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  1. I love Revenant but he is too ugly for my taste, so I don't play him often... I really can't understand how this wasn't accepted: Some times DE takes some real weird decisions... This is my favorite concept but probably will never make it to the game. Anyway, I hope Youkai can make it, it's also really great, my second favorite:
  2. I know theres a hotfix that was supposed to fix it but well, mine happened after the hotfix. I got 6 subsumed frames and 5 flowers only, and yes, I'm sure. Last frame subsumed was Wisp, no flower. 9/2 and finished on 9/3
  3. We could have some kind of category for the skills and then be allowed to use one of each at least ( also maybe forcing to keep an original one). So 3 skills from different categories and 1 original. Maybe lead to some balance issues? I dont know, make 2 from different categories and 2 original. Imo this system doesn't look thaaat fun the way it is now - Plus I couldn't even band-aid fix some frames in serious need of rework (cof cof hydroid) lol - But serious, for sure a single infuse skill will be amazing for some frames (Larva Protea?) but kinda mediocre for some others. Plu
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