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  1. hi all so have been thinking and would like to post a suggestion about how extractors work in the current stage of Warframe, I'm unsure how much of the player base use this feature so let me know and your thoughts on this idea change. Extractors I believe go as an overlooked feature for newcomers and players that are starting to get into the good parts of Warframe, and for veterans, well I'm unsure how many of them use them but I think they feel redundant at a certain point, so I thought about what if extractors instead were changed to being one type of extractor, or multiple with different efficiencies, and they where instead used to attach to a mission that you just started, like an option that asks would you like to use an extractor, this will then in return pick up/store any resources that you may missed or not have retrieved on the floor, then once you've finished the mission it will give you all of the missed Resources (or a percentage of them depending on the tier of extractor if that becomes a more fair mechanic), these extractors would be built at the foundry as usual but should be a more noticeable game mechanic. Let me know your thoughts on this and any changes you would make. (Hoping DE sees this :P) thank you.
  2. i found an issue on the plains of eidolon when using the sleep status from ivara and baruuk on condrocs, sometimes when sleeped the condroc will fall through the ground and not be able to be recovered, this stops from perfect capturing an entire flock (comity ;)) pls fix this and ty for the other fixes
  3. SUPER HILDRYN, its a condrok, its a firebolg, its the hero we all need 😛
  4. so ive just gotten the new quaro syandana but im extremely confused, why is its default colours exactly the same as the arca set, i thought quaro was supposed too be metallic blue??
  5. im having a problem where when i want to aim while i have a ranged weapon out instead it channels on controller
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