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  1. It seems I cannot sign in to the main website anymore? Also can't get help from support, since it's the same login page. I get the message in the title. I even deleted my cookies, so I could go through the whole login process again, but still get the same error.
  2. Yeah, this game mode is a drag. They should have at least given us some form of abilities, like water balloon grenades or something. I also despise how there's no enemy balance, as in the faster enemies have the same amount of health and do the same damage. I'm especially sick of that fugitive guy circle strafing around me and being nearly impossible to hit due to projectile speed and seemingly constant lag. Also, the palette reward is *so* boring and basically just a worse version of the Orokin one. You can't give us a blue and orange squirt gun and then not give us a frickin' NERF palette.
  3. I completed it, but it took about 10 perfect captures for the 6 required to get counted properly. Very frustrating.
  4. There are literally two primed mods that I don't currently have from Baro that I'm interested in, thus why I didn't even consider buying the digital ticket. Not like I haven't spent $100+ on the game outside of that. Everyone is fine with digging into Activision for their stupid exclusivity deal with Sony, but hey, that's just for a week too, right? Get over it! Maybe DE can just not make silly decisions that unnecessarily impede people's enjoyment of their game. Just throwing things out there.
  5. Welp, was hoping to finally get Primed Charged Shell today, but nope, it's wait a week or pay $25. This is extremely cool. Thank you, DE!! :3
  6. Will there be another way to earn the Lotus Ephemera eventually? I honestly thought the stream was tomorrow.
  7. So one other squad member and I both got trapped under the map during Elite Sanctuary Onslaught after spawning on one of the reworked Gas City maps. They were able to escape through the next portal as they were close enough to graze it, but no luck for me. I was forced to leave.
  8. Happened to me today in sortie spy mission while playing solo, on the second vault. There was even an enemy on the opposite side and alerting him just made him charge at the door to the point he was clipping through it, but it wouldn't open for him either.
  9. I just encountered this and it's awful, a completely unnecessary and frustrating conflict. Frost's globes already piss people off. No need to add to the complaints.
  10. There's a bug with the Plague Star bounty only sometimes counting towards the "Earth Bounty Hunter" challenge, like vast majority of the time it doesn't register.
  11. Video: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/earth-nuggets/video/76031598 I did happen to hit X to reload nearly the second before the menu popped up as the AI scoring to finish the round took me by surprise. You'll actually notice Gara reloading while the extract menu is overlayed. Also, for some odd reason, the top of that menu reads "Void Fissure."
  12. Can we please get a hotfix for the pathfinding, even if it's just a work-around? Three more times in three completely different spots. Even had a Nova on the squad and they couldn't help the damn thing along. EDIT: I finally gave in and used Loki to circumvent the drone's AI. Of course the boss ended up getting stuck on the boil in its final phase, not revealing its weak points. Ugh.
  13. I thought that didn't look right. Good luck to new players who aren't max rank in Operational Supply already. Oof. To people saying there is no forma, however, it's there for me. The drone is definitely getting stuck though, like on this rock for instance: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/earth-nuggets/screenshot/12297425 I know you guys probably felt pressured to get this out, especially with the initial planned release date, but this isn't ideal. This is the third phase of the event, after you put catalysts and phylaxis into the mixer, so having that go to waste is just awful.
  14. Their response is passive aggressively changing the Youtube thumbnail to Meg's ducat drop. You love to see it.
  15. No drop on Xbox again. Recently relinked Twitch and Mixer and received the last one, the Gravimag with no issue. It's only been the last two 100 ducat drops that I haven't gotten. Worth noting the same goes for my GF who was watching on the Twitch mobile app past few times, same situation: gravimag received, no ducats. She recently relinked Twitch as well.
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