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  1. This would be nice. I converted my first lich as he was interesting looking only to find that hes popped up for me about one time thus far in a LOT of playtime. Also, DE please change the icon for a proper kuva LICH and a thrall. A lich tends to spawn at the same time as a lot of thralls and if people are spamming certain abilities it makes it almost impossible to find the lich amongst thralls.
  2. I've just spent some time going over my collections while admiring the range of weapons when it struck me... Why does Warframe have a lack of hand axes and other small axes like this? I dont mean those big F-off axes like Scindo or Volnus (aesthetically), I mean smaller axe heads with long handles: What made me want this is my constant running around with various Zaws and other polearms but wanting something with a bit more bite. I'd be happy if even within the 1-handed sword and polearms (or anywhere else they would fit) that these weapons can fit into the category of were implemented there, if only aesthetically.
  3. TLDR: Rhino Prime's body has a dull finish while all non-Rhino Prime helmets have a shiny finish on them. I got Rhino Prime a while back but havent used him much recently so I decided to break the ol' boy out for some sortie 3 fun! I thought his non-Prime helmet looked a little shiny, but I hoped it was just in my orbiter... Until I launched the mission. After seeing a shiny bobbing head the whole mission, I felt a bit annoyed with his relatively dull body by comparison. Back in my lander, I decided to check the other helmets as well. I tried the non-Prime Rhino helmet, Thrak, and Vanguard, all with the same results: shiny finish. Trying the Prime Rhino Helmet makes it match his body and the finish is dull and flat and not very reflective. Rhino Prime's body and helmet are BOTH dull finished while the other helmets are shiny finished. This makes the available helmets for Rhino Prime, other than the default, look "wrong" for the frame.
  4. I happen to have multiple built weapons that are similar to one another, but upgrades from a previous version. When I do [weapon name] in chat, it will show the # of that type of weapon I can link in chat, but regardless of which I choose it always only shows a single weapon linked in chat. For instance: Lets say I have 3 zaws all named BOB. If I type [BO it will show 3 [BOB]'s to choose from. BOB1, BOB2, BOB3. However, it will actually only link BOB1 in the chat. ME (in chat): Check out my Zaws! [BOB1] [BOB2] [BOB3] When clicked on in chat, they are all always [BOB1]'s.
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