chosen as much because, by and large, gamers want to win, and in warframe you win more by being efficient, which means use of a particular type of build. As with all things, a buff elsewhere is almost always better than a nerf anywhere. Removing these choices is a straight nerf to build freedom. And for what? So I can equip magazine size mods that I have no use for because everything dies in one shot or if I'm going endless, one clip? What's the point? Plus how does one reconcile a build with pressure point vs primed pressure point vs sacrificial steel if all damage is equal by weapon level? How does that make sense now? (Not even starting on set bonuses and rivens) I feel strongly a lot of this is rooted more in salt from not having earned all the tools in the game, than it is about "options" because removing the mods actually removes options. If that's the case for anyone, thankfully there is already a great solution... you can go farm the stuff, same as we did! Actually not even, it's easier now because acquisition of items gets cheaper and easier to farm over time as the game grows... i remeber not so long ago there wasnt a single frame that could be bought under 100p, now even vaulted frames go for just a little more than that unless they are highly desirable ones, and available frames powered down to something like 30 or 40 depending on the time of day... Can anyone explain why this removal of options is an objectively good idea rather than just saying it is or speaking from emotion? Because I'm really not convinced at all by what I've seen. Now in the spirit of buffs vs nerfs, I can see a viable solution to the complaints here, but I still don't think it's a good idea, being, create a damage slot for weapons like exilus for frames, only a primary damage mod for that weapon type can go there, and that adds a free slot for utility... The reason. I don't like that is because I guarantee you people won't put magazine size in that slot, they will stack in more ways to kill faster, whether it's range on melee, or more status or crit or whatever... which makes no sense since we can already one shot clear a room of sortie 3. And let's say we do the opposite, let's create a slot just for utility mods... well, why? We can already one shot clear sortie 3 rooms, what purpose does this serve? Why do I need more magazine size if I can aoe clear a room? Heck, why even use weapons when my frame powers can clear for me at a faster rate in many/most cases? It serves no purpose because the premise of this argument isn't rooted in objective truth. Instead, I believe the premise is more rooted in personal bias, and that bias being, forcing others to play the way some would like, rather than allowing for the options for players to choose how they play, which is already there, and is a superior option because it allows more freedom in playstyle. Don't like the way someone plays? Either put your own group together or play solo. In warframe you can currently play however you like by adjusting parameters across the board. Removing damage from the equation simply reduces freedom and solves nothing except to frustrate everyone that invested 1000s of plat in a riven with damage on it, which, by this proposed logic, would have to go away too. As would range, punch through, fire rate... and you know, come to think about it, magazine size and zoom are also hidden dps mods so let's toss them out too... and pretty soon we have no mods left... even Shield health and armor mods are hidden DPS mods But even then, this gun is better than that gun, so let's nerf that too until all guns are the same... etc, etc until all we have left is a perfectly balanced shooter... oh wait that game already exists, it's called pong. Ultimately the chief complaint seems to be that magazine size is not as effective of a mod as a damage mod and no matter what you do that's not going to change because magazine size is not as effective as raw killing power even if you were to buff magazine size by 300% and cut damage in half only in a handful of cases would this be a viable mod situation with high fire rate endless weapons like the Supra vandal. Even if you buffed Zoom by 600% it still wouldn't equate to one rank of serration. This is because of the game play loop, not the modding. That's why addressing that would be a viable solution. Having smarter enemies or at least different styles of encounter objectives would greatly effect what kinds of builds are needed, take profit taker for example. You "could" use your old eidolon builds there bit it would be inefficient. Fixing the core objectives, enemy scaling and ai is the only relevant solution, changing the mods available is futile and all that does is hit all vets with a giant nerf bat as if we didn't have enough to be salty about already as the entire rest of the game is all built for newbies now we have to give up the stuff we earned and builds we invested in too. No thank you.
  11. Klokwerkaos

    Grinding orb heist rewards is so slow

    that's because the reward tables are trash right now. You're discovering what the rest of us did on day 1. Go grind torroids with a group and you'll max your standing for a week inside about an hour. Don't bother with proffit taker until rewards are updated because it's a waste of time. Sure it's fun to play the first time, but after that the rewards simply aren't worth it. Until DE adds appropriate loot the best way we can send a message that the current loot is meh is by doing other content and letting the boss fight sit unused.
  12. This is a non issue at this point. You can build gravimags from your dojo or buy them for plat. Choosing the wrong one is simply a matter of poor planning. Lets think for half a second... what works to deal lots of damage super fast against huge boss enemies? Snipers. What is an arch sniper? Velocitus. Therefore, pick the grattler... come on now. And even if you did pick the wrong one, again, plat or craft another. It's not like proffit taker is a limited time event, you'll have time to craft a gravimag for every single arch gun. Lets also not forget that proffit taker isn't worth doing right now at all until reward tables have new items, so you're in a hurry to get things less efficiently than you can in other areas of the game? Why not be a little patient and wait for them to release the new rewards before worrying about it? Seems completely reasonable.
  13. Klokwerkaos

    Shattering Impact on Profit-Taker

    Behold! Shattering impact! A mod that can help anyone strip armor... except on enemies with absurd amounts of armor where you would actually want to use it, then it doesn't work. Instead use it to strip armor on enemies that you can one shot without stripping their armor, you know, to be less efficient. Le Sigh. This is terrible.
  14. Klokwerkaos

    Warframe Discord Reverence Pack

    That's fine, don't need to, got like 12k at the moment, all the rivens I need and I can trade for about 1000p a day if I really want. I'll blow it on some future pack of something or another. I mostly want the skins.