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  1. Here's the thing... 1) You don't speak for everyone, speak for yourself or not at all, or prove yourself to be hyperbolic and thus classify your points void of substance by association. 2) Everyone is allowed to enjoy warframe any way they choose that doesn't violate EULA. Being judgey about how someone enjoys the game makes you out to be just as gross as you claim I'm being 3) some people enjoy being at the top of a PVE game because they bring their own sense of competitiveness to that, and as long as they aren't acting like jerks to everyone they play with, that's perfectly healthy and fine. Saying that someone should be disliked because they achieved more in warframe than you is really, sour grapes on your end, and makes your argument cancerous. In case you didn't know, warframe isn't real life. Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed or fail here, nobody is born with in game advantages (unless you count founder packs, but they also made the game possible, so maybe we can just be grateful they did that) or has artificial ceilings that can't be broken. This is because: A) warframe is not pay to win, it's stay to win B) the game isn't complex enough where fast twitch muscles matter because any dummy can spin to win forever and that's frankly, the best strategy for success in game, even though the fun of the execution of it can be called into question. C) your time limitations are a result of your prioritization in life, so you don't get to blame your life for not having enough time to play. D) they are fixing a lot of stuff like I assumed they would with season 2, so calm down.
  2. by "fine" I mean they are bullS#&$ side games that aren't worth investing heavily into but are decent time wasters, like a mobile game. frame fighter on the other hand, is absolute garbage and executed very poorly. It doesn't stand up to or even close to any mobile fighting game, and while wyrmius is a crap scroller, it's just a side gimmick, ie, if you think of it like the free solitaire that comes installed on your computer you're in the right frame of mind, because it's BS amusement you might use a couple of times and forget about it when you install better stuff. Fighting games on the other hand, are a whole different animal. Severe lag means it's unplayable, then when we get into the mechanics of it, it's missing core technology from the last 20 years of fighting games. This might have been passible in 1989 just based on graphics, but the gameplay is about where early nintendo was in the 80s, like two buttons, no combo complexity, block, etc.
  3. inferior trash = not worth using because literally any other transport option is better to use content padding = intentional implementation of unnecessary grind wall to make it seem like there is content, when really, there isn't. So far, both of those descriptors are met. I think your assessment of hyperbole is inaccurate.
  4. It's content padding and it sucks.
  5. So, because you have limitations that make you play casually, you deserve the same level of rewards that someone that plays a dozen hours a day as a pro streamer does. Got it. NO. Your life, your problems. All you're arguing for is disincentivising playing the game for the primary marketers that are already screaming about content drought for the last 1.5 years. I get that you're not the elite 1%, but let that sink in: YOU'RE NOT THE ELITE 1%. Stop expecting the same level of rewards they get, because that's entitled behavior and it's very unflattering. If you're a casual, then be a casual and don't expect that every piece of content is aimed directly at you personally, which almost all of the entire game is aimed at you to begin with. You already have 3000 hours of the game just for you, vets can have 10 hours of the game to themselves yo. If that seems unfair, it's because you're feeling entitled and throwing a tantrum and I don't support that kind of behavior. Frankly you don't realize your protest is in effect, proving my point for me.
  6. I don't think anyone expected them to revolutionize the game, but it's clear from recent dev streams the devs are lamenting that nobody uses them, but the problem they don't understand is that nobody uses them because they are inferior trash grind and content padding.
  7. So here's the problem. Devs thought hoverboards would be cool. To be fair, so did everyone. Nobody really thought about how they fit into the game, because if they did they would realize they don't. Superior forms of transportation are as follows: Any archwing at base speed is objectively faster and you can shoot and have more control. Operators are objectively faster and you can shoot and have more control of the environment (again). Warframes in most cases aren't as fast, but in some cases they can be (nova in particular), and they also give you the added benefit of being able to control the environment by murdering everything around you with ease, where as k drives don't. K drives were a cool idea, on paper, in reality they are trash content padding. No amount of density to the game (as steven mentioned) will fix that either. There are a couple of options. Firstly, you could give players (for free) a k drive as soon as they get on the plains, then they would at least have some use for it for a little while until they get their arch set up. This isn't a great option, but it's a fix. Adding more density won't help either, because then the warframe and operator will absolutely be superior because of the control you have of them over the k drive, even if you took out archwings entirely from the game. Allowing players to shoot from their k drive would also add to their viability for a little bit. My suggestion is to move it and leave it and stop developing for it, let it be a thing players can have and mess around with early on to feel cool until they learn how the game is actually played. Also add a room for the dojo to build a custom skate park like the custom obstacle courses. Add a thing in to the arcades we have (ludoplex) that's a retro game of k drives, but it plays like the speed rift diversion in saint's row 4. Do something similar with Lunaro too, since that's defunct as hell and keeping it around at this point is simply embarrassing to have in your code. At least by having these alt game mods it provides some legacy use of the concepts. Also please make frame fighter not trash... this could be a perfectly fine game mode like flappy and wyrmius, but it isn't, it's garbage. To fix that my suggestion is to make it AI only except when you put it on a single console for events like tennocon, or create a lan connection. The lag here is the same reason lunaro doesn't work, both of them are trash and don't function as intended.
  8. Let me just make sure I got this. You'd like to have all the elite rewards made for the elite players that dedicate tons of time to the game, none of which are necessary for defeating all of the game's content with ease, while also playing casually and not doing your daily/weekly tasks, all of which are easily doable by tagging along with anyone better than you in recruiting chat. I'm affraid my ability to feel any sympathy is currently measured at 0%.
  9. Not everyone games at the same pace. I achieved more in my first year of the game than the vast majority of players that came before me did in five. Not everyone plays efficiently or often either. Quick is a subjective perspective, and I don't feel it needs to be removed.
  10. Nobody said anything about efficient, i said I could do it and that it was possible. That doesn't mean it would be a fun and enjoyable experience, hence why I've already addressed this very issue several times over regarding nitain... that said, that doesn't make it impossible and not doable, so lets get the arguments correct. It is possible to grind out your MR and do it quickly. It isn't necessarily fun and enjoyable.
  11. I've picked up 4 gold mods so far for this challenge, not one counted on screen, not one is reflected in mission. Game is broken. Fix.
  12. You can google/wiki it yourself, I'm not your maid. I agree that it isn't the most efficient, and that's why I've said elsewhere it should either have another drop source and/or buffed rate, but that doesn't mean you can't farm it. There is a reason the game is referred to as warfarm/grindframe. That said, it can be done, and I can do it because I know the game well enough to be efficient at it. Additionally, there isn't much reason to go beyond MR 16 anyway, the only advantage past that is it makes forma placement slightly less inconvenient, but you can still level up a weapon to 30 in a single round (or two) of ESO. This is besides the point but it's a glaring issue with progression. They keep stacking on more weapons to make more MR without adding appropriate challenge level. Point being though, Once you're at 16 the game is essentially done, everything past that is simply prestige/very minor QoL. That said, you can still grind quickly and breeze through the game if you know what your'e doing. The trouble is most players don't know how to knock out 20 levels in 20 days, and while DE is to blame in part for that ignorance, it's also something that will never ever change because it A) affects their bottom dollar B) would hurt a major marketing arm (affiliate program) and C) would require constant maintenance above and beyond what's already there. That said, the information is out there, you just have to know how to access it, and it's not that hard if you know how to use google.
  13. I have stated as much several times. It is an improvement overall, but that doesn't mean that there aren't significant issues within the system.
  14. I don't disagree. I guess you're right, as a new player the game can suck a lot because there is no real form of in game tutorial. That said, i can sorta understand why, the obvious portion is that the more secretive success is, the more cash people waste on pointless things they don't need to buy, like base warframes and resources and stuff. On the other hand I did make a newbie tutorial for my clan, and it works great, but it's also about 20 pages plus links to articles that are several pages. Plus it needs constant maintenance, plus any real tutorial would likely hurt their partner program as well. That said, while I get why, I also don't care and would rather the play experience be rewarding and feel good from beginning to whatever semblance of endgame might one day occur (which it won't).
  15. auras can be bought with plat I trade for. nitain can still be farmed. your argument is invalid.
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