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  1. so lets review.. negative slash on a slash based weapon?
  2. It's free stuff, what are you complaining about? Stop being an entitled millennial?
  3. I want the engine changed so that as you turn your camera, even friggin circles don't turn into ovals. Cant stand that oldskewl S#&$. What is this, 2004?
  4. i hate it when ppl quote some bigass post but i think its warranted in this case. the above is solid and id like to see this or similar implemented soon. DE; in recent times what happens to new players is this- enemy levels 5-15 = no problem, learning movement enemies 20-25 = player notices that mods, or lack of, are (not) contributing to time-to-kill enemies 30-40 = player is learning to ask clan mates/etc for spare copies of mods, starting to hit a wall against field bosses if player lacks mods/frames ...therefore, the quoted system where lower level enemies are actually somewhat lower of HP and then the curve steepens but more broadly addresses both new players falling on their face as they outpace their gear, and established players who dont wanna wait 2 hours into a survival for truly tough enemies. i'm not scared of your precious grineer, give me the lv300s, or 500s, or whathaveyou.
  5. For this to work you have to post the names of those who have bid, at a minimum, otherwise it's hard to prove
  6. whats this mask and quirk nonsense about? means nothing, no impact on value. the weapon is a middling roll, 37% aint great but not bad either, sounds like maybe 200p to me.
  7. ...except corinth still isnt that good =/ thats about a 1700ish riven, mate.
  8. @[DE]Bear =D no seriously, losing the original passive on titania seems a little fruity. healing? play trin. "nearby" allies? we all know that isnt worth much. at all. meanwhile enemies finding it harder to hit a flying small-dog sized target makes more sense =]
  9. NOOOOOO dont change titania passive, it was already thematically correct. healing is great but getting shot significantly more often just doesnt jive. plus, the healing wont be as much as you seem to assume, as titania are you constantly spamming your stuff? no.. and the whole 'nearby allies' thing, we all know thats a rather short range. but it cant be a long range, as that'd be OP. leave the healing to the healers, imo.. keep the rest but change the passive back to the accuracy related and she'd be worth picking up for most people, i'd say =D
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