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  1. In general you want the smallest sized pet you can manage because hitbox. Additionally, you don't get to control it because reasons. That said, I would strongly recommend you stop worrying about it because smeeta is still king oF all companions. Even the Panzer doesn't matter because A) it doesn't drastically increase your reward output B) the smeeta is Fine For 2 hours in anything, the only time you would need to worry is in arbitration inFested Survival iF it steps in goo past 1 hour 30 min, and even then, your big loss is vacuum and radar For 30 min, which iF you can't survive
  2. Literally all Frames a viable For ALL content. This is the best thing you can possibly ask For. Even the worst Frames are "good enough" to solo steel path iF built and played correctly. At no point are you FORCED to play optimally, that is a choice. One I understand, but it is a CHOICE. Many people specifically don't like playing optimally (like a massive chunk oF the player base will claim this, even though it's usually an excuse For not being able to achieve optimal/peak perFormance) or even those that do play optimally will sometimes choose to For the possibility oF challenge becau
  3. @OP No thank you. Terrible Idea. Count me against it. Universal casts aren't going to happen, and even iF they did i still want to customize my Frame however I want. I am 5000% against your bad idea.
  4. Huh. I was thinking Xaku was going to be Forever Trash tier. He's still no nova, but these all look pretty good For starters
  5. Confirmed, still happening, just happened to me in iso vault. Still angry that you haven't fixed this yet. The longer game breaking bugs stay in the more it sours an otherwise good update.
  6. I hate to tell you, but iF you're a new dojo decorator, get used to being ignored and not having stuff fixed and perpetually broken. Consider yourself lucky that we even get 1 new set of deco pieces every year or so, it didn't used to be even that good. There are massive bugs people have been complaining about for years non stop that are still not fixed. It's a non priority for DE and they don't care about it as evidenced by their actions/non-actions of literally years. There are three entire open worlds that have been developed and released and bugs predating that still exist in t
  7. It would actually mean we get cryotic without specifically needing to focus farm it. I think the reason they didn't include it is because they don't want that and would rather force players to focus farm than reduce the padded grind. Prove me wrong DE.
  8. I cleared SP Solo First day it was out. The entire thing can be solo'd and that's before the power level of the game was increased with Helminth, so it's even easier now. Fix your build and you won't have problems. IF you can't because your gear is too weak then you need to grind more and up your arsenal, this is always the answer. Nothing in warframe is hard, you just aren't there yet. IF you don't understand the basic mechanics of the game, well, hey, TESHIN TOLD YOU, "you need a mastery of your arsenal", so yeah, you'll need to learn to play the game, sorry if you've been coasting
  9. So I did my math slightly wrong with my Necramech post before about how ridiculous the mod capacity was. It turns out it's worse than I thought. At level 30 this will have 2 more mod capacity allowing me to slot thrusters with the addition of another polarity (or intensify, but not both). It might as well only have 11 slots instead of 12 because you literally can't fit a 12th ranked mod. YOU LITERALLY CANNOT FIT A BASE MOD ONLY BUILD ON THIS EVEN WITH EVERY SLOT POLARIZED. This says nothing of future expansion mods and total lack of build diversity. This should have been fixed in
  10. Thaumica (and more, see below) is still a problem. I am running both resource boosters, a smeeta kavat with extra duration on the charm buFF, ivara built For perpetual speed and stealth with inFested impedence and only 1 hitting the green nodes because they don't provide thaumica and I STILL CANNOT aFFord to buy out otak tokens while exclusively mining For hours a day. While I'm glad to be able to buy the tokens For all players to be able to advance, I'm starting to Feel a bit robbed because you're really jamming this awFul mini game down our throats to an unreasonable extent. At First
  11. My drivers are up to date, high end graphics card, good connection... this is always a thing.
  12. 20 Load Outs was not enough before helminth, it is certainly not enough after. 6 Configs is not enough with the new helminth system. Lets say I have a frame. Lets say I have 3 builds I use on that frame before helminth. Lets say that's 3 configs and 3 load outs. Now lets say I want multiple subsume abilities on that frame. Now lets say I don't have a primed variant accessible and these builds cost 2 umbral forma and there is no way to get more umbral forma in the game and we can expect about 3-4 PER YEAR, if we clear every single nightwave, and those 2 are already lost entirely when
  13. K drives still have no place in the game. The changes to add secondaries are nice and go a long way towards making them less awful, but they are still a terribly sub optimal choice. Notice how all the other Feedback threads have dozens of pages after a week, and here we are on page 2, and half of that is people arguing if they are good or not. If you want k drives to have a function there are 2 ways to go about it. 1) dojo room For custom course and maybe a skate park style room. 2) introduce missions like the old 3d worldrunner only better, where we need to be using a k drive bec
  14. This has been asked about For literally as long as I can remember. Helminth system uses lots more load outs now that we have many more options... pls do it like now. All this means is we pay you more money... that's good right?
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