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  1. This was expected. Which is why after trying a few broken combos, I saw its cheese potential and set it aside. Glad this is getting "fixed" but I wish the whole issue of the gladiator sets and exhalted could be revisited to give what should be our "super strong special exhalted weapons" a bit of a balancing.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Baruuk has some clipping to death issues in the new corpus tileset while using his 4th ability. It seems the dashes in an E spam combo, when u also strike an enemy, will just instagib you. Its happened several times now 😞
  4. This is exactly what I'm whining about. Its literally just TWO Magnus', one in each hand. Unless the technology to make Akimbo weapons vs ... just extra duplicate of the original, is somehow different than creating just one, which is ridiculous, then this should 100% absolutely be able to be used on the Akmagnus. I could understand the AKJAGARA Prime because both guns look unique, and there is also no single Jagara. The Akmagnus literally looks just like you are handling two Mangus' at the same time, not like a "left and right handed Akmagnus" or anything. Please spacemom? After all you put us through... can we just have one nice things? ❤️
  5. I know boosters are always active, even if you're offline for any reason, and I "get it". I have long ago accepted this, but I think it can be done MUCH better. However, boosters can be a null reward if you may not be able to play upon acquiring one, for whatever reason. I had an idea that I hoped could make the boosters more appealing to players. Here goes: 1) If they still do, STOP boosters from counting down during patches or when the game is down, and ONLY restart the timer upon that players first re-sign in. Sometimes when theres a new patch that hits and FORCES me to stop playing, I will go do other IRL tasks I need to take care of. When the game goes down like 5 times in 1 day, you can lose a LOT of booster for reasons that are not your fault. Other times you may have paid for or gotten a booster yet an emergency happens and suddenly you cant play for X days. 2) When offline, perhaps have the booster degrade at 25% speed for the first three days, and for the next 4 days increase that to 55%, and past the 7 day mark allow the booster to countdown at 100% speed. When online, of course the booster will degrade at the regular pace, regardless of if you AFK in your orbiter or play the game. (I chose those #'s based on the available boosters: 3 day, 7 day, 30 day). I love boosters, but I absolutely HATE getting them when I know I cannot play for a couple days cuz of IRL. Its the worst when I do a quick sortie and thats my reward and I know I will absolutely NOT be able to use it. Its basically a waste of a run. A lot of people complain about the booster situation, and I thought perhaps this could be something DE could consider. 3) Make boosters an activatable item when you obtain them. This solution is if DE does not wish to use the #2 option, though I wouldnt mind if all these suggestions were put in place. It would also give the player much better agency. I hate getting a booster that, in that moment, either I dont want to have it active (hello credit and affinity boosters as a sortie reward when everythings maxed) or I will be unable to play for its duration. You could give a cap of say.... 1-5 boosters of each in your reserve, or give us "booster slots" and allow us to choose which one(s) we wish to keep, and any others will activate instantly if you obtain a new booster but are full of reserve boosters. I feel this could go a LONG way to making boosters improve without really affecting them and make the community happier. I dont think it would be a difficult implementation. Pretty please space mom. Can you look into this? ❤️ you. 3.5) Perhaps if you allow us a fixed # of slots for boosters, you could allow us to sell UNOPENED UNUSED boosters to Baro for various ducats depending on their lengths. You could have the boosters be worth the bronze silver and gold drop prices, with a 30 day booster going for 100 ducats. All feedback from the community is appreciated. 🙂 (P.S. I think this would be a very friendly addition for new players who get confused with the Booster system)
  6. Do we get anything for the status slots we paid plat for?
  7. Please allow Deadly Maneuvers to be used on the AKMAGNUS as well. The mod is so narrow, and unless we are getting a Magnus Prime, in which case I'd shuddup 🙂 , its going to be a mod a few people will say "cool" for 5 minutes and then forget it exists. I love when new stuff is added like this which can breathe new life into old weapons, but even if you are a grade A dodging headshottin fool, its kind of awkward to use. If this were usable on both Magnus and Akmagnus I feel it might have a bit more mileage. ❤️ Please space mom? Please can we? Please? Huh? Space mom? Can we?
  8. While the design bears a striking resemblance to what mine was, I'll go on with some ability ideas... (Eornheit has: void meter which increases with energy. Each void ability depletes the meter.) Passive: Blessing of the void - Eornheit has a flat base energy/void regen. 1: Friendly fire - Fires homing lasers that strike each ally before returning to strike Eornheit, staggering him and giving increased ability power and shield max. Void meter greater than 50% removes stagger and increases power and shields and grant allies bonus equal to 50% of Eornheit's. (Each "ally" struck increases the power and shield bonus) 2: Lost in the void - Eornheit can teleport anywhere within X meters. Above 75% void meter, adds a radial blast that disarms enemies within blast radius. 3: Void discharge - Fires homing void blasts that track and strike individual targets. At 100% void meter, deals increased damage and void meter overcharges to 150% 4: Void Accumulation - Toggle. The void energies in Eornheit summon a void dagger and void gun. Left mouse fires bolts of energy from the dagger and right mouse swings the void gun like a melee weapon. At 100% and above, the weapons act correctly and are given increased power, fire rate, and added magnetic damage.
  9. They have literally fixed systems in which no one was complaining about in the past. DE tries to keep updates rolling out for popular systems (sorry Lunaro), and polishing their forward-looking gameplay modes. If you came to complain and not be constructive, why come here at all? Oh, you just wanted to rant because the only way you know how to beat the new content is via ways that the game MAKERS did not anticipate, because its not like there arent hundreds and hundreds of individual systems in place that all cant be taken into consideration pre-launch. And how exactly would NOT reporting additional issues help what you are complaining about? You want them to fix everything without anyone complaining, and want those with complaints to just come whine on the boards and not give feedback to help assist DE in fixing potential issues? Do you understand how backward and circular your own logic is?!?! If someone needs a good slap in the face, it seems to be you.
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