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  1. Holy sheet people are still commenting here?
  2. It's because everyone in this forum will defend DE with their Lives, they don't like that DE take criticism and generally spam "x is fine" or tries to demoralize the guy that posted. As you can see in their previous responses, if you are a beginner they say that you don't have time to criticize and that they are better than you, if you are a veteran they say you have no place to talk and still defend DE. It is a cluster#*!% of people that defend a company and think that one day they will get their appreciation or recognize by simping for a company that earns 5x more than him in a week wit
  3. If it's fine why theres 3-4 posts about this every month?
  4. In my OG post i said that i just wanted to reduce the time of WARFRAMES, not any other thing, to me weapon time is correct, and I would like warframes to be 1-2 day too instead of 3
  5. Hehehehe, i didn't noticed because of the response until you pointed out
  6. Yes i would lol. Getting the reward of working on something without a timegate? pfffft what a tragedy. I can continue doing other things without needing the foundry time.
  7. No i'm saying that expecting 6 items per trade every time during 6 days is pushing too much
  8. Fam, i think you are exagerrating in the math, 6 items per trade is a bit big
  9. One last response, I will make a thread like this with the next warframe i'm going to craft because BOII, i wasted almost my day responding to multiple people hahaha.
  10. Lol. Anyways man, thanks having respect with in this conversation, i respect you alot because of that, i send you hugs!
  11. Cool, i understand your opinion! It's perfectly normal to think that, please don't think that i compared like they are the same level of being bad, i just think it's bad, but its more fair than P2W. Cool??
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