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  1. ...someone in my clan just randomly asked is the quatz a decent weapon. =D perhaps its the reload time of a sniper rifle or shotgun thats throwing them off..
  2. heres an example of why i think warframes are slacking. granted, the guy has a flared mag-well on his gun but still. a warframe may as well be a cyborg. the poster a couple spots back who said reload times on newer weapons are dropping isnt looking right. that new quatz thing is 2.7 last i looked.. eeeesh.
  3. we shouldnt need niche mods to fix a problem that we shouldnt have.
  4. snipers are an edge case that don't really count. with a sniper, you're not looking to mag dump, and if you are, you're using the wrong gun. and, arcane momentum exists, reload on snipers is a non issue. we're just talking about reload speeds on weapons IN GENERAL.. granted, some are better than others but it just seems like more of them are slow than not. getting lost on super specific niche tangents isnt helping anything. this is about the time you spend reloading IN SUM, and its alot more than most ppl think. to the point where time to empty the magazine compared to time to reload it = getting silly.
  5. ember and zephyr are both crap but only in the big scheme of things. i like both, and honestly zephyrs defense is pretty good. you want some duration on zephyr for her 3, and pretty much nothing can touch you. only problem is that her 3 shield is a proper deflect, so stuff can bounce off you and hit your squadmate. pretty funny when it happens =] most dont like zephyr just cuz her superman routine is hard to use. shes mostly suited for openworld. you can control the height of her hover tho, charge it up full duration then when you jump, aim down sights to stop yourself at that elevation, ta da youve still got the full charged duration. shes good with a sniper rifle.
  6. when are you ppl gonna learn.. your stupid ping setting in the options has little to do with this, and wont save you from migrations. your ping time to someone whos hosting you is just a very, very rough indication of what you can expect/set forth and typically has nothing to do with; 1. how good their internet is 2. how good their pc is 3. how favorable the routing is between you and they you can jack off your precious ping slider setting in the options all you want, it makes very little difference. its been years that the game has been running, therefore this is known by now.
  7. none of this changes the fact that weapon reload times are creeping up, too far, to the point of affecting general gameplay and at too high a cost. some of this is subjective, sure, but its ALL based in pragmatism. just waiting and waiting surely cant be good game design, for whatever reason. once again, reload speed is clearly one thing they use to keep the throughput of a weapon from just being too high.. but there are other ways to do that, ways which arent frustrating and boring. yes, there are 234234 ways to get around waiting on weapon reload. that aint the point. at all. so pls, no more git gud arguments, no more weapon mod arguments, all that crap is besides the point entirely. upward of 3sec for a superhumanly strong AND fast warframe to reload a gun? ok.. its getting a bit much, imo. i think its very telling during that recent dev stream where they were running around among a bunch of lv30's grineer and said something about 'and these are high level enemies' or to that effect. could we take off the training wheels, DE? give me a gun that performs in such a way that a melee weapon isnt better every time, all the time. full disclosure, i love my zaw.
  8. its solved quite easily by the simple fact that most wont use it, based on most ppl dont have such great pc/inet and they know it, but mostly.. ppl just dont dig thru options. how many times have you had to tell someone where the setting for <whatever> is? dont be a hater, lets have our toys and toggles and gadgets, eh..
  9. gauss is zephyr v2.0 without the nice ass. and before any of you derps speak up, go pull up zephyr prime and take a careful look at that ass. under all that stuff hanging down, thats a top tier yoga pants ass. just saying. and with gauss, you dont even get that =/
  10. yes. listen to this guy and let us toggle always-host, pls. some of us have badass pc/inet and can be a force for good!#$ heh.
  11. ...so basically what youre saying is that the thing this all ties to is practicality? ya dont say. its just silly for a weapon to take 3+ seconds to reload. says who? says pragmatism. i get how there have to be checks and balances to keep a weapons overall throughput balanced.. that said, a warframe with superhuman strength and speed needs 3 seconds to reload a weapon of advanced alien tech? ok, DE... nerf this or that but dont make me just bounce around while i wait, and wait, and wait to reload a weapon. i guess im just an impatient bastard. reduce the dmg of ALL guns roughly 5% and put their reloads to something like one second. seriously. any aspect of an online game that you just.. wait on.. doesn't feel good and provides no value. see above about checks and balances. you can incorporate those checks against something being too strong in ways that AREN'T annoying or otherwise based on downtime. i suppose its just we're all used to it, what with games such as Warcraft with its "global cooldown" and whatnot. meanwhile the ps4 kid trying to pin all this on player performance seems to have lost the plot, more than once. i'm sure things are at a more chill level in general, on platform, but on PC we sometimes do hard content under certain time constraints. i got sh*t to do, yo. and yeah i can pull up saryn or valk and run around killing everything while being almost immortal but other times i like to shoot stuff alot, its one reason ppl play this game. EDIT- had a thought.. the thing about reload speed mods is nonsense for all the reasons previously stated PLUS the evident lack of practicality owing to how +reload is obviously crap, or generally is... otherwise, why wouldnt +reload be higher valued on rivens? ill bet you anything you want if you go check folren/semlar for riven XYZ price and change only one stat on it to reload, magically the price drops quite a bit... guess your reload mod epiphany doesnt jive with popular opinion.
  12. once again, all you guys with the gitgud stuff need to read the first post again. its not a performance issue. i do fine. im ONLY referring to the sheer amount of time required to reload some of these weapons. most of them, in fact. some are 4 seconds plus, kinda silly.
  13. much of this is besides the point. its almost like the critical thinking skills of some ppl arent what they could be.
  14. its.. its almost like... like some ppl are missing the point =]
  15. getting a chuckle at the ppl who are saying hurrr durrr git gud. yeah, its not about that. i promise. video games arent hard.
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