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  1. I really recommend you 3rd opened world, I enjoyed that most of all three: - Deimos: Heart of Deimos quest + Nacramech (Isolation vaults) - Sisters of parvos (new liches) - Railjack/Void storms - if you like railjack you can get crew and solo railjack missions What I don't recommend: - Granum void (Deadlock protocol quest) - simple arena full of floating ghosts. And I don't like it lore-wise (Some corpus guy having control of the Void.. ) And Loki is great for permanent-invisibility gamplay but not for "general" gameplay: - Loki became my Most used warframe, because I hunt liches with him(Kuva, Sisters). I turn invisible, kill everything, nobody touch me..
  2. Holokeys are doable. I've just run Neptun-Exterminates, each run 6min, there is no side mission. It's 10 runs per hour, 37.5% to get 4 holokeys = 15holokeys per hour. You should have 40 in 160min (+some loading times). I guess it is about the time finishing the Sister and you get more stuff from void storms- endo, credits, relics etc. I was running Void missions originally but times to finish are double and I got bad luck with RNG.. Running shorter-easier VoidStorms seem more consitent for me. However after farming my first 40holokeys I lost interest to farm further..
  3. Wow, I'm going to test it.. I play Octavia quite often lately but never on index..
  4. I run solo Gara on Medium Risk usualy for 2 rounds. I bought credit booster over credit weekend and earned 40Millions over that weekend. I was also trying high risk etc. but it looks like 2rounds Medium is time efficient and easy.
  5. Gara, solo with specters.. I just cast Vitrify on enemy checkpoint and defend it. When there is enough points on the ground in front of me Ill just pick them up and score. I usually pick 30+ points two times and medium index is finished.
  6. I played about 10 void storms mission yesterday.. and I found out what was killing me. When defending terminals for 30seconds those big AOE lightning circles appear. There are maybe not common "void storm sparks" things..
  7. Did you think about buying PS4/Xbox one? I was WarframePC player but I switched to PS4-Pro but I still play on PC monitor. GPU prices are crazy but you can buy used console quite cheap..
  8. Nyx is highly specialized warframe. But definitely not useless! I used him recently to: - Kill Necramech in Isolation vaults (Assimilate build) - Strip armour on some bosses (Plague star etc.) - Steel path There was announcement on last DevStream that Nyx's mind controlled mob will be stronger and teleport with you.. Maybe I will start using Nyx more and more..
  9. I just played T4 Void storm solo, nobody joined. And I was annihilated by those annoying storm-lightings. I cannot imagine how strong they could be on T5..
  10. I've decided to play some railjack after long time. I'm MR27, have all intrinsics 9, own railjack, crew. I started Void Storm Void/Caladesh/Exterminate as Zephyr, I was playing solo, nobody joined.. and I was dying all the time. My railjack is fine but when I board corpus ships I just cannot survive those storm sparks everywhere. I've already made 20+ void storm missions in spring when I was farming Savagoth. But it was like hit the wall today.. Decrease number of those sparks, they do too much damage and it's not pleasant to the eyes.. ;-/ Everybody complains about that for months.. EDIT: I'm going to have a Warfame-pause after this..
  11. Do these warframe/abilities really work? I read somewhere that Nyx's psychic bolts work against Kuva Liches BUT not against Sisters..
  12. Hi, I have all intristics on 9 and I mostly use 2 engineers and 1 gunner. I kill most stuff with abilities, missiles.. Therefore 1 gunner is enough for me. And Egineers are also good defenders. I used 1 gunner, 1 engineer and 1 kuva lich before..
  13. I was also surprised by Sisters tankiness. Just use some high-fire rate weapon.. I use BratonPrime with riven.
  14. I don't see it rigged on my side.. I have Kuva weapons usualy around +30-35% bonus. I have few Tenet wapons +25-29%, but few also 40-49%! I guess average is the same for me.
  15. Enter Granum void asap in the mission. First Golden hand you find. I didn't get Sister about 2 times. When I used GoldenHand very close to ExtractionArea. I guess there were still few enemies but sister didn't spawn..
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