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  1. no one is gonna spend 4k on a trash roll unless they are crazy tbh already seen good/godrolls sell for that much or less lol
  2. is getting stuck in crewships or the LITERALLY broken matchmaking fixed yet
  3. lost an hours worth of space mining loot because you can't leave a railjack mission if there's a pending update I think I'll just let this update sit a few days before I blow my brains out at the amount of bugs I'm running into
  4. trying to return to the dry dock after spending an hour farming mats when there's an update results in not being able to leave and being forced to abandon all my loot thanks
  5. they frequently end up delaying big updates if you've been here long enough you would've saw the christmas 2019 announcement as jan-feb 2020 at the earliest release dates are a myth when it comes to DE
  6. pretty sure they mentioned on one of the devstreams that a railjack would be required to visit the new locations in new war since it's in another system also why railjack is coming out before new war
  7. no room to build the drydock even though the two floors above the area I planned to build it are cleared knowing space requirements for this damn room would've been nice, or not having to wait 2 god damn hours for a room to destroy itself would be nice too
  8. ok great but how about buffing the kuva ogris because it's arguably worse then the base version
  9. false equivalence, what an argument !!! everyone uses catchmoon because it is one of THE best sidearms in the game, it outclasses almost everything to a significant degree having it's RIVEN DISPOSITION nerfed should not be surprising anyone thing doesn't even need a riven to wipe the floor with almost every enemy
  10. they're completely busted, what are you complaining about everyone and their mom uses a catchmoon
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