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  1. just a reminder.. new end of mission screen sucks. super clunky, takes forever to get "back" to the main menu. i have a faster pc than you. i dont wanna hear anything about that crap. its not me, its you, DE. ok?
  2. you guys are talking about apples, and oranges, at the same time. melee is just better for many enemies, due to slash procs and this and that. guns need some kind of gimmick to deal with multiple enemies. yes, primaries need a small buff. melee needs a small nerf. then everything will be fine. shattering impact isnt the only way to fully strip armor.. frame abilities are used for that now. yeah you know, frame abilities, the things that used to sort of matter? now your precious corrosive wont get the job done, and you need to play nyx or ash or whatever, like everyone else, if you wa
  3. addendum.. didnt immediately notice how a couple of the ppl posting lately including just above are on console.. hm.
  4. You're all alone in that then.. I'm sure the vast majority don't like it. And our objection is based on concrete logical things like how easy it is to click your way through it. It's just clunky and makes it take way longer even on fast computers..
  5. Yeah let's just have the old end of mission screen back shall we..
  6. i have a very fast pc and even i dislike it =] its just cosmetics for the sake of cosmetics. and yeah it looks good, but its just clunky. its almost as if the art team doesnt play their own game.
  7. fine, but do something about this absurd end of mission screen..
  8. for hells sake could we JUST get a toggle added when you change stuff like this, that way its easy for a player to just use the old (whatever feature/thing it may be)..? new end of mission is pretty but its clunky, clumsy, slow, tedious to use/see/work with. cannot stand it. makes me not want to play your game. funny how ive been playing a little more overwatch lately. get the picture? also, needs to be faster to leave party. i shouldnt have to click 234234 times to get the hell out of the group that just had 2 leechers in it. add vote kick while youre at it, which requires a
  9. Negative IPS is no longer good, as the only reason to use it before was for status purposes. Now that it's not weighted at 4x it's value, any riven with negative ips on it is just giving up some damage output in exchange for no gain at all. It's not 2018 anymore.
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