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  1. ghoul saw stat buffs (crit, please) or kuva ghoul saw COME ON
  2. DE hasn't made any kuva melee weapons yet, everything has either been a regular weapon or archgun
  3. ghoul saw buff please this thing needs some help
  4. also increase the base damage or crit because this thing struggles REALLY bad you got this bigass archwing sized melee and it has some of the lowest overall melee damage in the game shame because it sounds and feels really good to use but it hits like a wet towel
  5. the sheer amount of cope to assume I made an alt account just to double reply to you
  6. oh man, warframe is going to get cancelled! 10 conclave players will stop playing! oh no! been here since closed beta bro, I remember the old dark sectors unbalanced as hell but still better then current conclave poe was four years ago. I also shouldn't need a whole video and guide just to be able to get a pvp match, lmao
  7. warframe is a power fantasy shlooter if you're looking for a challenge, you're playing the wrong game go try titanfall 2 bud the core of warframe - those mechanics they share - were built for pve the pvp was added as an afterthought to try and bring in more players and it failed, hence why they abandoned it if there was actually a community then it wouldn't take +30 minutes to find a match during peak weekend hours >add a bad mode >self entitled players >useless cosmetics that you don't need anyways conclave is literally a bad mode if it was a good mode, more then 10 people would play it the people here who are self entitled are the conclave players who refuse to allow their """useless""" cosmetics to be added to the steel path pool because "I earned it the hard way, and you should too! just play conclave!", even though most people can't even get a match going
  8. archwing and kdrive racing would unironically be better then the current conclave there are no "changes" that can be made to conclave to improve it, the core of conclave is the problem only way to make conclave good is to scrap what is there and start over
  9. here come the angry conclave players all 10 of them unless DE adds a corpus vs grineer pvp mode with new war, they should absolutely add the conclave items into teshins steel path item pool conclave is dead and it is near impossible to find a match and even on the off chance you can actually find one, the pvp is hot garbage that shouldn't even exist
  10. stop making caster frames without scaling damage did you not learn your lesson with vauban? the kdrive change is nice but those stat buffs are a joke I'm shocked that pablo made this frame something went horribly wrong
  11. damn this blows I know this has been a thing for at least a month
  12. giant ridiculous angel wings that completely break the art style: this is fine a torus: get rid of this thing it should be event exclusive how about we stop removing event cosmetics when the event ends keeping the angel wings around shows it makes no difference at all so you might as well keep the pool donut, bunny ears, pumpkin head, etc temporary cosmetics are honestly pretty lame
  13. someone gotta make a skin with holes in the skirt, just saying
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