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  1. I often find myself "guessing" where my crosshair is during the corpus missions, with just my remembering ABOUT how fast I'm turning vs where my cursor would have normally been. I keep looking and am not finding anything :(
  2. Had lots of confusion from folks trying to sell it to me. Look forward to the hotfix!
  3. Flat buffs or nerfs across the entire 'ranged weapon' spectrum will be pointless, yes. It'll simply shift everything in whatever new direction is 'OP'. My thought of adding categorical buffs was to allow higher MR and stronger weapons the ability to shine a bit more than they currently do, but create unique attributes to each category to make it an overall more useful weapon. It is not meant to make a low ranked weapon Steel Path viable, but to increase the damage of ranged weapons in a way that makes them at least worth using more so than a stat stick. The "already good" weapons are the
  4. Melee is king, but it doesnt need a nerf as its useful for the harder content DE has thrown at us. However, we all know most guns (primary/secondary) are trash in comparison. Here is my thought (when I say "buff", I mean addition to the weapons normal functionality): Give each weapon subclass its own special type of capped-stacking abilities. For this example I'm going to use the following, but they can obviously be changed. Shotguns could have a "Pellet Ammo" ability, with each amount of pellets peppering the enemy giving a flat x% bonus PELLET damage per stack (max capped at say,
  5. No no! Not the rule 34 kind, but love as in QOL improvements! We all know our poor old chap Hydroid is in quite the sorry state. Here is an idea to help bolster him without having to rework his entire kit. We all know the elements, and elemental combinations, but 'water' isnt represented anywhere, so my idea is to change his passive and add "Element: Water, to his abilities. I propose to change Hydroids passive to read: Abilities soak the enemy providing "Moist" debuff that can combine with the following elements (cannot occur more than once every X seconds) - C
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