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  1. I was also thinking about going PS->PC. But after few hours on PC I came back to PS because: 1.) controller parkouring: is sooo convenient on PS controller, you are just touching few buttons. It is too much work on keyboard for me. :-) 2.) controller precision: It is less precise than mouse BUT it is less precise for all PS players (all PS players seem more equal regarding precision) 3.) less toxic players: Many PS players don't bother to write on chat. When playing on PC everybody was super-clever on which ability I can or can NOT use etc. 4.) too many inexperienced pla
  2. Hi, yes Kuva liches are just another grind. If you want to speed up.. then buy all 8 parazon mods on trade chat. And then I personally run perma-invisible Loki with Stropha. I was annoyed by that grind at first, but I just killed my 3rd lich and I find it kind of "casual fun". It's quite easy even choose the weapon you want. Run Saturn/Cassiny (capture) over and over, you should have correct lich under 30min.
  3. Orphix was not very generous event.. I guess I enjoyed 1h of necramach gameplay but then I was playing 2h by force just to get Lavos. I liked Scarlett spear much more because I was switching between 2 possible mission types and didn't get bored so quickly. Moreover rewards were great! I stockpiled intrinsics and arcanes. By the way Lavos is now available for Reputation on Deimos which can be earned in 30min. of endless bounty. (I spent about 3h in Orphix)
  4. You can finish that survival with any frame.. If you want to make it really easy, take Khora. (Use mods for Duration, Power). I recommend that you find some hallway or cross-hallway and camp there. Stay on that place and recast Khora's strangle dome over and over. If you catch many enemies, you can use 1st ability Whipclaw on dome to damage all of them. (Nekros is quite squishy if not moded properly.. Despoil, Shield of shadows, use long range melee to gain HP)
  5. It's 20min. on Deimos survival, and there is chance 22% you get it. I recommend you take Nekros with Despoil mod. to get more loot and keep life support high. 22% chance is quite hight however it took me 15+ runs to get that! Bloody RNG..
  6. You are not only one.. ;-) It's really confusing.. that big title on top "[ ] REFINE". I always thought that button will fill "refine" resources to max. I did it few times however when playing solo..
  7. Hi, for your mastery MR7 I recommend: Tigris (MR7) - two barrel shotgun, press button to fire first, release to fire second barrel Rubico (MR6) - sniper rifle, aim for head, try to use zooming for dmg combos Both of those weapons are harder to handle, but it's worth the damage. When you gain MRs, get their Prime counterparts. ... and don't forget your waframe abilities! You can use Rhino-Roar to get +dmg, or you can strip armour etc.
  8. Thx guys, First of all I'll research Tycho MKIII I will also try to shot their engines. But I guess there is higher change to be boarded if it takes too long.. Isn't it?
  9. Hi, I soloed Gian point yesterday. I have all intrinsics on 7, almost all equipment MKIII. I returned into warframe after ~10 months. I easily destroyed fighters using Tether. However I had to destroy crewships "manually" => hacking/destroying reactor. Because crewship survived my Tunguska cannon with few %hitpoints left. (I have maxed mod ForwardArtillery on maxed grid slot, it should get +80%+ damage). I was also not possible to remove shield from shielded crewships using ordnance missile. (I have only Tycho Seeker MKI) QUESTIONS: 1.) Are you able to always destroy cre
  10. I was considering OxPack with Rifle Riven.. However one player already stated that he got "Kitgun riven" instead. What is exactly in the pack? I don't want another Kitgun + Zaw riven.. I'd like to have common ones.. Forum link: Kitgun riven instead of Rifle one
  11. Just go to Deimos-Nekralisk and start doing bounties (min. level 20) for Mother. I usualy encounter 1 jaggernaut per bounty (3-4tasks). I got about 10 chitinous husks over last 2 weeks that way. (25% chance to drop)
  12. 1.) Just go into Plains of Eidolon at night and kill Vormalysts over and over, you will get sentient cores (drop booster recommended) EDIT: Luckily you can usualy get Sentient core from other sources, eg. special events: Orphix venom, Scarlett spear, etc. 2.) Go to Quills, special locked cave behind the Onkko, you have to go to operator mode to access that. Give all sentient cores to level up the reputation (+rank up). 3.) Build you 1st amp, you can get type "122" without killing single Eidolon! (122 means amp with: Raplak prism, Shraksun scaffold, Juttni brace) - 122 AMP
  13. Hi Tenno, wow it really sounds like "cheating". I was also thinking about this OxPack. I remember they were such issues in the past: receiving wrong Riven types. Try to write request to DE: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us - top right button "Submit request", then maybe "Billing & Prime access"
  14. Wow, great times. I usualy just find 4 medailons But my time was not so bad. That Rescue I wrote about was also new Corpus tileset and I made it in 2:30 (without looking for medailons). I agree it's not big deal to finish those. I just agreed with Original post, that 10 missions seem too excessive for 4500 points and no rewards (for people with maxed syndicates). Again, I'd rather made 30min. Kuva survival for 7000, skipping Syndicate missions this week.
  15. Yes, buy Harrow and cosider to also buy these. Harrow Khora Nidus Ivara Ash Mesa Equinox I guess I bought all of them (but I got accidentally all parts later for Khora, Ivara, Ash)
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