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  1. Lack of the much needed hotfix is killing any incentive to play the game at the moment. It's been quite a damn while at this point. I don't understand the hold up. Didn't we routinely get small updates through the launcher here and there?
  2. I'm sure this point has been raised, but I don't want to dig through the thread and I can't not bring it up. I enjoy the heavy attack button being right stick in, especially for projectile weapons like Redeemer and glaives as it makes aiming far easier. However, please allow us to still hold B in order to transition into a heavy attack while using a primary and secondary like we had before. Case in point: imagine you're using Scourge to apply status procs for a CO Redeemer build. Before this update, I could nail an enemy with some Scourge blasts, then hold B to immediately transition into the charged attack of the Redeemer. The way it is now, holding B does nothing and clicking right stick obviously just chucks my staff. So, I either have to hit B to engage melee or hold Y to manually equip melee before being allowed to do the charge attack. Neither method is fluid or convenient, so my suggestion is to map holding B and right stick in to the exact same function. This way we can transition to a melee's heavy attack while aiming with a primary or secondary, as well as keep the more accessible aiming when melee is engaged. Thanks. [Edit - Oh, so PC's most recent update fixed this apparently? But people are complaining they're holding the attack button accidentally. OK, well, hopefully on console, that's not an issue and all is well. 😆]
  3. I just took a look at my Catchmoon on Xbox and it still has three dots for disposition. According to the wiki, one dot is representative of 0.5-0.69, so any reason for the discrepancy? Is that a visual bug? Eh, in any case, it's still pretty good. I don't get why some are acting like it's useless now.
  4. Hind already has a really high disposition (1.42), but it's a mastery level 0 weapon and burst rifles are unpopular in general. As for Aksomati, I use it with a riven and the disposition is good enough at 1.2. It's already a great weapon. I'm not really sure why so few use it though.
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