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  1. Ran out of cephalite resonance trying to get to the boss fight. Was totally confused about one of the clues, the Orokin Legem. The one on the platform looked nothing like the one I found and I kept guessing wrong. I'm honestly probably just going to give up on the event. Please add a non-annoying way to get the unique weapon in the future! Thanks.
  2. As title says, bonus objectives seem to be broken. The box on the bonus objective will be ticked, Loid will say "baseline requirements exceeded," the icon will flash gold, but I am not receiving anything extra. I am 90% certain it is not a UI glitch, as I do not see any random extra stuff upon extraction no matter how many bounties I complete. It has definitely worked previously, as I specifically remember getting Argon Scope and then Blood Rush as a bonus, but recently it seems busted or at the very least incredibly inconsistent. Am I the only one with this problem? I'm not really finding any
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