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  1. wait... what ? how is this reply toxic ? It's more of a TL:DR
  2. Sure but the OP said that they have nobody to ask. Some people might want to avoid going around and asking people to give them an item for free.
  3. there was an event that rewarded this blueprint as a researcheable item in the guild dojo back in the day you can go to warframe market and find someone who has it, people sell those for like 2 platinum
  4. So recently I got protea and while playing with her for some time I've noticed something odd. Protea's roll dodge animation when used rapidly makes her go forward significantly shorter distance than other warframes. I've recorded this video to showcase the situation I'm talking about (I was spamming the dodge button in all these clips) TL:DW : all the other warframes travel the same distance with around 7 dodges, with protea it takes around 14.
  5. So I came back from a railjack mission and was playing around with avionics, doing research and stuff at the consoles... As soon as I left the menu I saw enemy ship's healthbar on my screen. It got stuck in the wall and continuously fired at my ship untill the RJ got destroyed and I was warped in somwhere, then back to dojo and got 'empty' mission succes screen.
  6. you can also check upcoming streams here: https://forums.warframe.com/calendar/ (Devstreams are not included here)
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