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  1. what ? this was a feature not a bug... even in ability tips it says that venari can heal defense targets. So was it a fix or a kit change ?
  2. Octavia is one of the most boring warframes to play, you can literally sit in hide for hours nuking everything without even needing to move. Other than that her invisibility effect if set up for quick renewal (aka constant flashing on the groud) hurts my eyes after long period of time 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Yes and this is a problem becouse large part of playerbase (me included) after dealing with tons of bugs and broken mechanic gets sick of the patch and stops playing it when the fix is implemented ( i.e railjack )
  4. this is the actual orbiter in it's true form! you just can't see the rest of it from the outside 😛 https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orbiter
  5. what would you use it for ? it is litellary a landing craft and living space and I don't want all my noggles to fly around too 🤔
  6. Ster

    Simplify trading

    1.Y 2.E 3.S great ideas !
  7. How is it a punishment ? so you are telling me that if someone is AFK to leech in a defense mission for more than one roud they somehow get punished? Oh you mean the squad mates get punished being forced to stay with someone who is away 😄 I get it now 😉 I would take it even further and force extract people who are AFK... The OP is not about being afk tho, It's about random life things that might happen close to extraction and require your attention at that moment.
  8. This is actually a good idea. It never bothered me tbh but now that I think about it it makes more sense if it would work like you said ☺️
  9. positive feedback only I suppouse...
  10. How exactly is warframe extraordinary ? It's a business after all... If players are not happy with the game, they go and play other games (as you said) and spend their money somewhere else. How is this helpfull for DE as a company ? Over the time I played the game, I've learned not to expect anything from DE, becouse most of the time it ends up with me being DEsapointed about how broken and unpolished new patches are. You would think that after all this years of development they would get their act together but oh well... In one of the interviews Steve was talking about when does warframe have the most new registered accounts... Guess what ? It's around Tennocon when they promise a lot of stuff that barely makes it to the game in the next 12 months... It's a constant stream of promises that keeps players hoping for something more... and then we get half baked updates that fail to keep players engaged in the game. Im no longer feeding on promises of amazing content becouse I've been let down too many times now.
  11. what are you trying to buy ? and how did you get your platinum ? If you are trying to trade/gift someone with starter platinum or plat gained from contests etc. It's not possible 😕 Trading FAQ
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