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  1. And some of you ppl laughed, when I said add a damn toggle....
  2. Dumb question.. This is the only way you can get the rep you need to buy the plague zaw parts?
  3. ...your mesa overlords are amused. please, carry on.
  4. i mentioned this in a feedback thread i made a while back and the teenagers that play this game mostly talked trash. now that ppl have had a chance to experience the pain, may it burnnnnnnn hahahah. seriously, separate keybind, how effin hard is this? =D
  5. what in the actual eff is this? posts being edited apparently for flavor purposes because some mod didnt like it? must DE be so... canadian.. about things? Reb, your crew is really pushing it, keep yer shiz up, i smell a plat boycott soon.
  6. all 16 of the possible mobs in index have alloy armor, so that means radiation dmg. forget the fancy stuff, you want burst dmg. bring crit and click heads. or mesa.
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