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  1. I'm glad we are finally receiving an update, but I'd definitely like to say that I much preferred when mainline updates on consoles were not released in sync with PC and were bundled with all major hotfixes and balance changes on (our) day 1. Waiting for this was a serious drag, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. I honestly mostly put the game down in anticipation for this update after about a week of running around getting frustrated on an unrefined Deimos. I understand why getting everybody in on new content all at once is enticing and helps with marketing, but being left in
  2. This has happened to me twice, once on mobile and now on regular defense. The second a lich spawns, I just automatically fail the mission. I am 90% sure the defense target was totally fine on both occasions. I always have Venari actively healing it and usually a strangle dome over it, so I don't see how it could have coincidentally lost all of its health the moment the lich appeared, in two separate missions.
  3. So I was 75 minutes into a survival on Gabii farming steel essence, hit the guide button to check the time and instantly got logged out mid-mission, lost everything. Internet is fine, was able to immediately log back on with no issues and rarely have connection problems. What the hell?
  4. Necramechs suffer from the same issue I have with deployable archguns: what's meant to fulfill the feeling of a "moment of power" just doesn't deliver. They merely feel like options, something to fiddle with, rank up and then forget about. Even with a fully buffed set of vitality/shield/armor mods, they die too quickly. Their weapons and abilities are unimpressive when compared to any decent Warframe or primary/secondary weapon builds. Movement isn't entirely bad, but as others have stated the engine depletes way too quickly and the charge time on weapons is laughably slow. I will say that I d
  5. I'll definitely record this next time it happens, but I am certain it has to do with the Necramech because I just started using one today. Basically, if I'm switching between the Necramech and my warframe frequently enough, eventually Khora's Whipclaw will break slightly, in that there will be a huge delay in the attack animation, so the ability is slowed drastically. It's kinda like how enemy Necramechs sometimes slow you, but without the movement penalty, just casting speed. The effect is permanent once the bug occurs, unless I allow myself to die and respawn. It's typically happening during
  6. Well, the sentient ship took me about 5-7 minutes, so that wasn't necessarily the issue. I have Sacrificial Steel equipped, so I'm at least getting some bonus damage. I did board all the crewships manually to blow the reactors, but I feel like I do those pretty fast. I use Khora, rush to the hack panel, cast Strangledome to deal with the mob, blow a cipher on the hack and then one-shot the reactor with Corinth Prime. I know I can use the big gun as well. I was not speed running by any means, I'll accept that. My main gripe is the amount of fighters. They take me way too long to blow thro
  7. I just did a solo Railjack in Veil Proxima (with anomaly) and the damn thing took me 45 minutes even with a decent loadout, so I was wondering, why is it that the objectives don't scale to the amount of players in the squad like how the open-world bounties work? In the absence of hireable AI, why not just change the amount of fighters, crewships, etc. necessary to complete a mission? This would be a much needed reprieve, especially considering the population of players participating in Railjack content has plummeted drastically.
  8. Please add Necramech mods to the bounty drop tables. The amount of iso vaults people are expected to run just for basic mods is ridiculous. Recycling the Acolyte mods was silly and lazy. While I do appreciate them getting freed up from being event only items, I don't understand why they've ended up on Deimos. Have them drop from sentients or something.
  9. Yeah, this happens when I'm in squads especially. As a workaround I try to hit jump a bunch right after interacting with the tendril and that usually works. Alternatively I just open the gear wheel and launch an archwing while falling, then I just fly back through the ground. Hope they fix it eventually.
  10. As title says, bonus objectives seem to be broken. The box on the bonus objective will be ticked, Loid will say "baseline requirements exceeded," the icon will flash gold, but I am not receiving anything extra. I am 90% certain it is not a UI glitch, as I do not see any random extra stuff upon extraction no matter how many bounties I complete. It has definitely worked previously, as I specifically remember getting Argon Scope and then Blood Rush as a bonus, but recently it seems busted or at the very least incredibly inconsistent. Am I the only one with this problem? I'm not really finding any
  11. Bonus rewards for bounties simply do not show up for me anymore. I have no clue if I'm still actually receiving them upon completion either.
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